Chapter 210 - War of the Gods (8)

Chapter 210 - War of the Gods (8)


It was different from Wallachwi’s laugh. The god looked around. There was an orc shaman standing there. However, his teeth were broken and his size was small, like a dwarf.

But the god instinctively realized. This wasn’t a normal shaman. The traces of power that the shaman in front of him emanated drew the eyes. If Wallachwi was the master of the abyss, this orc was in change of unorthodox magic. And that type of power was at its peak. It was the most fearful type of enemy.

"It has been a long time since the gods have been concerned!”

The god used his power without any worry. The power went straight through and pierced the orcs. It would’ve been nice if he had fallen straight away. However, nothing happened. The orc was standing next to Wallachwi.

“The abyss. You use a dangerous power! Fight! Kyulkyulkyulkyul!” He couldn’t pronounce words properly but this orc was dangerous. "So let me borrow your strength!”

He reached out to Wallachwi. Then Wallachwi’s magic power started to be absorbed into the unknown orc. He had very little magic power compared to his high status. The magic power he had in the past was broken. It was due to the aftermath of a fight, or maybe an overload of magic.

But once the orc absorbed the magic power from Wallachwi, he overcame his only weakness. Magic power swelled in his body. The same tool would have completely different results depending on who used it. It might be the same magic power, but once held in the hands of an unknown orc, it became a more formidable force.

“It has been a while! Kyulkyulkyulkyul!” As the magic power entered his hands, the orc closed his eyes like he was savoring the aroma. “This is the first time I’ve had so much juice since hitting the ‘demon king!’”

The god tried to destroy the orc before the magic was used, but the attack disappeared into the air as if it had hit a wall.




In addition, countless magic spells maintained a defensive position around him. The magic surrounded him and blocked all attacks.


The god didn’t know what the orc would do, but he desperately used his remaining power. The strong blow aimed at the orc. However, rather than disappearing in front of the orc, the attack returned to the god.

As his own power swept towards him, the god hurriedly evaded in order to avoid hurting himself. It was the first time he had been hit like this by an enemy. A chill went down his spine.

“Kyulkyulkyulkyulkyulkyul! What a funny show!”

The god was angry at the ridicule, but he no longer had any power to attack.

“You dare...!” Due to his anger, light emerged from the god’s eyes. "I will show you the full power of the gods!”

“Kyulkyulkyul! Be patient!” The orc shook his head. "The gods don’t have anything else to show! I noticed!"


"I knew long ago. If the gods can use all their strength, how can us mortals survive?”

Now Wallachwi regained his spirit and rose.


His nasty laugh had returned.


"This is enough, so how about we end it here?” A voice was suddenly heard.

An elf wearing luxurious clothes and an elegant expression appeared. Once he appeared, silence fell on the battlefield. The fighting stopped. There was a grass-like smell. The hearts of those fighting calmed. Anger, hatred, fear and struggle, they all faded away. Their wounds and pain were healed.

The gods knew who the elf was.


It was the embodiment of the world tree. The world tree who looked after the elves. He refused to enter this war just before it started. Now he showed himself.

“What do you mean by that?”

He was very high among the gods, so the voice of the god who questioned him was polite.

“Stop now.”

"The fight has already begun. Someone must lose.”

Whether it was them or the orcs, someone had to get results.

"But it seems like you are losing strength.”


"There might be a problem when you use more power.”

As the world tree said, the battlefield was currently in a confrontational stage and the other gods were slowly being pushed back. The power of the orcs was great. The gods’ power was limited so their attacks were being prevented. After the army from the north appeared, the gods started to be pushed back.

If this was the case, they truly might lose. Many gods agreed with the world tree’s words and nodded.

"Do you want us to step back now? We can’t do that.” But some gods, like Tartatod, never thought about stopping the fight.

The world tree said, "Then let's do this.”

He pointed to a distant place. It was the middle of the battlefield. It was the fight that hadn’t stopped since the war began.

"They won’t be able to stop anyway, so the result of that battle will decide the war.”

Crockta and the war god. They were continuing their fierce fighting without looking around. Every swing tore up the inside of the Colosseum, a part of a series of attacks that could scatter the earth.


The proposal of the world tree wasn’t just towards one god. It was passed onto all the gods on the battlefield.


The expedition was also in such a severe state that they didn’t want to fight anymore. His proposal was really tempting for them.

"The war god won’t lose.”

“Crockta will win.”

Both sides said at the same time. Tired of fighting, they nodded at the world tree’s offer. This flow spread throughout the battlefield. The gods discussed it in their own language before agreeing to the world tree’s offer.

They were also tired of this war. Under the circumstances, they might really receive an irreversible blow from mortals.

"I understand.”

The great war, which started with the collision of the expedition army and the orcs, would be ended by Crockta and the war god. The war stopped. Once the act of dying and killing ceased, the battlefield became still.

Kung! Kwaang!


Only the sound of the war god and Crockta fighting was heard. All eyes turned to them. They gathered around the Colosseum. In a harsh space where no one could escape until one of them was dead, Crockta and the war god attacked unceasingly. Everyone watched them.

“Kyulkyulkyulkyul!” The shaman, Caburak laughed.

"Our great chieftain is strong. A warrior who isn’t pushed when facing the war god!"

The northern orcs had nothing but praise for Crockta. The expedition army cheered for the war god.

And the parties involved, Crockta and the war god.

“You are good, War God.”

“Impertinent fellow.”

They didn’t pay any attention to the people around them. Their focus was on the enemy.


Crockta's attack didn’t reach the war god. At best, he struck the shield.

After the Colosseum formed, the war god revealed his fighting skills and it was phenomenal. Indeed, this was the god of war. There was no waste in his movements and every move had a clear purpose.


He struck Crockta with the shield, then wielded his sword. Crockta was unable to avoid it due to the aftermath of the shield hit, blocking with God Slayer instead. Iron hit iron and sparks flew.

"A great sword. These flames are good.”

The war god said.

Crockta’s sword God Slayer was something that Zakiro, blacksmith of the Golden Anvil Clan, had smelted with the last fire. It was a masterpiece that was at least the legend rank. The scariest thing about the sword was that it contained the power of the sun god.

A strike from this sword could severely damage the godhead. Maybe a god would even die. The war god could clearly feel it from within the sword: that he shouldn’t take a hit from this sword. Therefore, he had to protect himself. He covered his body with the shield and aimed the sword towards Crockta from behind.

"How long will you be on the defensive, War God!”

Crockta’s body surpassed the Pinnacle. Now he had reached a transcendent realm. It was unclear how it would work against the gods. However.


The sudden and transcendental attack broke one arm of the war god, causing flames to sprout from the blunt injury. The war god was furious.


He certainly blocked the attack, but causality reversed and he was hit by God Slayer. The war god’s power meant that flames already burned around his body, but God Slayer had a divine attribute and damaged the god of war. It was shameful, experiencing such humiliation from a mortal.

“Crocktaaaaaaaaaa!” shouted the war god, throwing his shield. Crockta stabbed with the greatsword, but the strength was tremendous and his balance was twisted. The war god approached and stabbed his sword in the gap. Blood splattered from Crockta’s body.


Crockta stepped back. The war god kept approaching.

"I made a mistake."


“I was arrogant, trying to win against you without receiving any damage. Now I recognize you as my real opponent.”

He picked up the shield that fell to the ground. However, he didn’t hide behind the shield as before. Rather, the shield also attacked Crockta.

“This is the real Colosseum.”

The war god gestured around him. Crockta’s gaze followed his actions. The war had stopped. The orcs, expedition members and northern orcs, they were all standing on the battlefield and watching the fight between the war god and Crockta.


Crockta laughed. He didn’t know the details, but the northern orcs had come to help him. There were familiar faces. There was Caburak who was laughing, Surka who placed a hand on his chest, Driden with his calm eyes and the old warrior Hammerchwi.

"The fight is now ours.”

Now the war god and Crockta were the only ones holding a weapon.

The war god said with a blazing face, “The gods have expressed their opinions. The result of the war will be determined with our fight. We will withdraw if you win.”

"Kulkulkul, the packaging is done well. In the end, you were just scared of us.”

“Impertinent fellow.” The fires of the war god became even stronger. "If we really used all of our power, this place and Orcrox would disappear forever from the map.”

But Crockta wasn’t concerned about his anger. He just closed his eyes. A cold wind chilled the sweat on his body.

“A fight that has to be won...”

Once again, everything was on his shoulders. Tens of thousands of lives depended on him. His defeat meant everyone’s defeat, and his victory meant everyone’s victory. The audience of those dangerous duel was the entire world.

He could feel the gazes staring at him. There were countless eyes. The orcs, gods, and people watching through the screen. All the gazes were pushing at Crockta’s back.

Crockta grinned, "Not bad."

His opponent was the war god. The master of war, born for war, tempered by war and someone who looked forward to war. He was literally the god of war. The most honorable foe.


Crockta placed the greatsword on his shoulder and called out. But there was no answer. Crockta continued speaking.

“Are you alive right now?”

“...Impertinent fellow.” The war god chuckled in a low voice. He also knew the saying of the orcs. “Yes, indeed.”

"I'm glad.” Crockta grinned.

There was no need to say anything else. The two people turned slowly, gazing at each other. The war rushed towards the end.

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