Chapter 91 - The Black Forest (4)

Chapter 91 - The Black Forest (4)

Crockta once again raised his body. Gushantimur declared, "1980.”

"...Hoo, hoo. Again.”

Crockta’s face was dripping with sweat. He was too tired to move. Every joint in his body was screaming. His neck was stiff from tension after being lightly cut by Gushantimur’s sword.

"Didn’t you say you would change your weapon into ‘Dragon Slayer’? Did you give up already?”

“Not yet!”

Crockta focused his mind. Ogre Slayer rose up and entered the realm of Pinnacle. He became one with the world. Time became slower. He woke up the laws of the world with his sword. He swung his greatsword with the desire to cut the enemy.

Gushantimur’s sword swung towards him. In this slow world, their hearts collided with each other. All types of sword roots existed in this world and they ran among them. The last thing left in the end was to unfold their swords.


As a natural consequence after the fighting ended, Crockta’s sword flew in the air while Gushantimur’s sword was pointed at Crockta’s chest. An overwhelming defeat with no excuses!

“1981,” said Gushantimur.

Crockta had died nearly 2,000 times today. Crockta took deep breaths. He recovered from his defeat. Looking back, he didn’t know how he should’ve responded. So instead of thinking, he raised the greatsword.


The other practitioners watched Crockta’s limitless spirit with admiration. In particular, the ogre who first competed with Crockta admired Crockta’s fighting spirit as he raised his fist.

There was no change in Gushantimur’s expression. He just silently raised his sword. There wasn’t a single drop of sweat on his body. He was a dragon but also an amazing swordsman. Crockta couldn’t imagine how strong Gushantimur would be if he was turned into a god.

It provoked a desire to win rather than awe.

In the world of Elder Lord, he was able to endlessly renew his limits. He was an orc knocking down an ogre with a sword. It was the same for Shakan hunting the behemoth. He knocked down a strong monster with a bow.

Crockta was convinced that he could defeat Gushantimur.



He spent time and effort. Yet it was insufficient.

“Again.” Crockta raised his limp legs.

He knew the importance of repetition in training. It might be sufficient to kill the enemy with one hit, but that one strike required thousands of sunrises and sunsets. The one who wielded the sword one thousand times would win over someone who only wielded it once.

Gushantimur said, “It is up to here.”

"Not yet."

"You will.” Gushantimur put the sword away. "I can’t fight anymore.”

“You look fine.”

“I’m hungry.” Gushantimur said with a cold look, "The most important thing in training is rest and diet.”

His advice was like the remark of a gym trainer; but it was reasonable, so Crockta nodded.

In no time, the sun was going down. The sunset at the horizon burned the sky. It was a beautiful twilight.

The other practitioners also returned to the castle. In the distance, Tiyo and the goblin were hitting each other.

Crockta arrived at the banquet room with Gushantimur. There was a long dining table with seats set up. Gushantimur sat down with Crockta, Tiyo, and Anor seated close to him. The chandelier in the banquet room scattered light like a waterfall. The fragmented light scattered over the food in the banquet hall, making them look more appetizing.

"Good food dot.”

"It is the work of my lizardman friend, a gourmet.”

Tiyo wrapped a napkin around his neck and imitated the manners of a gentleman. He ate a piece of meat and closed his eyes.

“Wow. What dish is this? The flavor is deep and so good.”

"It is gnome meat.”


Tiyo spat the meat out and glared at Gushantimur’s face. Gushantimur placed the meat in his mouth without changing his expression.

“A joke. It is beef.”

"This bastard... saying such awful things with a serious face...!” Tiyo paused for a moment. He rolled his eyes before suddenly laughing, “Hahahat! I see! Nice joke dot! Hahahat!”

Tiyo suddenly changed his stance. "It’s a joke, but it isn’t bad for this big Tiyo. Hahahat!”

Crockta realized that Tiyo was acting as someone with a big vessel. Tiyo spread his mouth wide open, poured the dish in, and swallowed it in one gulp. Gushantimur said, "You have a really large vessel.”

“Hahat! That’s right! You don’t need to be surprised dot! I am a gnome with a big vessel!”

Tiyo shook his shoulders.


Crockta was thrilled. He once again gained enlightenment. The man who seemed cold could easily praise his opponent.

Truly, life was unpredictable. It wasn’t what he expected and he had a whole new perspective. All of these things were cutting him into a tough man. It wasn’t just Tiyo or Gushantimur. In the history of their lives, they were shaped by these things.


That’s right.

Everything in the world went back to causation. In the world, there was no effect without a cause.

Crockta suddenly looked at his fork. The chandelier light was reflecting over the sharp edges. The light dropping from the chandelier. That light came from a lamp that illuminated the inside. Crockta wielded his fork.

The world slowed. Crockta used the Pinnacle to pursue the piece of steak on Gushantimur’s plate. Before, he used the power of Pinnacle by calculating the ‘result’. But now he started to calculate the ‘process’ for defeating the enemy.

It was through inner reason, strong will and imagination!

The fork contained his enlightenment.


Gushantimur also defended with his fork.

The two forks crossed each other’s plates. In this environment, Crockta went through many possibilities in his imagination, from taking away Gushantimur’s steak, having his own stolen, sometimes making a mistake or maybe breaking each other’s forks.

Then he placed his willpower into it. He twisted causation.

‘The Pinnacle state is to become one with the world.’

Crockta recalled Gushantimur’s words, ‘But beyond that, there is an area where you can wield the world.’

The world convulsed. Suddenly, the steak was hanging from Crockta’s fork. Gushantimur’s fork stopped in the air. Crockta had robbed him of his steak.


At that moment, Crockta obtained a clue to reach Hero rank. Beginning from small things to change the world, just like a butterfly’s wings. This was the Hero territory.


Now he wanted to swing his sword. Crockta laughed in a pleased way. “Gushantimur!”

“Um.” Gushantimur had a stern expression. "If it is so delicious, you could’ve just asked for more.”

"......!" Crockta denied it. “There is a misunderstanding...!”

Tiyo clicked his tongue. "No matter how hungry you are, it isn’t polite to covet another person’s food Crockta!”

“T-That isn’t it.”

But all the eyes around him were cold.

"Orc friend, kyak! You have learned the wrong manners kyaak!”

Even the goblin pointed out his manners. The ogre had a disappointed expression on its face. Public opinion was already against him. Crockta tried to protest but closed his mouth when he heard Anor’s words.

"Please eat your own.”

He gave up arguing. Crockta looked down at his plate. The flavor was delicious. Crockta dropped his head and put the meat in his mouth.



"It is nice here,” Anor suddenly said.

They were staying in the same room. After leaving Nuridot, Gushantimur’s castle was strange for them who had been camping outside. He had just finished bathing and changing clothes, so Anor felt like a beautiful elf again as he saw his shiny skin. Light shone on his face.

Tiyo had also washed and changed into pajamas given by the castle, causing him to look like the child of a noble family.


Crockta showed his tough face.

"I wish I could stay here...” muttered Anor. 

But he knew that he couldn’t.

“We don’t have a lot of time to waste dot,” replied Tiyo.

“I see...”

After stopping by the Temple of the Fallen God in Nameragon, they had to seek the cooperation of the dark elves to deal with the Great Clan. They were enjoying a little peace right now, but a horrible war in the north was waiting for them.

"Crockta, when will we leave this place?”

Crockta closed his eyes and thought about a reply to Tiyo’s question. Staying here and training would be a great help. However, they couldn’t stay forever. It was a reasonable time scale.

"In up to a week."

“A week...”

"That is enough to achieve some progress.” Tiyo nodded.

"I will be sorry to leave.” Tiyo said. It seemed like he already had an attachment to the goblin archer, Kiao.

"We can come back again.”


“That’s right.” Crockta smiled and said, "After defeating the Great Clan and bringing peace to the north, we can come back here and spend a long break.”

"Hoh... good dot.

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Anor laughed.

Tiyo declared, "At that time, I will become really strong and will break the nose of Kiao dot.”

"Kulkul, you can’t break it in a week?”

"I hate to admit it, but he is a great guy dot. Breaking his nose will be a hard feat to accomplish in just a week.”

Crockta agreed. Apart from Gushantimur, the other creatures were pursuing their own goals. There were countless hot-blooded people here in the Black Forest.

"It will be hard even if we are here for a month.”

He witnessed a new world, but he was still far from winning against Gushantimur. But one day, he would cross that insurmountable wall.

"Everybody, have strength.”

Anor got into bed in a calm manner. He seemed to have no thoughts in his head. He stretched out on the soft quilt.

"Tomorrow we need to train properly.”


"I'm going to turn off the lights."

“Good night. Hihit.”

Thus, their first day in the Black Forest ended.


Time passed.

Crockta could now last much longer than before. Gushantimur stopped counting his deaths.

Crockta swung the greatsword and pressured Gushantimur.

Now he was able to switch the Pinnacle state on and off in an instant. However, Gushantimur was really tough. After truly knowing the Pinnacle state, Crockta realized what an exceptional swordsman he was.

But even Gushantimur hadn’t reached the true Hero state. How much stronger was the power of the Hero state?

"Crockta, your goal is to kill the chieftain.”


The more he knew, the more he became determined that the chieftain should be removed. He was a danger not just to the north, but the southern continent as well.

“It won’t be easy.”

"Would even you have a hard time?”


Crockta stopped his sword. He hadn’t expected the great chieftain to be so strong.

"He is stronger than Gushantimur?”

“That can’t be.” Gushantimur took a deep breath. “But there are various ways of becoming stronger. Your path isn’t the only way to increase in power.”

"What are you talking about?”

“You will soon find out.” Gushantimur wielded his blade. It hit the greatsword. There was a metallic echo. "Now focus on me.”

"Kulkul, understood.”

Crockta and Gushantimur competed. Crockta gradually started to seem like an opponent. There were parts where Gushantimur weakened, but it was true that Crockta had greatly developed.

It was the same for Tiyo.

"Ayaaat! General’s evolution!”

Tiyo closed his eyes and focused on General.

Clink, clink!

General’s appearance slowly changed. The muzzle opened and the barrel expanded. General’s new look was completed.

General Vulcan! (Probably something similar to this.)

"I failed to make a cannon, but this is also cool.” Tiyo aimed Vulcan at Kiao who still looked displeased.

"Don’t think about such tricks kyak! You have to pursue the strongest heart kyak!”

"Noisy dot, if one doesn’t push you then I will use two. If two doesn’t work then I will use four then eight!”

"Stubborn gnome kyak!”

"Stiff goblin!”

The two glared at each other. Kiao shook his head and pulled out an arrow. A goblin who pursued becoming the strongest! A fearsome momentum came from him. It was like a dragon’s mouth appeared behind him. The force of a storm was condensed in Kiao’s arrow and aimed at Tiyo.

Tiyo didn’t stay still either. He aimed Vulcan at Kiao. Vulcan rotated and numerous magic bullets emerged.

The arrow left the bow.

"Kyu! Kya kekiyo kuweek!” shouted Kiao in the goblin language.

At the same time, a tremendous, fearsome storm appeared and descended that completely covered Tiyo. Facing this, Tiyo was just like a candle in front of the wind. The storm overcame him.


The practitioners watching the two couldn’t help gulping. The gnome would be trampled under the goblin’s arrow! However, flashes of light appeared inside the storm.



A thunderous sound! Tiyo’s Vulcan began its relentless assault against the storm. The two forces collided.

The power of the spatiotemporal storm! And the colorful magic bullets from Tiyo! The two forces swelled to their limit!


In the end, the arrow storm and General’s destructive power collided with each other, causing a big explosion. Kiao and Tiyo flew through the air in the aftermath.



There was a huge mushroom cloud.


Once the smoke disappeared, the sight of a goblin and gnome lying on the ground was revealed.

“Kuoh... truly strong...”

"You have grown, kyak...”

The two exchanged glances while collapsed on the ground. They raised their thumbs towards each other.

They had mocked each other in their first encounter in the Black Forest. Now they acknowledged each other.

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