Chapter 47 - A FIRE IN THE SKY (2)

Chapter 47 - A FIRE IN THE SKY (2)

The dead rose and struck the users. Higashi cut at the people coming towards him, but they just rose up again and stretched out bloody hands to him. Higashi freaked out and sliced apart their bodies.

He looked around. The clan members were also lost due to this bizarre sight. They slaughtered the dead for a second time. Cutting them in the abdomen didn’t kill them. Instead, they kept staring with resentful eyes as they used their broken bones as their weapons.

It was a hell-like pandemonium.

Higashi looked at the man who was the source of all this. The middle-aged man, the necromancer named Iron. A black haze extended from his body to dominate the battlefield. Higashi felt an instinctive fear towards him. Necromancy was a strength that could be called the antithesis of life.

But as the Yamato Clan’s vice-leader and ranker, he couldn’t back off. As the screams of his clan members were heard behind him, Higashi rushed to Iron. It was the typical attack using the sword and the shield!

But he overlooked that his opponent wasn’t a warrior.

The darkness slithered around his neck, as a cold chill went down his spine, surrounding him. Something was wrong.


He was thrown back as he heard a sound. The sky and ground turned upside down. Higashi couldn’t think. He tried to get up, but his eyes were ringing and he couldn’t find his center. He relied on his sword as his body staggered.

Iron stretched out hands towards him.

“Don’t resist. You will regret it.”

It was a solemn declaration. And it was serious. If Higashi resisted any longer, then he would see terrible things.

Iron was the worst type of necromancer, the one with the presence of a demon. He contracted with an entity that should not be called unto the lands. This was why he hadn’t connected to Elder Lord for a while. He was different from the other necromancers, who only raised the dead.

He wasn’t a ranker, but he contracted with a powerful demon who could make even rankers kneel. There was a price for that great power, which was to pay compensation to the demon.


"Life to death, laughter to screaming.”

Iron’s body soon escaped from his control. The lion of hell who borrowed his body opened his mouth, "There are so many of them. Those cursed by the stars, what a funny joke.”

The demon occupying Iron’s body giggled. Iron’s body no longer followed his control. His mind was locked in his body and he felt all sensations without any filters. Even pain.

"It feels good to meet you again after a long wait, Contractor.”

He scratched at Iron’s chest with his fingertips. The demon’s punishment. Iron swallowed down the pain. He had signed with a being that shouldn’t have existed in the game. People protested several times to Elder Lord Corporation, but they ignored it, saying it was an element of the game.

An evil demon that took away control from the user! Demogorgon told Iron, "You must’ve been doing well.”

Iron inwardly cursed before replying, “Yes yes! That's correct. Demogorgon! I wanted you to have peace! Hahat.”

"Well, I guess you have been doing fine.”

“It is all thanks to Demogorgon. I’ve been so busy, but I always thought about Demogorgon. Hahat! Now I feel like a fish in the water.”

"As expected from my trusty contractor. Kukahahaha!”

"Were you expecting anything else? Kukaka!”

That’s right. It was one reason why Iron was able to deal with a high ranking demon. The worldly wisdom of a sales department manager!

He had the skill ‘Sales Force (Essence)!’ Thanks to this skill, Iron was able to deal with the demon. Even though there was a big side effect of losing control, the demon helped Iron out with great power.

"Yes, it has been a while, so I will listen to what my contractor wants. What is your reason for calling me? Do you want the advent of hell? Do you want to recreate souls by mixing together life and death?”

“Hah... Is such a thing possible? As always, Demogorgon’s strength and talent is something I can only admire. Hahahahat! But these people deserve more than that. I want them to never come to this place again.”

“Kukakakaka! I see. Is that enough?”

"There is no need to use a knife to catch a mouse. Furthermore, Demogorgon isn’t a knife, but a dragon. No, they don’t deserve the final weapon that will destroy this world! They are unworthy of it. Please~ give this present to me! Yes!”


Demogorgon burst out laughing. How long had it been since he had a contractor who was such a good fit? Demogorgon smirked and looked at all the enemies in front of him.

On the other hand, horror gripped Higashi. The necromancer was mumbling to himself like he was crazy. Iron looked at Higashi. “You.”


"Do you know?"

Higashi raised his sword and shield as he asked, “What do you mean?"

“What comes without sound, tears apart your life, and isn’t reversible?”

A voice spoke in Higashi’s ears.


Higashi freaked out and turned his body, but there was nothing there. He flinched back. The voice whispered in his ear again.

'...The eternal sinking.’

Higashi blocked his ears. He looked around. Iron couldn’t be seen. There was nobody. There were only the dead bodies and the corpses of the clan members on the floor.

‘...Do you want to know it?’

Something touched his spine. It was under his skin. The demon’s hand touched his skin, muscles, and nervous system. Higashi flopped down. He couldn’t breathe. The sky was in front of him. A dark curtain started to descend from the sky.

‘...I’m going to show you.’

His vision became dark.


Raizen, master of the Napoleon Clan and ranker, couldn’t believe it.

Obviously, it was very easy. The four clans allied in order to decimate an unknown village. Once they trampled on the village and raised the level of their new clan members, they would create a base here to gain more wealth and power.

An easy and efficient operation. Everything had gone as planned. However, the existence of these guys wasn’t drawn in the nice blueprint.

“Warriors! Too cool! The best!” The elf female trembled and made a fuss.

“Hahaha. As expected of the warrior chosen by the great sage.” A magician with a long beard nodded.

"I’m the only one without a great role.” A man holding a sword shrugged at his colleagues’ remarks. 

Then warrior Bob, the man who was being praised by everyone, lifted his shining sword. "My sword, X-Geiger is howling! For justice!”

Raizen now realized it.

These crazy guys. They were crazy role-playing lovers. He didn’t want to get involved with crazy people like this. But the problem was that the crazy people weren’t just joking around when it came to strength.

“That guy’s eyes! They are eyes steeped in evil!”

"We'll must discipline them.”

"The wise sage can see everything."

No, don’t come over you crazy people.

Raizen ran around. After the fight began, the front line started to be pushed back. The middle-aged man who seemed to be the leader worked hard to encourage the residents, but the clan gradually drove them back. The moment the clan was about to purge the villagers with powerful ranged magic...

All of a sudden, these people appeared and attacked. The warrior’s sword moved through all air, and all of the gathered magic power was scattered. A vacuum that drew in all the magic power in the area! They exhibited huge strength and instantly stopped the Napoleon Clan’s march.

An unexpected variable. However, it wasn’t impossible.

“Everybody gather here! Catch these guys!”

Raizen screamed and stepped back. The clan members recognized the instructions and flocked to his side. No matter how strong the opponents were, they were outnumbered.

The men and woman in the group of four were nervous. Raizen laughed. The group couldn’t deal with so many clan members.

It was at that moment. The villagers who didn’t know English soon realized that the group were allies and moved forward. Numerous residents stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the group.

Raizen’s face distorted again.

“We will fight together!” The villagers held farm equipment and rusty weapons. However, determination shone in their eyes. This was their village. They would protect it themselves.

The Napoleon Clan was stunned.

“How about it, didn’t we do well coming here?”


"The best stage."

The four roleplayers, F4, exchanged glances as they stood with the residents. It felt good. No, it was a good thing. The best.

It had been a long time. The four of them had created and destroyed worlds. They rolled the dice for a long time, but had felt empty.

They came here to the world of Elder Lord because they knew the reason why. Those who stood with them. Having companions stand next to them was required on adventures. It wasn’t a fiction that the master of the dice created, but a reality where their allies breathed, thought, cried, laughed, and felt anger. A party always needed some allies, and today, they were standing as heroes to the people who needed them.

Bob raised his sword.

“Now! My sword X-Geiger! My sword doesn’t drink water, nor alcohol, nor the blood of the enemy!”

"...Is this necessary?”

Elia whispered as Bob started talking nonsense. But Bob’s mood was the best. Thus, Bob couldn’t stop anymore.

"What does my sword need?”

Elia, Joseph and Gary laughed. It was obvious what Bob was going to shout next. The line that they always told him not to say. The very thing that caused them to cringe in embarrassment. But they would accept it today.




“Just- ice!”

The roleplayers shouted at the same time. Raizen saw the funny scene, but he couldn’t laugh. It was because they unleashed a wild assault.


Crockta gasped for breath, wielding his greatsword like crazy.

But the enemies didn’t give up. He trampled the enemies, but more enemies appeared.

Moreover, several influential figures were acting to keep Crockta in check. Crockta tried to help the inhabitants, but the enemies kept Crockta away of them. He could only watch as the residents were slaughtered.

Crockta thought despairingly. Insufficient. His power was lacking. More power was needed.

Crockta rushed again, but was blocked by several people. He wielded his greatsword at their defense. He was able to slash at one user; but at the same time, he received multiple wounds on his body. Blood and flesh were scattered onto the floor.

Crockta fell to his knees.

"Don’t be upset, Orc.” They said with a laugh.

Crockta closed his eyes. He still had power left. He grabbed his greatsword. It was only up to here, but it was still good. He had done his best. It couldn’t be helped.

However, he would stamp it clearly.What an orc was.

Crockta opened his eyes. He prepared for his last hurrah.

It was at that moment.


The earth shook.


Everyone on the battlefield gazed at a distant place. Dust had risen up.


Crockta also lifted his head. The earth was ringing.


A crowd of people were rushing from the horizon towards this place.


Everyone looked at them. The distance narrowed. The earth shook like there was an earthquake.


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