Chapter 46 - A FIRE IN THE SKY (1)

Chapter 46 - A FIRE IN THE SKY (1)

The chiefs decided to hold the battle at Edelweiss Village in Chesswood in an attempt to face the clans who were dividing and occupying the area. The response was swift. The clans joined together, but the residents were locked in the center of Chesswood and had built a form line of defense.

"Orc brother should act more moderately,” Jeremy said.

“I’m okay.”

"Then don't fight so crudely.”

Jeremy and Blackmore had retreated safely from the battle of Dandelion Village, but Crockta had fought until the end. He had barely managed to escape thanks to Laney, and now all of Chesswood knew his name. The orc warrior who risked his life fighting for them!

Jeremy’s eyes had turned red because he had thought Crockta was dead until he returned. He acted grumpy but was surprisingly cheerful.

Laney had disappeared. Crockta thought that she was probably somewhere filming this very scene.

The video she uploaded got an explosive reaction.

The Internet’s public opinion had now turned against the clans, including the Thawing Balhae Clan. People were enthusiastic about the drama. The NPCs were inhabitants who couldn’t fight the users massacring them, and the orc who fought for the people was a hero.

The end of the battle and the orc’s fate was unknown, but there was the shared opinion of wanting to help Chesswood. There were those who actually went to Chesswood.

But Crockta didn’t expect that much. In any case, the world was about victory. In the world of the strong, victory couldn’t be achieved through public opinion and compassion alone. Even if some of them came to help, it wouldn’t be enough to go against Thawing Balhae and the other clans.

Crcokta examined the defenses from a high place.

All of the villagers who could fight were gathered in Edelweiss Village. Now it was a siege. Outside of the village, the clan users seemed to be scouting this place. They were also gathering. They would destroy the village and then scatter after getting what they wanted. The big clans couldn’t ignore the ongoing criticisms of the public.

“They are coming,” a villager said.

Crockta and Jeremy looked in that direction. The armies of the clans were slowly approaching. Massive. There were many novice users, but there were also high level users with good equipment scattered among them.

“They are coming from behind.” The other side also announced the approach of the clans.

Blackmore’s uncle, the former village chief, frowned. The enemies just now appearing were split into four groups, according to the words of Crockta the orc. They were trying to invade Edelweiss from four different directions.

Ingram was troubled. The villagers were far from combatants. Ingram looked over the village’s line of defense. Everyone was trying their best, but it couldn’t help but look shabby since they didn’t have professional training.

He called his nephew Blackmore and two others over.

“They came.”

Blackmore had a dark expression ever since he fought in the battle at Dandelion Village. He missed the peace of Chesswood and came back despite his past sins, only to find that the village was on the verge of collapse. He was forced to flee despite seeing many villagers killed in front of him.

Should he have fought to the end like the orc Crockta?

Ingram knew his heart and patted Blackmore’s shoulder. “Blackmore, Crockta, and Jeremy. Right now, you are the people most familiar with fighting in the village.”

Crockta nodded.

Ingram continued, “The enemy is moving forward in four places. Take one direction each and fight there.”

“Is it really okay?” Crockta asked.

He wondered if it would be better to reduce the defense lines even further. The defense line could break if they fought in all four directions. Ingram shook his head.

“The residents have already lost so much.”


"This is the last bastion. Please understand."

It was for this reason that the people of Chesswood had gathered here. In the end, the villages that they threw away were burned and destroyed.

The villages of Chesswood included: the slaughtered Dandelion Village, Black Rose Village, Chrysanthemum Village, Cactus Village, Camellia Village, Daffodil, Saffron, Morning Glory, Sunflower, etc. They were all destroyed.

If the battle was pushed to Edelweiss, then they really wouldn’t have anything left for them.

Crockta nodded at Ingram’s determined face.

He was a user, so he often overlooked their hearts. For all of them, this was a real problem. Their nests were destroyed, their friends had died, and their families were slaughtered. It was a disaster without notice. Due to the selfishness of their enemies, they lost everything.

Crockta’s eyes cooled. He had also lost important relationships due to the Thawing Balhae Clan. He completely understood their hearts. But if he was asked if they could win this fight, it would be difficult to answer. Crockta had barely come back alive, thanks to Laney. More powerful users like Higashi would appear.

The odds of success had increased to 1%, but they were still ridiculous odds. But he didn’t give up.

Crockta touched the handle of his greatsword. The weight and grip of Ogre Slayer was now completely familiar in his hand.

Numerous people, people who didn’t know how to fight, took up weapons to protect their homes and families.They couldn’t even live again after death. Once their necks were sliced, they were gone from the world forever.

What about Crockta? How shameful would it be if he, a user, gave up first. How could he step back in front of Ingram and Blackmore’s determined faces?

"I understand.”

Crockta turned his head. The villagers were nervous. The men held weapons and took deep breaths while the women tried to support them as much as possible. In the center were the children, the elderly, and the sick who were praying for the return of their families.

"Crockta, please take care of the southwest.”


"Blackmore will take the northeast and...”

Jeremy, Blackmore, Ingram, and Crockta scattered in four different directions. The moment they wished each other luck, the alarm horn rang out.

"An attack! The attack has begun!”

"To your locations!”

"Go back to your locations!"


They exchanged glances and ran to their assigned area. The villagers also ran to their respective locations, picking up their weapons and preparing for battle. Hastily fired arrows flew in the air towards the clan members; however, they were blocked by the opponent’s defense wall, failing to cause damage.

On the other hand, flames appeared in the air and were launched towards the villagers’ defense lines.

The magicians’ bombardment!

There were those who could use magic on Chesswood’s side, but they weren’t raised for battle like the clans’ users. One of the village chiefs who learned magic deployed a shield, but it was soon broken by the repeated bombardment of the users.


Those who were caught by the flames rolled across the ground. The flames spread. The arrows of the clan poured over the collapsed lines and the members rushed towards the residents.

He couldn’t leave them alone.

Crockta pulled out his greatsword. The villagers were groaning from their injuries, some of them so terrified that they couldn’t hold their weapons properly.

Crockta took a deep breath. War was dependent on morale. Crockta yelled towards the sky with all his might, just like a lion’s roar.


A call that shook the battlefield! It was an intense battle cry that shook the earth and caused the whole army to flinch.

[Your roar filled with killing intent has terrified the army soldiers.]

[Your battle shout is now more than just a threat.]

[Rare grade skill, Crushing Roar (Rare) has been acquired.]

The message windows popped up. It seemed like a greater force was rising from his body. Crockta didn’t capture it. Rather, he let it explode towards the enemy again.

"Show the cost of blood to the invaders──────!”

The users blocked their ears at the ensuing roar. The shout was tremendous enough to shatter windows. It elicited fear in the enemies, and invoked and unbreakable fighting spirit in his allies. The residents remembered how to hold their weapons thanks to Crockta’s intense presence.

His battle cry. The enemies were invaders. They were demons that came to trample their homes, friends and families. No matter how unsophisticated the farmers, they realized that they would have to swing their fists. They needed to raise a sword towards those who wanted to kill their families.

The residents shouted in response to Crockta.

“Kill all the bastards!”

"Save the village and our families!”

“Chesswood is ours!”

The inhabitants sprinted towards the enemy, with Crockta leading the charge. Crockta was in the front as he hit the enemy’s camp.

Their formations shook. Crockta’s greatsword broke the army’s formation. The enemies’ heads flew and blood spurted. Crockta’s battle shout once again crushed the enemy’s morale.



Chesswood was better than he thought.

But objectively, the power difference was obvious.

Jeremy glanced around. He heard the cries of Crockta, the orc brother who was running around like crazy. He truly was too energetic. He was a monster who would continue to grow stronger in battle.

But that was a matter for over there.

“Not good...”

Jeremy stabbed his opponent’s neck and stepped back.

This place was already a melee frenzy. It wasn’t long before the enemies and allies mixed together. Gradually, the number of corpses increased. The eyes of the dead villagers were still filled with resentment towards the enemy.


He was only accompanying Crockta because of Derek, but he couldn’t help being shaken by the awful sight. Those who were cursed by the stars.

"Disgusting scum...”

Jeremy wasn’t a good man, he was well aware of this. He didn’t have any sentimental aspects, and worked ultimately for his and Derek’s benefits. But those guys were beyond wicked, like demons.

“Jane... Jane...”

One dying resident was calling the name of his lover. It was hopeless, since his body had been split apart at the waist. His hollow eyes captured Jeremy.



It was that name.

Jane. Jeremy grasped his sword. He also knew a Jane, the name of an old lover. She was living well now. There were countless Janes in the world who were someone else’s lover, just like this man loved a Jane.

That's it. Why did he feel dirty?


He volunteered for nothing. He didn’t follow Crockta. He felt too much when he was with this brother. Yes, just like that time. When Hoyt and Crockta were standing together, Jeremy had felt an unknown feeling.

Boss Derek. The boss also felt this way for the first time.

What should Jeremy do? Those who were cursed by the stars were approaching. More residents on the front lines were dying. It was time to run away.

Why couldn’t he take a step back? Jeremy looked back. Edelweiss Village was visible and the frightened faces of the children could be seen in the windows. He saw residents struggling even as they collapsed.


At that moment, Jeremy fell back from a strong shock. Jeremy barely caught himself in time. A man was visible. It was the man called Higashi, the one who brought Crockta to the brink of death. He was wearing dazzling and expensive armor while holding a sword and shield.

Jeremy whistled. "You came now. You’re later, Brother.”

Higashi studied him with an unknown smile. "NPCs truly seem real.”

Those cursed by the stars called people a strange term, NPCs. He wasn’t sure why, but Jeremy felt dirty every time he heard it. There was a reason why they were called the cursed. They were cursed and committed bad deeds without any care in the world.

He wanted to ask. "Brother, I was wondering something.” Jeremy raised his sword. "Why are you attacking this place?”

He heard that it was for achievements, but it wasn’t funny that the cursed people were trying to get rid of their curse through evil deeds. They shouldn’t kill innocent people just to resolve their curse.

Higashi laughed. "It is annoying to explain, so just know this.”

‘“What is it?”

"If you understand how trivial the reason is, you will become angry.” Those with an artificial intelligence were really funny. They didn’t even know that they were born for the sake of humans playing a game. Higashi sniggered. 

Jeremy saw Higashi’s smiling face. A trivial reason. ‘I see.’ Jeremy started laughing. He couldn’t help laughing. Higashi and Jeremy looked at each other and laughed.

“Yes, it is accurate. Even though I didn’t hear your reason, I can feel a fire burning inside me. It is already too hard to say how upset I am.” Jeremy said.

"What if the fire emerges?”

"What if." At that moment, Jeremy moved like the wind. "I'm going to kill you, you fucker!”


The two exchanged blows. Jeremy’s sword stabbed at Higashi’s gaps, but they were all blocked by the shield.


Jeremy was wary of Higashi’s one handed sword, but ended up being hit by the shield. Jeremy flew into the air and rolled across the ground.


So painful. How did that orc brother endure this? How did he endure such pain? Jeremy barely managed to raise his body. Blood flowed from his mouth. His body structure was too different from an orc. Jeremy smiled again as he looked at his sword and then shook it.

"You’re not running away? Like the previous time?” Higashi asked.


He should run away but...

His body bent towards the front. He couldn’t do this.

Why did he follow that orc? He tried to recover his spirit, but then Higashi approached. The sword penetrated Jeremy’s stomach.


He fell to his knees. Blood gushed out from the wound in his abdomen. Jeremy’s head hit the ground. He could see Higashi’s legs slowly moving away in the corner of his vision.

"I have no more time to play today.”

"...Cough, puhuhu.”

Jeremy couldn’t help laughing.

Death, he had never thought about it. Was death coming this way? Death was now passing close to life. It wasn’t strange that he died from a sword. His sword was covered with the blood of many, and not all of them died so easily.

Anyway, life and death were both fleeting. Now it was his turn.

Jeremy closed his eyes.

He wouldn’t be subservient. There was no need to regret it. Life was rough, so he should calmly accept his death. Embrace it.


His vision became dark. In the darkness, something fluttered.


Someone spoke. It was an eerie voice.

...Do you know death?

...I have never witnessed an irreversible one.

Jeremy wanted to open his eyes, but there was no sensation at all, like his body had disappeared. Only his consciousness floated in this deep darkness. At that moment, a terrible scream coming from the Abyss shook him.

It was terrible. It was a vicious cry that seemed to scrap against his soul. His heart seemed to stop. The voice continued to whisper.

...It isn’t your time yet.

...Then I will be waiting.

The horrible scream constantly echoed around him as he rose in the darkness.

Terrible fear. He had to escape. He wanted to get away. Every part of his body was twisting from fear. 

He opened his eyes.


Then he coughed up blood. Black blood was scattered on the floor.

He wasn’t dead yet. He moved his gaze.


Oh my god. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was impossible.

One, two, they were standing up. The dead residents were rising again. Even Higashi didn’t understand this situation as he fell back. Countless bodies were revived again as an unknown black energy covered their bodies.

The astonished clan members swung their weapons at the corpses, but their attacks couldn’t pierce the black energy.

Jeremy turned his head. From far away, someone was slowly walking towards them. On the man’s back, there was a gigantic darkness that resembled the wings of a demon with the tongue of a snake.

Jeremy had heard about this.

The worst beings. The demons’ spokesmen who brought hell to life.


The middle-aged man carrying the hellish darkness stood in front of them. His ominous eyes scanned the area. And he declared.

"I am the wine man, Kim, Iron.”

He raised his hand. The corpses started to surround the enemies like beings from hell.

“I came here to punish the people who are like rice wine.”

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