Chapter 181 - Slayer Maker (1)

Chapter 181 - Slayer Maker (1)

Crockta informed Guardi, the leader of Katalu, and quietly escaped the city. It was to get rid of the fans and users following them.

“It is like going back to the beginning.”

“Huhu, I think so as well dot.”

Crockta headed north to find the Temple of the Fallen God, while Tiyo wanted to find his father. It was the beginning of destiny. He’d met Anor there, fought the great chieftain, and eventually conquered the north. Next was the south. He’d met an Alaste knight there and learned about the empire’s ambitions. Then he rescued the city from an army.

They had been through many things. Now, they were heading on a new path. Their goal was the west. It contained the magnificent Orcrox and Basque, as well as the mountain cities of the orcs. There were a wide variety of orcs present in unknown territory on the continent. Beyond that was Geherad. 

Geherad was the ancient word for ‘last fire.’

“The last fire, is it an incredibly hot place dot?”

“Tsk. Think about it. It would be something figurative.”

“What do you think when you hear last fire dot? Heat!”

“Not that. Um… passion? A place where passionate people live?”


They walked for a long time after leaving Katalu. After heading north-east from Katalu, a great forest appeared. From there, it was a long march to Geherad.

“I see it.”

There was a small village at the entrance of the forest. It was commonly known as the ‘resting area.’

“Be careful. I heard rumors that the prices are expensive dot.”

“It’s okay. Crockta is rich.”

“Indeed, there is a saying that a friend’s money is our money dot.

“...It is the first time I’ve heard that.”

The great forest was a rough place. However, there were adventures, treasures, and magic hidden throughout. There was also a city like Geherad, where mysterious species lived. That’s why adventurers who wanted to enter the forest stayed at this village for a while. They could gain equipment, information, and companions from the village. The great forest was a tough place, so it was advantageous to have as many people as possible.

There were adventurers shaking placards at the entrance of the village.

[Recruiting people to explore Darunen Dungeon.]

[Looking for people to hunt trolls.]

[Looking for an adventurer to accompany me to Seoru Academy.]

[Looking for people with courage.]

They were all gathering people. Many showed interest in Crockta’s party. There was a dignified orc warrior, a gnome with a mysterious artifact, and an unknown hooded person, who gave off dark energy. They seemed strong and skillful. The adventurers waved their placards towards the party with eager eyes. Everyone was preparing to enter the forest for various purposes. 

Crockta’s party didn’t respond and headed straight into the village. There were inns, restaurants, and equipment stores all over. Houses for residential purposes were rare. In other words, most of the villagers were wanderers.

“We will stay the day and head off tomorrow.”

“Good dot.”

They didn’t need another party member, so they headed straight to an inn. It cost a lot to stay for just one day. Then at that moment...

A man holding a placard was staring at them from the entrance to the inn. A bearded dwarf. He looked at Tiyo, who was a similar height to him, and then at Anor and Crockta. Then he moved his placard closer.


There was only a brief description of his destination. He was already confident they were going to the same place after hearing the conversation that went on within Crockta’s group. However, his shabby appearance didn’t fit that of a dwarf.

Tiyo and Anor shook their heads, while Crockta avoided eye contact. They ignored him and tried to enter the inn. Then the dwarf opened his mouth to say,

“Going to Geherad will be useless.”

Crockta’s party stopped walking.

The dwarf said, “The one you are looking for isn’t there.”

Crockta looked at the dwarf. He seemed to already know the purpose of Crockta’s group. Perhaps he knew about Hedor.

Crockta asked, “What are you talking about? Do you know Hedor?”

“Hedor?” The dwarf was confused. “It is the first time I’ve heard that name. I don’t know who he is, but he won’t be enough.”

The momentary conversation paused. What was the dwarf talking about? Crockta’s group looked at each other. Something was strange.

Crockta spoke again, “You said that you know why we are going to Geherad...”

“Of course.”

“What do you think the reason is?”

“Um...?” The dwarf seemed to have noticed something was strange as he pointed to Crockta. “Aren’t you going to fix that?”

“What are you talking about? Fix?”

“You are heading to Geherad without knowing anything?” The dwarf sighed. “Foolish warrior!”

“What are you saying? Please explain.”

Tiyo tugged at Crockta and Anor’s sleeves.

“Ignore him dot. He is just a weird dwarf, a crazy dwarf.”

“My mind is fine, gnome with an undignified expression!”

“What dot! Crazy dwarf!”

Anor gently stopped Tiyo. The dwarf sighed, “You really don’t know anything. Warrior. Listen carefully.” He pointed to Ogre Slayer on Crockta’s back. “Your weapon is on the brink of breaking.”


Crockta’s eyes widened. Then he reflexively grabbed the handle of Ogre Slayer. It felt heavy in his hands. That dwarf said that Ogre Slayer was on the verge of breaking down. There was a problem with the work of the Golden Anvil Clan? Crockta couldn’t believe it.

“You are a great warrior. I can feel it. You might’ve become stronger through many battlefields, but the sword has continued to be damaged.”

He had a point. Ever since Crockta received this as a gift from Thompson in Anail, he hadn’t changed weapons even once. In the meantime, he had dealt with countless monsters and enemies. A conventional weapon would’ve already been destroyed. However, Crockta had always taken care of Ogre Slayer and brought it to blacksmiths. Yet a shabby dwarf was saying this to him out of nowhere, so he couldn’t accept it.

“I entrusted it to a blacksmith every time a fight ended.”

“Yes, you left it to a blacksmith. That is the problem.”

“How come?”

“An ordinary blacksmith can’t handle Ogre Slayer.”


Crockta’s eyes widened. This dwarf knew that the greatsword was named Ogre Slayer.

“Who are you?”

Crockta held Ogre Slayer. The dwarf nodded fearlessly at the blade which Crockta held. There was a faint smile on his face.

“I am a craftsman of the Golden Anvil Clan, Zakiro.”

He was a member of the Golden Anvil Clan. However, this wasn’t the end.

“I am the one who created Ogre Slayer, the Slayer Maker.”


“Your Majesty. This divine message is strange.”

Duke Christian said. He was the one who had caused the emperor to become close to the Heaven and Earth Clan. He was also the one with the greatest power in the empire, maybe even more than the emperor. The kingdom could become an empire due to Duke Christian manipulating it from behind. 

After the Heaven and Earth Clan disappeared, Duke Christian rarely left his estate. However, he came to Akantor after hearing news about the divine message.

“Please think carefully.”

“I followed your cautious words and lost most of the troops.” Akantor said sarcastically.

However, Christian wasn’t agitated. “It was Your Majesty’s choice to strike Crockta.”

“Are you really saying that?”

“Isn’t it?”

Christian shot back. Emperor Akantor... The only person able to question him was Duke Christian.

Akantor’s lips twisted as he smiled, “Yes, let’s say that.”

“I believe you understand my point.”

“So, I should refuse the temples.”

“The empire isn’t a place ruled by the gods. It is only Your Majesty who can decide on war.”

“You speak well.”

“I have always been loyal. Please listen to me, Your Majesty.”

“So, what is wrong with this? I don’t know about matters regarding the gods. But this is an opportunity to get rid of Crockta who insulted the empire, as well as the dirty orcs. Does the duke think otherwise?”

Christian closed his eyes.

Of course, it was a tempting offer. In addition to the empire, all the species on the continent, including the elves and dwarves, had received this divine message. If they joined together, they could destroy the orcs without much damage. If Crockta was killed, the empire’s fallen honor would be rebuilt. However, they needed to be careful.

“Mogsulin was at the fight on the plains.”

“I heard he was watching from a distance.”

Mogsulin was the magician who had stopped Crockta and saved Keynes. He was the genius who was the most powerful magician in the empire, and Duke Christian’s most beloved follower.

“He can borrow the power of the gods. Therefore, he has a great deal of knowledge about the gods.”

“A magician who can borrow the power of the gods?”

“He has the ability to interact with them. Anyway, he felt something at that time and learned that the gods were watching Crockta.”

Mogsulin had sensed a power that shouldn’t be present in Crockta.

“That is why the gods are trying to kill Crockta and the orcs.”

“What is that power?”

“The power of the fallen god.”

“It is the first time I’ve heard of it.”

“It is dangerous. We must be cautious as long as the power of the fallen god is involved. She is the worst being who drove the world to the brink of destruction.”

Christian gazed at Akantor with serious eyes. Akantor sighed. Christian was the real power of the empire. Simultaneously, he was his mother’s brother, or in other words, his uncle. His strength was manipulation, but sometimes he gave sincere advice.

“Then shouldn’t we do something before the situation worsens?”

“We will have no obligation to.”

“Isn’t the world in danger because of Crockta and the orcs?”

“Your Majesty is still pure.” Christian laughed. Akantor’s face distorted. “It doesn’t matter if it is dangerous. The orcs live in the northwest of the continent. The elves, dwarves, and gnomes will receive the damage first.”


“Then when the time comes, the gods will come out in person. They leave troublesome things to the mortals, but once the damage is too large, they will use their power.”

Akantor nodded. “The gods… It seems like a distant story.”

“They are insignificant. They are merely mighty beings who call themselves gods and follow their own desires.”

“So, you’re saying we don’t need to exhaust our strength and should just watch. If nothing happens, it is good. If the other species are damaged, it is beneficial to us.”

“That’s right.” Christian looked at Akantor with gentle eyes. “Keep this in mind. There is no joint responsibility in this world. A battle is divided between the loser and the winner. In this case, there is no loss from not participating.”

“I understand.” Akantor nodded.

Once Christian thought the emperor was convinced, he bowed and left the room. Now that Akantor was alone, he rubbed his chin. Christian’s words made sense. However, it was clear that Christian had failed to grasp the power of the ‘gods.’ The gods weren’t so convenient to deal with.

Akantor muttered, “I wish it was that easy...”

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