Chapter 74 Great Clan (1)

Chapter 74 – Great Clan (1)

Hammerchwi was stunned by the unexpected sight.

The gnome asked with a fierce expression, "I said, who are you? At least knock before opening the door dot!”

Hammerchwi didn’t know how to react to the little gnome. He was a veteran who destroyed his enemies, not an old man who dealt with children. Instead, a clan warrior standing behind him spoke, "If you don’t want to die, shut your mouth, kid.”

“What?” The gnome stepped forward. “Hey, just because you are big orcs doesn’t mean that...”

"I told you to shut your mouth, kid.” 

Sparks flew as they locked gazes.

"I suppose I should make you come to your senses dot.”

“I should be the one saying that,” retorted the orc.

As they both growled at each other, the gnome prepared to point at the orc warrior with the rifle on his back. Then somebody sitting in a corner of the tent stood up. They hadn’t noticed him due to the gnome, but once he moved, a large bulk filled the tent. An orc with numerous tattoos and blood vessels showing on his green skin.

Hammerchwi’s eyes widened. There were still people who received such tattoos.

"What is this?”

Hammerchwi felt his heart beating with an unknown feeling as he stared into those calm eyes. This person wasn’t normal. Hammerchwi’s mouth unconsciously went up. “Are you the one who hurt the Kapur chief?”

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation.

“For what reason...?”

“Let’s go out and talk.” The orc interrupted. The warriors behind him huffed but Hammerchwi didn’t care. 


Orc warriors should face each other under the sun. If he truly wanted to know someone, he shouldn’t accuse them in a tent.

“Step back now.”

Hammerchwi opened a path among the large clan warriors.

The orc and gnome left the tent. The orc’s magnificent appearance was revealed. Despite being smaller than the Kapur chief, his tough muscles swelled throughout his body. A greatsword was smoothly carried on his back.

He was a man who had experienced many battles. His face was casual despite facing Hammerchwi and the great clan warriors. Hammerchwi stared into his eyes and asked.

"Now, I want to ask. The Kapur chief...”

“It is me.” He once again interrupted Hammerchwi, “I am the orc warrior, Crockta. Stay alive.”

Then he extended a fist towards Hammerchwi.


“You dare!” One of the clan warriors was offended by the action and raised his weapon.  "This bastard! Talking nonsense to Hammerchwi!”

He was about to run out straight away. However, Hammerchwi restrained him.


Hammerchwi didn't answer. He was looking at the young orc in front of him with a strange expression. It was a disbelieving look. Hammerchwi burst out laughing, "Kuhahahahahat!”

His laughter resonated through the Kapur Tribe. The great clan warriors looked at him with confusion. Hammerchwi touched the warrior’s shoulder and gestured for him to step back.

“Hahahahat! Yes, yes. I should.” Hammerchwi took one step and struck his fist against the orc’s and said, "I am Hammerchwi, the ambassador for the Great Clan Chief who leads the Great Clan, the one who conveys the words of the great chieftain! I am alive!”

It was a saying that a warrior should say to another warrior they encountered! It was a natural story. Orcs didn’t change their attitude just because they had a higher status and led many subordinates. All orc warriors were the same. It was something that Hammerchwi had forgotten.

And that was to stay alive. How long had it been since he heard such an old-fashioned greeting?

The two orcs’ eyes met. They bumped each other’s fist.

"Now, I will ask again. Did you hurt the Kapur chief?”


"What were your intentions?”

"He attacked me first, so I needed to defend myself.”


Look at this.

Hammerchwi glanced at the distant Kapur. He shook his head with a wronged expression.

Kapur was an orc who ruled over this wild region because he was larger and more powerful than the other orcs. Even though it was a land that contained nothing, there was no enemy in the area who could beat him. Once the proper equipment was worn, he could even fight one of the great clan warriors.

To make Kapur act so cowardly, how bad was this orc?

Hammerchwi said with a smile, "Kapur says that you attacked in a cowardly manner to become the chief here.”

Crockta grinned as he responde, “That is a lie.”

"Well, these are just words, so I don’t know who is right or wrong.” Hammerchwi stroked his chin like he was thinking. "Then let me see...I can’t tell who is right...unless...”

Then he laughed. It was a thrilled expression that didn’t fit the wrinkled face. "Why don’t we settle this with a duel between orcs?”

He touched the large hammer on his back. Like his name, Hammerchwi was a warrior wielding a battle hammer.

"Kapur isn’t in a state to fight so I will be your opponent.”

It was far-fetched. Everyone knew that he just wanted a reason to compete. Crockta burst out laughing.

The warriors behind Hammerchwi stopped him. “That won’t work.”

"It is too much for Hammerchwi to come out.”


Hammerchwi frowned. "Are you disregarding me because I am old?”

"Absolutely not. How could we think that? But the great chief wouldn’t allow this.”

"You can keep it a secret from the great chief.”

“I can’t...”

“Aish.” Hammerchwi shrugged. "It will leak. Yes, you are more loyal to the great chief.”


"It is a joke.”

Hammerchwi spoke to Crockta. "Unfortunately, it seems like I won’t be able to come out. These guys are like people minding a child. They are disregarding me because I am old.”

"I think it is more about respect than disregard.”

"Kulkulkul, that is nice to hear.” Hammerchwi grabbed the shoulder of the great clan warrior Jeulta standing behind him, "Instead, this guy will play. He is the best among them. Say hello, Jeulta.”

Jeulta had an unwilling expression but he obeyed Hammerchwi and greeted Crockta.. It was the very orc who first walked into the tent and started a battle of nerves with Tiyo.

"I am the Great Clan warrior, Jeulta.”

“I am Crockta.”

Hammerchwi clapped loudly. "Well, Crockta, do you have any complaints?”

“It seems like there is no choice.” Crockta laughed bitterly as he watched the clan warriors staring at him from behind Hammerchwi.

Tiyo poked Crockta’s thigh. "Is this okay? That orc looks very tough dot.”

"Do you think I will lose, Tiyo?”

Tiyo shook his head. "No, won’t that face become uglier after being beaten by Crockta dot?”

Crockta laughed at his words. Hammerchwi was also smiling.

Jeulta’s mouth distorted. "You... it is your turn next, Kid.”

"Yes, Crockta will squash your face and I will roll it out again dot. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to give you good slaps with my palms!”

Tiyo’s words caused the warriors to laugh. Jeulta shook his head with a frown and asked Crockta, "Does you friend always have no fear?”

“He is a feisty friend.”

Jeulta’s weapons were twin axes. As he held the two axes, Crockta also pulled out Ogre Slayer from his back.

"And there is nothing to be scared about,” Crockta said with a smile.

Jeulta laughed. "The same type of people will gather together. Okay.”

Hammerchwi and the other tribe warriors retreated. A space for the two people was created. The Kapur Tribe also gathered to see the duel that was suddenly occurring. Kapur looked nervous. He had made up a cowardly lie. If this orc was acknowledged by the clan warriors, then his plight would fall even further. He was cheering for Jeulta.

Crockta and Jeulta got into their stances. Then the two of them met.

The sound of metal clashing rang through the Kapur tribe. The sound of fighting soon became intense.


The weapons of the two people clashed against each other. Sparks flew out. Crockta wielded his greatsword. Jeulta crossed both axes and blocked it. It became a struggle of power between them. The veins on both people’s faces were bulging.


Normally, Jeulta would’ve used the advantage of his twin weapons to attack the enemy’s gaps, but the attacks of this strange orc were different. Every strike made him feel like his body was going to be cut in half.

Furthermore, every time their eyes met during the fight, the orc would grin.

Jeulta’s pride was scratched, causing him to scream, “Kuaaaaaaack!”

It was a frightening roar. It was the battle cry of the warrior Jeulta, who enemies feared on the battlefield! Jeulta gathered his strength and aimed at Crockta. But it was blocked by the greatsword.


The battle continued but Jeulta started to be suppressed. He noticed that the opponent wasn’t ending the fight in order to gauge his power. He wanted to know the power of the warriors from the Great Clan. The opponent had that much room to think.

“You dare!”

Jeulta was furious. He started an attack that ignored his body. One of them, either himself or his opponent, would be injured. He tried to make a decisive move. And it was his two axes that were blown away.


The end of the greatsword was touching his neck. It was his defeat.

The Kapur Clan orcs watching the duel clapped.

“It was a great match.”


However, the faces of Hammerchwi and the clan warriors were frozen.

They understood that it wasn’t a breathtaking match. Crockta had been playing with Jeulta. He could’ve finished it at any time, but he was checking Jeulta’s skill, then he lightly restrained Jeulta’s last attack.

Jeulta was the leader of the warriors who followed Hammerchwi and a fierce powerhouse. In other words, the young orc’s skills were close to the great warrior Hammerchwi.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Hammerchwi started to clap.

“Great.” Hammerchwi moved forward and patted Jeulta on the head, gesturing for him to return. "It is a fighting style that is hard to see in orcs these days. Sophisticated techniques. Who did you learn it from?”

“A great warrior.”

“A great warrior...” Hammerchwi laughed once again.

He liked it.

He thought inwardly. It was an age where no one called themselves a great warrior. Warriors were strong, so killing was considered more of a virtue. This land of orcs was trying to become strong rather than great.

Where had this warrior come from?

“I’m curious. Where do you come from?”

Crockta replied.


A feast was held in the Kapur tribe. It was to entertain Hammerchwi and the warriors from the Great Clan.

A feast was now set up in the vacant lot where the fighting had taken place. To this end, a few caruks died. The orcs sat around a large fire, eating meat and drinking alcohol.

“It is a really amazing place.”

Hammerchwi said to Crockta who was sitting opposite him.

At first, he thought it was a joke when Crockta said he came from the south. But he started to believe after more facts were shared. A land where orcs still followed the laws of the warriors. Different species lived together without any fighting. It felt like paradise.

"You want to find the Temple of the Fallen God.”



Hammerchwi touched his chin. That wasn’t in an orc area. There would be fights if he wanted to go there. But there was no need to avoid conflicts.



"Will you became a warrior of the Great Clan?”

The other warriors stopped and listened to the proposal.

Crockta had enough skills to be qualified. No, it was more than that. Given the tendency of the great chief to treat those who were stronger well, Crockta could have a position higher than a general warrior. It would also be nice to have another strong warrior became a colleague.

Despite the fight before, their enemies weren’t orcs but the wicked humans and dark elves.

"If you become a warrior of the Great Clan, you can go to the Temple of the Fallen God.”

“Tell me how.”

Hammerchwi laughed while touching his hammer. “War.”

He was still a militant orc of the north. "After wiping out all the dark elves, you can easily go to the Temple of the Fallen God.”

At the end of Hammerchwi’s words, the clan warriors raised their cups.

"To the Great Clan!”

"To orcs!”

Then they simultaneously drank from their cups. The Kapur orcs also drank the alcohol.

"The Great Clan will soon go to war. This is the decision of the great chief. Crockta, you can trample them more easily if you go with us. You can go anywhere you want in the north.”

His voice was serious. He truly hoped for Crockta to join them. Crockta was a great fighter. He was convinced that Crockta would become more than a general warrior. And maybe... He could become an even greater presence than that.

“I will think about it. I am not alone.”

Crockta pointed somewhere. A small gnome was drunkenly firing magic bullets into the air. The young orcs around him cheered. He was always a lively person.

Tiyo started to sing.

"We protect our beautiful Quantes~ Gnome Garrison~ live with ~ today ~! Bathe in the blood of creatures ~!"

The song of the Quantes’ Gnome Garrison. The young orcs awkwardly sang along. Tiyo fired colourful magic power into the air once again.

“Bah!” The warrior Jeulta scoffed and stood up. He pointed to Tiyo and declared. "The song of a kid is terrible!”

"What are you saying dot!”

“Listen carefully, Kid! A real man's song is like this!” Then he started to shout. "Look at the orcs~! Pillage ~! Finish up~! Spread your two legs~!”

It was the song of the northern orcs. It was a tough but powerful sound!

However, it was lacking. It was ambitious but too insufficient from Crockta’s viewpoint.


These guys in the north didn’t know how to be real warriors. Crockta felt a strong sense of purpose and stood up. It was to spread the voice of a real warrior! He would show this desolate land what a real warrior’s song was!

He used Army Crushing Roar to spread his lyrics further.

“We are orcs! The mighty orcs──────!”

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