Chapter 223 - A Road has No Gate (6)

Chapter 223 - A Road has No Gate (6)


Kumarak rushed at the grey god. Crockta tried to stop him, but Kumarak had already charged in anger. Crockta chased after him as Kumarak struck the grey god’s shield with Destroyer.

However, there was no change. Kumarak hit the shield several times. Blood was flowing from his severed arm, but he didn’t seem to feel it. He screamed as he tried to smash the shield, "Kuaaaaak!"

There was a sound that was like his body breaking, not the shield.

“Damn woman!”

The grey god used her power again and aimed at the target’s heart. However, before it could be shot, something flew out from behind and struck the grey god’s shield.


The attack, which consisted of an arrow, stuck into the shield.  At the area where the arrow was stuck, black streaks spread out. It spread through the grey god’s shield and cracked it. For the first time, confusion filled the grey god’s face.

“Now, Kumarak!”

Zankus. His arrow, which had even killed the sun, broke the grey god’s shield. Kumarak immediately brandished Destroyer. The shield shattered, and Destroyer didn’t stop as it aimed for the grey god.


Destroyer hit the grey god. However, there wasn’t the sensation of anything being cut. The axe struck the ground and dug in deeply. Kumarak’s center of gravity was thrown off and he lurched forward.

The grey god stood far away.

"I am impressed that mortals can reach this place.” Kumarak was unable to control his body and tilted down. "It is regrettable. It would’ve been nice if we met in a younger universe.”

There was a big hole in Kumarak’s chest. He grabbed the axe and tried to hold on, but he soon fell to the ground. Blood leaked out. The white ashes on the ground were dyed red.


Crockta approached. Kumarak’s breathing was fading,

Crockta shouted, “Goddess of Mercy!”

She raised her head from where she was lying down. It was a face that lost her spirit due to the grey god’s attack. Crockta couldn’t suppress his anger as he saw her face.

“Recover your spirit! Wake up!”

She nodded at Crockta’s shout. Crockta moved away from Kumarak and held his greatsword tightly. The grey god was looking up at the sphere in the sky, showing no interest in them. It was like she was confirming the progress.

The sphere in the sky kept growing.

"Where are you looking──────!”

Crockta pursued her using everything he had.

The world accelerated and causality reversed. His body used the most efficient movements to swing God Slayer as the greatsword moved in an extraordinary manner that nobody would understand. However, the grey god’s fighting method was on another dimension.

Crockta’s attack was destroyed in front of the grey god.


The grey god’s power was pointed at Crockta. Crockta struck it with his sword, but some of it slammed into Crockta. He managed to withstand the attack, but dozens of fragments still managed to pierce his body.


Crockta soon became riddled with holes and cuts, with streams of blood flowing down the sides of his body. However, he didn’t give up and gave strength to his crumbling legs.


The scattered blood turned the ashy ground red. The grey god was once again standing far away. Crockta met her eyes a bloodshot glare. He squeezed God Slayer in his hand and stepped forward again.

Defeat could be seen. It was always like this. However, this time, there was definite defeat in front of their eyes.

Crockta smiled and approached again.



Crockta muttered something as he headed towards the grey god. It was like he was singing. The grey god frowned as she listened and as the words of the song entered her ears.

“A warrior doesn’t attack unarmed people. Warrior...”

The bloodied Crockta was smiling as he muttered the warrior’s laws. His footsteps didn’t stop.

"...Vengeance. A warrior protects the powerless...”

The grey god was right in front of him, a protective shield appearing between her and Crockta. It was the shield that Zankus had barely managed to break, but it had appeared again as if nothing had happened.

The great magic, the enormous power that would restart the world again. She was using it freely. It was the difference in power.

Crockta stood before the grey god’s shield. He didn’t stop. He brought his face to the shield separating him from her. The bloodshot eyes were blazing. The iron helmet came in contact with the protective film and scratched the surface.

“Prove your honor.”

At the end of the words, Crockta’s God Slayer struck like a thunderstorm


Sparks flew. Crockta didn’t stop his attacks. The greatsword struck downwards.

The fire of the sun god emerged from God Slayer and wrapped around Crockta. Crockta brandished his greatsword without stopping. Fire splashed from the iron. God Slayer struck the wall like crazy.

"It is pointless. Crockta.”

The grey god whispered from beyond. He wasn’t able to break it. Crockta had to deal with the impact from his greatsword hitting it. But he didn’t care. He cut at the shield hundreds of times.

It was a sad sight. The grey god had a sad expression on her face. "I will end it quickly. There will be no pain. For your sake.”

She raised her hand to the sky. The grey god reached for the power in the sphere in the sky. She focused her mind on gathering power. At that moment.


Somebody yelled. The grey god opened her eyes.

"Avoid it dottttttt!”

Crockta rolled sideways.


A golden breath poured out.


Tiyo barely survived the explosion. His head shook. His hands didn’t move well. General was heavy in his arms.

"Kuock...Anor, are you okay dot...?”

He touched his forehead and asked Anor, who was beside him. However, there was no reply.


Tiyo shook Anor’s body. Anor breathed weakly. Blood was flowing from his abdomen. The blood was quickly filling the surroundings.

“Anor, Anor!”

Tiyo hit his cheek. Anor’s eyes slightly opened. However, he couldn’t say anything.

“Anyone, help dot! Any...!”

“Calm down.”

A green hand touched Anor’s wound. Light shone from the hand. It was the shaman Tashaquil.

"Anor is okay dot!”

“He isn’t okay. If this fight continues...”

Tiyo looked around. Kumarak was assaulting like crazy. He knocked on the shield of the grey god. Then it was broken by Zankus’ arrow. Kumarak’s axe descended towards her. But he was the one broken instead. He was bleeding from the chest. The grey god’s eyes were calm. Crockta became furious.

Tiyo looked around. The gods realized the difference in power and lost their fighting spirit. The orcs lost their momentum and were like dogs without tails.

He felt furious.

“What are you doing dot?” Tiyo yelled, but the gods didn’t respond.

A mutter was heard, "Whether the grey god’s cause is wrong or this rate, the world will perish.”

Tiyo closed his eyes. It was to soothe the feeling in his chest. Otherwise, he might fire General at them. It pressed heavily on his shoulder. This was a battlefield of the gods, but they were scared.

How did he come to this place?

"Huhuhu. Yes, that was it dot.”

He was a soldier of the Quantes’ Gnome Garrison. At a young age, he became captain and commanded his unit. He didn’t doubt that he was the best soldier and a wonderful man of Quantes. Then he met Crockta. When the curious thing called the Demon’s Mouth almost destroyed Quantes, he appeared and saved the city.

Something hot filled Tiyo’s chest. Crockta was more reckless than anyone Tiyo knew. More than himself.

Tiyo stood at the crossroads of choice. He was walking on a path that he knew well. However, now the path split in two. There was a strange path that he didn’t know. Beyond that, something was glittering.

He wanted to check it out. At the crossroad, he decided to take a step towards the unknown. Then everything changed. Another world.

He met the great hunter Shakan. The north was opened and he explored an area that no one else had. He met Anor and they killed the great chieftain to save the north. He returned to the continent and fought with the empire. Then he came to know hidden secrets of the world.

Now he stood on a battlefield where a god was trying to destroy the world, while an army gathered to stop her. There were no regrets. Who could’ve expected? There was a spot for a little gnome on a battlefield involving the fate of the world.

‘The artifact that you are using has no limit on its power.’

Gushantimur’s voice popped into his head.

In front of him, Crockta was wielding the greatsword like crazy. In a stationary world where no one else was moving, he was fighting alone. A much better man than all the gods sitting down in helplessness. This was the man Tiyo had decided to follow.

“Now it is this Tiyo’s turn dot.”

He raised General. There was the sound of iron snapping as General started changing from the form of a rifle. The muzzle was expanded. General depended on Tiyo’s will and energy. It was rapidly swallowing his body.

It squeezed Tiyo’s brain and ate all the energy in his body. His body gradually tilted. His life force was shaking. However, he gritted his teeth and ignored it. He didn’t know how much he was losing because of this. But it didn’t matter.



‘I want to go to the north with Crockta dot.’

Everything was decided in that moment. There were two paths. The decision he made changed everything.

‘General is a dragon slayer weapon. It is a dragon weapon designed to kill dragons.’

Crest collectively saying towards himself, when Timur left. Tiyo didn’t understand the words at the time, but now he did. General had no limit. There was no limit for the one who held General. If he wanted, he could do this.

No matter what price he had to pay, he could do it.

"Hoo, hoo.”

General’s transformation ended. At that moment, something was completely sucked from his body. There was no energy remaining in his body. It would probably never be regained again. It might be his life, his flesh. Maybe something even more valuable.

However, he shouted.


General, who finished its transformation, looked like a piece of art instead of a gun. Two wings spread open and the golden dragon, instead of a muzzle, opened its mouth. The dragon’s eyes stared straight at its enemy. Light emerged from the dragon’s mouth.

Tiyo squeezed out all of his strength and yelled, "Avoid it dottttttt!”

A golden breath filled the world.

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