Chapter 95 - Nameragon (4)

Chapter 95 - Nameragon (4)

In the office, a dark elf was huddled on the floor and shivering. It was a miserable appearance.

"Brother...” Adinio muttered.

The leader of Nameragon, Adinio’s brother, discovered them. “Oh, you came, Little Brother,” said Radet in a lively voice before kicking the shivering dark elf.


The huddled up dark elf rolled around on the floor. Radet, a dark elf with a sturdy body, was beating a dark elf in his office. Radet looked around for something before wrapping a leather belt around his hand. Then he hit the dark elf. The dark elf begged for mercy.

However, Radet was decisive. “Now tell me. Why did Aden become like this?”

“Nothing... don’t know...”

“Not yet.” Radet placed his foot on the head and spat. The saliva mixed in with the tears flowing down the dark elf’s cheek.

“Little Brother, this guy is a traitor.”


"That bastard has been provoked by the fact that Jamero isn’t here. Hahahat. Bastard." Radet swung the belt fiercely. Blood splattered. The dark elf’s scream rang through the office. "This guy, he gave them most of the information about the garrison!”

Radet trampled on the dark elf before tilting his head.

“By the way, who is your friend over there?”

"Crockta came to help us.”

"Ohh, Crockta!” He dropped the belt and opened his arms. “Crockta, the orc who repelled the Great Clan in the Luklan Mountains and Nuridot! Really! It is a pleasure!”

"I am alive.”

Radet approached Crockta and hugged him. He laughed and hit Crockta’s back.

"I heard the rumors, but now you are in my office!”

Crockta wondered if this man was an orc inside a dark elf’s skin. His body and actions made him seem like a soldier of Orcrox.

“I am ashamed to meet you in a situation like this.”

Radet beckoned for them to sit. He grabbed the dark elf lying on the floor and threw him into a corner. The dark elf groaned against the wall.

"Leave him alone.”

"He will die.”

"Numerous garrison soldiers and civilians have died because of him. It is cheaper for him to die.”

Radet was decisive. Crockta’s group sat down on chairs in the office.

"How is it outside?”

“Aden has already taken control of the crowd.”

"Shit. If only Jamero was here.”

"When will he come back?”

"It will be 10 more days. If I contact him then he might come sooner.” Radet bowed his head and touched his chin. “This isn’t good. Especially that Driden guy...”

He glanced at the sword on his desk. It was larger than the rapiers normally used by the dark elves and smaller than Crockta’s greatsword. It was a bastard sword. He shook his head.

“No. It is hard for me.” He judged the situation calmly, unlike his urgent personality.

"Brother, it might be possible if it is Crockta,” said Adinio.

He had already seen Driden and Crockta face each other. It was only a moment, but Crockta wasn’t pushed by him. Rather, he dealt a blow to Aden’s group and escaped. Given the right circumstances, he believed that Crockta would win.

“I see.”

Radet had an uneasy but positive expression on his face.

"However, it isn’t just a simple matter of winning the battle."

“What do you mean?”

"Aden suddenly gained influence. Citizens started agreeing with him. They believe in the absurd bullshit of cooperating with the Great Clan! They also grabbed their weapons.”

Radet looked at the dark elf in the corner. The dark elf was sitting down and avoided his gaze.

“It is the same for this guy as well. He isn’t stupid, so it is strange that he joined Aden.”

"Then there is something behind it.”

“Yes. In fact, even Aden seems affected. He is hot-tempered but he doesn’t have the guts to act crazy like this."

Radet was silence for a moment before speaking like it was a secret. “The Great Clan.”

"What about the Great Clan?”

"The great chieftain has a mysterious shaman beside him.” His gaze was calm. Radet was a man who could be as cold as ice when necessary. "The shaman has an unknown power. In particular, people are acting strangely according to his will. There is a rumor that the great chieftain suddenly went crazy because of him.”


"It is just my opinion." Radet turned his eyes to Adinio, Crockta, Tiyo and Anor. "The war with the Great Clan wouldn’t be a simple story where victory is achieved if you beat them. There are clearly strange things.”

Crockta’s eyes sank at the words. He had a point.

The gnomes were longtime neighbors in the Luklan Mountains yet they suddenly attacked. In Nuridot, orcs had infiltrated to obtain hostages. Now an agitator called Aden appeared and divided Nameragon from the inside.

It was different from the usual way that orcs fought. It was possible if there was the power of an evil shaman.

"I can’t let it go according to his will.”

Radet got up from his seat.

"Check the defenses again. City Hall has a magic circle installed for emergencies. We will be able to hold on until Jamero comes.”

He tied up the beaten dark elf and walked out of the office.


The garrison soldiers, including the captain, were firing arrows out the window. Aden’s group continued to hover around City Hall.

"They won’t come in easily. If they become more violent, the citizens won’t tolerate it anymore. It is advantageous for us who are trying to buy time.”

Radet murmured as he looked outside. Crockta extended his head. He saw Aden and Driden. Suddenly, Driden raised his head.

He looked at Radet’s window then glanced over the garrison members firing the arrows. Crockta stepped back to avoid revealing the existence of the secret passage.

Driden started walking forward. The dark elves were nervous. It wasn’t anyone else, but the demonic swordsman Driden. It was a slow pace, like he was just walking. A few arrows flashed towards him but they were all deflected by Driden’s scimitars. It was an amazing sight.

"What should we do?”

The guards shouted. Radet maintained his composure.

“It’s okay. This place is guarded by magic.

Even if he approached the first floor, he wouldn’t be able to enter and would be thrown back by the magic. Radet believed that. It was a magic circle carefully made by Jamero. Enemies could never destroy it unless they were strong magicians.

Indeed, Driden trembled for a moment and stepped back. Every time he tried to enter City Hall, electricity would shoot out and block outsiders.

"He can never come in...”

The moment that Radet was speaking. A shaking was felt inside City Hall.


Driden wielded his sword.

At the same time, his scimitars shone purple. Then a magic circle that was the same color revolved around him. It was the same as the magic to block attacks. The two magic powers collided with each other and caused a shock wave. It was this unseen force that shook City Hall.

"That isn’t a magic swordsman,” Tiyo said. "That magic sword dot... it is very powerful.”

There was a strange twist of magic power every time Driden hit the barrier. That feeling was never calm. The magic circle around City Hall was gradually getting cracked.

“Radet!” A garrison member ran up the stairs. "The crystal core... it is cracked.”


The magic circle couldn’t be operated alone. If a magician wasn’t present, they needed something that contained the corresponding magic power. Whenever Jamero wasn’t present, the source was a crystal that contained his magic power.

"Dammit." Radet swallowed down his nausea and laughed. “What to do? I guess we have to fight.”

The garrison members continued to fire arrows but the situation didn’t look good.

Radet brought the bastard sword from his office. Crockta had never seen a dark elf hold a heavy weapon but Radet’s muscles were good.

"Crockta, are you going to fight?”

"Of course."

“Thank you. I will never forget your help.” Radet said, "I know that our dark elves are sometimes hostile to other species. If you catch that Aden, at least Nameragon won’t stop you from your goal.

Crockta grinned. “Don’t worry. Not long after Nameragon, the whole north will fear me."

Crockta held Ogre Slayer. "I won’t catch just Aden, but the great chieftain as well.”

“Indeed!” Radet burst out laughing. "I was thinking too small. Hahat! Let's go, guys!”

Radet had the power to encourage people. His cavalier attitude gave them the belief that they could survive the life-threatening situation with him. The garrison equipped themselves. Some archers remained at the windows on the upper floor, while the rest went down the stairs to meet Driden.

"Tiyo. What is that magic sword?”

Crockta had never met a warrior who used a magic sword.

"Think of it like my General dot. He uses magic while wielding the sword. It is dangerous since you don’t know what is going to happen. That sword is probably focused more on defense magic.”

"Defense magic.”

Speaking of which, Crockta was vulnerable to non-physical attacks like magic from magicians and shamans. He could avoid it after reaching Pinnacle, but he would struggle if he met a senior mage of the same level. If he had a magic artifact like Driden, he would be able to defend against magic.

‘It doesn’t suit me.’

Crockta imagined himself wielding the slender scimitars.


The appearance really wasn’t good.

The party arrived on the first floor while Crockta was thinking about this. Driden was breaking the defense magic at the entrance of City Hall. The drops of sweat on Driden’s forehead showed that it wasn’t easy. Every time he wielded the sword, he had to use the magic circle so his body was weary.

"What are you doing? Go quickly! Stupid guy!” Aden’s voice was heard, "Do it faster, you idiot!"

Crockta’s eyes narrowed. It wasn’t a respectful attitude. The face of Aden, saying that Driden only listened to his commands, vividly appeared in his head. He didn’t like it.

Crockta stepped forward. Radet and the garrison members turned towards him. Tiyo and Anor were familiar with Crockta so they already knew what he was going to do. Tiyo grabbed General while Anor held a small wand gifted to him by the lich in the Black Forest.

Crockta stood at the entrance. He met Driden’s eyes. Crockta opened the door.


The door was opened from inside so the magic circle faded. Crockta spoke, "We meet again, Driden.”


He still didn’t say anything. However, his eyes were shining like he was glad. It looked like he still wanted to swing his swords, as he alternated between Crockta’s face and the greatsword.

"Wait a minute. There is no urgency.”


His double swords twitched in the air. He looked like he wanted to stab Crockta right now.

Aden approached behind Driden. There were a lot of people. It was more than double Radet and the garrison members. Besides, they were holding garrison members already captured as hostages.

They had been able to identify the garrison members thanks to the whistleblower and struck before the soldiers arrived for their shift. The guards on duty were also attached on the way to City Hall.

Aden laughed and said, "Remember, Radet. The foolish days when you wandered as an elf on the battlefields.”

"I remember. Now I am the mayor of Nameragon while you are still wandering about.”

"Shut up.”

Aden’s face was flushed. However, his face returned to normal in a few minutes. Then he spoke like he was acting in a play, "Oh, God help me. The old grudge is returning and grabbing at my neck. The cold fire that hasn’t changed as years passed, just accumulated like dry and unbearable soot!”

"Are you still writing drama pieces?”

"You will know what's coming. It is time that you are removed as mayor of Nameragon.”

Aden pushed Driden’s back. He took a step forward. Radet looked at Driden. He examined the face closely and an old memory popped up.

“You, perhaps...”

“Yes.” Aden said, "This is Driden, the son of Hurio, whom you killed.”

Driden raised the pair of swords. Aden pointed to Radet and said, “Now, Driden. Kill your father’s enemy. My soldier, my sword, wipe out the tumor of Nameragon...!”

The moment that Aden shouted,


Something flew.



Blood was scattered.

A small dagger had flown towards Aden and Driden struck at it. However, the power was so enormous that Driden couldn’t reflect it completely. Instead, it was pushed into the shoulder of the elf standing next to Aden.

They looked at the epicenter of the dagger.

“You are too talkative.” It was Crockta. "Listen.”

Crockta raised his greatsword. A fearsome momentum gushed from him, causing all the dark elves except for Driden to step back. Driden just smiled happily and prepared his double swords.

Everyone sensed it. They didn’t need to say anything.

At this moment. The fight between monsters that they couldn’t interfere in began.

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