Chapter 94 - Nameragon (3)

Chapter 94 - Nameragon (3)

The pair of swords filled Crockta’s vision as they flowed through the air like a meteor shower. As Crockta twisted his body to avoid the trajectory of one sword, the other aimed for his neck. The greatsword thwarted the attack. The dark elf’s scimitars were blocked by Ogre Slayer. The sound of metal clashing rang out. It was an acrobatic type of defense.

The emotionless dark elf narrowed his eyes.

The world became increasingly slow. In it, Crockta and the dark elf attacked each other at their own pace. It was the world of the Pinnacle.


Crockta stepped back. It was too quick for the spectators to figure out what had happened. However, Tiyo realized the level of both of them and gripped General more tightly.

"Crockta. He is decent dot.”


Crockta grinned as he said, “He is strong.”

Since his growth with Gushantimur, he was confident that no one around him would be able to deal with his strength. At least, he believed that he wouldn’t struggle until he met the great chieftain.

But he met such an opponent as soon as he reached Nameragon. What was happening?

“What is your name?” asked Crockta.

He greeted the dual wielding swordsman first. The dark elf with the double swords didn’t answer. The two blades just moved closer to his tense body.

Instead, the dark elf standing behind him replied, “His name is Driden, a sword genius that won’t be born again.” He laughed on his own. "Driden only listens to my commands. And as for my name, I am Aden, who will liberate Nameragon and open up a new north...”

Crockta no longer listened. He only cared about the name Driden.

Driden. He was a man worth remembering.

Driden’s purple eyes seemed to shine gently. Crockta started laughing. The face was desolate but the eyes were shining like a child.

Crockta’s skill had reached the Pinnacle level so Heart and Soul Penetration allowed him to clearly see the world. His vision was clear. His own face could be seen in those purple eyes.


Crockta raised his greatsword. In Driden’s eyes, Crockta was smiling happily with the same eyes as Driden.

Crockta spoke, “Driden. My name is Crockta.”


"I would love to fight you properly, but it seems like this isn’t the right time.”

Crockta swung his greatsword as he finished speaking. A black wave emerged along Ogre Slayer’s trajectory. It headed towards the dark elves who were blocking this place.


Driden quickly muttered under his breath and a magic circle reappeared in the air. A magic shield unfolded around Driden, but the ones outside it couldn’t block Crockta’s attack. The ferocious energy slashed at the bodies of the dark elves and a fountain of blood appeared on the outskirts of Aden’s group.


Aden freaked out.

"Run!" Crockta carried the injured dark elf and immediately fled. Tiyo and Anor swiftly followed. The opponents didn’t chase them.


They ran through Nameragon. They turned the corner several times. He didn’t see a single person in the square where people originally gathered.

Sometimes dark elves would look at them through cracks in the window.

Crockta asked the injured dark elf, "What is your position?”

Right now, all of the civilians were hiding like mice. The fact that he was caught in this fight meant he was a soldier mobilized for the city’s defense, or he had some type of relationship with Nameragon’s leader.


The dark elf gazed at Crockta. He looked at Tiyo and Anor in turn before opening his mouth.

"I am Adinio, the brother of Radet, who is the leader of Nameragon. I work as an administrator of Nameragon.”

Crockta nodded. “So they were looking for you?”

"They wanted to use me as a hostage to intimidate my brother. Aden is hurrying to catch my brother. Before ‘he’ comes back.”


"No matter how much Nameragon is lacking in battle resources, it was easy for Aden to strike because ‘he’ was away.” Adinio’s eyes shone. "The great magician, Jamero.”


"He departed for Spinoa for a while. He is the one who has the most power in Nameragon. If he were here, then Aden would’ve never done this.”

Matters in Nameragon seemed complex.

Crock realized it once again. Ever since he started Elder Lord, he learned that there were no simple incidents. Desire and greed were entangled together, eventually leading to tragedy. This truly resembled reality.

In the first place, was a skill to read someone’s lifespan even possible? The skill that the system presented him with, Gray God's Eyes.

Crockta remembered the face of someone who spoke to him with sad eyes. It was Gordon who wielded tremendous power with his sword. He spoke about the Temple of the Fallen God. Everything was clearly connected.

He had to go there to find the answers. In order to do that, he needed to save this place.

"What are you going to do?” asked Crockta.

At present, Crockta didn’t know about the internal circumstances of Nameragon. Adinio would be able to think of a better plan as the administrator. Crockta, Tiyo, and Anor watched him.

Adinio pondered for awhile before opening his mouth, "Right now, they are trying to seize the City Hall. In particular, the skills of that person called Driden is too great...”

"I agree."

Crockta nodded.

The dual wielding swordsman, Driden’s abilities alone were enough to overwhelm the battlefield. The pair of swords battered the target like a storm while attacks could be blocked with magic. Common soldiers would fall down like autumn leaves.

"Let’s go to City Hall and join my brother.”


“There is a secret passage.”

"A secret passage? Then, what if your brother escaped through the passage?”

"No. Brother would never leave.” Adinio spoke firmly. "City Hall can’t be passed over to Aden.”

All the information was contained in City Hall. There was top secret information about Nameragon that Aden couldn’t be allowed to obtain. It could endanger the entire dark elf alliance, including Nameragon and Spinoa.

"He is such a person.”


Crockta nodded. It would be better to meet up with the person called Radet. Adinio took the lead. They turned back to the outskirts of the city. They occasionally met dark elves who sympathized with Aden but Tiyo and Crockta easily subdued them.

The group’s weapons were taken away and they were tied up before heading out towards the secret passage again. Adinio stopped when he reached an inn. There was an inn in Nameragon that didn’t exist in Nuridot. The size of the city was large so there was an inn.

Adinio checked that there was no one around and quietly opened the door. The interior was quiet. The pub on the first floor that wouldn’t normally be noisy was completely empty. Crockta, Tiyo, and Anor followed Adinio inside. Anor carefully closed the entrance. The door was blocked and the sunlight entering cut off. Darkness filled the interior of the inn.

Adinio whispered, “Reina.”

No one answered.


His voice rang through the inn.

Step. Step.

There was the sound of footsteps on the stairs connected to the above floor. They were light and nimble footsteps.


A female dark elf appeared with a bow on her back and a sword in her hand. She seemed to be checked the internal boundaries and lowered her sword once she saw Adinio.

“What is happening? Looking like that... and those people.”

“Thank god you’re safe.”

Adinio drew her into a hug. She relaxed and they exchanged greetings. Adinio introduced Crockta’s group.

“They are the ones who helped me.”

“Perhaps, Crockta?”

"How did you know?"

"I heard the rumors. I’ve heard about you a few times from Radet. Are you really Crockta?”

Crockta nodded. She sighed with relief.

“How fortunate. It is nice to meet you. I've heard rumors that you are incredibly strong. Come in.”

Tiyo coughed to announce his presence. His eyes expected a saga about him. But she broke Tiyo’s expectations.

"The followers are here as well.”


‘F-Follower...!’ Tiyo muttered with a devastated face. Crockta tapped on Tiyo’s shoulder with an expression of victory.

“Did anyone come from the passage?”

"No, not yet."

They headed to the basement of the inn. It was an old warehouse. There was a small door covered in a cloth behind a pile of junk. Reina shook off the dust.

"Radet is safe, right?”

"I’m sure he is safe.”

“Yes... Please, Adinio.”

“Of course.” Adinio turned and looked at Crockta, Tiyo, and Anor. "This is a late thank you. Thank you for helping Nameragon despite having no relation to us.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Will you come help us once again?”

“Of course.”

"Thank you. I will surely repay you.” Adinio bowed his head. Then he exchanged glances with Reina.

“Be careful.”

“You too.”

The door to the secret passage was opened. A large tunnel appeared. Adinio took a light and entered the tunnel first. Crockta, Tiyo, and Anor followed. Adinio’s light lit up the tunnel. The opening was narrow but it soon became a wide passage. It was so well made that it wouldn’t collapse easily.

Sometimes when they walked, they could hear footsteps and vibrations above their heads. Perhaps a battle was occurring on top. Adinio’s pace increased. The light cast shadows at his gestures.

“Go quickly.”

Crockta also started running. They ran around a few turns. Then at the end, a narrow space like the beginning appeared. An iron door was beyond it. Adinio crawled through the narrow tunnel and grabbed the iron door. It was old so it wouldn’t open. Rust fell from it.

"I'll try it."

Crockta went forward. The two of them exchanged positions. Adinio was barely able to retreat behind Crockta.

Crockta grabbed the doorknob. His muscles swelled as he pulled open the door.


The iron door started to slowly open. Crockta fell back as the door suddenly opened.


Adinio trembled after being hit by Crockta. Crockta apologized.

"I'm sorry.”

“It’s okay. Once inside...”

The iron door revealed another warehouse inside City Hall. There were many dusty tools piled up. Crockta, Adinio, Tiyo, and Anor exited the tunnel. The inside of City Hall was quiet. Adinio led the way. They climbed the stairs of the warehouse, revealing a clean internal structure. City Hall was located in the north part of the city.

“Brother would’ve blocked the entrance to City Hall. I’ll go up first.”

"I understand.”

Adinio climbed the stairs. Loud noises started to gradually be heard. They were able to meet a dark elf inside City Hall.


As Adinio and Crockta reached the final steps, arrows and knives were aimed at them.


It was a familiar face.


"I ended up seeing you again.” Crockta grinned. The ‘2 days’ was still floating above his head. "I told you. We can come in at any time. "

It was Nameragon’s defense captain who stopped Crockta from entering the gate. His face distorted before turning towards Adinio and saying, “Adinio! You led them here?”


"What are you...?”

"They came to help us. What are you talking about?” Adinio frowned. He was in a bad mood. “If you are still willing to emphasize the dark elves’ pure blood in this situation, then shut up. Ironically, it is the pure blood dark elves attacking us now.”


The captain’s face flushed.

Adinio sighed and said, "Now isn’t the time to fight. Where is my brother?”

"He is in the office.”

As they were talking, the dark elf soldiers were firing arrows through the windows. It was to contain Aden’s group who were looking for a way to enter the blocked City Hall.

“They will soon enter. In particular, the dark elf using double swords is strong. Crockta is required.”

Adinio said soothingly. The guard’s face calmed and he nodded.

“I know.”

“I will go to see my brother. Crockta. Let’s go together.”

He followed Adinio and they arrived at the office of Radet, leader of Nameragon.

The door opened. The sight inside the office was completely different from what Crockta expected.

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