Chapter 37 - Truth (1)

Chapter 37 - Truth (1)

Crocka snuck through the slums to search for the remaining members of the Thawing Balhae Clan, but none remained. There were no noticeable users in the vicinity. It seems like they had withdrawn from Arnin.

The elves living in the slums were at work, so it was quiet. Only the voices of the workmen building in the slums were occasionally heard. Were they doing something wrong?

Crockta wandered for a while before suddenly stopping in front of the construction site.


Crockta’s eyes widened. It was due to the appearance of the sweaty workers holding the construction tools.

“Hey! Move carefully! Don’t get hurt!”

"Whew, why am I doing this in a game?”

"That’s what I said.”

A white star was shining on the foreheads of the workers. Crockta examined each one of their faces. There were NPCs, but the majority of them were users. They were wearing protective gear and using construction place jargon like they were actual builders.

“Hey, Orc!”

A man sitting on the floor and drinking water waved at Crockta. He also had a white star on his forehead.

"This is the first time I’ve seen an orc in Arnin! If you want to build a house then tell me! We can make it for cheap!”

Crockta looked at the entrance of the construction site. The sign, ‘Kangaroo Construction’ was hung there. Below was an advertisement for prompt construction at low prices. Crockta asked,

"Are you people cursed by the stars?”

“Eh? How do you know?” The man was confused. "Well, we are cursed but...does it matter? We are cursed, but we build for a cheap price, and we do it quickly. So if you have some land, tell me. We will build it nicely. Hahaha!”

They were users who enjoyed the architectural field in Elder Lord. Their deft movements indicated that they were people who actually worked in the construction industry. There was a brief overview of the construction posted at the entrance of the construction site.

[Name of Project:  New construction of the ‘Benevolence Medical Aid’

Client: Arnin City

Contractor: Kangaroo Construction

Building Usage: Public medical and support for the underprivileged facility.]

Crockta scrutinized it carefully and the man shrugged.

"Do you need a job? An orc should have enough strength so do you want to try it?”

“No. Do you know the Thawing Balhae Clan?”

"Thawing Balhae? I know.” The man nodded. “They connected us to the mayor here. They are quite dishonorable, but we didn’t have a choice. Do you know them?”

"I don’t know.”

"I see. Be careful not to tangle with them. It seems like they are doing bad things to amuse themselves. NPCs, no, they don’t like orcs. Haha.”

The overseer called out to the man. He got up from his seat.

"I’m going, I’m going! So Brother, stop wagging your tongue!”

The man ran back and continued working on the construction. Crockta looked after him thoughtfully. Ilya had said that this building would become a villa for the rich elves, but that wasn't it. It was a medical facility for the poor. His mind became complicated.


His face popped into Crockta’s head. He seemed friendly, but his real intentions were unknown. The surprised Thawing Balhae member seemed to know Ilya. He was killed by Ilya before he could open his mouth.

Ilya made a deal with Derek. Derek wasn’t a good man. Rather, it was the opposite. Derek and Crockta just joined hands to use each other. Crockta absolutely didn’t trust Derek.

Was he being deceived?

Crockta sighed. His purpose was revenge on the Thawing Balhae Clan. It wasn’t necessary to worry about other things. Whether he was being used or not, it was sufficient if he wiped out the Thawing Balhae Clan.

Therefore, he tried to turn away. But something kept nagging at him, making his heart uncomfortable. He stood still to think about it. Crockta closed his eyes and looked into his heart.

Ah. Crockta opened his eyes.

It was him. He was there. He was watching Crockta from the bottom of his heart.

“I understand Lenox.”

Crockta touched his chest. The scar created by Lenox’s axe would be there forever, along with the laws of a warrior that he preached. Before he left Arnin, he needed to know the truth about what was happening in this city. It wasn’t too late to decide how to act after confirming the truth.

Crockta moved again.


Enyanis, the plains administrator, looked between the two people who came to visit him with a difficult expression.

"What are you...”

One of them was the orc warrior Crockta, whom Enyanis had directly granted an honorary citizenship. The other person was his friend, Secretary Alsein, who was Elsanad’s shadow.

"Crockta, sit down. Alsein, what are you doing here?”

Enyanis served tea. The three of them were facing each other in the drawing room. Crockta didn’t know who Alsein was and got straight to the point.

"Enyanis, I have a question.”

Enyanis nodded. It was the first time hearing the orc’s voice. After becoming an honorary citizen, Enyanis learned that Crockta had been unable to speak due to Silence magic.

“What is Elsanad like as a mayor?”

Then Alsein looked at Crockta. Why was an orc asking about the mayor of this city?

Enyanis burst out laughing. "It is funny that you are asking me this when this friend is right in front of you. Maybe it is because of the disturbance that happened yesterday...”

Enyanis pointed to Alsein. “He is the mayor’s secretary.”

Crockta looked at Alsein. Alsein greeted him lightly.

Enyanis said, "For the answer, I’m not saying this as his friend, but I personally think she is wonderful. Everyone’s opinion is different, but I respect Elsanad. I don’t believe Ilya’s words.”

"Do you know Ilya?”

“I know. Alsein, did you come because of Ilya?”

Alsein nodded. 

"I know that he once worked with Elsanad. I heard that after Elsanad first became mayor, he caused trouble and was fired... He is probably spreading these rumors due to that.”

"That's right, it’s absurd. The mayor selling citizens? It isn’t funny.” Alsein’s voice was ferocious. Enyanis said, "However, there are rumors that Elsanad ran away from him. The fact that she didn’t deny his claim on the spot has left the citizens shaken.”


"You should’ve been there. Why did you do that?”


Alsein sipped his tea. “Cough. That...she shouldn’t have to deal with such a person. There might be problems if she responds too quickly. It obviously isn’t true, but it is a betrayal for the people who believe it.”

"Regardless, an explanation is needed. Not responding will make the rumor more pervasive.”

"I know."

Alsein thought about it. Then he looked at Crockta. “Crockta, it is nice to meet you. You have become an honorary citizen. Enyanis told me about your excellent behavior the other day."

"It isn’t a big deal.”

"As a citizen who works with the mayor, I can say that the mayor absolutely isn’t such a person. Of course, there are other things but... Thanks to these unusual aspects, she has done a good job. Arnin is prospering thanks to her.”

“I understand.”

"If you have any more questions, then I will answer them now. Is there anything else you are curious about?”

Crockta was troubled. " about the mayor’s daughter?”

He heard the other day that the mayor was worried about her daughter not listening to her.

Alsein’s face hardened for a moment. But then a smile appeared on his face. “Hahaha. You are interested in her daughter.”

"I am just curious."

"She is beautiful like the mayor. She wants to keep working as a guard...that is the worry but...there are no problems. She is just young.”


"If you continue to watch, then you will see that everything is fictional. Anyways, welcome to Arnin. I need to return to the mayor.”

Alsein rose from his seat. Enyanis said, “Are you going already?”

"I forgot that the mayor called me. I'll come back next time.”

"Yes, thank you."

Alsein left this place with large strides. Crockta was deep in thought as he looked at Alsein’s back. As the door to the drawing room closed, Enyanis sipped his tea and said in a quiet voice.



"In fact, I have something to say to you.”

“What is it...?”

Enyanis coughed. Crockta listened closely. "The Arnin Plains’ Rescue Unit, inspired by Crockta, is very responsive. The reaction is explosive. So it makes sense...”


"Can I draw a portrait of you? I’ll also create a nice invitation for you and frame it... Hanging them side by side... Hmm hmm, it will go down in Arnin’s history. I know a great painter...”

“...That’s okay.”

"Just think about it once...”

“...It’s okay.”



Elsanad looked up. She was in her office. Her desk and appliances were neatly arranged and all in harmony. The whole room looked like it was made for her. It was all Elsanad’s vision.



Alsein stood in front of her.

"Didn’t you get today off?” She asked.

"I have something to say to you.”

Elsanad took off the glasses that she was using to look at the documents. Her vivid green eyes stared at Alsein. “What is it?”

"There are some people who believe Ilya’s words.”


"The election is upcoming. It would be better to take care of this at once.”

Elsanad nodded. “If Alsein says so. Ilya still seems to have some complaints against me. I will personally explain it to the citizens. I’ll ask Ilya about the rumors that are stirring up the citizens.”


"Do you have anything else to say?”



"It is about Elwina.”

Elsanad cocked her head. “Elwina?”

“Yes. Hasn’t Ilya started acting? It might be dangerous for Elwina to go around like this.”

"She is careful.”


"I understand. I’ll tell her. I’ll explain it to her properly.”

“Thank you.” Alsein nodded and bowed.

"Then let’s go.”

“Huh? Where...?”

"Didn’t Alsein say it just now?” Elsanad got up from her desk and wore the coat that was hanging on the wall. The cloth was the colour of the sky, making her white skin shine. Elsanad dressed up and smiled at Alsein. The whole room seemed to light up from her beautiful smile.

“I’m going to see the citizens.”


"Of course.”

Elsanad passed by Alsein. "It won’t be beautiful if they keep on talking. I need to get rid of it quickly.”

“I understand.”

Alsein nodded.

Due to Elsanad’s beautiful appearance, people often thought that she was gentle or weak. But she absolutely wasn’t. Rather, it was close to the opposite.

Elsanad was strong. She had difficult standards. The things that didn’t meet those standards would be thoroughly excluded. She didn’t care about contrary opinions. She just wanted to accomplish what she desired. In that sense, she was closer to being heartless than being gentle.

Her beautiful appearance and attitude didn’t reveal her essence. It was fortunate that her dream was Arnin’s prosperity.

After thinking this, Alsein spoke to Elsanad, “I’ll prepare the carriage. Where are you going?”

"The square. Everyone should be there. Prepare a podium.”

“I understand. I will let the citizens know.


Elsanad, Alsein, and her attendants headed towards Arnin’s central square. Crockta and Ilya were also there.

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