Chapter 48 - A FIRE IN THE SKY (3)

Chapter 48 - A FIRE IN THE SKY (3)


“T-This is...!”

By the time the crowd became close enough to see, it was already too late. The orc squads destroyed the formation with a tank-like assault. A user’s head flew through the air. The orc’s huge weapons took the enemy’s heads off. Terrible weapons such as halberds, double-edged axes, twin axes, and hammers tore all over the place.


Orc troops suddenly appeared! They started to devastate the front lines. Crockta could see shining white stars on their foreheads.

He could guess the situation. Laughter emerged.

The video shot by Laney in Dandelion Village seemed to have called them. He had stimulated the fighting spirits of the enthusiasts who played as orcs. The fires of hope rose again at the unexpected appearance.

The orc’s battle cry rang out loudly.

“Brothers! Don’t show any mercy!”

An orc shaman caught a user’s neck with his bare hands, lightning emerging from his hands. The tremendous lightning storm! The enemy became a charred body. He threw it towards the enemies and roared.


How long had it been since Crockta heard that battle cry? Something boiled up in Crockta’s chest. Crockta responded.


He met the gaze of the other orc.

Ssik. They exchanged glances. Then the other orcs started yelling. Their battle cries dominated the battlefield like those of wild beasts.

The villagers could only watch with stunned expressions. The exciting orcs suddenly appeared! Every time they wielded a weapon, enemies fell. The residents also raised their weapons. They didn’t know what was going on, but orcs were here. They could win.

They didn’t know what it meant, but they also participated by shouting the orc’s battle cry.


Now the battlefield was a swirl of chaos. Humans vs humans, orcs vs humans, they all mixed together and aimed weapons at each other. People became dead bodies or turned into white particles. It wouldn’t stop until one of the two sides died!

There was also considerable resistance from the clan. The high levels and rankers confronted the surprise attack.

“Dirty orc scum...!”

"I wash more often than you!”

The second lord of the Orc Users Brotherhood founded by Maguchwi, the No.2 orc user Kuwakta, focused his spirit.

He was originally a natural landscape photographer who loved beautiful nature, flora, and fauna. After accidentally starting the game, he became immersed in the magnificent scenery of Elder Lord that couldn’t be seen anywhere else. Therefore, he didn’t become an orc warrior or shaman.

Nature’s friend! Orc Druid!

"Phoenix’s Possession!”

He used a skill. While exploring the world of Elder Lord, he had met a powerful and mysterious being.

Blazing wings stretched out behind his back, his hands becoming flaming phoenix claws. Every time he waved his limbs, flames moved around him and ate at the bodies of the enemies, effectively killing them.

“This is crazy!”

A mystic summoned a water spirit, but the phoenix around Kuwakta bit at it. The mystic that summoned it suffered at the same time. The water spirit turned into vapor and disappeared into the air.

"Water is burning...?’

The mystic flopped down.  Kuwakta asked with the phoenix’s claws at their neck, "What do you call that spirit?”


"Do you know the name of that spirit?”


"You just call it a spirit. You don’t even know their names.” Kuwakta’s claws bit into the mystic’s neck. The body of the mystic started to burn. "Spirits aren’t tools, but friends. Your lack of knowledge is the cause of your defeat.”

“That, friends...” The mystic nodded within the fire. He lost, but somehow he felt refreshed.

The druid removed his hand as the body of the mystic became distorted by the flames. The mystic stared at the orc druid until his eyeballs burned. It was great. He would remember this the next time he met the druid.

The mystic smiled. His vision was cut off and his consciousness faded away. Immediately before his connection was cut off, the orc druid’s faint cry was heard.

"Let's fight! Phoenix! Phoenix, what are you doing? Phoenix ohh!”


Meanwhile, Crockta was confronting a ranker. He joined forces with other orcs to knock down the ranker. The ranker looked at his missing lower body and muttered like he couldn’t believe his defeat.

“Shit... Losing to orcs...”

"What else do you expect when you pick weak NPCs to level up?”

The moment that the orc who allied with Crockta was about to hit the ranker’s neck...

“Weak NPCs? Didn’t we kill your favourite Lenox? Kuku...”


Warrior Instructor Lenox was a famous NPC among the orc users as well. Those who killed him felt pride. They were the Thawing Balhae Clan.

Crockta realized that the users in this area were from the Thawing Balhae Clan. His eyes changed. The orc user who fought with him steadily kicked the face of the ranker. The body without a lower half rolled across the ground and started to slowly fade into white particles.

After the ranker’s death, Crockta scanned in front of him.

The traitor Grom, who was called Hyunchul, would surely be here. He heard the clan member saying that they would raise him up. The reason for this massacre was that they were trying to nurture the low-level clan members.

Crockta plunged back into the front lines. He approached a place that was filled with Thawing Balhae members and shouted, “Hyunchul!”

No one answered. Crockta stabbed a user in the abdomen with his greatsword and continued searching. Then he shouted again, "Hyunchul! What are you doing?”

A user suddenly looked around. Crockta laughed. Fortunately, he hadn’t died yet. Crockta approached him while pretending to know nothing. It was a human male character, the preferred warrior character holding a sword and shield. The face was handsome, due to the customization feature of Elder Lord.

This was the current appearance of Hyunchul, he who sold out Lenox and the orc warriors to the humans. Crockta made note of his appearance. Then he ran around. He found something that was like a rope. Even though the battle in Chesswood was urgent, he would make it so that Hyunchul couldn’t play the game anymore.

But at that moment, the double-edged blade of an axe appeared behind Hyunchul’s back. Hyunchul was defenseless.

Crockta sighed.

Hyunchul was weak after becoming a human. As he watched Hyunchul’s head being split apart by the axe, Crockta pledged the following. Rather, this was better. It would be better to do it after Hyunchul grew some more. That way, his despair would be greater if the character that he raised to a high level was trampled on.

Hyunchul’s body was vertically split in half. Crockta approached. Hyunchul’s body turned white. Crockta spat on the white particles.


A user’s blade cut Blackmore. Blood poured out.


Blackmore pierced the opponent’s neck with his spear, who collapsed with blood bubbling in his mouth. Blackmore pulled out the spear and stepped back.

He scanned the situation. The opponents were advancing systematically in a maintained formation. Magical flames fell from the sky. The residents screamed for help as they were engulfed in flames. Regardless of the confusion on the battlefield, the enemies were steadfastly moving.

It was disadvantageous. These guys weren’t comparable to those who had been in Dandelion Village. They made the right decisions. It was doubtful that an individual could change the situation.  

Since the start of the fight, Blackmore had felt that it was difficult. He foresaw a defeat in this battle. The power gap was severe. Was there any other place to deal with it? Blackmore shook his head. Unless there was a god’s help, it would be the same as here.

Blackmore thought about fleeing. But his legs kept heading towards the front.

He laughed. Why was his body heading forward? The battle of Dandelion Village entered his mind. He had run away, but the orc Crockta had risked his life for the villages, despite it not being his hometown. Blackmore felt ashamed as he saw it.

Chesswood, a collection of beautiful and simple villages. He had been a cancer that harmed the atmosphere of this place. There was a woman who he tried to pretend with, but even she became hurt and left him. After that, he became blinded and attacked indiscriminately. When he recovered and looked around, all he could see was hurt and devastation.

Now it was time to pay that back. Poison must be burned with poison.

The residents were fleeing. Blackmore nodded. There should be some who survived. There was no need for everyone to die. Blackmore blocked the enemies that were pursuing them.

Blackmore hummed, "I have travelled to many places in the world. Always looking for new things...”

He brandished his spear. Blood splattered. There was a bad taste in his mouth. Blackmore giggled and continued the melody again. "But I've realized. I had already found the things I was looking for...”

The enemies chased after the fleeing villagers. Blackmore rushed between them. The attacks of the invaders poured towards Blackmore’s body. Some were blocked, while others hit. He spat out the blood in his mouth as the eyes of the enemies shook. Blackmore laughed and pointed his spear at them.

More were blocked and hit.


The attacks of the enemies aimed at Blackmore again. This time he couldn’t stop them. Blackmore stepped back, his knees folding. His blood soaked into the ground.

He raised his head. Those guys were approaching. He couldn’t help laughing.

Ah, the buzzing in his head. ‘Dancing under the moonlight, singing in the rain.’

“Oh, I’m happy to be back home...”

For a moment, Blackmore’s spear moved explosively. The enemy was unable to cope with the sudden onslaught and was pierced in the stomach. He turned into white particles.

The cursed people. Why did they come here?

Blackmore found the next enemy with his spear.

"Laughing under the sun and running along the road...”


Blackmore looked down at his chest. The end of a sword had pierced through the flesh. Sharp. It was no wonder that it penetrated his body. Blackmore laughed. Blood flowed down from his mouth.

‘Bitch, you stabbed a little too late.’

He still had a few words left. His vision blurred. The ground was up and the sky was down. He closed his eyes as the world shook. What were the last lyrics? His consciousness gradually faded away.

The world was dark.

‘Ah! I’m happy to be back home!’

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