Praise the Orc

Praise the Orc

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Lee Jeongmin
[Bul’tar in ancient orc language is ‘life,’ and to orcs, ‘life’ is, in another word, ‘honor.’] 
Yi-An joins the virtual world of Elder Lord as an orc but struggles against the harsh prejudices faced by the species. Other players perceive orcs as savage ‘trash mobs’ when they are, in truth, warriors who live by a code of honor. While he strives to live according to the spirit of bul’tar and helps NPCs in the process, he is hunted and discriminated against by other players. With the world against him, will our orc prevail?!
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236 Chapters
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Lee Jeongmin / Dasanbooks


Original work copyright ⓒ Lee Jeongmin / Dasanbooks

Editor: LD & DadiLemonDemon

Ex-translators: Roominate & Nekogami

Launch date: 21 Sep 2023

Release rate: 1 chapter a day

34 Reviews
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9 months ago
An amazing story, with excellent characters and a good premise. Before the novel was taken off the site, I'd re-read it multiple times. It has some excellent one-liners and life quotes, and I'm thoroughly thrilled to see this story has been brought back. I can't understate how excited I am about this story.

This story has made me very tempted to make an Orc D&D character or two. The way orc culture is presented in the story, as well as how orcs are perceived by outsiders, and the contrast between the two from the perspective of the main character, is one of the best aspects of the story.

Orcs are pretty much seldom seen as main characters in fiction, and this story I think does wonders for providing a basis to view orcs in a new light, especially coming from only seeing them portrayed as villains, or villain-esque (which, as noted in the story description, is how the majority of non-orc players view orcs in this story).

Bul'tar is an excellent catchphrase and motto, and the explanation of this saying in the middle parts of the story is truly something to look forward to.

There are a lot of good takeaways from this novel and I am so glad that you will be able to experience this novel for the first time. It's amazing as a whole, and while there may be some aspects that might not suit you personally, I highly recommend pushing through it to see this story to the end.

9 months ago

Bul'tar for life, just as was the yes daddy man under SCOG. Great novel, as far as I'm concerned it got everything in order, a lot of action, a lot of funny situations and every chapter makes you look forward to the next one.

There's a lot of friends made throughout the novel, and they're actual characters, that do something in the entire world, MC isn't just made OP due to plot armor, but a lot of his strength comes from the people he met on his way. Absolutely great novel, I would recommend that to everyone.

Daoist Dragon
9 months ago
This is amazing. Bul’tar!!!!!!!! One of the best stories I’ve read in this site. So glad to see it back. I’ll re-read this one for sure.

Praise the Orc has a great pace, great MC, great action and great growth. Taking discrimination and weaving it into the story to bring light to the subconscious existence of Orc discrimination present in most stories. The story isn’t outrageously long so reading it wasn’t super time consuming but the story delivered every step of the way to me.

Love the MCs attitude and personality. I really appreciate the depth of characters and not just a 2-D supporting cast.

All hail big tusks!

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8 months ago

Are you Alive! Bye to Bultaaaaaaar!

2 months ago

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