Chapter 204

“You came back sooner than I thought.” Hugo greeted Hyeonu while his eyes were focused on Tang-E.

Tang-E had to be a child that Hugo saw every day, so Hyeonu thought it was amazing to see him so obsessed with Tang-E every time.

‘Will I have a child later?’ Hyeonu thought.

Shaking off his thoughts, he revealed his purpose for coming to Bung Bung Island. “Hugo, are you in a position to represent the Marionette Bears?”

“Why are you asking this?” Hugo’s eyes widened with surprise at Hyeonu’s unexpected question.

Hyeonu smiled at Hugo and started to repeat the same explanation he gave to Raccoon and Edchan. “Do you know about the existence of the barrier in the Balder Mountains that is blocking the West and East Continents?”

“Is it the one made by the dragons? I know it already.”

“Since you know, this story will be quick. Adventurers want a trade agreement to be established between the West Continent and the East Continent. The barrier is naturally in the way. It prevents movements to the East Continent. The dragons said they can get rid of this barrier.”

“The dragons agreed to get rid of the barrier? Really?” Hugo asked again with disbelief.

“Do you want to see it?” Hyeonu then showed Hugo the video of Raccoon and Edchan.

“This?” Hugo smiled as a familiar orc showed up in the crystal ball. He never imagined that Raccoon would shoot this type of video. Raccoon was an orc after all, and orcs were faithful to their emotions.

“The last one is you, Hugo. To be precise, I need the consent of the representative of the Marionette Bears. The dragon’s condition is to get the consent of three races,” Hyeonu said.

“I’m the last one? Then I should introduce myself properly. I am Hugo, the ruler of Bung Bung Island, the leader of the Marionette Bears, and Tang-E’s father.” Hugo formally introduced himself.

He was the ruler of Bung Bung Island, the leader of the Marionette Bears, and Tang-E’s father. Hyeonu felt that Hugo had deliberately accentuated the last title.

‘Obviously, Hugo likes the title of Tang-E’s father the most.’

“Hugo, do you agree?” Hyeonu wondered in a voice full of anticipation.

The quest would be over as long as Hugo agreed. Tomorrow was Friday and the day of the stream. All of Hyeonu’s plans would be ruined if he didn’t finish the quest today.

“Of course, I will. Just...” The quest clearly seemed to be over, but Hugo was trying to add something.


“There is a condition. I would like you to go to the cave once more...”

“I understand. I’m going.”

A deal was established between Hyeonu and Hugo.


‘I just need to put up with it once. Just once.’

Hyeonu sighed after entering the cave and tried to control his mind. There was no guarantee that the lomelon would appear again. It wasn’t necessary to be disgusted so early. This was how he comforted himself. However, it was just Hyeonu’s hopeless wish.

Thump thump thump!

A familiar sound reached Hyeonu through the cave.


“Tang-E, buff me. I have to finish it as quickly as possible,” Hyeonu urged Tang-E to give him the buffs.

[You have received Bear’s Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest’s Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

[You have received Breath of the Wind.]

[Your agility has risen.]

[Your movement speed has increased.]

“I understand. I’ll give you the buffs and hide. It is dangerous,” Tang-E said.

The lomelon wasn’t a dangerous monster at all. It was a monster that had been killed easily in the previous hunt, so Tang-E had no reason to hide if it was for his safety. Instead, the reason why he wanted to hide was actually the lomelon’s terrible appearance...

“Where are you going to hide? Use some magic from behind. Don’t you need to improve your skills?” Hyeonu quickly grabbed Tang-E who was trying to flee.

Ahh! Let go. Damn master dude! I don’t want to see the monster. Ugly monster! It’s scary!!”

However, Hyeonu received the buffs and had the strength to endure Tang-E’s struggle.

“Do your best if you don’t want to see the monster. Otherwise, you’ll have to look at it for a long time. There are also many things in the world that you dislike but you have to do, Tang-E.” Hyeonu gave Tang-E a short tip about the way the world worked.

‘Giant’s Origin.’

[Giant’s Origin has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

Hyeonu used the most effective giant skill, which increased his strength stat in proportion to his magic power and physique stats. Hyeonu’s physique stat was 2,091, and his magic power stat was 2,193. Once Giant’s Origin was added, his strength stat was a huge 4,284. His strength stat had more than doubled using just one skill. There was a time limit of just five minutes.

‘I’ll finish it at once. I won’t hold back anything.’

Hyeonu was prepared when an ugly giant appeared on the other side of the cave. It was a six-meter-tall monster with dark skin and muscles.

This was the ugly lomelon, a low-grade demonic creature.

Kuooh! The moment the lomelon showed up, it screamed and rushed at Hyeonu. Most of the players would’ve been logged out by the CC and charge combo.

[You have been exposed to the spirit of the low-grade demonic creature, the lomelon.]

[The influence of fighting energy has allowed you to ignore the spirit of the low-grade lomelon.]

However, Hyeonu had previously ignored the lomelon’s fear. Now that his stats had gone up, the lomelon’s fear had no more effect on him. Hyeonu resisted the lomelon’s fear and activated his skills.

[Master of Combat is activated.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘fighting energy’ has caused your stats to rise.]

[The other party is stronger than you.]

[Your stats have increased.]

[The stat ‘dignity’ has caused the opponent’s stats to fall.]

[Mindset of a Murderer has activated.]

[All stats have increased by 15%.]

[Mysterious Sky is activated.]

[Your five senses have sharpened.]

‘One minute. I can see the end in this period of time.’

Hyeonu frowned at the ugly appearance of the lomelon and drew the Mysterious Sky Sword without delay. That was an expression of his desire to not look at this creature’s face any longer. It was the same with Tang-E. Tang-E had been too flustered in the last hunt that he fell for the lomelon’s fear, but this time, he was ready and wasn’t affected by the lomelon’s fear.

“Master dude! Go!” Tang-E screamed loudly and used Lightning. A blue lightning bolt descended into the cave, which was an enclosed space. After being hit by Tang-E’s lightning, the lomelon stopped briefly in a defenseless manner. He couldn’t even scream.

[The lomelon has been afflicted with the ‘electric shock’ abnormal state.]

“Well done, Tang-E.” Hyeonu complimented Tang-E and ran quickly toward the lomelon. The distance between the two of them wasn’t far since the lomelon had already been rushing toward Hyeonu. When Hyeonu arrived in front of the lomelon, it started swinging its fists like it had escaped from the electric shock state. “Kuaaah!” 

The lomelon moved its fists, and the atmosphere exploded. It was just impossible for such an ignorant attack to touch Hyeonu’s mind.

‘This...’ Hyeonu saw that the lomelon had escaped the electric shock state, so he instantly used Mysterious Sky Steps to escape the lomelon’s view.

Hyeonu chose not to step back and instead turned sideways. As a result, he gained the opportunity to target the gap that the lomelon showed. Black pure energy shot out from the Mysterious Sky Sword and cut through the air, passing through the lomelon’s side. The attack didn’t just cause a big cut; it also tore at the muscles. This fight was a far cry from the last battle.

[The lomelon has been afflicted with the ‘petrification’ abnormal state.]

Crasul’s curse was triggered when Hyeonu’s attack struck, and the lomelon’s body turned gray. Just then, ice spears appeared from behind Hyeonu. The ice spears pierced the lomelon’s body that had started to harden. They only pierced the wound Hyeonu made.

“Well done, Tang-E!” Hyeonu laughed as he watched the lomelon scream with pain.

He had a premonition that today’s battle was over. Hyeonu used Blink and appeared in front of the lomelon. Then he raised the Mysterious Sky Single-edged Sword over his head and struck.

It was a neat cut.

‘Crescent Moon Cut.’

The moment that the Mysterious Sky Sword fell down, a blade of pure energy that was more than 10 meters long appeared at the end of the sword. The lomelon’s body was literally split from the head to the groin area. It was due to the combination of Hyeonu’s high stats and skills and the Mysterious Sky Single-edged Sword.

[The low-grade demonic creature, the lomelon, has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

“Tang-E, good job. Good job.” Hyeonu credited Tang-E for the short battle. It wouldn’t have been easy to kill the lomelon so quickly without Tang-E’s two magic blows.

“No. It is because Master is strong.” Tang-E showed a little humility this time, but he couldn’t hide the smile on his face.

Hyeonu and Tang-E were in the midst of praising each other when a black-haired man approached Hyeonu from the direction in which the lomelon had appeared.

“You are here again. Why do you keep coming? Are you settling down here?” It was Leon Meyer.

Hyeonu knew his identity.

A dragon...

Leon Meyer was a dragon like Johannes. Based on his hair color, he was probably a black dragon.

“Hello, Leon Meyer. It has been a while.”

“Why did you come again? Where are the damn bears? Why are you here?!! The fluffy bears...!!” Leon Meyer ignored Hyeonu’s greetings and made a bizarre expression as he imagined something. Then his eyes fell on Tang-E.

“It is a bear! Bear! A fluffy bear!” Leon Meyer rushed to Tang-E and hugged him. He held Tang-E in his arms and rubbed against his fur.

Uwah, a crazy human. Completely crazy! Master dude, what are you doing? Save me!!” Tang-E shouted with an expression like he was going to cry.

Hyeonu spoke to Leon Meyer in order to save Tang-E. “Why are you asking me why I’m here? I came to pass Johannes’ test.”

The moment Johannes’ name came out of Hyeonu’s mouth, Leon Meyer’s hand stopped touching Tang-E.

“Johannes? How do you know him? In addition, test? What test did he give you? Tell me quickly,” Leon Meyer urged Hyeonu as he put Tang-E down.

The name ‘Johannes’ impacted him greatly.

Hyeonu glanced at Tang-E and started to explain his situation to Leon Meyer. “So...”

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