Chapter 90 - The Black Forest (3)

Chapter 90 - The Black Forest (3)

[Unknown mysterious skill (??? rating) has been obtained.]

[It can only be used after leaving Gushantimur’s lair.]

The system didn’t give him the skill name. It was pending until he left the lair.

"Defeating my guardians was a great feat. Most people give up and run away in the middle,” said Gushantimur

He had felt the terrible power of Gushantimur after the real landscape of this place was revealed. It was a dragon’s majesty that would cause someone to tremble in fear just being in its presence.

“You’re a dragon?” asked Anor.

The strong magic that changed the landscape in an instant, the terms ‘lair’ and ‘guardians’ and the fearful atmosphere truly matched the characteristics of a dragon.

Gushantimur nodded. “That’s right. You, who has the blood of a necromancer.”


"A necromancer contained the ancient lineage of a god. I have never seen such a thick concentration in the blood for many years.”

Gushantimur raised a hand to his face. It was the face of a young man, but there was a sense of longevity about him. Gushantimur grinned.

“You should be proud.”

Anor’s eyes widened. It was a shameful power that he had covered up for all his life. Those who could raise the dead were often a target of fear for other people. Even his mother had given up the bloodline and sealed it.

However, this mighty dragon said to be proud of it.

"The power to connect the dead to this world isn’t within the strength of a mortal. But an old god who is troubled by those who suffer due to eternal parting has given you strength. This is the mercy and blessing of a god.”

“Ah...” Anor scratched his head.  He had never heard such a compliment and didn’t know how to respond. He just bowed with a red face. “Thank you.”

“But it is lacking.”


"The most you can do now is raise bodies and learn to control them. You haven’t reached true necromancy.”


This time Gushantimur’s eyes headed towards Tiyo.

"Tiyo, brave son of the gnome, Hedor.”

Tiyo’s eyes widened. "You know my father?”

"You are lacking compared to your father.”


The dragon not only knew Tiyo’s father’s name, but also said that Tiyo was lacking compared to him. It was as if he knew Tiyo’s father well.

"The artifact that you are using has no limit on its power. But you have already set a limit in your heart.”

"What are you saying dot!”

"General is a Dragon Light General, a god’s weapon created by the gold dragon Abogullad.”

"A dragon’s weapon?”

“That’s right. Raise your own vessel”

Tiyo staggered like he was shocked. "M-My vessel is small dot...”

He had lived as a macho person. Everybody praised him as a man with large vessel. But the black dragon pointed out his vessel.

"General’s true name is ‘Dragonslayer’.”


"It is a dragon weapon designed to kill dragons. But you can’t catch an ogre with it, let alone a dragon.”

Tiyo flopped down. His eyes shook wildly.

Gushantimur’s eyes now turned towards Crockta. Crockta prepared himself. The system said that the meeting itself was a reward. Gushantimur might’ve seemed stricken at first, but he had given them important facts that would eventually become a foundation for their growth. Those who didn’t listen to him wouldn’t grow further.

Crockta faced Gushantimur and waited for what he would point out. Gushantimur opened his mouth, “Wonderful.”


"Keep trying hard. More than this.”

Crockta grabbed Gushantimur who was turning around. "Excuse me, point out something.”

“There is nothing.”

"Don't lie."

“...It is okay?”

"Yes. Please point out what I am lacking. Unreservedly!”

"Hmm, if you want...”

This dragon was a surprisingly good person. He gazed at Crockta coolly and opened his mouth. "You have reached the Pinnacle level.”

"That’s accurate.”

Pinnacle! It had been Crockta’s target ever since Hoyt had first showed it to him. It was an area he had barely reached after defeating the behemoth. It was difficult at first but he gradually got used to it. Now all of Crockta’s movements contained the enlightenment of the Pinnacle.

"Look beyond that.”

Crockta’s eyes widened. As the name implied, he thought Pinnacle was the end. The power of the Pinnacle was enough to defeat most enemies, but there was more beyond that?

The mentors who taught Crockta were Lenox, Hoyt and Baek Hanho. And they had only mentioned the Pinnacle. There might be high and low abilities in that area, but none of them had seen beyond it.

It was fairly unexplored. 

"The Pinnacle state is to become one with the world.” Gushantimur said, "But beyond that, there is an area where you can wield the world.”


"That is your goal.”

Crockta’s body trembled in anticipation. He wanted to swing his sword straight away. Move the world according to his own will. Was that even possible?

"What is it called?”

“That...” Gushantimur grinned. "The people who managed to do it, they were all lauded as Heroes.”

Hero rating!

The Despairing Demon’s Mouth belt that he was wearing was also a Hero rank item. At the time, the power of the demon was terrifying. If he hadn’t convinced the demon then Quantes would’ve disappeared from the map.

It was possible for individuals to have such a mighty power. The next step after Pinnacle was the Hero rating.

"I didn’t think you would be able to beat all my guardians. But in the end, we all have endless possibilities for growth,” said Gushantimur

Then the doors of the castle opened.


The creatures they beat were gathered there.

The ogre who cornered Crockta with martial arts, the goblin archer who played with Tiyo, the lich who showed a higher level of undead magic than Anor, the axe-wielding troop and lizardman spearman, the direwolf who attacked them like a ninja and the kobold archer were all gathered there.


The ogre discovered Crockta and raised a thumb. Crockta also responded with his thumb. The ogre had a bandage wrapped around its head.

“T-that guy...”

Tiyo pointed at the goblin. The goblin wearing a splint sat down on the ground. He found Tiyo and made a cutting motion across his neck. He would finish Tiyo next time!

"My guardians are all those aiming for a higher world.”

The black dragon Gushantimur liked to stay in this forest and help others grow. But that didn’t mean everyone could get his help. They had to pass the test of his guardians. And the guardians would gradually build up their levels from the test.

"How about it, Travelers?” asked Gushantimur.

“Won’t you knock down the wall that you see here?”

It was a sweet seduction. The guardians were staring at them, as if daring them to come.

"In fact, the truly strong ones were considerate towards you.”

Beyond the guardians was a huge cyclops. He looked at Crockta and laughed. Then he stroked the head of the ogre that Crockta defeated.


Crockta’s eyebrows twitched.

"Are you confident to beat them with your strength?”

Crockta looked at Tiyo and Anor in turn. The reactions of the two were different. Tiyo’s eyes were burning with fighting spirit. Anor slightly shook his head with a frightened expression.

Tiyo said, "You must be scared dot.”

Anor reflexively replied, "No, you jerk!"

“Then let’s go.”


Tiyo pushed Anor. Crockta followed behind them. They entered the lair of the dragon Gushantimur.


Gushantimur’s castle was magnificent. Who could imagine that such a huge castle would be hidden in the forest? It was an area hidden by magic, just like Shakan’s fortress. As expected from a dragon’s lair, it contained gold and silver.

"I once lived in a cave like any other dragon.”

Gushantimur explained as he guided them, "But I realized after experiencing an incident. The real treasure isn’t gold but friends.”


The words that old men always said when they became drunk!

‘Friends are treasure.'

But he couldn’t help being convinced as he gazed at the young beauty against the backdrop of the wonderful castle.

"So I made a castle using gold and treasures. I became friends with those seeking enlightenment after reaching the limit. One or two visited me, and the number of friends gradually increased.”

There were weapons everywhere in his castle. And the creatures were polishing and sharpening their skills.

“Why are there no humans, elves, or orcs?”

"Everybody left." There was no change in Gushantimur’s face, but Crockta thought he somehow looked lonely. "All of them left after achieving a certain level in order to gain wealth and honor. But these guys are different.”


"If they go outside, they might be hunted as unusual monsters. They have no place to go. They have transcended the limits of their species and wish to seek a larger world, but that world only despises them as creatures. They have already tasted the wider world and can’t be satisfied with hunting and looting like their people, so there is no place for them to go.”

Gushantimur laughed calmly.

"I will keep them with me until the day they can be recognized. They will never betray me and I will also never betray them.”

Crockta realized something. This dragon wasn’t just a dragon. He was a hot-blooded dragon. Who could call this man a cold-blooded reptile?

"Gushantimur, we won’t stay here for a long time.”

"I guessed so.”

"But we want to be your friend."

Gushantimur burst out laughing. His laughter was clear.

"Crockta, you are saying strange things.”


"Aren’t we already friends?”


Warm. This man, he was warmer than Crockta expected. They were already friends with this warm man.

Crockta nodded.

"Now, my friends are waiting for you. Unpack and come out.”

Crockta’s group unpacked their belongings in the room that Gushantimur guided them to. Then they immediately went outside while armed. Outside, spars were already in full swing.


Gushantimur was standing there after changing his clothing. He was dressed in clothes that allowed easy movement. When they first met, he seemed like a scholar or magician. But a sharp momentum was coming from him now that he was holding a sword.

"Anor, you should learn from this friend.”

It was the bony lich. It laughed.


"Your biggest problem as a necromancer is your timid nature.” Anor was speechless as the lich placed an arm around his shoulder. The skull was terrifying for him. "Become friends with death.”

“Kelkelkel! Do you trust me? Kelkelkel!”


Anor moaned at the lich’s laugh. Thus, Anor was dragged away by the lich. The skeletons followed them.

Now it was Tiyo’s turn.



"Your weakness is your small vessel.”

“What?” declared Tiyo.

He seemed to have recovered from being told that he had a small vessel.

"What are you saying dot! I am a man who never had a reputation for being small dot! This is the first time I’ve heard that my vessel is small. It really is the first time. Hahaha, how funny dot. A person with a strange dream is calling me small dot! I am someone who received 500 medals dot! Take back what you just said! I’m not small! I am Tiyo who joined the Quantes garrison since I was young...!”

Gushantimur looked at Crockta. Crockta nodded.

“Isn’t it accurate?”

"It’s accurate.”

"Don’t agree with him Crockta!”

Gushantimur coughed. 

"Cough, well there seems to be a misunderstanding. The thing I am talking about isn’t your nature. Well, now that I see your personality...”

“What dot?”

"Don't worry. In any case, the small vessel is your imagination. Lend me General for a moment.”

Tiyo handed General over to Gushantimur with a sour face. Gushantimur held General. At that moment,


General changed. General was in the form of a long rifle, but then the muzzle widened, the column expanded and it took the appearance of a bigger weapon. It was like a cannon.

"T-this is....."

"General is as strong as your imagination and willpower.”

Then Gushantimur aimed the muzzle towards the air and pulled the trigger. The magic power around General was sucked in fiercely. A light emerged from the barrel and a mass of energy was fired.


The magic shell flew into the sky. Then the light flashed and there was a huge explosion.


The colorful magic power in the sky looked like fireworks.


Tiyo had been using General for a long time, so he couldn’t help staring with a frozen expression.

"T-this is..."

"This is the true power of the weapon. The Light Dragon General is incomparably powerful when I use it.”

General reverted back to the form of a rifle.


“I-I will do that guise again. I will make an even better cannon! Amazing dot!”

"It is up to you. Tiyo.”


Tiyo took the rifle and examined it. However, General looked exactly the same as before.

"The one who will teach you is the great goblin, Kiao.”

"You finally came kyakk!” It was the goblin that showed Tiyo the storm archery. Kaio walked forward with his short bow.

"I already defeated that guy dot!"

"Tiyo. Take a look at Kiao.”


Kiao shrugged.

"Shooting the tree and knocking him out is praiseworthy. Indeed, it is the move of a soldier used to actual fighting. But if Kiao had used his true strength, you wouldn’t be standing here.” Gushantimur declared. "If he really fired the arrow with all his strength, your body would’ve disappeared in that spatiotemporal storm without a trace.”


A spatiotemporal storm! Tiyo couldn’t refute it. Certainly, the goblin had the power to create a storm with his bow and arrow. But creating a spatiotemporal storm!

“Kiao is also a great mentor. His power will help with General. Learn well.”

Kiao giggled and poked Tiyo. "Let’s go kyak! Harsh training awaits kyaak!”

“Ohh... this bastard...”

"Call me Master, kyak!”

"Shut up Goblin! Teach me properly dot!”

"Kyak kyak kyak, you are a cheeky disciple!”

Now Crockta was left alone. Gushantimur’s eyes headed towards Crockta. He raised his sword.


Crockta grinned. He was expected it when he saw Gushantimur holding the sword. The black dragon Gushantimur would teach Crockta himself. Fighting spirit rose in Crockta’s chest. The opponent was a dragon. Could he cross blades with this opponent?

“Gushantimur. The name of my sword is Ogre Slayer."

"A great sword.”

"But I might change the name today.” Crockta pulled out his greatsword. Ogre Slayer cried out like it had been waiting. "Into Dragon Slayer.”

A remark meant to provoke the dragon!

Gushantimur laughed. Then something flowed down.


Crockta trembled. Gushantimur smiled but his sword tip was touching Crockta’s neck. It was a stab wound. He hadn’t even noticed until a drop of warm blood flowed from his neck.

Gushantimur said, “First hit.”

Crockta couldn’t help smiling. He couldn’t imagine how many times he would die today.

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