Chapter 161 - Empires Public Enemy (2)

Chapter 161 - Empire’s Public Enemy (2)

Crockta was waiting for the emperor’s army in the vicinity of Nataliya Forest. He couldn’t deal with a large army alone, so he chose the forest.

He would do guerrilla warfare. If the field of view was limited and wild beasts were present, he was confident that he could face the enemies. Of course, it was on the premise that there weren’t any people like Adandator present.

Crockta held his greatsword as he recalled the duel with Adandator. It was a good test. Crockta was able to see that Adandator’s swordsmanship was the result of patience and hard work. All the movements were repeated and his swords worn out. It was an extreme obsession.

Crockta was reminded of Hoyt when he saw Adandator. He had some resemblance to Hoyt, who repeated the movements hundreds of thousands of times. If there were more knights like Adandator, this fight would be dangerous.


A blow to the air. There was a shallow scratch on the tree. Crockta wielded his sword like crazy. Every time he wielded it, the blade tore at the tree. But despite his violent movements, the trees only received a few minor injuries.

It was extreme control. He only touched the tree with the tip of his sword before releasing it.

He dropped the sword.

Crockta took a deep breath. He looked up at the sky. In the thick forest that covered the sky, a few crows looked down at him and cried out.

"A crow is auspicious, but it is also a disaster.”

In South Korea, the crying of a crow was a bad omen, but it was auspicious in the west. If so, what about the guest who had just come?

Crockta turned around. It was a guest he hadn’t expected. Crockta raised his hand towards the person riding towards him.

“It has been a while.”

A man holding a sword. Adandator. He wasn’t dressed as a knight.

“Have you been well? Orc.”

“I am Crockta. Human.”

Crockta laughed. Although he won, Adandator was certainly powerful. They knew each other’s level, so there was an unknown bond between them. There was respect, despite the fact that they might kill each other.

“Why did you come? I thought you just followed the Emperor.”

"The emperor doesn’t have anything to do with me.” Adandator dragged the baggage he was carrying on his back. “I came because I have a request.”

"A request?"

“Yes. A request.” He approached Crockta. "Tell me about your sword.”

Crockta looked at Adandator. It was an intense gaze. Adandator came here because of the light that appeared when he was defeated.

Crockta formed a fist.


Adandator flew a short distance before hitting a tree and falling to the ground. He was stunned by the impact.

Crockta approached.


"I don't believe those who break their oaths.”

Crockta placed his foot on Adandator’s body. Then he used his strength.


"Get lost.”

Crockta spat out.

Their duel was definitely a fight for Alaste’s freedom. Crockta won. However, Alaste was devastated. Then Crockta decided to destroy the empire. Crockta gradually increased his weight. Adandator was unable to withstand it and started trembling.

However, he looked up at Crockta and smiled. "I guess, cough, you are angry.”

“Of course.”

"I will let you know. All the nobles opposed the invasion of Alaste.”

Crockta’s eyes narrowed. “So?”

"I did as well."

"Then why didn’t you stop it?”

"The emperor arbitrarily sent his troops. Those who were cursed by the stars.”


"Then I came to realize. The empire is galloping. It is a horse that can no longer be stopped. I can’t stop the emperor’s decisions.” Crockta removed his foot from Adandator. He barely managed to get up. “Cough, the empire and the emperor have nothing to do with why I’m here. I want to know about your sword.”

Crockta turned around. "I don’t believe you.”

"I will give you information.” Adandator shouted. "I’ll tell you about the empire. It is necessary if you want to fight the emperor."

Crockta turned to him.


"Are you interested now?”

“Why are you going so far?”

“Didn't I already say it? I want to know about your sword.”

"That’s it?”

"That's it." Adandator took out a sword. “That is all. Since you and I fought, I can barely hold my sword. When I raise the sword, you appear and block me. I’m going crazy. Give me the answer.”

“That is your reason.”

"What other reason is needed? I am sincere right now.”

Crockta laughed.

He was a stupid guy. Crockta was sometimes curious about the person called the empire’s best talent. He wanted to know how Adandator became so strong. Crockta realized something. Adandator wasn’t that mysterious or great.

He was just obsessed. If he didn’t get what he wanted, he wouldn’t be able to breathe until he got it. And this guy only wanted the sword.

"Are there any knights in the empire as strong as you?”

“No. Earl Bendeker is retired. The rest aren’t at my standard. Some knight leaders have reached the Pinnacle but not beyond that.”

Crockta raised his greatsword.

"What does the emperor want? A species war?”

"I don’t know. There isn’t enough interview.”

The bushes would constrain his movements. It was an unfavorable battlefield for Crockta since he used a greatsword. However, he didn’t care. Those who failed to kill the opponent were dead warriors. They wouldn’t always fight in an open environment that was favorable to them.

Crockta swung his greatsword first. Adandator promptly responded. The two blades hit each other.

"What is the Heaven and Earth Clan’s position in the empire?”

“Those who were cursed by the stars.”

Their swords collided. Gradually, their attacks reached the area of the Pinnacle. In the tranquil forest, the two of them moved quickly. Crockta’s sword smashed the forest while aiming at Adandator’s body. Adandator desperately defended.

"Are you going to just defend?”


Adandator was unable to attack. It was the same as when he was handling a sword alone. Crockta kept blocking him. He couldn’t attack.

"...They came up under the sponsorship of Duke Christian and now they are by the emperor’s side. Rommel is excellent at commanding in battle. I have to admit it.”

"How so?"

"He turns fools into trained soldiers.”


"I have never seen such a commander. While he did go through a few wars in the past, his abilities are still amazing nonetheless.”

Crockta nodded. It was thanks to the War Maestro class. As far as he knew from the broadcasts and media, Choi Hansung had the skills to strengthen the soldiers, control them and eliminate any fear of war.

"This time, the emperor even gave him a troop of knights. Be careful.”

"I see.”

Well-trained knights would bring tremendous synergy to Rommel.

Crockta once again pushed Adandator back. Adandator was perplexed. He thought he would be okay if he met Crockta in person and swung the sword. However, it wasn’t the case. He could only act passively. He didn’t dare swing his sword at Crockta, as it felt like he was facing a dead end wall.

Adandator laughed. “...Have you become stronger?”

“A little.”

After beating Adandator, Crockta had more experience with the Hero realm. His overall abilities had increased since then, so he was able to deal with Adandator much easier.


Adandator grit his teeth. It would be the same in the future.

“Show me.” Adandator raised his sword and declared, "Crockta, I can wield my sword after facing you. Even now I can’t swing my sword. That light, what on earth is it?”

“That...” Crockta puffed up his chest and shamelessly stated, “I don’t know.”


"It just happened. I can’t do it again.”

That’s right. Since then, Crockta couldn’t use that power again. It was a realm that he only glimpsed for a moment.

"What?" Adandator was dumbfounded. “Really?”



Adandator’s face distorted.

"Only...I was defeated by a technique you accidentally used?”

“That’s right. Defeated.”


His first official defeat in front of everyone. He had lost when it was a significant battle for the empire. However, it was just a coincidence. It wasn’t Crockta’s real ability.

“Huhuhu...” Adandator laughed and raised his sword before suddenly rushing forward. "This fucking orc bastard!”

"Opportunist bastard, you reveal your true nature.” Crockta raised his sword and declared, "I tested you once in order to understand you.”


"I can actually use it.”

Adandator stopped his sword. “R-Really?”

“That’s right.”


Adandator coughed, "I reacted too early. I will apologize. It was only once...”

At that moment, Crockta’s fist hit his abdomen.


"Trying to cheat again? You are naive.”

"Y-You jerk...!”

"I was lying.  But even without it, you are below me, Adandator.”


Adandator threw down his sword and ran at Crockta, who also abandoned his weapon. Adandator threw his body at Crockta. The two opponents dumped their swords and continued to struggle for awhile. Their fists hit each other’s faces.

It was an unsightly dog fight between the empire’s strongest knight and the orc warrior who defeated him.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute!" Crockta was on top of him and Adandator shook his head. “Wait a minute!”


Crockta paused his fist and looked down. Adandator was holding both hands together.

“I lost.””.......”

"Don’t hit my face. I surrender.”

Crockta grinned. "It is good that you can admit it.”

He got up. At that moment, Adandator grabbed some dirt on the ground and threw it into Crockta’s face.


“You were tricked!”

Crockta rubbed his eyes as Adandator threw his battered body forward. It was a big size difference, but Adandator was able to build up a lot of strength over the past few years. His fists relentlessly hit Crockta.

"Cough! C-Coward...!”

“It isn’t like that!”

These types of techniques were also required in knight training. Adandator was good in boxing techniques. He threw out a jab and once Crockta protected his face, he hit Crockta’s forehead with a wind hook fist.


Crockta’s body shook.

"It is the end...!”

The moment he was going to kick Crockta’s chin...

Crockta disappeared.


His body had bent down. Then Crockta picked up Adandator’s body.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, that is cheating...”

"Were there any rules in this fight?”

"It is supposed to be bare fists. I will die. That is a rock.”

Crockta’s body shook. He was laughing.

“Huhuhuhu...” Crockta told him. “Then die.”

He leaned forward. Adandator screamed as he headed towards the ground.


His head was about to hit the ground. Just before his skull collapsed, his body stopped moving.


Crockta had stopped just before Adandator would be killed. Crockta lifted him again and placed him safely on the floor.


Adandator was speechless.

“Hey, is it that scary? Did you pee?”



Crockta called out to him.

Adandator. He was teary-eyed.


“You...bastard orc...!” Adandator swung his fist. Of course, the target was Crockta. "That isn’t true, you bastard...!”

"Are you a crybaby? Haha.”

“I will kill you!”

“Yes yes, a crybaby.”

“You son of a bitch!” Adandator grabbed his sword on the ground and swung it at Crockta. "Ahhhhhhh!”

He reached the realm of Hero in an instant and attacked Crockta. Crockta also used the Hero realm to deal with the attack. The tentacles of causality tangled together. But in the end, Adandator was pushed back. Crockta was more experienced with the Hero realm and Adandator, who had fallen into a slump, was unable to narrow that gap.

Crockta looked down at him and said, “Hey.”

“This bastard...”

“How is it? Can you now wield the sword against me?”


Adandator’s eyes widened.

Crockta grinned. "That light, you will know what it is if you keep training. You were just afraid.”


"We are creatures who like using our fists and stumble when the temple is hit. Don’t choke.”

"Talking nonsense...” Adandator covered his eyes and laughed. "Orc bastard who is good at lying, talking nonsense...”

"This is the end."

Crockta sprinkled dirt from the floor on Adandator’s face. Adandator spat out the dirt and cursed. Crockta burst out laughing.

The ‘He’s an Orc, yet still Praiseworthy’ members returned to the forest. They found a laughing Crockta and a man lying on the floor.

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