Chapter 191 - Kill the Thunderbird (4)

Chapter 191 - Kill the Thunderbird (4)

The young thunderbirds were crying. There seemed to be 10 of them. Thunderbirds were the size of a house. Therefore, the young chicks already reached the chest of an adult human. Crockta was perplexed as the young chicks with beautiful feathers looked up at them with clear eyes.

“There are young thunderbirds.”

"Cute dot...”

They were similar in height to Tiyo. As Tiyo approached, the thunderbirds looked at him and made a curious sound. Tiyo cried out when he was lifted up by one chick. The other thunderbird chick beside it rubbed its beak against Tiyo with a pure appearance of no hostility.

“Uh?” Tiyo suddenly flinched. Blood flowed from the beak and stained Tiyo’s clothing.

“It seems like they just ate.”

Zankus pointed to one side. There were the bodies of monsters such as ogres and trolls, as well as the stolen drake. The bodies were torn in places.

“This is why the hunting cycle was sped up.”

There were 10 chicks. They were currently smaller than an adult, but they would soon grow to the size of the mother thunderbird, requiring a huge amount of food.

“Then the thunderbird is fighting the ogres because of her chicks dot.”

"I guess so.”

The thunderbird took risks in hunting and fighting the ogres head on in order to protect her young. The chicks didn’t know about their mother’s efforts as they approached the strange visitors and poked them with their beaks. As Crockta stroked a chick’s head, it spread open its wings and rubbed its body against his legs. They were very friendly.

“Thunderbirds live for 1,000 years,” said Zankus as he gazed at a young thunderbird. "In addition, the eggs of a thunderbird needs a very long time to hatch. Thunderbirds keep their eggs in a safe and warm place, waiting a long time until they are hatched.”

Suddenly, Zankus began to laugh. Crockta, Tiyo, and the young thunderbirds stared at him.

"I followed the thunderbird in order to surpass Shakan. But I once again realize what a great hunter he was.”

Zankus pointed to the entrance of the thunderbird nest. It was a place they hadn’t looked at. As the sun got lower, sunlight poured into the nest.  At the same time, shapes appeared on the rock wall near the entrance.

They were letters. Someone had carved letters on the rock. It had been weathered over the years, but the words could still be recognized. Crockta and Tiyo realized who it was. The traces of a man they could never forget.

[I am a descendant of the Shakan and an unnamed hunter. I leave this here for the hunters of the next generation. A true hunter never hunts the young. Thunderbirds live for 1,000 years and have to wait 100 years for their eggs to hatch.

Just the fact that you came here means you have succeeded in hunting the thunderbird. These rare birds shouldn’t be extinguished from history. We hunters should turn away.]

Shakan hadn’t failed in hunting the thunderbird. He knew that the thunderbird was guarding the eggs and turned away without any regrets. It wasn’t just Shakan. Other marks were seen under the sentence left by Shakan.

[I am Prairie Hunter Abudai. I respect Shakan’s will.]

[I am the dark elf Hikade. Please let the mother mother bird see the fruits of her labor.]

[I am Albulla, the world’s strongest hunter! Today I will show mercy.]

[I miss my wife and children. Hunter Joffrey, I will finish my hunting and return home.]

[Wow There are 12 eggs. Take care of your children well, Thunderbird! Hunter William.]

Since then, several hunters had come to this point, leaving their mark before turning away. A rare species hardly ever seen on the continent, the thunderbird with beautiful dark blue wings. Other hunters reached this point, but they stopped hunting to honor Shakan’s will and to protect the mother and her eggs.

The words they left on the rock were shining brightly in the sunlight. Shakan’s words were getting weathered, but the traces of the other hunters were clear. Some were great hunters that Zankus knew about.

"The way they came here is different, but the point they reached is the same.”

The best hunters who had the ability to break through the great forest and reach the thunderbird’s nest. They all felt the same thing here. Zankus met Crockta and Tiyo’s gaze as they knew what they had to do now.

"Huhu, I actually liked the thunderbird from the beginning dot.

"Your muzzle was aiming at it.”

"It is a type of greeting dot.

They separated from the chicks clinging to them and left the thunderbird’s nest. The cries of the thunderbird could be heard from below.


Crockta’s group climbed down the rock wall without a hitch. The thunderbird was flying into the sky and dropping ogres, while fighting the ogre wizard as well. Many feathers had fallen and blood was flowing down.

Crockta grabbed God Slayer.

"I'm sorry for the ogres.”

He measured the distance. He targeted an enemy.


Crockta jumped off the rock without hesitation. God Slayer descended on the ogre. Flesh scattered. Ogre Slayer was now God Slayer. Even an ogre was a light opponent for God Slayer. If he caught a chicken with the blade, the poor chicken would be shattered.

God Slayer struck and the ogre died with a gruesome scream. The ogre wizard was confused and recoiled from the enemies that appeared above. At that time, a giant spear flew and skewered the ogres near the ogre wizard.

The ogres shrieked.


It was Zankus’ arrow. Once the ogres stopped, the suffering thunderbird rose up in the sky. She was bewildered by Crockta’s group suddenly helping her.

There were dozens of ogres. However, Crockta, Tiyo, and Zankus defeated them without a hitch. The golden blade shone and huge arrows bombarded them. The magic bullets flying from Tiyo obstructed any ogres that dared to attack.

The thunderbird also descended and started attacking the ogres again. She clawed at an ogre aiming at Crockta’s back. Crockta raised his thumbs in thanks, causing the thunderbird to flap her wings.




The ogres screamed at each other once the situation suddenly changed. Then there was a roar from the ogre wizard.


They didn’t know what it meant, but it sounded like a retreat order. The ogre showed their backs and started to run away. Crockta put away his greatsword. The ogres disappeared without looking back. It was a quick retreat that made it hard to believe a terrible battle had just taken place. The noise of battle disappeared as calmness once again blanketed the great forest. Only the corpses of the ogres were scattered all over the place.

The thunderbird slowly landed on the ground.


The thunderbird looked even more beautiful up close. As if she understood them, she stared at Crockta’s group with clear eyes. Zankus approached the thunderbird. The thunderbird lowered her head. The two looked at each other for a while.

Zankus reached out his hand. The thunderbird extended its beak. Zankus stroked the beak. There were scars and blood from the battle. The thunderbird’s beak gently touched Zankus’ body. Both of them had a rapport after confirming there was no hostility towards each other.

The thunderbird lowered her body. Then she made a sound. He didn’t know what it meant at first, but then realized she was telling him to get on her back. Zankus climbed onto the thunderbird first. Crockta and Tiyo followed. Although their posture was unstable, Zankus grabbed the thunderbird’s neck, Crockta held Zankus and Tiyo held Crockta.


The thunderbird took off. The earth became far away in an instant. The thunderbird circled around her nest. Everything in the great forest seemed like a toy. The fighting creatures, the resting creatures, the small birds, everything was below them.

The afternoon sun was falling. Crockta enjoyed the air rushing past his body as he gazed at the endless green landscape stretching out before him.

He was here. He lived in the world of Elder Lord.


They enjoyed the scenery for a while. Was the thunderbird always seeing such sights?

"Beautiful dot."

"I completely agree.”

The thunderbird flapped her wings, as if in agreement. The thunderbird descended. They landed at the thunderbird’s nest. The chicks appeared to welcome their mother. They jumped clumsily at their mother. The thunderbird spread her wings and covered all of her chicks.

From their positions, Crockta’s group could see the blood and scars on the thunderbird’s back and wings. The chicks didn’t know. How hard the mother thunderbird’s day was today. How she found food for them and rescued them. The bodies outside were living their lives until yesterday.

Crockta turned and looked outside. The sun was setting. It was a beautiful twilight. Looking at this magnificent sight, Crockta thought that the world was too big. Everyone was living desperately in it. They had their own unique lives.

Tiyo stood next to Crockta.

"Today has passed dot.”

The glow of the sunlight reached this place. The rock wall at the entrance of the nest shone. It made the traces of Shakan and the other hunters who came here more prominent.

“There is an empty spot.” Zankus said. Then he approached the rock. “How about it?”

Crockta and Tiyo smiled and nodded.

Zankus pulled out an arrow. Shakan’s traces, and those of the hunters after him. He placed the arrowhead on it. Zankus moved his hand. He started to carve deep and sharp letters.

[In honor of the greatest hunter, Shakan.]

[Hunter Zankus.]

Then his hand stopped moving. Crockta received the arrow next. He took it and wrote,

[Warrior Crockta.]

Then it was Tiyo’s turn.

[Manly Tiyo.]

The three of them laughed heartily at the sight.

At that moment.


They reacted to the sudden sound. Then a brown hand appeared at the entrance of the nest. The hand shook for a moment before another hand appeared. The owner of the hand slowly pulled himself up. It was dangerous but he eventually reached the nest.


The bone sparrow on his head cried out awkwardly.


It was Anor. He had been walking here while they fought the ogres and enjoyed the stunning scenery from the thunderbird’s back. He could barely move at this point.


Anor flopped down. He wasn’t in a normal state. His whole body was soaked with sweat. He staggered and fell down.

"You managed to climb up dot.”

Tiyo laughed and added letters next to his name.

[Weakling Anor.]

Suddenly, a young thunderbird approached Crockta, crying out with a desire to play. Crockta cuddled with the young thunderbird. Then he looked again at the traces they left behind.

[In honor of the greatest hunter, Shakan.

Hunter Zankus. Warrior Crockta. Manly Tiyo. Weakling Anor.]

The great forest was filled with many dangerous creatures. The thunderbird’s nest that was located in the harshest place. There was a special guestbook shared by the hunters who reached this place. Their names had been added.

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