Chapter 220 - A Road has No Gate (3)

Chapter 220 - A Road has No Gate (3)

The battle began abruptly. There was a bombardment from the sky from shells filled with the grey god’s energy. The shells poured down without end, causing explosions everywhere. From there, strange, amorphous monsters with the power of the grey god appeared. They were similar to the demons that Tashaquil had summoned in the past.

"They are the remnants of the demons,” the war god explained as he pointed his sword at the monsters.

“The influence of the grey god is too strong here. Our strength can’t be exercised properly. Shit. This is the power of the grey god...”

“Is there no way?”

“Then the world will collapse.”

"It is difficult.”

In order to protect the world, the gods had to support it with their power. Meanwhile, the grey god wanted to destroy the world to start it again. For them, it was an unfair fight. The grey god used her strength without caring about the balance of the world. The gods used magic and divinity to turn the monsters to ashes. However, the monsters had the power of the grey god and didn’t die, but rose again.

“They continue to survive.”

"Terrible things!”

Beyond that was a demon who commanded the monsters. Crockta saw him.


Abaddon, the survivor of the fight between gods, whom Crockta had met in the swamp of the great forest. He was a friendly demon who served Crockta’s group his spicy noodle dish and told them the truth of the world. A demon who tried to tell them more information, but was summoned away by the grey god.

Now he was blocking them for the grey god. He didn’t look as friendly as he used to. He entered a combat posture, his red eyes brimming with killing intent. Every time he beckoned, the monsters would break the army troops that came with Crockta. Lower ranked gods and mortals died one after another.

"Your crusade goes up to here. You can’t go any further.” The voice of the grey god was hidden in his voice.

Thanks to the power of the grey god, he was now a half-god. In addition, he was much more powerful than the gods who couldn’t exert their power properly in the grey god’s territory. Even the gods were stopped and couldn’t move further.

The war god muttered, “This place is the fortress of the grey god. Maybe it was a mistake to bring mortals here. It is a terrible fight.”

The ground was already a mess. There were the survivors of the expedition, the orcs, the lower gods and the knights. Major players headed to the north. Such people were collapsing like dominoes.

"These damn monsters!”

A knight with a high reputation shouted. He was someone who wandered the world in order to defeat the strong, a person with great skills who could defeat the chief knight of any city. He swung his sword like crazy. An amorphous monster lost its form and fell. However, it was originally a formless monster.


As it fell to the ground, it started to wriggle around the knight’s legs. It became a swamp and sucked him in. His body melted down. He screamed for his life.

The elf magician beside the knight used his power. He was a magician whose power made him one of the top-ranked in the magic towers. He used his magic power to remove the monster from the wandering knight.

However, a shell burst and blew up the elf magician. He couldn’t even scream as his body was ripped apart. The knight was eventually completely sucked up by the monster. The monster that swallowed the knight raised itself up and looked for the next victim.

They also met their tragic deaths.

It was the same for the gods. The upper ranked gods, such as the war god and goddess of magic, were using their power to destroy the enemies, but the lower ranked gods were quickly eaten by their enemies and returned to Olympus.

Crockta shouted at the war god.

“We have to move!”

“There is no way,” he war god replied as he swumg his sword at a monster. His fire turned the monster to ashes.

"We have to stop the bombardment of the army. It is spreading the grey god’s great magic. It is getting power from the terrible sphere in the sky. That power is tearing apart the gods like we are gods."

"If we gather some people and penetrate through...”

“I don’t think that guy will let us.”

The war god pointed to Abaddon, who was smiling as if he was listening to their conversation.


During their conversation, shells burst near them. It was a blast filled with the grey god’s power. Another lower ranked god left the battlefield.

"What about the goddess of magic? She can call a meteor shower over there.”

"She consumed that power on the barrier...”

"It was a useless waste of power.”

Before Antuak got rid of the barrier, the goddess of magic had summoned the meteors in an attempt to destroy the barrier. Just like the fight against the orcs in the past, it wasn’t a technique that could be used indefinitely.

Crockta asked as he watched another god fall. “Is the bombardment that strong?”

He had a firm heart because he was fighting with the gods. However, since entering the grey god’s domain, the gods were also panting.

The one who just fell was the ‘god of light’ who played an active part in the battle against the orcs. Despite the light coming from his body, he was hit by a flying shell and returned to Olympus.

Those who seemed strong, how could she get rid of them so easily?

"Fortunately, it is a weapon that borrows the power of the sphere, so the great destruction magic has slowed down.”

"That isn’t comforting.”

Shells kept flooding towards them as they talked. Crockta and the war god jumped to both sides to avoid the attack. There was an explosion on the spot they had disappeared from. Crockta rolled on the ground and got up.

As he avoided the shells, a monster approached him in the distance. Such things appeared endlessly to block his approach. Besides, the monsters were affected by the grey god’s bombardment. A monster hit by the shells wouldn’t receive any damage.

Crockta raised God Slayer and destroyed the monster. If it was an ordinary attack, the monster would regain its body again, but Crockta’s weapon contained the power of the sun god. The monster was burned by the ‘last fire.’

"I will go alone.”

The army couldn’t approach. As the bombardment continued, the size of the army decreased. He could see Tiyo shooting General in the distance. They would be wiped out before they could even meet the grey god.

Crockta started running.


He sped up. He escaped the shells, sliced away at the monsters in his path and ran towards Abaddon and the magic cannons behind him. Explosions occurred on either side of him. Debris pierced his body, but he didn’t care.

One orc rushed towards the center of the battlefield towards the enemy.


At the end of the fierce charge, Abaddon was present.

Their eyes met. There were no questions as Crockta’s blade descended towards his head. Abaddon escaped, but a big wound was left on his side. Crockta pulled out his blade from where it was stuck in the ground.

“We meet again.”

“It is regrettable.”

"I wanted to eat your spicy noodles but...”

Crockta grinned. They first met at the abandoned temple in the swamp, where they were treated to Abaddon’s noodles. Those were good times.

“What good will it do for the living or the dead?”

“Everyone will die someday. Death isn’t the end. The ending...”

“You can stop speaking now.”

Their swords swept at each other. Words were meaningless. The only thing left was to see which sword would break. They wanted to break the other person, rather than be broken.

Abaddon said, “This will soon be settled.”

“What do you mean?”

"I don’t know how you broke the barrier, but it would’ve been better if the barrier wasn’t broken.” Abaddon stepped back and replied. The power of the grey god flowed from his body. "When this is completed, everyone will be burned away.”

Crockta saw it.

In the center of the installed cannons that were continuously firing the grey god’s power, there was a huge cannon that was completely different from the others. It was an extremely big cannon with a long barrel. It was a monster-sized cannon that couldn’t be seen in either Elder Lord or reality.

The core was filling up with the world’s magic power. He could feel the power slowly condensing inside it. That attack wouldn’t be similar to the flying shells. Crockta could instinctively feel it. There was a tremendous power inside it. Once that was complete...

The earth in front of the cannon would explode. The area would be destroyed.

“I won’t let it!”

Crockta slashed at Abaddon. Abaddon’s body as he stepped back. Crockta continued to attack. God Slayer shattered the air while Abaddon evaded his strikes in a strange manner. The moment that Abaddon stepped aside.

Crockta sped towards the cannon. He was thinking about ignoring Abaddon. However, Abaddon.appeared in front of him.


“Do you think I will let you pass?” Abaddon grinned. "You should continue conversing with me.”

"Don’t play games!”

Crockta attacked Abaddon again, trying to push him back towards the cannon. However, he was once again running towards Abaddon, as if the space had reversed.


It felt like he was dealing with a ghost. The attacks didn’t hit and his opponent was steering his path. Crockta stood in place. The demonic weapon was on the verge of completion. Pretty soon, all things in front of it would be burned away.

“There will be no pain. Once it is triggered, it will melt everything and nothing can survive.”

Crockta didn’t know if he should try to rally a last hurrah or to attempt to evacuate the area.

"There is no time to get away. Just accept it.”

Crockta remembered the future that Antuak showed him. If Antuak wasn’t present, they would’ve been stopped by the barrier and the world destroyed without even being able to do anything. So Crockta tried to grab the opportunity that was given.

However, he was once again helpless. The power of the grey god was so strong that the other gods were crushed, and the mortals couldn’t overcome this power.

Crockta gritted his teeth.

As the barrel shook, lighted slowly to slowly fill the end. Magic power swirled around it. The gods and heroes would die. Crockta was no exception. Soon their lives would fall and the grey god would accomplish her will.

Despair filled his chest.

At that moment. The flapping of wings was heard. At first, he thought it was a bird’s wings. But it was too big and loud. The atmosphere shook whenever these wings flapped.

Crockta raised his head. There was something huge and black in the sky. This was the first time he saw it. However, Crockta knew who it was.

Abaddon spoke in a trembling voice, "No, why would he...?”

A black dragon was flying in the sky. The first dragon he saw was graceful and beautiful. The most gifted creations by the gods. The dragon turned freely in the open sky, before stopping and watching the ground.

He slowly opened his mouth. He gathered strength.

Abaddon panicked. “Why would he attack us?”

The most powerful species on this world, dragons. This airborne species had the best weapon: their breath, which was now pouring out of the dragon’s mouth.

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