Chapter 224 - A Road has No Gate (7)

Chapter 224 - A Road has No Gate (7)

General’s golden breath covered the grey god. The dragon’s breath pushed the grey god into the Temple of the Fallen God. It was like a tidal wave flooding the area. The gold filled their field of view.

How much time passed? 

The breath stopped. The first to fall was Tiyo. Hoyt rushed over and carried him. He rushed over to the goddess of mercy who was treating Kumarak. Tiyo’s body wasn’t moving at all. It was dangling like a dead body.

Crockta saw all of this. He turned towards the grey god. The golden wave and white ashes tangled together in the air. Beyond it was the grey god. The shield around her was gone. She seemed fine, but a trickle of blood was flowing down from her mouth.

"I can’t believe a gnome could use that weapon...”

She muttered as she stepped forward. 

He shouldn’t give her more time.  There was a number of choices.

He could go back and help Tiyo. He could lay Tiyo next to Anor and pray for them. He could beg to the goddess of mercy or Tashaquil, shed tears for their survival, share his vitality with them.


He could not look back and moved forward with God Slayer.

“Grey God──────!”

Crockta jumped. He slammed God Slayer down towards her unprotected form. The flames exploded out. However, there wasn’t the sensation of anything being cut. He was wary. He could feel her presence behind him. Without looking, he aimed his greatsword behind him. God Slayer encountered her strength.

“Crockta. Why don’t you give up?”

Crockta didn't answer.

“You can’t stop me.”

He answered with his sword. God Slayer aimed at the grey god’s gap. It was just a little bit, but the situation was better than before. Tiyo’s attack was effective. But the power from the sphere in the sky was restoring her again. Prior to that, he had to hurt her further. He would gnaw at her power a bit more before beheading her.

Ah, there. Crockta saw the right place to hit her. But he was only one person. If she stood still then he might be able to hurt her. However, it wouldn’t work. Someone else needed to be there to slash at the gap.

Crockta thought about it. He needed to move there.


A blade struck down.


It was the war god. The two blades cut at the grey god at the same time. The flames of the war god and God Slayer licked at her. The grey god suffered a blow. But it wasn’t a critical hit.

“There is still a long way to go.”

“I know.”

She disappeared as she was engulfed in the flames. Then she appeared a little further away. Her body was covered with wounds. Now there was an expression on her face. It was anger. It was much better than her previous expression. It would be pleasant to distort it even further.

The two of them caught up to her. The grey god’s power aimed at them. Crockta avoided or blocked the ones aiming for his critical spots, leaving the rest alone. Bloody wounds appeared again on his body. However, smoke rose and the wounded areas rapidly healed.

His regeneration ability, which had reached the ultimate level, was restoring his body. His whole body was ready for battle. Crockta and the war god simultaneously flew on both sides towards the grey god.


She sprinkled her power and blocked their blades. The grey god’s power started to take control of their blades. Their arms trembled. At that moment, a single arrow flew from far away.


She hurriedly moved her body. At the same time, the pressure on both blades was reduced. They pushed through it and cut the grey god.


Her body blurred as flesh wounds appeared, but the fires from their weapons hurt her divinity. Her body stumbled. She gritted her teeth. Her face distorted a little bit.

Crockta smiled.

The old teaching of a warrior. The fear of the enemy was his strength. It was the same as that concept. The enemy’s fear was his strength. Crockta and the war god gained strength, cornering her even more. The grey god flew into the sky to escape their attack radius.

As she rose, Crockta met the eyes of the war god. They nodded. At the same time, they leaped into the sky. Crockta’s body felt like it was leaping towards the sun. Meanwhile, Zankus’ arrow flew towards her again.

As she turned to avoid the arrow, Crockta and the war god aimed at her neck and heart. The grey god’s face completely contorted.

“It is the end!”

She opened her hands. She didn’t care about the Crockta and the war god’s blades that were approaching. She just turned her palms towards the sky. Then, her power reversed the area. A huge gravitational force pushed down.


It was a tremendous pressure not unlike a giant hammer. Crockta and the war god flinched. The grey god already stepped back. Her strength neared them. If hit by it, they would fall down and be crushed.

However. A giant appeared, a huge golem made of earth, and help up against the grey god’s pressure. Crockta and the war god stared.

“What are you doing?” A voice was heard from behind them.

The goddess of magic. She lost her composure and screamed at them, "My strength is quickly running out!”

Smoke rose from her body as the overload of magic was eating at her flesh and divinity. Two unnamed gods laid their hands on the goddess of magic’s shoulders and lent their power. After using Meteor Shower, now she used ‘Will of the Earth’. The golem, born from the power of the earth, held up the gravity pressure created by the grey god.


But the grey god was already moving away. Crockta and the war god lost their target. They couldn’t fly in the air. They would fall down. However, at that time. A whirlwind floated them up.



A green light was coming from his eyes. His whole body shook. The surrounding gods were astonished. Extreme terrain control wasn’t something in the realm of a mortal. It was magic that reached the stage of a half-god.

Who could imagine that an orc shaman would be able to exert such power? The wind that rose from his body erased the influence of the grey god. The swirling wind pushed the two men upwards.

"Don't stop!"

The two of them were pushed up into the sky. They flew through the air, both aiming for the grey god. The two of them stretched out their swords, but she was already fully prepared. The grey god’s finished spell headed towards the hearts of the two warriors flying towards her.

It neared.

“Now die,” whispered the grey god.

The two needles she made aimed straight at the hearts of Crockta and the war god. It would undoubtedly pierce their hearts. In the first place, there was no way for them to defeat her. Blood splattered from both chests and fell to the ground. Crockta’s mouth fell open. It was a clean penetration.

The grey god closed her eyes. Watching Crockta’s end would hurt her.



However, it wasn’t a scream but a strange laugh that disturbed her ears. She opened her eyes, but it was still dark. She couldn’t see Crockta and the war god in front of her. Only darkness filled her vision.

There was another darkness within the darkness. The core of that darkness looked at her.


Suddenly, someone was standing beside her. It was a bizarre orc shaman.

"If you look deep into the abyss, you should be careful not to lose yourself. Kuhul...hul!” What was he talking about? “Now, you have been here too long. Kuhul...hul!”

The time spent here was just a short moment, with only a few words exchanged. Then what did he mean by staying here too long? She blinked with confusion. The moment her eyelids lowered and lifted again.


In front of her, she saw Crockta’s eyes.


Crockta’s God Slayer penetrated her abdomen, while the war god’s sword stabbed her heart from behind. She fell with the two warriors as the flames burned her divinity.


In the midst of the fall, the bizarre laughter was heard again. She had been bound by the shaman, which allowed gaps in her defense to be shown. The divine flames were burning her soul.

“Grey God, I will save this world by killing you, and then return to where I should be,” Crockta whispered.

A strong will was felt from him. The grey god felt her divinity and life scattering in the air. At the same time, she could understand what Crockta was saying.

His will and her will. It wasn’t different. Thus, it was even more painful. She knew how important the lives of those living now were, as well as how pointless the world’s destruction was in front of it. But at the same time, she saw the death of the universe.

All of it would disappear. Therefore, she couldn’t leave this world alone. Even if all civilization needed to be destroyed to conceive new life that would last hundreds of billions of years, she would do it. It made their end even more tragic.


That was the only thing she could say. Her body glowed an incandescent white.


"The first wave is already completed.”

Pressure exploded out from her body and Crockta and the war god were thrown back.



They flew away from her. A white ray of light emerged from the grey god’s body and connected to the sphere in the sky. She was now burning white. The shape of a body was removed, and she became a spiritual body floating in the air.

The grey god and the white sphere shone together.


“Keheok!” Crockta barely managed to raise his body. “Kuock...kuaah...”

He was away from the main battlefield. His body was wounded from the aftermath of the crash. His limbs were heavy, as if he was sinking into the ground. He gritted his teeth and endured it. His body leaned against God Slayer.

He wondered if there was a chance in this fight. Crockta felt desperate. He suddenly heard something rustling and his eyes widened.


It was a familiar appearance. Youvidser Laney. She stared at him, seemingly at a loss as she stared at Crockta. The man beside her was shaking terribly.

"Why are you guys...”

Before Crockta finished speaking, a tremendous force emerged from the grey god. It stirred through the whole area. As power radiated from the grey god, the blades of grass were swept up. It was just about to reach Crockta.

Laney and the man’s face turned pale. This would kill them.

Crockta pulled up all the strength in his body to reverse the death approaching him and lead them to survival. He gathered all possibilities around his body. The muscles in his body were tense. His regeneration power was at the highest level in order to prepare for a fatal injury.

It couldn’t be helped. Crockta's burly body wrapped around them.


It was an unbelievable sight. The dragon’s breath was nothing. 

The gods fell from the grey god’s attack, the gnome fired a golden energy, then Crockta and the war god attacked the enemy together. A golem made of earth rose and a shaman created a storm.

Miracles kept occurring. It wouldn’t be strange to call this Ragnarok, the war of the gods that would destroy this world. It was a fight that would destroy the world.

Laney and Polaroid were unable to get any closer and just stared at the scene blankly.

Crockta and the war god attacked the grey god. She counterattacked, but others helped. Even in a place like this, Crockta took the lead against the enemy. Indeed, this was the person she chased after. It might be her last video but he was still the protagonist.

Crockta and the war god’s blades pierced the grey god. Laney and Polaroid cheered. It seemed like this fight was over. They wanted it to be the case. However, the power of the grey god was resurrected while they fell down together. Rather, they were deflected by a stronger force as she rose into the sky.

Crockta was thrown to where they were . He stumbled on the ground and rolled a few times before reaching them. His body was in tatters. His body was broken and covered in wounds. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to stand up.

However, Crockta used his steely will to raise his body. Then he found them.

“You.” His eyes grew bigger. Crockta knew her? Or was he just surprised by the appearance of strangers? "Why are you guys...”

At that moment. Power emanated from the grey god again. It was a mighty power.

Laney sensed her death. This was the end. Laney and Polaroid closed their eyes. It was an irony of fate that she would die as soon as she met Crockta. A huge ringing sound erased all other noise in the world. Her eardrums seemed to be malfunctioning.

Death was so calm. The tinnitus stopped. The world’s sound returned. They were alive.

She opened her eyes. Crockta was standing in front of them.


Crockta had wrapped himself around them in order to save them. Laney had no idea. Who was this orc, and how could he go so far? Fighting against the world, fighting against the enemy trying to destroy the world. Who would go so far to protect life?

At that moment, Polaroid made a bemused expression as he pointed to something. Laney’s gaze followed his finger.


The steel helmet was completely broken. Crockta’s hidden face was revealed, and on his forehead… was a white star.

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