Chapter 221 - A Road has No Gate (4)

Chapter 221 - A Road has No Gate (4)

There had been war since ancient times. It all began when the stars died.

As the star god returned to the void, the grey god watched over all deaths as she received the heritage of the star god.  As a result, the grey god witnessed the end of the universe.  The lights in the universe were turned off and the world sank into darkness, returning to a space with no time.

That was their last appearance. They were the last civilization left in this lonely universe. Even the last sun was going to die out.

The grey god fell into despair. There was a chance. Through the legacy of the star god, she realized that there was a great magic that could reverse the fate of the universe and return it to the beginning. But there wasn’t much time left and the sun continued to fall.

She tried to reverse the fate of the world, before the sun’s power was exhausted. The gods resisted. Thus, the grey god and the species of death collided against the gods of Olympus. It was a fierce fight.

And he was there: Gushantimur, the most powerful dragon. Following their own beliefs, the dragons stood on both sides of the argument, with Gushantimur being one that followed the grey god.

He was the last dragon who bit the gods by her side, until the grey god was defeated and thrown into another dimension. Due to his mighty power, he could keep himself fully awake, even though the other dragons were killed or in hibernation.

After the grey god was thrown into another dimension, Gushantimur was left alone to contemplate the world. He became a hermit of the Black Forest.

“She is back.”

Gushantimur set up a castle and reached out to those who needed help. They were mainstream people of the world, such as humans, elves, and dwarves, as well as those treated like monsters: the goblins, ogres, trolls, etc. Gushantimur shared the feelings of the weak and the small.

It was just a moment in comparison to the time he had lived. However. These short moments were never in vain. They were raw but strong students. Their minutes and seconds shone so brightly compared to those who lived for a long time.

"Do I really want to see the end...”

The grey god aimed to save the universe from its fate and reconnect the cycle of life. He looked at the sun and sighed. Now he didn’t know what was heavier or more important.

Gushantimur closed his eyes. The wind blew through his hair. His disciples felt the aura of the grey god and looked towards the north. His always loud lair was locked in silence.

There was a sad smile on his face as he remembered the grey god.

‘The world will be saved from destruction.’

No one could see the world like the grey god. Therefore, no one could truly understand her despair.

‘I won’t let the universe cool down forever.’

The universe was nearing its end and all she saw was death. She saw the darkness in the morning sun and felt hopeless over the eternal void. It was a terrible sinking worse than death.

A north wind blew. Gushantimur kept his eyes closed. He couldn’t figure out what to do.

Suddenly, he remembered a warrior. The warrior was someone who caused miracles everywhere they went. A warrior who accomplished things that seemed impossible. He cut the neck of the great chieftain who was possessed by the Tribulation, faced the great empire alone and defeated a god. Now he was going against the grey god to save the world. One of the greatest fighters of this era.

Crockta. While their time together was short, he was someone who couldn’t be forgotten. A tough face that always smiled mischievously. The one who wielded a huge greatsword. Someone who rushed recklessly and didn’t know how to retreat.

What was the reason for fighting like that? How could he do so?


Someone called out to him, “Master!”

He looked back to see a weak guy that just entered, an innocent kobold. He was the kobold shooter Komojak, and his idol was the goblin Kiao. He entered the Black Forest and begged to be his disciple.

"I will shoot a bow today!”

A straw doll was shaking in front of him. His accuracy wasn’t that great but there was pleasure on the kobold’s face.

"I will shoot this twice tomorrow keong keong! Please train me tomorrow keong!”

He said with a bright smile.


Gushantimur looked at him blankly.  The kobold didn’t know anything. Even though the countdown to the end of the world was going on, he was laughing and talking about tomorrow. Gushantimur looked around. Numerous disciples were looking at him. Unknown emotions were in their eyes.


If tomorrow came like the kobold said. It wouldn’t stop tomorrow, there would be many more tomorrows. Gushantimur and all his disciples would enjoy tomorrow and the rest of their lives.  The sun would go down and rise again. Thus, they would live another day. Every day, every minute.

That’s right. He already knew.

Gushantimur spoke in a soft voice, "Two times isn’t enough.”


“You will have to shoot it three times, not two. Can you do it?"

The kobold looked awkward. 

"T-Three keong...”

He scratched his head and avoided Gushantimur’s eyes. He looked at the straw dolls and the wounds on his hands, before nodding at Gushantimur.

"T-Three times is too much keong...but, let’s try it keong...”


Gushantimur turned to the other disciples. Everyone was staring at him. He spoke again, "Tomorrow, I want to see how everyone has improved. It will be a harsh day. Is everyone prepared?”

Their eyes widened. The disciples looked at each other and nodded.

Gushantimur smiled.


His body floated in the air. Gushantimur’s body, which was in the form of a young man, started to slowly change. Black scales sprouted on his body. His body extended. Wings spread out from his back and the irises of a beast appeared in his eyes.

Now he was as big as the castle. His body was huge enough to cast shade on his entire body. Beautiful scales and broad wings. The mightiest species, a dragon. His true appearance was revealed. The kobold stared at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. Even his original disciples had never seen Gushantimur like this.

After returning to the form of a black dragon, Gushantimur whispered. His voice was as soft as always.

'Rest early today and prepare for tomorrow.’

One disciple asked aloud, “Master, where are you going?”

‘I...’ Gushantimur used his wings to turn his body. ‘I am also preparing for tomorrow.’

He flew towards the Temple of the Fallen God.



The black dragon’s breath poured towards the giant cannon. Crockta and Abaddon rolled to avoid the aftermath.


The world was filled with a ringing sound. The breath melted everything. The breath swallowed everything, leaving behind a huge hole. It was like lava flowed over the ground. In the place where the ancient weapon was, only a smoking hole remained.

Crockta stared blankly at the sky. It was the first time he saw a black dragon. However, he knew the identity of the dragon.


He appeared to neutralize the enemy’s weapon. Crockta smiled. It was an unexpected salvation.

He asked, "Did you have a connection with Gushantimur?”

Abaddon spoke in a dismal voice, "As far as I know, he...he was a great friend who fought with us in the past. Why is he stopping us now?”

"Kulkul, the Gushantimur that I know is different.”

He didn’t know what Gushantimur was like in the past. But the Gushantimur that he knew in the Black Forest wasn’t someone who would follow the grey god. Magic power stretched around Gushantimur’s body in the air. According to his will, dozens of spheres dropped towards the magic cannons.


Abaddon extended his power to try and stop Gushantimur’s attack, but Crockta struck quickly with God Slayer aimed at the demon.


Abaddon barely avoided the attack as one of his arms was cut, flames springing from the wound.


Abaddon tried to stop the flames from God Slayer, but it didn’t work. He fell helplessly to the ground. In the meantime, all of the magic cannons were destroyed by Gushantimur. Once the bombardment ceased, the gods advanced and destroyed the monsters. 

Abaddon panicked. "An unidentified shaman at the beginning and now the ancient black dragon, Gushantimur.”

Things Abaddon thought would never be broken through were destroyed. It was by third beings that they didn’t anticipate. 

'The heavens are helping me.” Crockta said.

"The heavens... hahaha, the heavens. Because of the heavens...” Abaddon laughed.

It sounded like something from a black comedy. Crockta also laughed.

Abaddon laughed for a while before saying, “Kill me. I can't fight anymore.”

The last fire from God Slayer was still eating at his body. The flames rose from his arm to his shoulder, slowly burning his body.

Crockta shook his head. "I don’t intend to kill you.”

"If you don’t kill me now, I will recover and hit your back.”

“If you are able to do so.”

"Why are you sparing me?”

Crockta looked down at him and said, "I still need you."

“Need me...?”

"You treated me to a wonderful dish. I can’t forget that taste.”


“I want to eat your spicy dishes again. So next time...” Crockta grinned at Abaddon. “Let’s meet at the table.”

Then he moved towards the Temple of the Fallen God.

Abaddon stared blankly after him. “Next time...”

Abaddon smiled at the words. Somehow, he felt carefree. Maybe he secretly hoped for this conclusion. Avoiding death was the instinct of all living things. The gods were approaching. Abaddon moved away from the front lines to avoid them. He watched as the gods and mortals followed Crockta.

"Do you like spicy food?” Abaddon suddenly asked.

Gushantimur was standing next to him in human form. A weary face. It was difficult for him to use that degree of breath.

Gushantimur replied, "I don’t like nor dislike it.”

"Is that so?” Abaddon said. "If there really is a next time...I will make the spicy flavor for you. My spicy noodles are great, even Crockta’s acknowledged it.”

“I see. I look forward to it. Sincerely.”

"Hahaha, I’m serious...”

Above their heads, the white sphere created by the grey god floated. Now fate had left their hands. The ending was something that not even the gods could know.

The battle for the world’s fate ran without pause towards the end.

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