Chapter 197 - Like a Slave, Like a King (1)

Chapter 197 - Like a Slave, Like a King (1)

Crockta’s group left the great forest. They were in the territory of the orcs. Although the forest was still thick, it wasn’t as dangerous as the great forest area. As they passed through the forest, animals like deer and rabbits stared at them.

"A nostalgic landscape." Crockta muttered.

This was the scenery he saw when he was on his way to Grant to defeat the mutant wolves, his first assignment from Lenox. If they kept heading north, they would soon reach Orcrox.

"It has been a long time since I’ve been to Orcrox, so it feels good.” Zankus said. Crockta laughed.

"Don’t be excited, we are going to war.”

"That makes me more excited.”

“Kulkul, me too. It is exciting!”

Both orcs expressed confidence in the following battle.

"An incredible number of enemies will probably come.”

"It doesn’t matter. If there are 10,000 people, hunt 10,000 people. If there are one million people, hunt one million people.”

“If the gods come?”

Zankus smiled, "I will hunt a god.”

An absurd remark! But they were Zankus, the hunter who penetrated the sun, and Crockta, the warrior who conquered the north and stopped the empire. It wasn’t arrogant to say this. Crockta and Zankus weren’t bragging, but talking about their aspirations in the future war.

“I see something dot.” Tiyo shouted.

As he said, there was something. An adult’s figure could be seen from behind the bushes. As they approached, the appearance became clearer.


It was an elf. But it wasn’t an ordinary elf.

"What the hell is this guy dot?”

“It isn’t an ordinary elf.”

“A little... No, the elf is very strange.”

The elf, dressed in splendid clothing, was sitting on the rock and thinking about something. He failed to notice Crockta’s group approaching him because he was deep in thought. The figure of the elf was clearly like Rodin’s ‘The Thinker!’

But unlike the naked sculpture, his outside was beautiful and colorful. The silk and gold threads made him look as luxurious as the emperor. It was a strange appearance that didn’t match the forest.

“You over there.” Crockta said as he approached. But there was no answer.

“Hey dot!” Tiyo shouted. The elf didn’t panic at the sudden yell. He raised a hand from his chin. It was a signal to keep quiet. However, Tiyo couldn’t.

“What are you doing dot?”


“Hey? Can you hear me dot?”

The elf, who had his eyes closed, sighed and got up. His clothing flowed downwards. "There are two kinds of people in the world. A person who interferes with someone’s thoughts, and a person who leaves them alone.”

"Did we bother you dot?”

“I didn’t say that. But at the very least, I can’t let it go.” His quiet voice had an air of dignity. They met an unusual person in the forest.

"What happened?" Then the bushes rustled and one more person appeared. An orc warrior. He stood next to the elf and faced Crockta’s group.

“No, who are you?” The orc asked.

"That is what we want to ask dot!”

An orc stood beside an elf. The combination of the luxuriously dressed elf and the orc warrior with the weapon was curious, like a nobleman and the servant who served him.

The orc rolled his eyes and introduced himself. "I am Arakunta, who is accompanying this person. A warrior.”

"The elf?”

The elf didn’t open his mouth. The orc explained. "We met in the forest. I don’t know his name.”

“What is your relationship dot? The combination of elf and orc is strange.”

"Your group is also strange but...” The orc shrugged. "I am on my way to Orcrox. I think that you are the same. Not long ago, there was an absurd divine message about the orcs being attacked.”

Crockta nodded. "Yes. We are on our way to meet the enemies of Orcrox.”

“I am doing the same. Although immature, I am still a warrior recognized by Hoyt and Tashaquil! I can’t stay still.”

Hoyt had become the warrior instructor after Lenox. In other words, Arakunta was a warrior younger than Crockta.

Crockta smiled warmly. “How brave! Truly an orc warrior, Arakunta!”

"Kulkulkul. It is nothing, Senior!” Arakunta already noticed that Crockta was a more experienced warrior than him. "Anyway, I was going to Orcrox because of that, and was surrounded by ogres when passing through the great forest. It would be different if there was one, but there were too many for me.”

Ogres were classified as some of the most dangerous among the creatures. There weren’t many monsters stronger than ogres, but they weren’t the top predators because of their small numbers. Being able to face one ogre alone already made him a great warrior.

Of course, Crockta’s group were an exception because they had already gone beyond the normal level.

"Then this elf saved me.”

"This elf dot?”

“Yes. He is a quiet person with many thoughts, but he has great strength. He defeated the ogres in an instant. He followed me once I said I was heading to Orcrox. I just took a few minutes to hunt.”

Crockta’s group looked at the elf. There was something about him apart from his unique appearance. Crockta felt something unknown from him. There was a sense of familiarity about him. It felt like he had seen the gaze that penetrated inside him before. However, this was definitely the first time he saw the elf.

Crockta stared at him and asked, “Anyway, it is nice to meet you. What is your name? I am Crockta. As you can see, I am an orc warrior.”

The reaction came from the side.


Arakunta’s eyes widened. Crockta was the envy of all newbie warriors. The last person trained by legendary instructor Lenox, the apprentice warrior who grew up and quickly became the strongest orc. His name was all over the continent. In particular, the story that he attacked the imperial army alone and eventually destroyed it with his friends was heard in every ear.

"Are you really the ‘Northern Conqueror’ and ‘Empire’s Deficit’ Crockta?” Arakunta asked.

"It is the first time I’ve heard of ‘Empire’s Deficit’ but I am definitely the ‘Northern Conqueror.’”

“Ohh, Crockta! It is an honor to meet you!” Arakunta approached him for a huge and to shake hands. Crockta laughed and accepted him. "Then the people here...”

Arakunta looked at Tiyo and Anor in turn.

"The famous two people who are always with Crockta...! No wonder why the combination was strange!”

Tiyo and Anor pricked their ears. Arakunta pointed at Anor with shaking shoulders and shouted.

"Then this dark elf! You are the lord of the dead, ‘Death’s Ruler’ Anor!”


Anor looked awkward. He hadn’t used his necromancy often after coming down to the continent. Nevertheless, his reputation increased as he traveled with Crockta and such a great title ended up attached to him.

"If so, this small gnome!”

"Hehet, yes, I am that gnome dot!”

Tiyo shrugged.

"Magic Bullets Berserker!”

"W-What dot?”

"When a battle is going on, there is a rampage of magic bullets, ‘Magic Bullets Berserker’ Tiyo!”

Tiyo’s mouth twisted. He didn’t seem to like the expression ‘berserker.’

Tiyo cleared his throat and said. “Hum hum. Well, rather than that expression...merciless shooter...storm bombardment...”

But Arakunta had already turned away. "These two I know, but Orc, what is your name? You look like a hunter.”

He examined Zankus. His tone was polite because he realized Zankus wasn’t an ordinary hunter after seeing the huge bow. "Is your name perhaps...”

Zankus shrugged at Arakunta, “Zankus.”


Arakunta was thrilled as he looked at Crockta’s group.

“Crockta and his friends, as well as the legendary hunter who shot down the sun, ‘Sun Killer’ Zankus! That is a really huge arrow! I will have no regrets, even if I die today!”

He shook like Zankus’ arrow was pointed at him.

“Calm down. I’m not that great of an orc.”

"What are you talking about? Zankus and Crockta are legendary orcs. I met legends today!”

Arakunta’s fussing continued.


Crockta ignored Arakunta and looked at the elf. He hadn’t heard the name of the elf yet.

"Anyway, so what is your name?"

“Name...I can’t tell you my name.” The elf replied.

Crockta raised his eyebrows.

"What an expensive person.”

"We aren’t going to stay together long, so there is no need to know my name.”

"I see. Are you going to Orcrox?”


"Then where?”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

His words were like a zen riddle.


"Until when is the right question. I will walk until I find the answer.”


"If you are heading to Orcrox, we should go together.”

The elf wanted to join Crockta’s group. 

This elf had a strange head His clothing wasn’t that of a warrior, but he was a magician strong enough to defeat ogres. There were plenty of magicians who became strange due to their long research. The elf probably belonged in that category.

“Crockta! Let’s go to Orcrox together!” Arakunta's eyes shone as he exclaimed.

Crockta looked back at his party. Everybody shrugged.

"Well...there is no reason to reject dot.”

"It doesn't matter."

“Huhu, I will show you my skills dot!”

Thus, Crockta was accompanied by the novice warrior Arakunta and the unidentified elf.


Aklan’s expedition was cruising. A few unexpected places declined but it was heading in a positive direction.

The number of volunteers increased as the faithful and temples continued to participate. Nobles and knights who wanted to build merits also joined the expedition. There were too many people, so he had to divide the command.

"The Blacksmith Company declined the deal,” Aklan said as he marched beside Adandator.

They were near Arnin, the city of elves.


"It is the result of the meeting they called.”

"It is about trust. The orcs.”

Aklan scratched his head. “Well, it isn’t a big deal. We can find another company before the battle. There is time. Ask the Thompson Company; its headquarters in Anail are right in front of Orcrox.”

“You should find out more.” Adandator said while swinging his blade through the air. "There are many unexpected things. Who knows what will happen in the future. Don't you know? Perhaps Crockta has a relationship with Thompson.”


Aklan imagined it. It seemed possible.

As he organized the expedition and moved across the continent, he had to face Crockta’s trail. In fact, Aklan didn’t know much about Crockta. Before appearing in the south, the gods had whispered ‘Northern Conqueror’ and he was ‘Empire’s Deficit’ after fighting the empire. That was all he knew.

However, Crockta had many achievements outside the south. The people praised him. It was an act difficult to imagine with a person colluding with the gray god.

“If that is the case...”

"Don’t worry about it.”

Someone said from behind him.

It was one of the nobles who joined the expedition. He ruled a small territory in the east. Rather than volunteering because of faith, he wanted to increase his reputation and earn some of the profit from this expedition.


"Anail has a very dangerous man.”

“Dangerous man?”

"He rules the underworld there. A man who runs Anail and exerts influence throughout the continent. The king of the back alleys.” He smiled. "Even Thompson can’t fight him in Anail. And I am familiar with the king of Anail. I did something for him before, and his work is thorough. I’ll ask him to stop Thompson from refusing the deal.”

"He is a criminal.”

"Of course, the worst villain and cold-blooded. But in this case, a villain is the strongest ally. Thompson can’t resist him.”

Aklan fell silent. While it would be better if the deal with the Thompson Company were successful, he was unwilling to hold hands with a criminal.

Adandator asked instead of Aklan. “What is his name?”


“I’ve heard it somewhere before. Then, please ask.”

“Please leave it to me. I will send a messenger down. It will be a quick horse."

A cooperation with Derek was established. Aklan declared, "But we are are an expedition that follows the gods’ will. Holding hands with such a person...”

"You are a very stiff person.”

Peros frowned. Adandator also winked at him.


Aklan sighed, “Do you think so as well?”

Aklan looked back at the army following him. Numerous gazes were gathered on him, They were the heads of the expedition moving with them. The nobles and commanders, as well as Aklan and Adandator. They nodded as he listened to the conversation.

"If there is light, shadows have to exist. Please leave it to us this time.”

"We need to be as prepared as possible. The orcs are tough opponents.”

"There is a secular way of life. We need to use everything possible.:

Even the priests of the other temples closed their eyes. It was unspoken consent. He couldn’t go against the majority opinion. Aklan once again felt nervous about the expedition. There was an anxiety that kept stabbing at his stomach.

Yes, it was present since Maillard.

‘All of them admire Crockta.’

It was the same at Chesswood.

‘Listen carefully, Crockta is our hero!’

He once again deeply sighed.

“...I understand.”

Peros gave an order to his deputy, who headed to the rear. Within a short time, a messenger rose away from the army. Aklan felt heavier with every step. He wanted to stop this. But, he didn’t stop. Numerous volunteers were following behind Aklan. Now he couldn’t stop.

He moved forward like he was pushed. Adandator, Peros, the other nobles who were shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Aklan stepped forward like he was caught in their wave. The momentum of the crowd didn’t stop. He couldn’t tell whether he was leading them or being pushed by them.

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