Chapter 212 - Last Stand (2)

Chapter 212 - Last Stand (2)

There were only two channels streaming the fight between Crockta and the war god: Undergames and the Youvidser Laney. All other BJs were killed in the fight. On Youvids, the last videos of the BJs who participated in the expedition war were cleaned up and uploaded.

All the scenes were overwhelming.

「Hall of Fame: I am blessed to be the first BJ killed by Crockta. I won’t ever wash my neck.

Captain Tsubasa: It is really scary when we actually meet ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ What force.

Radagast: How many people have died from his blade by now? 」

The first one to die was the BJ that was famous for trying to convey the realism at the frontlines. He stood among the ranks of the expedition, was caught up in the rush, and finally reached Crockta.

Crockta wielded his greatsword and pointed it at the expedition forces. The video conveyed the feeling of urgency and also showed the fear that people facing Crockta would feel. Crockta stared at them with his terrifying face and instantly wielded his greatsword. The atmosphere around him was threatening, like the heavens suppressing the earth.

The BJ’s screen was upended, revealing the sky, before it was then covered in blood. He was one of the first casualties of the war, including the expedition members that died with him. The second was an unknown broadcaster, BJ Jungmin, who begged for more balloons before being killed in a single strike by Crockta.

After that, scenes that seemed like they were pulled from movies played out in succession. A BJ’s skull was broken by Kumarak’s hammer, terminating the broadcast. Others were wiped out by the tremendous power of the gods.

The videos of the ones slaughtered by Anya were like scenes from a horror movie.

「Orc is the Best: I had to change the pants I was wearing.

Morocco Prince: Crazy;;; He really shot the sun.

Cristiano: That hunter is crazy.

Orc Waltz: I’m going to make a Zankus fan club」

People were thrilled at the scene where Zankus shot an arrow and killed the sun. Then the demons appeared, causing the BJs and other television broadcasters to be frightened by the unknown presences in the dark. The viewers lost their breath. The invisible beasts ate people in the darkness before their horrific appearances were revealed to the expedition members under the faint light.

「Capslock Turned On: I was so surprised that I cracked my phone ㅜㅜ

Paris Time: The scale of this was isn’t a joke. The sun is gone and monsters are summoned.

Yurururala: The users can’t keep up.」

The best scene was the goddess of magic’s meteor shower. The appearance of meteors falling from the sky was more exciting than any other movie. The meteors fell beyond the ranks of the expedition army who had set up their shields, eliciting terrible screaming from the orcs.

The rare people filming this from the side of the orcs died. The scene of flames falling from the sky was electrifying. It was different from the wars where magic and weapons faced each other.

Earthquakes and meteors falling from the sky; this was a war of the gods.

「Gnome Yururula: The gods are so strong.

Analyst: The orcs are strong, but... It is hard to go against the gods. But they fought well. This should be enough.

Horn Destroyer: Why are they hitting the orcs?  ㅋMonsters ㅋ Run ㅋ

Sinner Against Gods and Humans: The gods are strong... The gods!!」

As the power of the gods filled the battlefield, it became disadvantageous towards the orcs. The orcs ran out from the flames caused by the meteor shower and attacked the defensive ranks of the army, but their numbers weren’t enough.

The orc heroes, who people admired, fell one by one. Crockta was caught in the Colosseum with the war god, so he was unable to exert his influence elsewhere. Everyone thought it was the end.

On the horizon, thousands of flags were seen. An unknown orc army. As the leader waved his hand, the orcs behind him started the assault. Unlike the free-spirited orcs, these ones rushed like trained soldiers! They surged toward the expedition members.

「I Like Movies: Reverse reverse reverse... How will this war end?

My Name is Saladin: I believe that Crockta is the best!! Orcs will win!!

Pro Gambler: I bet on the expedition’s victory so please...

La Clair: Shout!! Orc!! Bul’tar!!」

The fight stalled. Both sides were tired. Now, all eyes turned to the war god and Crockta. Everything depended on the two of them.

The video was over. Those watching the video who didn’t have much interest in Elder Lord, and those who didn’t place much meaning on this fight, they all realized.

「Speed Wagon: For reference, this war is still being broadcasted live. If you are wondering about the ending, watch the Undergames Channel or Youvidser Laney now! The rest have died! I’m also curious about the end of this fight! Then I’m going now!」

This war was happening in real-time. Everyone changed the channel.


All eyes were on two people fighting on the battlefield.


Crockta held God Slayer.

They were competing with everything on the line. The notion of time flowed differently for them. Causality kept on reversing as they struggled.

If someone stepped into the Colosseum, their limbs would be crushed and they would become a pile of blood. Crockta and the war god focused on killing each other, causing the inside of the Colosseum to become a land of death.

The war god threw his shield and struck with his flaming sword while shouting, "Die, Crockta!”


Any weapon other than God Slayer would’ve shattered from this fierce battle. Conventional weapons wouldn’t be able to deal a blow to the gods. At best, the flesh of the believer would be killed, with only the power of the god left behind.

However, God Slayer was smelted with the last fire and could deal a direct blow to the war god’s divinity. The body of the war god screamed with every hit landing on his body. If he were to be hit hard enough, he would be destroyed or would take a long time to recover.

“I will kill you! The orcs will be thrown into purgatory!”


Gods and orcs, the result would be decided by who won in this duel.

If Crockta won, the gods would retreat. If the war god won, the orcs would stop their resistance and stay in prison until the grey god was destroyed. An underground purgatory that didn’t allow light.

"I will ask. War God.” Crockta spoke as he blocked the war god’s attack. "If it turns out that we aren’t related to the grey god, what will you do to apologize? A lot of people have already lost their lives.”

"Apologize?” He chuckled. Aklan’s body was already torn apart, only the war god’s power holding it together. Now he was no longer a person, but flames with the appearance of a person. "We are the ones who maintain the world. Shouldn’t you be thankful for all we have done? This world will collapse without us, the gods that you so proudly don’t believe in. You should apologize and thank us.”

"What do you mean when you say you maintain this world? Without you, will the world perish?”

“That’s right. Our bodies are holding up this world, and the grey god is a parasite. You have the smell of the grey god on you.”

Crockta shook his head as he said, "It is quite the opposite. I want to stop her.”

"I don’t know, maybe you’re telling the truth, maybe you’re not. But it will be irrelevant if I kill you and throw them into purgatory.”

"Innocent people will suffer."

"It doesn’t matter. The grey god is trying to resurrect and destroy the world, so I will kill you all if it means stopping her.”

The two glared at each other. Crockta smiled and raised God Slayer again.

“Now I understand.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying that you deserve to die?”

"You aren’t doing this to protect the world.”

"What nonsense are you saying?”

"It is to protect yourselves. The cowardly gods are fearful of being killed by the grey god, so they swing their swords at everywhere else." Crockta walked towards the war god. "Those gods are you.”


The furious war god walked towards Crockta. Their swords struck at each other like thunderbolts. The world’s time stopped, accelerated and slowed down. Life, death, and causality reversed.

The possibility of death was stopped by the sword passing by the tip of the nose, while causality stopped the blade that was thrusting at a neck. It was a fight between monsters that disturbed the laws of the world.

“Take away the hypocrisy of protecting the world. You are cowards trying to destroy a whole species due to the delusion and fear that the grey god will be revived. War God? Kulkulkul, how funny.”

"Shut upppp!”

The war god furiously swung his weapon. Flames burst out. Death flew towards Crockta. The blow that contained the real fury of the gods was absolutely fearsome. It was the most critical moment among all the risks that Crockta faced today.

Crockta’s entire body had cuts and burnt skin.


However, he persisted in emanating the power of the Hero realm. His tattoos burned as he watched the war god. Crockta fell to one knee. His legs weren’t moving properly. He grabbed God Slayer on the ground and used it as a stick to raise himself.

“Kulkulkulkul...” Crockta laughed before continuing to speak, "Do you know what orcs call people like you?”

"If you make fun of me...”

“Milksop.” Crockta grinned. "Milksop god.”

The god of war stopped shouting. However, the flames around him flared up as he lifted his sword. His strength filled his entire body and burned the sword. At that moment, the world started shaking.

He used some of his strength that had been used to support the world. His anger towards Crockta was huge enough to risk the world. The gods who saw it were shaken, but the war god used the power with the thought of killing Crockta.

Crockta staggered and grasped God Slayer. Crockta wasn’t afraid of the war god anymore.

He could see it. It wasn’t for some great reason or cause, the war god’s true intent boiled down to one thing in the end. Fear of the grey god. And at the end of it, a fear of death. They might mock mortals but they were scared of that more than anything else. They were worried about their fate, not the fate of the world. The reality of this war was that the gods feared the grey god coming back to destroy them.


“You don’t know what it is to be alive.” Crockta raised God Slayer. "I don’t want to lose to a milksop god.”

The war god was now a burning giant, looking down at Crockta with burning eyes and clutching his sword from a high height. The war god’s sword gradually heated up. His target was clearly Crockta.

But Crockta took a step forward. Because.

"I'm a warrior.”

Crockta could see someone standing beside him. Lenox. He grinned as he saw Crockta wearing his helmet. Crockta felt Lenox’s hand touch his shoulder. A refreshing aura came from there. Fatigue left and strength filled his body. The shaman Kinjur was laughing behind Lenox.

Someone banged on the ground. It was Gulda. He was laughing with excitement as he hit the ground a few times. Gradually, the number of shadows increased. There were vicious orcs like Crockta, with tattoos and scars of battle all over their bodies.

Those who became warriors and died as warriors. They stood side by side with Crockta. Crockta didn’t have a chance to fight properly with them on that day, but this was the final struggle involving the fate of the orcs.

Crockta was now able to fight with them. He wasn’t alone. An army was with him.


Crockta raised his eyes. The god’s sword was slowly descending towards him as an overwhelming force that would split the world apart. But something else also entered Crockta’s eyes. The giants of the world, surrounding him and the war god.

The great warriors from the Hall of Fame. They were watching Crockta.

Crockta nodded and pulled out a knife.

‘Hey, Apprentice!’

Someone yelled at him.

‘Swing it properly!’

Crockta smiled. Then he followed the voices and wielded it as best he could. He swung God Slayer. The flames washed over him.

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