Chapter 202 - Opening of the War (2)

Chapter 202 - Opening of the War (2)

-It has come again! Crockta’s patented words! Come!

-It is like how he provoked the empire in the past! Truly Crockta! The atmosphere is hot!

-Telling them to come! A small minority! The overwhelming expedition! I can’t stop looking! Ah! The expedition is moving! They’re going! Colliding!

-It is war!

People went wild at Crockta’s declaration. The inside of the bars displayed the video on a large screen. It attracted guests who watched the real-time Elder Lord relay.

“I’m a star too.”

Jung Yunji drank beer and laughed. In Elder Lord, her name was Stella, an elite player who became an executive of the Blacksmith Company at a young age. She watched the struggle between the orcs and the expedition with Yiyu, Yoon Bora, Ban Taehoon and Park Jungtae.

"Are you fighting?”

“Don’t forget the bet. The loser will pay. My stomach will burst tonight.”

"Don’t run away either.”

They were talking together in giddy voices.


There was the sound of liquid splattering. It came from somewhere else. From the big screen! The expedition collided with Crockta and a fountain of blood rose. Then Crockta’s roar rang out through the bar, bursting out from the speakers.

“Truly Crockta!”

“Crockta is the best!”

Those who supported Crockta started cheering. He was the head of a tsunami that aimed at the expedition.

"Hey, is this fun as well?”

Yoon Bora suddenly pointed to her tablet screen and asked. The sound wasn’t heard due to the crowded bar, but she was watching a BJ who participated in the battle directly and was relaying the war situation.

He joined on the side of the expedition. He faced the orcs.

"It is overwhelming with realism.”

The BJ gasped and told the viewers.

-Heok, heok, Brother! Look at this! The orcs have such fearsome faces! It seems that BJ Jungmin will die today! Viewers, please shoot me some donations! I will die. I’m too scared to move my feet, but I will do it for you!

Yoon Bora started typing.

[Bora Doridori: Approach Crockta! Here is a donation! Show me Crockta!]

[Bora Doridori has shot 10 moon balloons] (TL: Forgot to mention this earlier. BJ= Broadcasting Jockey. They can get donations by viewers sending them balloons, which is equal to money).

-Heeok! Viewer! Thank you! Reaction! Hah!

BJ Jungmin tried to enter the war. The viewers watched BJ Jungmin as he was pushed over by the expedition troops running from behind. As the screen twisted, they were greeted by the sight of troops crossing above BJ Jungmin.

-Keheok! It hurts...but I still love the viewers! Bora Doridori, what should I do?

Yoon Bora cried out.

[Bora Doridori: Keep going towards Crockta!]

-I understand, Viewer Bora! Please keep watching! BJ Jungmin is going!

He rose again and started to move towards Crockta with his weapon. His weapon was a rapier.

-I can see Crockta! Look at that!

In the middle of the battlefield, there was a place where the heads of people kept exploding. The appearance of modern firearms in the world of Elder Lord! Every time an explosive sound was heard, flesh would fly into the sky. The terrified expeditionary forces didn’t dare go near.

"Don't be afraid, fight!”

Aklan shouted from behind as he tried to raise morale.

-Oh, there are so many people! I can’t just watch from behind! No! Viewers! BJ Jungmin will go forward, so receive me! I am prepared to die! I am a dead man living! So the balloons...!

[Bora Doridori: Stop chattering and go! I have sent balloons!]

-Yes! I’m going!

BJ Jungmin moved through the expedition troops and headed to the front of the battlefield, to the ‘Crockta Zone.’ Nobody approached Crockta so the space around him was empty. At that moment, Crockta’s terrifying face as he killed people with the greatsword was revealed.


BJ Jungmin breathed in. It was the same for everyone looking at his video. Yoon Bora’s friends gathered around her.

Killing intent. It felt like the sword was being pushed into their necks. Crockta’s eyes were bloodshot. A light shone from beneath the helmet. His whole body was soaked with blood and the greatsword waved at the enemies. A messenger who dealt death without any hesitation.

Thus, no one was able to approach him. Just one step. Death was confirmed if they took one more step. Everyone could feel it.

"He is alone...”

Yoon Bora muttered.

Everyone agreed with her words. Crockta was a surreal warrior who overcame many battlefields alone. It was a power that went against the knights and army of the empire. It was hard to feel when he was inactive.

Now, they could see the slaughterer of the empire as he faced the large expedition. This was Crockta: the overwhelming force that crushed the enemies, the realistic horror that caused the enemies’ legs to weaken, the face of a demon.


It was natural to be scared of Crockta because of his fearsome orc appearance. People were enthusiastic about him because the righteous behavior didn’t match his appearance. But that wasn’t the ‘scary’ they were talking about now.

They truly felt it. Everyone wanted to turn their heads away The madness of a killer made them turn their eyes away. This was Crockta.

-Viewers...I will sense...Jungmin will jump forward now.

At that moment, the screen twisted. At the same time, a tremendous roar was heard in the bar and from the tablet.

-I am Kumarakkkkkkkk──────!

It was a catastrophe that happened elsewhere. The impact shook the earth and prompted an earthquake, causing everyone on the screen to lose their balance and fall. BJ Jungmin also groaned as he flopped to the ground.

-Viewers, I will

At the last moment, BJ Jungmin realized it. The same was true for the viewers. The moment he sat down from the aftermath of the earthquake. BJ Jungmin entered Crockta’s zone.


At that moment, the screen turned red. Everyone was at a loss. Those looking at the screen all knew what it meant. Soon, the blood couldn’t overcome gravity and dripped down as the decapitated head of BJ Jungmin was shown on the screen. Before long, the screen cut off.

[BJ Jungmin’s broadcasting has ended.]


Crockta raised his greatsword and moved forward. There was an empty spot around him. When he walked, the enemies retreated. But this was a battlefield. The enemies were blocked by those behind them, leaving them no more room to retreat.

The soldiers started frantically thinking.

“Only this much?” Crockta asked.

Heat spread from the tattoos on his body.

"You want to get rid of us with just this much──────!”

Crockta roared and struck with God Slayer. He twisted his body to make the most of his strength. His muscles prepared for a single explosion. The enemies in front of him already foretold their deaths, praying to their gods instead of fighting back. Crockta gave them one last mercy and delayed his attack for a moment.



The prayers were finished. He swung God Slayer. A gold energy spread out in a fan shape.


The troops were split apart.


The ones behind them were broken.

Seokeok. Seokeok. Seokeok.


The army broke down and a fountain of blood appeared. Crockta stared through the drops of liquid. In a still world, Crockta walked alone on the battlefield. He looked at the frightened faces praying.

It was the world of the Pinnacle. Crockta stood there and saw the enemies. It was time alone. But at that moment.

The world shook.


He looked back. Their eyes met. Kumarak. He laughed and raised his axe. In the world that stopped and converged infinitely, Crockta wasn’t alone. It wasn’t just Kumarak.


There was a pulling noise. It was Zankus. Then strange laughter was heard. Wallachwi.

Crockta’s mouth rose, “I see.”

The enemies were endless and kept coming. They had the power of the gods to back them up. Nevertheless, Crockta wasn’t afraid. Now he wasn’t alone. It was a strange feeling.


Suddenly, a brilliant light passed in front of him.

"Stop zoning out during battle, Crockta dot!”

Tiyo was smiling while wielding General. Crockta burst out laughing.

“My mistake.”

He raised his greatsword. Now was the time to fight.


The wheel of time started to turn again. The greatsword moved. At the same time, blood splattered all over the battlefield.


“Crazy.” Adandator said. He was smiling. "Orcs are really crazy guys.”

Why did he think they could win easily? The scenes in front of him were causing doubt. Every time Kumarak wielded his axe, the earth shook. Giant arrows flew from somewhere and pierced several soldiers.

"These guys...”

They were monsters who didn’t care about miracles. In addition, unknown orc warriors were also exercising fearsome power.

“Only this much!”

A blade stabbed the abdomen of an orc. However, the orc warrior smiled and his axe struck the enemy’s neck.


This time, a spear was stabbed. The orc smiled and his axe descended. The master of the spear was split apart.

“Only this much!”

The orc burst out laughing and randomly wielded his axe.

"Only this much, humans!”

Blood flowed from his eyes, nose, and mouth, but his frenzy didn’t stop. The soldiers caught by him continued to die. Every time he acted, his body became covered in wounds. The orc slowly came to a stop when he became a hedgehog from all the spears and swords. The orc breathed deeply before raising his axe again.


The surrounding troops retreated with astonishment. However, the orc couldn’t swing his axe and stood still with a smiling face. He fought like a warrior and died like a warrior. Human limbs and guts were scattered all around him.


It was an orc warrior whose name wasn’t even known. An army of these orcs was fighting. The orcs’ battle cry irritated his ears.

“Aklan. At this rate...” Adandator looked at him. "...Aklan?”

Adandator paled. A faint light was pouring from Aklan’s body.

Aklan declared, "The real fight begins now."

It was a calm voice. 

Adandator realized. They were the army of the gods. This war wasn’t just a fight between the expedition and the orcs.

“The gods are helping us.”

It was a fight between the gods and the orcs. Aklan spread open his arms. At the moment, the sky opened and a brilliant light shone towards the ground. The gods touched the expedition. In an instant, their wounds healed and their strength recovered. A pious light that was close to madness flashed in their eyes.

It was a situation where the situation with the expedition was reversed. Now the expedition attacked the orcs. They attacked their enemies with a madness that was equal to the orc warriors.

It was pandemonium. A terrible sight of death and killing.

"Please keep this place.”


Aklan got down from his horse. The priests and paladins of each temple followed him.

"We will be victorious."

The power of the gods filled their bodies. Aklan raised his sword. A light flashed.

“In the name of the gods.”

The flags were raised. At this moment, the gods borrowed their bodies and participated.

It was the serious opening of the war.

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