Chapter 149 - Great Duel (3)

Chapter 149 - Great Duel (3)

Yellow lived in Alaste and realized that someone had visited her bedside last night. There was a letter on the desk next to her bed.

She got goosebumps as she checked the letter.


She wondered who sent it. The author didn’t state their identity, as only a few things were mentioned. However, it contained something shocking that she had never considered at all.

“No way,” she murmured.


But it made sense. She read the letter once again before exiting Elder Lord.


Crockta sat in front of a fireplace with VIgo.

“I didn’t see Yellow today. Was she dragged by the call of the stars? I truly feel sorry for that friend.”

The NPCs understood the concept of disconnection as the users being summoned to the abyss. In a way, it wasn’t wrong. Going back and forth between Elder Lord and Earth. This situation often happened so users found it hard to have a close relationship with NPCs. It was hard to trust those who suddenly disappeared ahead of important things.

Therefore, users who couldn’t connect for long tended to only socialize with other users. This was because NPCs didn’t trust them.

"Yellow is normally good so this is surprising.”

Of course, Yellow was excellent in Elder Lord. She had been living like an NPC for nearly a year. This allowed her to move up to the position of working for the lord.

"I guess she has something to do.” Crockta smiled strangely.

She probably ended the connection after reading the letter that Crockta sent her at night. He wasn’t sure if it would work, but he needed to do what he could. The kingdom’s path involved the Heaven and Earth Clan. It was already a public fact and there was a precedent where they devastated any areas in the name of the kingdom.

In particular, the southeast region with no clear system was brutally destroyed and the ruins broadcasted several times. The Heaven and Earth Clan didn’t keep faith with NPCs. As long as they considered Elder Lord a game, Crockta needed to extend this duel agreement not only to NPCs but users as well.

"By the way, what are they doing?”

Vigo turned his head at Crockta’s words. In the meantime, Grandmaster Galadin and Anor were staring at each other.


Anor, who was very timid and not good with eye contact, desperately tried to turn his head away with red cheeks. It looked so funny that Tiyo joined Galadin in staring at Anor. As the eyes of the two people focused on him, Anor turned his eyes towards his hands.

"I got it. Stop! Stop!”

Galadin and Tiyo chuckled.

"You will be stronger if you don’t avoid the eyes of others.”

Tiyo approached, "In other words, don’t act like this forever dot! Kahahat!”

“Ahyu.” Anor seemed like he was about to cry. "It is strange when you keep staring.”

“You are very shy. Don’t avoid other people’s eyes. It is a shame. Hahat!” Galadin was famous for identifying people’s characteristics and leading them to the right path.

Crockta seemed to know the secret after exchanging blows with him. Galadin had the ability to read inner thoughts, like he was telepathic. During the spar, he predicted all of Crockta’s moves. There was the feeling that he knew in advance every move Crockta was going to do and could cope with it.

Crockta won, but he wasn’t sure the results would be the same if they really tried to kill each other.

“He is a mysterious person.” Crockta stated.

“That is correct. A mysterious person. He looks inside people.”

If he could really see into a person’s heart, he would be able to find out their problems. His teachings were about inner matters, rather than technical ones.

Crockta also received advice from him.

"What did he say to Brother? If you don’t mind, please let me know. I am curious. Is a warrior like you lacking anything?”

“Um...” Crockta recalled Galadin’s words. “Just...”

Vigo was right.

Galadin wasn’t just a person who strengthened knights. When wielding a sword, he was an aggressive knight. But after putting it away, he looked at the other person with warm eyes. He was someone who caused the other person to grow as a human.

"He told me not to shoulder everything alone.”

“Oh, indeed. Brother has something.” Vigo raised his thumb. "Doesn’t he feel like a father when he says that?”

Crockta laughed. His father passed away but memories from his childhood still remained. He never resented his parents. In life, how many people had the strength to look straight at themselves?

"That’s right.”

Now it was Tiyo’s turn to receive advice from Galadin. However, Tiyo disliked this and refused his advice. An angry Galadiin wielded his sword. Tiyo ran away.

“Stop dot! I understand! I understand dot!”

"This guy! Listen to the adults!”

"I am an adult dot!”

"If you are an adult, listen to a real adult!”

"I am a gnome! General, General!”

“General? Shoot it once!”


Tiyo screamed as he ran away from Galadin’s wooden sword. Crockta and Vigo burst out laughing as they saw it.

“Phew. Truly.”

The still embarrassed Anor was fanning himself as he walked towards Crockta.

"We have to watch you for you to grow. Isn’t it?”



“...Excuse me?”

Vigo and Crockta stared at Anor, mimicking Galadin and Tiyo from earlier.

Anor blushed. "No, now...”

They diligently gazed at Anor’s face. Anor was embarrassed and covered his face. "Don’t do it! Ah!”

Anor’s face turned bright red as he ran somewhere else.

"Anor Brother is both handsome and cute. The females will like him.”


It was enjoyable. Alaste was a vibrant city filled with laughter. Whether it was the nature of the people or the richness of the natural environment, they seemed to enjoy each moment. Of course, it wasn’t just due to material reasons that laughter was gradually disappearing from the prosperous modern age compared to Elder Lord.

“Vigo. You were right.”

"What do you mean?"”

"Alaste is a wonderful place.”

"Of course. I don’t lie! Hahahat! Viva Alaste!”


In a matter of days, Crockta had explored all over Alaste. Every time he walked through a city, Crockta felt fear towards him, whether it was because he was an orc or his frightening appearance. In fact, he wasn’t a real orc but a human being wearing the shell of an orc. However, there were still negative prejudices towards his shell.

But Alaste was different. The children came to play with Crockta while merchants added orc goods. He felt like a welcomed guest.

“Brother. Now you know. Why I kept hanging onto you, despite it being the first time we met.” Vigo placed a hand on Crockta’s shoulder and gazed into the distance. "The kingdom and Adandator is trying to destroy such a beautiful place.”

Once incorporated into the kingdom, this landscape would disappear. The citizens would suffer under heavy taxes and young people would be conscripted for war. The lands under the kingdom’s reign were already going through this process.

Crockta nodded. "I heard that Adandator is a handsome, young man.

“Yes. His face is famous.”

"Then I’ll beat him up and make him look worse than me!”

Crockta shouted. It was Crockta’s declaration that he would protect Alaste with his best efforts!

But Vigo wasn’t very impressed by the remark. "No matter how much you hit him, it will be difficult...”


Crockta’s face stiffened. Vigo hurriedly changed his words.

“Ah, no. I believe in Brother!”

“It is okay. I’ll fight in the duel...”

"What are you talking about? Brother’s face is better than his. Really! I’m not lying!”


The Elder Lord community had recently heated up because of a new topic. And the one at the heart of the topic was the Heaven and Earth Clan.

[Author: Yellow Alaste]

[Title: Announcing the negotiations between those who love Alaste and the Heaven and Earth Clan.]

[Hello. I am a native of Alaste, Yellow who loves Alaste.

The human kingdom is expanding its forces in recent years. The Alaste that I love is in crisis but most users don’t know exactly what is happening. The kingdom and Alaste have decided to settle their fighting in a one-on-one duel through their respective representatives.

We can settle this without having to fight against each other.

If the kingdom wins, Alaste will be incorporated into the kingdom. If Alaste wins, it will remain independent as a neutral city and the kingdom won’t invade Alaste in the future.

In fact, the possibility of us winning is low. Even though we have Grandmaster Galadin, the kingdom has the famous Adandator. However, the users who love Alaste are eager for a miracle to happen.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is to plead with the Heaven and Earth Clan. There are users who regard NPCs as consumables, mere artificial intelligence and doesn’t feel any remorse. The Heaven and Earth Clan especially has such tendencies.

So we are worried that even if Galadin and Alaste wins, the Heaven and Earth Clan will ignore the existing negotiations and hit Alaste. Users often do this, not just the Heaven and Earth Clan. People will know this. But we are users who love Alaste, and we hope that the users, including the Heaven and Earth Clan, will accept the result.

Therefore, we have asked the Heaven and Earth Clan to sign a memorandum stating that they will comply with the agreement between Alaste and the kingdom. Heaven and Earth’s clan master Choi Hansung has agreed.

This is the actual memorandum.


I am posting this here because I hope that all users who enjoy Elder Lord will be the notaries of this memorandum.

We don’t want Elder Lord to be ruined by a reckless war.

If there are hundreds of users, there are hundreds of ways to play. I fell in love with Alaste from the first moment I saw it. Alaste is a really beautiful place. I used to always brag about it and I am still proud.

If Alaste is defeated, I will probably disappear from this forum. I will also delete my character. There is no reason to play. If there are people who want to continue seeing it like me, please pray with us.

I hope for a miracle.

Alaste Lover, Yellow.]

Yellow posted on a famous community board. This article immediately became a hot topic.

The first reason was that the greatest knights in Elder Lord, two grandmasters were having a confrontation. Another reason was that the author was Yellow, a user who managed to become a senior official.

Yellow was the user whose name became famous with an Elder Lord strategy guide. Users who wanted to become civil servants in Elder Lord would regard her guide as a textbook. In addition, she introduced users to the calm lifestyle of Alaste and made many users turn to Alaste.

Her article became a hot topic and thousands of comments had already been posted.

The Heaven and Earth Clan also confirmed her post.


“Is it okay?”

Hyunchul, ‘Luin’ in Elder Lord said. After helping to lure and kill Lenox, he was now an executive in the Heaven and Earth Clan. In addition, using his friendship with the NPCs and Choi Hansung, Keynes went from being the clan master of Thawing Balhae to the vice clan master of Heaven and Earth.

The clan master was ‘Rommel’ but most of the clan’s actions came from Keynes’ head.

"There's nothing to worry about."

Rommel smiled and drank his wine. This was the clan dwelling in the capital, Esperanza. It was a land they had received directly after gaining the favor of the king. The room they were talking in was luxurious and wasn’t lacking when compared to a noble’s house. All of this was due to the members of Thawing Balhae who joined Heaven and Earth.

"Do you really think Adandator can be beaten?”


"He is a monster. I’ve talked to Adandator and he is confident that he can beat Galadin. Galadin is old and Adandator has already reached a new level.”

"I’m glad that monster isn’t our enemy.”

"I completely agree. So don't worry. The woman thinks it will work, but it will end without a problem.” Rommel handed the wine glass to Keynes who was sitting silently. Keynes smiled and received it. “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

"There is something that bothers me.”

Keynes’ nerves were sharp after the Maillard branch of the clan collapsed. All of Maillard’s members mentioned the NPC called Crockta. Everyone knew that the Thawing Balhae had been destroyed by the Righteous Orc. A coincidence? Or maybe he was chasing after them in the Heaven and Earth Clan.

"Don’t worry about it. You are here now.”


Keynes nodded. Even so, he couldn’t help being worried. Rommel laughed.

"Keynes, you are always worrying.”

Luin suddenly said, "Speaking of worrying, what will happen if Adandator is beaten?”

“Um...well, it can’t be helped. I actually thought about ignoring it but then that girl made the post.”

"Yellow’s head is quite good.”

"It’s a last hurrah. Anyway, Adandator will win. Now, drink.”

Rommel, Luin, Keynes, and the other high ranking members of the Heaven and Earth Clan nodded. They raised their cups at the same time and shouted, "Heaven and Earth!”



A few days later on a sunny day, both the Lord of Alaste and the King of the Kingdom led their knights out on the Gabriel Plains located not too far from Alaste.

It was for the great duel.

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