Chapter 92 - Nameragon (1)

Chapter 92 - Nameragon (1)

"Thanks again.”

Crockta extended a fist to Gushantimur and the other creatures. It was the first time the creatures experienced the orc’s greeting and they bumped fists with glee. In particular, the ogre looked at Crockta with passionate eyes as they said farewell.

The cyclops stared with his one eye and said slowly, "Next. You. I. Fight.”

"Kulkulkul. I'm looking forward to it."

The cyclops had been watching Crockta since he first came. There was no opportunity to compete since he received guidance from Gushantimur all day. The cyclops was bigger than the ogre and was full of hulking muscles! It would be an exciting match.

Tiyo was chatting with the goblin archer as well as the kobold guerilla archer. "Next time we meet, I will turn you into a bee’s nest with Vulcan.”

Kyak! I will drill a hole in your abdomen, a perfect hole kyak!”

"I will make you a tomb of arrows!”

It wasn’t a good conversation but he could feel their desire not to say goodbye. Anor also exchanged farewells with the lich. The lich and its skeletons waved their handkerchiefs towards Anor.

Gushantimur was last. The mysterious hermit of the Black Forest. His true identity was a friendly black dragon who helped practitioners break through the walls they encountered.

"Listen to the very end."

“That’s okay dot. I will hear it next time dot.”

Gushantimur spoke to Tiyo. Gushantimur knew right away that Tiyo was Hedor’s son. They had a similar appearance and General had been Hedor’s weapon. Gushantimur tried to tell him about Hedor but Tiyo refused.

Now he had the goal to get rid of the crazy chieftain with Crockta. If he found out about his father, his goal might become clouded. After killing the great chieftain, Tiyo would return to this place and listen to Gushantimur’s words about his father. It was also a pledge to come back here. Gushantimur respected his opinion.

“But I will ask one thing dot.” Tiyo’s face was determined. "Is my father alive?”

Gushantimur looked quietly at Tiyo and nodded. “He is.”

"That is enough. The rest will be told at the next opportunity.” Tiyo turned away. Kiao clapped behind him.

Gushantimur’s gaze focused on Crockta. “You are going to the Temple of the Fallen God.”


"That's right. There...”

Gushantimur was still expressionless, but there was something in his eyes. He seemed to become lost in memories whenever he talked about the Temple of the Fallen God. However, Crockta didn’t ask about it.

"When things are done, can we come back here?”

Gushantimur nodded. "Of course. You are my friends.”

Crockta felt his chest become hot. Crockta extended his fist and touched it with Gushantimur’s fist.. Gushantimur met that fist.

"Let’s see each other again. Stay alive.”

"You too."

It was a farewell. The moment he was going to turn around,


Then someone spoke. Crockta looked towards the source of the sound. It was his waist.

The demon’s skull with steel teeth at his waist, the Demon’s Mouth. At the moment, it spoke.

“What did you say?”

He couldn’t hear because it was a small sound. Crockta touched the belt. But it didn’t say anything else. It looked like a normal steel belt like it had gone back to sleep.

"This guy’s situation...”

It was the moment he turned to explain to Gushantimur,

“......!” Gushantimur was watching Crockta with a surprised face.


A flower bloomed. There was a faint smile on his face. The thin corners of his mouth covered in a bright smile for a short time. It was a beautiful expression on Gushantimur that Crockta had never seen before. His eyes were filled with laughter.

"It was like that.”

Gushantimur kept the bright smile as he said to Crockta, “I’ll be waiting for the day that we meet again.”

Crockta didn’t ask any more as he nodded with a smile.


They left the Black Forest and headed to Nameragon.

"Crockta, perhaps you’ve fallen dot.”

“What do you mean?"

"You looked stunned at Gushantimur’s smile dot.

"Ah, no. I never...”

"Hihihit, I didn’t know that Crockta’s taste was like that.”

Crockta shook his head.

"What are you talking about? I am a heterosexual person who likes women.”

"Why does that matter dot?”


Anor started laughing. “Crockta doesn’t seem to know about dragons.”

“Too ignorant dot!”

Crockta frowned and said, "I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Tiyo climbed Crockta’s body and rode him like a horse.  He stared at Nameragon in the distance and said, “Dragons have no gender dot. Wow, Nameragon is a big city.”


Was there no gender, or were they a hermaphrodite?

“Nameragon is big. There are many people dot.”

“The thing before that...”

"Ah, a dragon can be a man or a woman whenever necessary. Didn’t you know? The next time you meet, Gushantimur might be a wonderful woman, hihihit.”

"What, is this a scandal? Love between a dragon and orc? Ahh, good. Hahahat!”

Tiyo and Anor laughed at him. Crockta shook his head. It was clear that Anor was taking after the wrong role model.

"We are almost there.”

Crockta ignored them and identified Nameragon in the distance. It was still far away so he couldn’t see it clearly. He used Heart and Soul Penetration. Not only did it have the ability to see through the enemy, but it also improved his eyesight.

Wait. That reminded him, he got a new skill.

[Status Window]

‘One who wants to become a hero’ Crockta, Orc Warrior.

Level: 65

Achievement Points: 545400

Assimilation: 86%


Peerless Mountain Seizing Strength (Pinnacle)

Regeneration Authority (Pinnacle)

Leyteno’s Heart Swordsmanship (Pinnacle)

Extreme Fighting Spirit (Pinnacle)

Heart and Soul Penetration (Pinnacle)

Tattoos of War, Honour and Fighting Spirit (Pinnacle)

Army Crushing Roar of Madness (Pinnacle)

Creatures Butcher (Essence)

Unknown Mysterious Skill Before Use (???)]

His new title ‘One who wants to become a hero’ was quite similar to the previous ‘Person Pursuing the Pinnacle.’ His skill experience would be accelerated until he reached the Hero rank. Since Pinnacle rank required more enlightenment than proficiency, it involved Crockta’s proficiency and enlightenment.

His level and achievement points had risen significantly. His ranking would also rise. 

Lastly, there was the mysterious skill that he wouldn’t know what it was until he used it. It really was a mystery.

Crockta stopped trying to use it. If the skill caused an explosion, there was a chance that Tiyo and Anor might get hurt. Or maybe it was something like a huge blade storm that would sweep around him and create a huge crater. Maybe a meteor would fall from the sky and cause an area of death. Or like a cartoon, his hair would turn blonde and his whole body would power up.

"It is very difficult... Kulkulkul.”

That’s right. Crockta was filled with great anticipation.

Big expectations might lead to greater disappointment, but Crockta’s chest was burning at the thought of the skill. Moreover, it was a skill he got from a dragon. There was no doubt that the skill would match the fury of a dragon.

"Your expression is sneaky Crockta. What are you thinking... perhaps...”

"Nothing." Crockta held out his hand.

"Hmm, it is suspicious.”

Tiyo got down from Crockta’s neck.

"Anyway, Nameragon is right in front of us! I'm running dot! Let’s go Anor!”

He started running towards Nameragon. Anor followed with the agile movements of a dark elf. Crockta was left alone. Crockta hesitated as he looked at the status window before using the skill.

“Unknown Mysterious Skill Before Use, activate!”


"Crockta, why are you so slow dot?”

"No reason.”

Crockta’s face was strangely dark as he followed. Tiyo was confused.

"Do you not want to get further away from Gushantimur? Look...”

Crockta picked up a stone and threw it. Tiyo agilely avoided it.

“Hu, huhut! So sensitive dot!”

"Don’t push him too hard. Doesn’t Crockta need time to realize his feelings? Hahahahat.”

This guy Anor, he really knew how to trigger a person’s anger. After Tiyo, he threw a stone towards Anor. Anor screamed and ran away.

They arrived at the entrance of Nameragon. It was lacking compared to the continent, but the size was similar to Arnin that Crockta visited in the past. The moment they stood in front of the gate, dozens of bows aimed at them from the wall.


Crockta grabbed the handle of his greatsword. Tiyo raised General. Anor hid behind Crockta.

“Who are you?” A dark elf on top of the gate said. He was dressed similar to the other dark elves on the wall, but a red cloak was wrapped around him. “Orc, gnome. And a half breed with his ears cut. What a bizarre combination.”

Crockta’s eyes narrowed. Then he politely said.

"We have come to seek Nameragon’s cooperation. I was recognized by the leaders of Orcheim, Dejame, and Altanas in the Luklan Mountains, as well as Nadia of Nuridot. My name is Crockta.”

“Ahh. Those guys.” The dark elf placed a foot on the railing of the wall. "I heard that a trio was playing as a group of heroes in the north.”

It was an obvious taunt. Crockta realized that talking wouldn’t change the outcome. He wasn’t a person who would bow down in this type of situation.

"It will be difficult if you want to get our permission.”

"The conditions?”

"Hrmm... perhaps if you cut the necks of 50 of your kin? Or give me a box of gold. That much is needed for an orc to enter Nameragon.”

"It is too much.”

"It is reasonable, not too much...”

Crockta pulled out his greatsword before the elf finished speaking. "Don't misunderstand."

"Pulling your sword in front of us, are you crazy?”

"Listen up.”

A huge momentum came from Crockta’s body. The gate in front of him was big and thick. It was something that most people wouldn’t even think about breaking through. But he was different.

The world slowed down. It was the world of the Pinnacle that he could freely enter after training with Gushantimur. In the world of the Pinnacle, the gate was just a piece of wood.

Crockta’s vision was different now. “I might not be allowed in here, but I am being polite and understanding.”

Crockta’s greatsword crossed the space. A tremendous amount of power poured from Ogre Slayer. It crossed the space and slammed against the gate.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A large crack was formed on the ground between Crockta and the gate.

“What?” The dark elf yelled with surprise.

The gate collapsed. Beyond the ruined gate, the landscape of Nameragon could be seen. It was moderately developed. The dark elves passing by stared at him in astonishment. Crockta told the dark elves above the gates.

"We can enter Nameragon whenever we want. Please know that.”


“I won’t enter out of consideration for you.”

The dark elves who witnessed Crockta’s action couldn’t say anything. Then the one in charge opened his mouth again.

"You, doing this, you’ve become our enemy...!”

But Crockta just turned around. “Let’s go.”

Crockta turned his back to Nameragon without any fear. Tiyo asked.

"It is okay dot? The Temple of the Fallen God is beyond there.”

“It’s okay.”

The dark elves were rushing around behind him, but Crockta didn’t care.

"They will need us in a few days.”

"What are you saying dot?”

Crockta recalled what he saw before.

Two days. Two days. Two days. Two days. Two days. Two days. Two days. All of them, two days.

That was their remaining lifespan.

[The Gray God’s Eyes (Outside the Ratings), it is a skill outside the ratings that has the power of a god. Once a day, you can temporarily see the remaining lifespan of those who have entered your field of view.]

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