Chapter 163 - Empire Strikes Back (2)

Chapter 163 - Empire Strikes Back (2)

‘Undergames’, a broadcasting channel specialized for games, acquired a tip first. It was news that Elder Lord’s best-selling ‘War Maestro’ Rommel and the Heaven and Earth Clan were beginning their large-scale quest.

The quest wasn’t an ordinary raid. War-content that couldn’t be seen on a peaceful continent. This time, it wasn’t a small, contained skirmish, but rather a vast, extensive war that made use of a great army.

Recently, the Heaven and Earth Clan had formed a closer relationship with the kingdom and it was reported that they were leading the empire’s army. It was a real war.

Channel Undergames, which had grown quickly through Elder Lord, didn’t want to miss this event. So they decided to postpone the PvP contest and organized a special program that relayed the quest progress in real time.

They negotiated with the Heaven and Earth Clan and paid a large amount of royalties. Then they launched a new online channel filled with commentators aside from BJ Heaven and Earth.

The name:

<I am my own Lord through Heaven and Earth - Empire Strikes Back Chapter 0>(TL: Seems to have taken the name from a Buddhist saying that includes Heaven and Earth)

They just used words that looked great, but this childish name attracted people’s attention. Then the broadcast started. It was a hardcore program that tracked the Heaven and Earth Clan 24 hours a day in real time.

The storytelling was already overflowing. They were the knights of the emperor who fought for the empire’s revival, and those who opposed it were rebels. Towards the unrighteous, the empire knights and the Heaven and Earth Clan would raise their swords.

The Heaven and Earth Clan became the hottest topic.

“Aren’t they just slaughtering weak people?” There were some people who said it, but their opinions were ignored.

Those were just human rights people. The ones being killed were NPCs.

It was enough to create a Heaven and Earth mania.


"The goal is the occupation of Espada.”

Rommel explained.

"If necessary, wipe them out.”

-Rommel truly is incredible. Look at that charisma. The NPCs can’t even move their heads and are being conducted. That is the dignity of a general

-The one who makes that formation is Rommel. He was such a person from the beginning. Choi Hansung was a professional gamer in the past. He was always an imposing friend. I always knew he would become big.

The other leaders were riding beside Choi Hansung. Keynes chewed on his apple and laughed.

"Disgraceful bastards are trying to use tricks to ruin the empire. Cut off the bud here. So reconciliation is no longer a choice.”

"What about those who resist?”

"Don't be naïve. We have already given them enough opportunities. This price is their own fault.”

“Kuoong. I understand.”

-That is the vice master of the Heaven and Earth Clan, Keynes. He was the leader of the now disappeared Thawing Balhae Clan. If Rommel is the field commander of Heaven and Earth, Keynes is the brain. The Zhuge Liang of Elder Lord! Then isn’t it General Rom and Keynes Liang? Kelkelkel!

-General Rom and Keynes Liang! Those nicknames are good. Hahahat.

“And Crockta.” Keynes said while chewing on the apple. "Let's show it well before he gets here. How many people will die because of him.”

-Crockta! He is now rebelling against the empire. He is an NPC who entertained people’s eyes and ears, but isn’t his opponent the Heaven and Earth Clan?

-It is regrettable. While it is difficult to make conclusions, an individual and an army are two different things. It is a fact that there is an objective difference in power. A fact. Perhaps Crockta’s biography will end here... I feel like that. It is too bad. What would it be like if Crockta was a human and joined Heaven and Earth? I have such regrets.

The knights and infantry commanders nodded. They retreated. Now only Keynes and Rommel remained in the tent. They looked at each other.

“In the end, we’ve arrived here.”


"Let’s make it cool. Now it is starting.”


Rommel and Keynes fist bumped each other.

“Heaven and Earth.”


-Kya! It is wonderful. Heaven and Earth, war!

-The symbol of the Heaven and Earth Clan. Heaven and Earth is war, war is Heaven and Earth. I have confidence.

It was a directed scene, but the viewers had already fallen into the characters and couldn’t recognize it. After the slogan, the screen slowly faded out. It was a broadcast break.

-This is Elder Lord, the realism! It is a game that maximizes the realism. Kuhahahat, anyway, there are difficulties.

-Why are you talking here, aren’t you the narrator? Kuhuhuhu.

-Kuhahat, I’m sorry. I have a very fixed opinion. Huhut. So, friends, there are many things for you to see. I have to go to the bathroom. Then we will be having a short break. We will play highlights of the Heaven and Earth Clan so that viewers won’t become bored until the broadcast starts again.

-See you in a while.

The screen switched to a recorded broadcast.

Rommel appeared. The Heaven and Earth members were moving in unison under his command. It was a quest where the Heaven and Earth Clan was proceeding with mass destruction. The well-trained soldiers systematically subdued the enemies.

This type of warfare was why people loved Heaven and Earth.


“The commentary is too biased.” Yoon Bora complained as she watched the broadcast. “Just watch. Crockta will break the Heaven and Earth Clan.”

"Aren’t there too many soldiers?” Ban Taehoon replied.

“Hey. Didn’t he conquer the north alone? Who is Crockta?”

"We didn’t see what happened in the north so we don’t know. If Crockta can win against that army alone, he is a god, not an orc.”

"Isn’t Crockta a god?”

"Are you a fool?”

"Are you saying that to me?”

Yoon Bora and Ban Taehoon started fighting. Yiyu drank her americano with a disinterested face before complaining, "You talk about Elder Lord every time we meet.”

"You can do it too. Ah, didn’t you die because of a rabbit?”


They were waiting for Park Jungtae. During the school holidays, he went abroad to volunteer and recently came back, so they were having a gathering. He was the only member who had spent the holiday elsewhere.

"That's right. Didn’t both of you eat delicious food without me?” Ban Taehoon asked.

“Uh. It was really good. I never knew kimchi and soybean paste could taste so good.”

“Isn’t it petty to go without me?”

"Heh. You should protest to Yiyu’s oppa?”

"What is with the Oppa?”

"Now he is an Oppa.” Then Yoon Bora asked Yiyu. "By the way, is he okay?”

“Yes. It was nothing.”

"I'm glad."

At this moment, Ban Taehoon interrupted. “Hey, Jung Yiyu. You should be careful of Yoon Bora. This girl is now aiming for your brother. Look at her eyes.”

"Why? Are you jealous?”


"Don’t make that sound. I will restrain you.”

Then Park Jungtae appeared in the distance. He had gone to Africa so his face was tanned. He looked around and smiled after finding them, “It has been a while.”

"Ohh Jungtae.”

"Did you come?"

He sat down next to Ban Taehoon. The two of them bumped fists, waved their fingers and bumped shoulders.

"Yo man.”

"Wassup man.”

"Long time no see.”

"Guten tag!” (German for good day)

Yoon Bora shook her head as she watched them babbling. They hugged lightly and ended the greeting.

"Did your service go well?”

“Yes. It was fun.”

He had gone to Africa to build houses for the poor. In other words, he was doing hard labour. His body was tanned and muscular, as if he was an athlete. Park Jungtae talked about the things that happened, while the rest nodded with admiration.

"You really suffered.”

"Good work.”

Park Jungtae smiled brightly at Yiyu’s compliment.

"Should we have a drink today?”

“Hey, did you drink there? Or did you eat anything like African snake?”

"I couldn’t drink there.”

They got up and left the cafe.


"Heaven and Earth!”


The mounted knights moved first and broke through enemy lines. The enemy’s formations were destroyed. The Heaven and Earth members followed behind. Two infantry battalions collided. The clan members shouted their slogan as they wielded their weapons.

The rebels had fallen into chaos from the cavalry penetration and couldn’t block their attacks. Like a dam breaking, the clan members moved through the formation. Their vision became blurry but they moved forward tenaciously, staring at the empire’s flag that was flapping far away.

-This is it. This is the power of the cavalry. The rebels tried to stop them with spears and barricades, but the imperial knights weren’t easy.

-The Heaven and Earth members are also great. They sweep through the enemies like fallen leaves.

-Wasn’t it not long ago that users didn’t dare fight NPCs? That has changed. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that it changed after the emergence of the Heaven and Earth Clan.

The scene filled up the broadcast screen. The rebels’ formation was destroyed by the cavalry running around. Every time the knights charged, the rebels were trampled on. Then the infantry and Heaven and Earth members cleaned up the rest of the enemies.

The cavalry overran the enemies and trampled on those still on the ground. There was the occasional bombardment from magicians. The rebels screamed as they were burned. The flames spread and bodies piled up.


-The whole world is watching the battle of the Heaven and Earth Clan. The number of viewers in the Undergames overseas channel is enormous.

All of this was being conducted by Rommel. Rommel waved his hand. He took control of the battlefield, and everything was under his vision.

-War Maestro Rommel! He can see the entire battlefield.

The commentators were proud.


Yoon Bora drank her beer and asked, "Is this a war?”

Yiyu watched the broadcast from next to Yoon Bora and replied, “Yes. Aren’t the opponents just residents, not soldiers?”

“Really? I guess their clothing is really shabby.”

The rebels were pushed by the empire in terms of numbers and equipment. Their appearance looked like men who had been farming for all their lives. They were killed in turn by the well-trained imperial army.

“It is too cruel.”

"What's wrong with that? They are NPCs.”


Yoon Bora opened a chat window. There was also wonder and praise there.

[Dial Fresh: What is this war? It really defies my expectations.

Simabukuro: Honey jam? What are your expectations? Do you expect anyone to go against the Heaven and Earth Clan? How absurd.

Paper Cup Duo: ㅉㅉ This is the level of the Heaven and Earth Clan.

Toothbrush and Perfume: Shout General Rom!! General Rom!!

I’m Hungry Sob: The duo of General Rom and Keynes Liang ㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅㅅ

Dune Multiplex: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t the empire just massacring people? Is this cool? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t admire murderers.

White keyboard: Dune Multiplex// I am a person who kills in the game and I can verify how fun it is.

Lukas Graham: The commentators are exaggerating ㅋㅋ The opponents are too weak.

Seven Eggs: I haven’t watched it but I have a lot of complaints ㅉㅉ if the game is like reality, won’t PTSD occur? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Storage Mistake: I agree with the one above me.]

"Ah, I can’t look.”

Yoon Bora turned away from the screen. Park Jungtae and Ban Taehoon’s seats were empty.

"That boy doesn’t smoke yet he still follows.”

This was a chicken and beer pub. Ban Taehoon went out for a quick smoke and the non-smoker, Park Jungtae followed. They stood side by side at the entrance of the store.

“Cheers.” Yiyu and Yoon Bora made a toast.

"Yiyu, isn’t your Oppa playing Elder Lord as well?”

“Yes. He had been working harder lately.”

"Will he be watching this broadcast?”


Yiyu started thinking. It was a broadcast of a battlefield where many people died. Furthermore, it was just a one-sided massacre.

Yiyu shook her head. "Won’t he really hate this?”


Crockta stood in the devastated Demeterun. There was nothing left. The imperial troops poured the corpses into a pit and set them on fire. Now only the seared bones remained as small traces.


Adandator was silent behind Crockta. He knew that the emperor had ordered Crockta’s death. That’s why he hurried to find Crockta. If Crockta died, he would never know the identity of that light.

But Rommel had attacked Espada. He knew Crockta well.

“A smart guy.” Crockta had come running as soon as he heard. But Demeterun had already been ruined.

"It seems like it hasn’t been a long time since they passed.” Alex said.

The imperial army was heading for Espada after devastating Demeterun. They would destroy everything in their way. Crockta found a piece of cloth that was torn and burnt on the ground. It was a flag. It was hard to see but the words ‘There is no emperor in the south’ were written on it. The resistance army would’ve swung it.

“...Let’s go. Crockta opened his mouth.

“You’re going?” Adandator asked. 

"I need to hurry before they do this again.”

The ‘He’s an Orc, yet still Praiseworthy’ members nodded.

Adandator scratched his head. He didn’t know what he should do. He had become closer to Crockta after spending a few days together, but he couldn’t go against his kingdom.

“You can go, Adandator,” Crockta told him.

"Is it okay?”

"This isn’t your job, which is understandable.”

Adandator sighed and said, "I'm thankful for those words.”

“But I will tell you one thing,” Crockta said as he turned to him. Adandator flinched as he saw the blazing anger in Crockta’s eyes. "If we meet on the battlefield, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

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