Chapter 204 - War of the Gods (2)

Chapter 204 - War of the Gods (2)

The orcs and the expedition troops mixed together. Among them was Anya, who was randomly wielding her axe and screaming, “Die! Die! Die!”

They were two small throwing axes. It was the best tool for slaughtering in her hands. All the enemies around her were killed by the axes. She noticed the faces of those in the distance.

"Don’t run away and come here! I will play with you!”

She licked the blood on her cheek and giggled. Her shoulders trembled before she suddenly threw her axe. The backs of those running away were split.

"If you don’t come then I will kill you!”

She kept on throwing her axes. They accurately hit the heads of the expedition soldiers. She laughed loudly, “Hahahahat!”

It was a frenzy suitable for the title of ‘Mad Slaughterer.’ Her berserkers followed her.

"Come on!"

"If you don't want to die then kill us!”


It didn’t matter about the power of the gods or their morale. The berserkers stabbed, cut and slashed. Blood sprang from the wounds and they died. It was sufficient.

“Let’s go, Kids. Follow me!”



She took out a new axe from her waist. She turned it round and round, wondering who to kill next. At that moment, the ground shook.

“Oh my?”

It was coming from Kumarak’s direction. She looked around. The earthquake wasn’t the work of Kumarak. It was caused by the dwarf paladin that he was going against.


Anya examined them. Kumarak was bloody and barely standing. On the other hand, the dwarf fighting him was unfamiliar. He wielded the hammer towards Kumarak.

“What, that person is a god?”

The light around the dwarf was proof of a god’s power.

"I told you...”

She had never fought a god before. They were also hiding behind the temples, speaking a few condescending words and giving off a good impression. Those beings were coming down directly to get rid of the orcs.

"How interesting.”

The dwarf wielded the hammer. Kumarak blocked with Destroyer but was thrown back from the shock. Anya felt somewhat uncomfortable as she looked at Kumarak on the ground.

“Stupid guy.”

Kumarak was a powerful warrior. However, that strength he was so proud of was losing. The dwarf kicked the fallen orc. Anya spoke to her subordinates.

“You fight here. I will be going somewhere for a while.”


She jumped forward. She trampled and killed the soldiers in her way. Her goal was Kumarak.


However, her voice didn’t reach. Kumarak ran towards the dwarf again. He looked terrible but he didn’t lose his fighting spirit. Rather, he wielded Destroyer with crazy eyes. The hammer and axe collided. Kumarak and the dwarf glared at each other.

Kumarak suddenly swung his fist. It hit the dwarf’s face. The dwarf’s face distorted and he swung his fist as well. Kumarak’s teeth were broken.


Kumarak swung his fists again. Thus, they continued punching each other. It was a struggle against a god. They dropped their weapons and tangled together. Kumarak’s fighting spirit was contagious as the god cried out in a loud voice.

“Kumarakkk! I will kill you!”

"Come on, Tartatod! God of the worms!”


Anya understood the whole situation. Kumarak had smashed a mountain and killed the great worm, gaining the title of ‘Mountain Smasher.’ So this god must be Tartatod, the one who loved those who dug under the ground. He appeared in front of Kumarak to get revenge for Almutad.

“The gods are the same as us.”

Anya’s mouth twitched.

She didn’t believe in those who called themselves gods. Look, they were no different from the creatures on the ground. How could she join her hands together and say a prayer when the god was shrieking and swinging his fists.

They were just beings with mighty powers. Just that.

“Are you going there to intervene?” Someone asked her.

Anya recoiled. A woman approached her. It was one of the rare elves who joined the expedition, wearing the clothing of a priest.

"You must face me first.”

It was a woman she had never seen before. Anya instantly knew who she was. She burst out laughing.

“Ahaha. You?”


“It is an honor for a celebrity to look for me. Do you know how to fight?”

The opponent smiled. A god who always showed mercy. The god everyone praise, who gave the powerful of healing and passed on teachings to help the poor. The goddess of mercy.

"You are the most notable.”

"It is an honor.”

“There is the blood of many on your hands.” The goddess of mercy said. Mad Slaughterer Anya. She was in direct opposition to the goddess of mercy. “Now it is time to stop the tragedies you created.”

"Stop the tragedies.” Anya laughed.

She pointed to the battlefield. Orcs and expedition members were killing each other and dying. Both sides were engulfed in their own madness and didn’t hesitate to attack. They wielded their weapons until they stopped breathing.

It was pandemonium.

Anya continued, "You also created this battlefield so you are just a hypocrite. If you combine all the things I’ve done in my life, it will look like a comedy compared to the tragedy that you committed today.


The god’s face shook before calming.

Anya smiled. “It can’t be helped. Let’s start quickly.”

Kumarak’s roar was heard from behind her.

"God, is it up to hereeeeeeeeeee──────!”

Then something exploded. It didn’t stop there. The earth broke and collapsed. She didn’t know where and how it happened, but there were screams from those caught up in the aftermath. Anya laughed as she twirled the two small axes in both hands.

“Don’t you have to help your friend soon?”


Zankus limped. The hunter, hidden somewhere on the battlefield, continued to fire. Zankus also responded, but the opponent’s shooting was faster and more accurate.

It wasn’t a large difference. However, it was the divide that separated life and death. Zankus gritted his teeth and bandaged the wound on his thigh. Even now, the enemy was still aiming at him. Zankus could feel the killing intent.

Truly a god. Zankus didn’t know what to do.


Thus, he decided to borrow someone else’s opinion. He closed his eyes. In the middle of the battlefield, an invisible hunter was aiming for his life. He stared at the darkness behind his eyelids. A man was standing there.

Shakan. The best hunter he knew, Shakan. In this moment of urgency, he only had the chance for one question.

Zankus threw a question towards the man, ‘How can I hunt this enemy?’

Shakan replied.

Zankus’ eyes opened. A light was heading towards him. It was quite close. Just before it hit his head...

Zankus twisted as an arrow grazed his cheek. Zankus muttered as he stared at where the light had come from, “I understand, Shakan.”

Then he loaded an arrow. The iron was distorted. In the gap between the expedition troops, there was a shadow standing alone between flapping flags.

That guy.

Zankus fired an arrow. The shadow that fought with him disappeared, but the bodies of the expedition members nearby exploded. Zankus wasn’t satisfied and quickly pursued the enemy with his next arrow.

The arrow’s tip aimed at the enemy’s figure. He pulled back the bowstring as he recalled Shakan’s answer.

'You can’t hunt him.’

He borrowed the image of Shakan and asked for an answer. Zankus couldn’t hunt down the enemy, as the other person was a better hunter than him. So he decided to give up hunting.

"Today, I’m not a hunter...”

Zankus’ arrow went straight through some passing soldiers. The soldiers were killed. The knights who faced the orcs were caught in the aftermath. The knights were killed. The shield of a noble was pierced. The noble also died.

"Today… I must be a killer.”

Soon after, his ‘death shot’ hit the enemy. He avoided a fatal wound, but it was unavoidable to receive a shallow hit. The enemy sat down and shook with hostility. However, he didn’t die.

"You will die soon enough.” Zankus laughed and aimed his arrow again.

His title was ‘Sun Killer.’ It wasn’t about hunting. ‘Killer’ was another name for Zankus. This wasn’t an ordinary arrow, but one that contained the archer’s will. It was placed in the arrow. How far was his limit? Zankus had endlessly practiced with the bow, to the point where he was able to place ‘death’ in the arrow.


Now he was in the area of ‘killing’, rather than ‘hunting.’ Zankus’s arrow aimed at the black shadow again. Zankus was unable to move properly in the aftermath of ‘death.’ Zankus was convinced that the enemy would die by this arrow.

But at that moment.

A brilliant light erased his arrow.


Everyone on the battlefield looked up at the sky as they saw a flash of brilliant light. It came from an old man with wings of light. The staff in his hand shook. Then rays of light surrounded the expedition members. Light shone from their weapons and the wounds were restored again. The heat from deep inside their body erased their fatigue. 

It wasn’t just the expedition members affected, but the other gods fighting the orcs. The god of hunting, who had been on the verge of dying from Zankus’ arrow, ended up vanishing. His body recovered and he avoided ‘Death.’


Once again, the beam of light flew towards Zankus. Zankus barely avoided it as he muttered.

“That is cheating.”

He didn’t know the identity of the old man in the sky, but it was a different influence from the other gods. The power of the old man dominated the battlefield. The light kept encouraging the expedition members, interrupting the orcs.

Zankus looked around. The situation was starting to tilt. The orcs were dying. Kumarak, Anya, Wallachwi etc, were also pushed back. The gods gained strength from the light in the sky. Defeat was obvious. And defeat meant genocide. Zankus’ face distorted for a moment.

Then someone spoke.


Zankus was stunned. The voice spoke again.


Zankus’ eyes widened.


Zankus started laughing. He lifted his bow and loaded an iron arrow on it. Then he pulled back the bowstring and aimed for the sky. From far away, a beam of light aimed at Zankus’ neck. It was a stronger power than before.

But Zankus didn’t care.

“I understand.

The light. It disappeared before reaching Zankus. The rays of light from the old man in the sky also flew towards Zankus. However, they disappeared in front of him, as if they had hit a wall. Zankus didn’t care about all that. He concentrated all the strength of his body to one point. It was the best ‘Death’ arrow he could do.


His muscles screamed. The overloaded muscle fibers started to break down one by one.

“Kuaaaaaaah...!” Zankus shouted.

He squeezed out all the power in his body. It didn’t matter if his muscles were breaking. His arms burned. His bowstring was pulled back to the maximum extent possible. Just before Zankus and his bow broke...

Zankus had a feeling that it was time.


When the string was released... It was like the dew rolling off the leaves. Like feathers falling from wings or stamens dangling to the ground. The death arrow was launched towards the sky.


It flew upwards. The old man tried to stop the arrow but it flew on, ignoring everything. The arrow. It passed by the old man. It rose to the end of the sky. The target at the end. The sun that illuminated the world.

‘Sun Killer’ Zankus. His arrow went beyond time and space to penetrate the sun and kill it. A black stain appeared in the center of the sun. It spread gradually and the entire sun became black. Darkness fell over the world. A world where the sun disappeared. It was complete darkness.

Even ‘Sun Killer’ Zankus couldn’t stop the sun forever. The world would only sink into darkness for a few minutes. But that was enough.

In the darkness where no one could see, the flapping of wings was heard. A man’s voice resonated on the battlefield, “I am the hawk of the north.”

Zankus fell to the ground, no longer having the strength to even lift a finger.

“The blue guardian of the sunrise. The pale blue standard bearer who guides the shamans.”

Now it was his turn. The orc shaman mentor, the strongest shaman of this age.


A bizarre whisper was heard from underneath the ground. With the death of the sun, the hungry demons of hell were being summoned in the darkness.

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