Chapter 198 - Like a Slave, Like a King (2)

Chapter 198 - Like a Slave, Like a King (2)

"What are you thinking about?” asked Crockta.

The furrowed lines on the elf’s face didn’t disappear as he continued simultaneously thinking, walking, and eating. Yet he kept looking at Crockta, Zankus, and Arakunta, as if he were observing them.

Crockta felt a monkey being studied by a zoologist. 

"I don’t know what it is, but I might be able to help.”

The elf stared at Crockta with an intense gaze. However, his answer was a refusal. “No, it is a problem that I have to answer.”

"Then please stop. Do you have to look at us to find the answer?”

The elf nodded in agreement, “That’s right.”

“Then what’s the problem? I feel worried when you look at us.”

“I can’t tell you.”

"Ohh, how frustrating!”

Arakunta laughed as he watched both of them. "He’s a person with many secrets. Still, he isn’t a bad person so calm down.”

Crockta nodded as he chewed on meat. “I understand. By the way....”

They were eating the venison that Zankus hunted and Tiyo cooked. Their speed was a little slower after Arakunta and the elf joined, but they were steadily heading towards Orcrox. They would arrive soon.

"Setting aside the elf friend for now, what’s that noise?”

"Isn’t it someone passing by dot?

“They seem to be hiding.”

Zankus chewed on the venison and said, “Sounds like bandits.”

They were talking about a rustling bush. While Crockta’s group was eating, the bushes moved and a group of humans approached. They seemed to be sneaking around, but it was impossible to fool Crockta’s group. They all knew about the approach of the humans and kept quiet.

“Y-You noticed quickly!”

"But that doesn't change anything, Orcs!”

The humans popped out from the bushes, all wearing the same equipment: leather armor, a sword, and a shield. Their posture was poor, but their willpower was good.

“In the name of the gods!”

"Punish the orcs!”

They rushed forward. Crockta’s group exchanged glances, as if passing on the burden, before eventually settling on Crockta. Crockta couldn’t hold up against their heavy gazes and stood up with God Slayer in hand.


Crockta stepped forward and wielded the sword. The wind blew. The enemies were pushed away by the wind pressure and fell.



Their momentum was quickly dampened by his overwhelming dance. They couldn’t come any closer and stared at Crockta. The fallen people raised their bodies. Their weapons trembled.

“What strength...!”

They grabbed their necklaces and prayed to their god. The group wasn’t made up of bandits, but fanatics targeting the orcs. Apart from the expedition, there were also small groups raiding orcs. However, they found the wrong opponents.

"Follow the divine message! For the god of war!”

"We shall shed blood for the goddess of mercy!”

“For the divine message!”

They rushed towards Crockta’s group again. However, Crockta broke all their weapons using God Slayer. As soon as the greatsword hit it, the shields flew away from the shock. They weren’t his opponents.

"Do you still want to continue?”

Crockta headed towards the fallen humans. The humans wriggled as the shadow approached. Crockta smiled and placed his foot on the chest of one person, who let out a moan.

"Yes, the gods want to kill us?”

"Kuock...that’s right. The goddess of mercy, no one else, said that! How wicked must you be for the goddess of mercy and compassion to want to kill you! For the goddess!”

They wielded their weapons again but were forced to drop them due to Crockta.


“The gods...”

Crockta shrugged and asked, "Have you ever wondered about the gods you are following?”

“What nonsense is this...?"

"I will let you know. They aren’t perfect. They lie as we do and deceive others for their own benefit.”

Crockta knew about the divine message. So he knew that the gods weren’t absolutely omnipotent. The gods believed that Crockta and the orcs were colluding with the grey god. This was false. Crockta had met the grey god. But they were closer to enemies than allies.

The situation was ridiculous in Crockta’s eyes, so he thought that the people who believed in the divine message were pitiful.

"We aren’t conspiring with the grey god."

"What nonsense are you saying?”

“We have no intention of causing a war.”

"Shut up! We will get rid of you!”

"I see.”

The humans had no intention of listening to Crockta’s words. Was it because Crockta was pointing a sword at them? Or was their beliefs really that high? Crockta lifted God Slayer to confirm it. He moved the blade.

“W-Wait a minute...”

The greatsword slowly fell down. The struggling man caught the blade with his hand. He couldn’t wrap his hand around God Slayer’s huge blade.


He also couldn’t beat Crockta’s strength. He closed his eyes as the blade of the sword pointed at his neck.

"W-Wait a minute...!”

"I'm going to kill you.” Crockta grinned.

The man shouted as it was about to touch him, “S-Spare me!”

The blade stopped.

"Spare you?”

“Y-Yes. Stop for a second...”

"Didn’t you say you wanted to kill me and the orcs?”

“I lost. I admit it.” The man shouted with closed eyes. Moisture emerged from the tightly closed eyes. "I surrender! Spare me!”

His hands shook while holding onto the blade and he shouted.

"Do the rest of you have the same thoughts?”

Crockta looked around at the believers. Their breathing was rough as they watched Crockta and the man. Then they nodded. Crockta pulled God Slayer away.


The man got up quickly and stood with his party. They all looked at Crockta.

Crockta declared, “Throw away your weapons.”

They exchanged looks before slowly dropping their weapons. The spears, swords, shields, etc were all dropped.

“And...” Crockta placed God Slayer on his shoulder. “Get out of here. The scared humans started to run away.

Crockta admired their quick movements before returning to the party. His face was calm because it was a natural victory.

"Daring to go against Crockta... humans are so stupid!”

Arakunta was delighted after seeing their movements. Crockta laughed as he sat back down and picked up the venison. It hadn’t cooled down yet.

“Hey.” At that time, the elf opened his mouth. "Why did you just let them go?”

Crockta chewed on the venison and replied.


"They will come back again after running away. They will join the expedition or attack the other orcs.”

Crockta nodded. "I guess so.”

"Then why did you leave them alive?”

“That...” Crockta laughed. He swallowed the venison and said. "It is a good day.”

"What are you talking about?”

"The sunshine is good and the wind is cool, so I let them go. They are just following the gods’ divine message, and haven’t sinned.”


“In addition, a warrior doesn’t attack unarmed people!”

The lines on the elf’s face thickened further. "Are you serious?"

"I’m serious.” Crockta got up after the meal. "There is one thing I want to say.”

"What is it?"

"I don't know what you are so worried about. Anyway, all of us will die someday. Life is short so we should just focus on the present.” Crockta grinned. "You are alive right now."

The elf’s eyes widened at Crockta’s words. At the same time, the wrinkles on his brow disappeared. His face was like a pure and bright elf youth. He looked at Crockta quietly before the lines reappeared. But there was a slight smile on his face.

“I see. Yes, that is your greeting.” He muttered.

Crockta’s group started moving again. Now Crockta knew the terrain. Orcrox was around the corner.


Anail’s king of the underworld. No one could go against him. It didn’t mean he terrorized the citizens. However, he penetrated into people’s psychology and deliberately seduced them into a contract. If they cheated and broke the contract, a pain worse than death waited.

That was his way. As such, he also kept his promises.

"Thompson." Then he slowly called the opponent’s name. The opponent’s face was distorted with pain. “Your answer?”


"It will just get worse...” Anail’s king teased. A pained moan emerged from Thompson’s mouth.


The man grinned, "It would be easier if you listened to me.”

Thompson gritted his teeth and replied, “Don’t make me...laugh.”

"You don’t seem to know your situation.” 

The man’s laughter rang out in the sealed room. Thompson’s body shook as he closed his eyes. He didn’t expect this man to be like this. He had been silent, only to suddenly push the blade towards Thompson. Thompson tried to resist as much as possible, but it couldn’t be helped.

He visualized many scenes in his head as the man’s hand moved again.

Then he cried out, “Stop.”

"Now give up."

“Stop. I understand.”

The man laughed, "People are fun. You know the result yet still want to challenge it. Continue and continue. In the vain belief that one day you will win.”


“It is human weakness. Thompson."

Thompson couldn’t resist anymore and shouted, "Ah, don’t imitate that bastard’s tone!”

The man was surprised at the sudden shout, “W-Why are you shouting all of a sudden, Brother?”

“That’s it. You cheated! That’s right!” Thompson pointed at the chessboard located between them. "You were a novice before the bet, yet your skills suddenly improved? Isn’t this cheating in chess?”

"Oh, I didn’t study. Brother, there is no need to be angry. I don’t study but my mind is good. I got better after a few matches. Brother’s mind is too stiff!”

“Eek...!” Thompson took deep breaths from where he was sitting. “Pant, pant. Ah, shit.”

The man laughed at Thompson’s voice and said, "The game is over. Then, I will enforce the contract...”

“Don’t follow Derek!”

"What's wrong with that?” The man whistled. "He has already died.”

Jeremy grinned. "Isn’t that right, Kids?”

The big men in black outfits, watching the chess match, bowed their heads and shouted.

“That’s right! Brother!”

“That’s correct!”


"Brother killed him!”

Jeremy shrugged. "Right."

Thompson shook his head at the scene. "Derek didn’t do this but...”

"This fits my taste. By the way...” Jeremy coughed. "Doesn’t the expedition want you to sell supplies to them?”

"Ah, there was something like that.”

"Are you going to sell it?”


"Sell goods...”

"You bastard, are you disregarding me? Eh!” Thompson jumped up and overturned the chessboard. “I am Thompson. I’m not a man who will break faith. Crockta and Hoyt are my friends! I absolutely won’t sell to them!”

"Ah, no! Uh!” Jeremy’s face distorted. "Why is the chessboard overturned!”

“Eh? My mistake. Why did you say something like that? It is your fault.”

“This is completely cheating!”

"Aren’t you trying to swindle a merchant living on one credit?”

The two big shots of Anail. Thompson of the Thompson Company and Jeremy, king of Anail’s underworld, hollered at each other.

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