Chapter 198

‘Chonghua Sect? Why are they here?’ Hyeonu wondered.

All of them had colorful flowers engraved on their sleeves and sheaths. Their identities were the warriors of the Chonghua Sect, the seniors of Manhua Mountain.

-Isn’t this the Chonghua Sect? They are wearing plum blossom sheaths.

-It seems so?

-Wow, then did Qing Feng hit him in the back of the head?

-Not yet. We have to keep watching to see what’s going on.

Hyeonu nodded as he read the audience’s messages. He didn’t know anything from this perspective. It wouldn’t be too late to think and act after seeing the end of this observation. Once the masters of the Chonghua Sect appeared, the pursuers disappeared one by one. Without their leader, the pursuers were nothing but moths.

“How are you on Manhua Mountain...?” The oldest Daoist of the Chonghua Sect was shocked to see the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior sitting on the ground.

“I exchanged blows with them. The result is as you can see,” the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior explained briefly. 

The Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior and Daoist exchanged words like they were acquainted.

“This isn’t the situation to speak. Look after yourself quickly. You don’t seem to be in a state for speaking.”

“It’s too late. It isn’t possible to recover unless I take the Empty and Clear Stone Milk. I know my body better than anyone else.” (Elixir famous in martial arts novels. Usually referred to the energy of the earth gathered for a long time in the form of water droplets) The Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior spoke up to here before suddenly falling silently and taking out his broken weapon. “Please keep this on Manhua Mountain. If a disciple or successor comes to inquire about it, then please return it.”

“The secret department... What are they doing?” The old master asked while taking the broken sword.

“Why did they follow me? They must’ve followed me because they thought they could win. I killed five of the Gucheon central people. They will take at least 100 years to prepare again.” The Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior gestured with his chin to the corpses left behind.

At the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior’s words, the old master held the hand of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior. “I will definitely return it for you. In addition, thank you.”

The moment the old master’s words were over, the head of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior drooped down. Unable to withstand his internal injuries, the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior died. The old master buried the body of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior and made a gravestone for him. Then he took the broken weapon and disappeared.

Hyeonu saw up to here.


“Everyone, should I go back to the Manhua Mountain?” Hyeonu asked the audience.


-Go and get the weapon.

-I don’t even need to look to know it is an epic weapon.

-If it is broken, it can be repaired.

-Still, it must be very hard to go all the way back to Manhua Mountain. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

One viewer was worried about Hyeonu. The East Continent didn’t have any return scrolls, so moving consumed a large amount of time.

“So I am thinking about ending the streaming. Of course, I’m not quitting right now. I’ll just talk for 20-30 minutes.”

-Sigh, my heart throbbed at the thought that he was going to stop right away.

-Me too. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was surprised.

-What’s 20-30 minutes?

-Time is still passing even now. Talk quickly. Let’s start with Tang-E.

From Seongho Mountain to Manhua Mountain, it took three to four hours of running. Moreover, this was after receiving Tang-E’s buffs.

“Then please ask me any questions!”


Hyeonu ended the stream and sighed. It was a shorter streaming time than usual. Additionally, it just seemed more difficult because it was his first stream since his New York vacation.

‘Still, why didn’t Qing Feng tell me? Didn’t he know what I was looking for?’

Hyeonu thought a lot after seeing the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior’s actions. What should he do when he went to the Chonghua Sect? What should he say to Qing Feng? However, nothing touched his heart.

‘I will pretend that I don’t know.’

Hyeonu thought it was the way to get the most information without ruining his relationship with Qing Feng. He would mention that there were rumors about the secret department and ask if Qing Feng had heard about it. The important thing was to pretend to have heard it from others by chance. This was important.

Hyeonu arrived at the Chonghua Sect while sorting out the words he would say to Qing Feng.

“Hello?” It was the young Daoist that Hyeonu had previously seen guarding the Chonghua Sect. “Did you come to see Shishu today?”

“Yes, please,” Hyeonu said.

“I understand. Please wait a moment.” Maybe it was because they had met once or perhaps because of Hyeonu’s relationship with Qing Feng, but unlike the other time, this young Daoist was overly polite to Hyeonu.

“Little brother! You’re already here?” Qing Feng appeared with the young Daoist after a while. They hadn’t seen each other in a few days, but Qing Feng was so happy that it seemed like it had been months.

“Yes, things went well, so I was able to come quickly,” Hyeonu explained. Qing Feng and Hyeonu headed to the mountain peak they had gone to before.

“By the way, what is that? The nice scent makes it feel pretty expensive.” Qing Feng pointed at the item in Hyeonu’s hand. Hyeonu was holding a slightly large wooden box. It was the box of food and liquor that he had promised Qing Feng previously. 

“Didn’t I promise before? Let’s eat and drink. I’ve packed enough,” Hyeonu said.

Hearing Hyeonu’s answer, Qing Feng trembled. “Then go ahead. I’m looking forward to seeing how delicious it is.” 

After his previous meeting with Hyeonu, he hadn’t been able to go down the mountain because of personal matters and had been thirsty for wine.

“Good, good!” Qing Feng let out a burst of admiration.

Hyeonu opened the box. He had brought two bottles of wine and dumplings that could be eaten easily. The steam that still rose from the dumplings stimulated their appetites.

“Today is a day to drink from the bottle.” Hyeonu handed the entire bottle to Qing Feng.

“The bottle? Okay!” Qing Feng smiled brightly when he received the bottle of alcohol. All drinkers would feel sympathy when those who didn’t drink alcohol were forced to drink it.


After eating and drinking for a long time, Hyeonu spoke with a face like he suddenly remembered something. “Brother, can I ask you something?”

“Ask me. What do you want to know?”

“Do you know the Gucheon Secret Department? It is a name I happened to overhear.”

Qing Feng’s expression changed dramatically at Hyeonu’s words. His cheerful expression disappeared, and he looked serious.

“That name, where did you hear it?” Qing Feng asked, acting like he didn’t understand. 

Hyeonu answered, “There is a mountain called Seongho near Jeonggyeong. It is a mountain that houses the Seongho Group, one of those under the Heuk Mountain League. I had a dispute with the leader of the Seongho Group and found out that their leader was a secret camp member of the Gucheon Secret Department.”

Hyeonu cleverly mixed truths with lies. It was impossible to grasp the truth of Hyeonu’s words unless Qing Feng was Hyeonu.

‘There was a secret camp member in the Seongho Group?’ Qing Feng pondered. 

“The Seongho Group’s leader? Brother, it is better if you don’t mention that name anymore. It is for your sake. They are one of the cancers of Jianghu that have existed for a very long time,” Qing Feng advised Hyeonu with concern.

Qing Feng lifted the bottle of wine and took a sip. Then he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his uniform.

“Little brother, are you a member of the Mysterious Sky Sect? This is important,” Qing Feng said while staring at Hyeonu.

‘Should I answer this or not?’ Hyeonu went through countless troubles in a short moment.

Then he soon made a decision. “That’s right. I am the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior’s successor.”

“Is that so? I should’ve noticed when you asked about the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior.” Qing Feng shook his head several times at Hyeonu’s answer and immediately drank all the remaining wine in the bottle. “Let’s go and meet the sect leader. I have something to give you if you’re a successor of the Mysterious Sky Sect.”

Then he stood up and rubbed his ass a few times.

‘It’s good,’ Hyeonu thought to himself as he followed Qing Feng.

He thought this was the best choice.

The present that Qing Feng was going to give him now was the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior’s sword. After receiving the sword, he could go straight back to the West Continent. So what if it was broken? There were dwarves in the West Continent.

“Let’s go quickly, Brother.” 


Muhwa Palace, the residence of the Chonghua Sect Leader, was busy due to uninvited guests. There were two uninvited guests—Qing Feng, currently the highest-ranked up-and-coming youngster, and Gang Hyeonu, the self-proclaimed successor of the Mysterious Sky Sect.

“So this young apprentice is the disciple of the Mysterious Sky Sect?” The sect leader spoke while pouring brilliant jade-colored tea. He didn’t even look at Hyeonu. He was asking Qing Feng.

“Yes,” Qing Feng replied briefly.

The sect leader still didn’t turn his head and concentrated on making tea. “Is there any possibility that he is a spy from the secret department?”

“There is no way. He’s already killed two of them,” Qing Feng said.

“Have you checked it with your own eyes?” The sect leader finally raised his head. His serpent-like eyes headed for Hyeonu and Qing Feng. The two young men faced his eyes and couldn’t move. The sect leader’s eyes were full of power.

[The pressure of the sect leader, Zaun of the Chonghua Sect, has been received.]

Dissatisfied with his inability to move, Hyeonu’s mouth moved with the desire to use fighting energy. Then a message window appeared in front of Hyeonu.

[The influence of fighting energy has allowed you to ignore the pressure of Zaun, the sect leader of the Chonghua Sect.]

Hyeonu regained his freedom to act and said, “Why am I a member of the secret department? I am a disciple of the Mysterious Sky Sect.”

Hearing Hyeonu’s words, curiosity appeared in the eyes of Zaun. He was curious about how his pressure was overcome. 

“Really? Can you prove it? Prove that the martial arts you’ve learned are from the Mysterious Sky Sect?” Zaun said.

“What can I do?” Hyeonu asked. 

“I know the characteristics of the Mysterious Sky Sect techniques. I can’t help it even if it is considered rude. This is very important to the sect. I can’t just believe your words.”

Hyeonu nodded at Zaun’s explanation. That was reasonable. After all, it was absurd to give the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior’s sword without any test or verification.

“Spar with Qing Feng. Qing Feng’s martial arts ability isn’t low, and it will be enough to show the techniques of the Mysterious Sky Sect.’

“I understand. I will do so.” Hyeonu accepted Zaun’s proposal, but the problem appeared elsewhere.

“Master! Why do I have to fight my brother? Master should do it yourself!” Qing Feng opposed Zaun’s decision.

Zaun countered, “You want an old man to fight? Stop talking nonsense and go to the training field. Or should I use Chonghua Domain to make you listen?” 

Hearing Zaun’s words, Qing Feng said nothing. He just shook his head and patted Hyeonu’s shoulder a few times.

“This way to the training field.” Qing Feng led Hyeonu to the training field.

It was unknown who spread the news, but the training field was already full of old masters.

“Now, the elders have already gathered, so the match will begin.” Zaun came out to the center of the training field and started to speak. “As you’ve heard, this junior apprentice is the successor of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior. No, he is here to prove he is the successor. If it is true and he is the successor, we will hand over what we have been keeping.”

Meanwhile, Hyeonu and Qing Feng stood facing each other. They pulled out their weapons and prepared for a spar.

“Then let’s begin,” Zaun announced.

Once the sect leader finished speaking, Hyeonu and Qing Feng greeted each other.

“Please take care of me, Brother.” 


The spar for Hyeonu to obtain the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior’s sword began.

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