Chapter 135 - Mountain of Sabres, Forest of Swords (4)

Chapter 135 - Mountain of Sabres, Forest of Swords (4)

The people from ‘Run on Money’ weren’t there when Tiyo returned to the alley behind Opera Stadium the next day.

"What dot?”

He had come with the money to pay them back.

"Where did everyone go dot...?”

He frowned. He was going to quickly finish the contract, but the people had disappeared. If this happened, he wouldn’t take a step back.

He asked a ticket employee at the Opera Stadium. "Where are the people who were lending money here?”

The employee looked at Tito and shrugged. “I’m not sure. They are always wandering around somewhere. I’m not that familiar with you.”

"I thought you knew them dot?”

"I don't know. I just told people who needed money about them.”

“Do you know the place where they usually hang out dot?”

"I don't know.”

Tiyo was troubled and tried to take the questioning further, but other guests showed up for their tickets, forcing him to take a step back.

“Umm...” Tiyo was confused. "Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter.”

It wasn’t his fault they weren’t in the spot. Tiyo left without paying back the loan. He would give them the money the next day.

There are still a lot of work left to do in Quantes. This time, he was planning to take Anor to Quantes Academy. The professors would love it if he told them about the life and history of the north, together with Anor.

The north would soon be opened, so if they shared a lot of information, Quantes could cope better. He was from the Quantes Gnomes Garrison. He was a soldier who always worried about Quantes’ future.

He called out to Anor, who was watching the street performances. The tall dark elf with brown skin stood out among the gnomes. He was engrossed in a puppet show.

"Anor, let’s go dot.”

“Did you pay back the money?”

"I didn’t see them dot. Where did they go...?”

"So you still owe them?”

"How can I pay it back if no one is there?”

“Um...”Anor frowned and started to ponder something. "In other words, if you can’t pay it today, the interest rate will increase.”

“That is ridiculous dot. I tried to pay them back, but they weren’t there!”

“Tiyo is naive.”Anor laughed. "Living in a good city like this, you’ve always seen good things and lived with good treatment...huhut.”

"What are you talking about? I have lived through hardship and adversity dot!”

“That is different. I know a lot of the tricks since I was harassed. It was a method that strong people use against the weak. A method to extort others using force.”

"Indeed, you are the outcast of Nuridot.”

Anor huffed at Tiyo’s remark, but he remained silent. He had come a long way. He had the self-control to not swear.

"Huhu, it is true but it is annoying to hear.”

"Ohh...your self-control has increased dot.”

Anor shrugged. "In any case, you should be careful of those strange moneylenders. You say you can repay it, but if you don’t, they might end up bothering your friends and family later.”

"Can they really bother my friends dot?”

“They don’t know about Tiyo.”

"I got it dot.”

Tiyo wasn’t very concerned. He was a captain of the highly respected Gnomes Garrison and a macho man, so he didn’t think anyone in Quantes could harm him.

They headed for the Academy.

"That reminds me, I got involved with Crockta at the Academy dot.”

"Did you meet there?”

"Indeed dot. There was a rough incident due to the belt that Crockta is currently wearing at his waist."

The Academy erected a monument for those who died because of the devastation caused by the Demon’s Mouth.

"So I met him and headed north, now we are heading to the south together. Life is truly unpredictable dot.”

"That's right. I thought I would spend my whole life in Nuridot.”

Crockta changed numerous things. They looked forward to how the future would change.


Kenzo raised his head.

Crockta’s Ogre Slayer flew.

At that moment, Kenzo had the foreboding feeling that he would die again. It was a speed that couldn’t be avoided. He couldn’t avoid the big sword even if he twisted his body. He would die again. Kenzo released the power in his body. Then he stared blankly at the sword aiming for him.

Somehow, time slowed down. He could clearly see the shape of the blade flying towards him. It was a well-made sword. He could see everything from the blade that shone in the midday sun, as well as Crockta’s eyes staring at him.

What was happening?

He moved his body. It felt like his body escaped from under Crockta’s blade. He could feel it slipping away from the trajectory of the greatsword. Maybe he would be able to counterattack. He twisted and wielded his claymore. It felt like the claymore would cross the gap made by Ogre Slayer and hit Crockta.



He thought so, but Crockta’s Ogre Slayer had moved again and struck him. He fell.

"Heok, heok.”

"You are developing. Good.” Crockta grinned. "I have to leave soon. I hope you can quickly enter the realm that I told you about earlier.”

"The area called the Pinnacle.”

“That’s right.”

Kenzo didn’t say it but he already knew about the Pinnacle rating. It was basic knowledge that most users had already figured out. But he didn’t know how to reach such a profound state. If he looked at his skills, they were at the Essence and Rare rank, both below the Pinnacle.



“Don't forget. Once you reach the Pinnacle, you have to listen to my words.”

"I understand.”

Crockta had one condition. After becoming strong enough to reach the Pinnacle, he had to listen to one thing that Crockta said. Of course, that was on the premise that it was possible for Kenzo. As long as it was possible, he would listen to Crockta’s will.

Kenzo gladly accepted. After training with Crockta, he was able to get a glimpse of the realm of the Pinnacle. By the time he reached that realm, he was confident that he would become a ranker. If so, this price wasn’t too much to pay.

"Anything. I will surely do it.”

“Good.” Crockta nodded.

The moment he was about to raise his sword again, "Hey! Crockta!”

Tiyo’s voice was heard. Crockta and Kenzo turned their heads at the same time, with the latter’s eyes wiggled. Crockta and Kenzo were in a vacant lot on the outskirts of Quantes so Tiyo was the one giving Anor the tour. And Tiyo had done his job properly.

"Look dot! This guy!”

"Who is this young man? Perhaps...”

"Indeed dot! This guy!”

A handsome young man stood in front of them.

"It is that timid cursing fool dot!

Anor’s bushy hair was now neatly arranged with his black hair neatly covering his forehead. The two clear eyes beneath them were shining brightly. In addition, he wasn’t wearing his shabby clothing from the north, but had changed into the continent’s clothing that combined practicality and fashion.

Indeed. The species of beauty, an elf descendant! If this was reality, he would easily be able to become a celebrity.

"There is a saying that clothes are wings. Now, the last point dot!”

Tiyo threw something towards Anor. Anor grabbed it and placed it on his body.


It was a gray robe that didn’t look much different from his previous one. The previous handsome appearance of the dark elf had disappeared, leaving a dark necromancer whose face couldn’t be seen properly.

“How is it, not bad dot!”


Anor’s laughter emerged from the shadow of the hood.

"Kukukuk...I am the necromancer Anor...!”

"My fashion sense saved Anor dot.”

"I was suspicious when you bought strange clothes but...this robe is spectacular. Kukuk...”

"I am also a trend setter. Tiyo sets the fashion in Quantes. Hihihit.”

Crockta wanted to say that it wasn’t the case. "That...just take off the robe...”

They just sniffed.

"Crockta is ignorant about fashion.”

"Ignore Crockta dot.”

What should he do with this dark elf and gnome duo? Crockta sighed. Still, Kenzo who had the fashion sense of a modern man, whispered in a small voice, +"People with strange fashion senses always think it is great. Please understand.”


How long had it been since he experienced common sense? Crockta looked at Kenzo. Kenzo smiled and raised his thumb. Crockta nodded and placed an arm around Kenzo’s shoulder.

"You are truly a man who can learn from me.”

"Huhuhu, no.”

He was a Japanese person also interested in fashion. The fashion style in Japan wasn’t always popular either.

Once the situation was cleared up, they decided to have a meal together. They planned to eat at a famous restaurant in Quantes in order to give Anor a taste of the delicious dishes of the continent. They headed to the well-known restaurant ‘Quantes’ Healthy Kitchen’, located in Quantes Square. It was famous for its charismatic chef.

By the way, Anor discovered something strange near the restaurant.

"I didn’t know the price would go up so suddenly...”

“It is okay. We are happy to help.”

"I just need to pay you back?”

"Of course. Hahahahat.”

He saw a group of humans and gnomes. It was the same as before, but the humans were watching from behind.

"The interest rate will be high, but it won’t be a problem if you pay it back quickly. Hahahat.”

“Thank you. I don’t want to be yelled at by my new girlfriend.”

"I am rooting for your love.”

Anor looked at them closely.

It was obvious based on the contents of the conversation. Unscrupulous moneylenders had started setting up root in Quantes. It wasn’t noticeable now, but they would eventually become a huge problem to Quantes.

"What are you doing dot? Quickly!” Tiyo called out to him.

“I’m coming.”

Anor forgot about telling Tiyo as he entered the restaurant. The doors opened to reveal light from a beautiful chandelier. Below the chandelier were delicious dishes that stimulated his appetite. It was enough to make him forget what he just saw.


Anor entered the restaurant.


"I have to admit it.”Anor wiped his mouth with a towel and said, "The culture of the continent is awesome."

He had already eaten several honey pork dishes. His stomach seemed too big for his slim body. He reached out for another dish, despite the feeling that came from overeating.

"In particular, the food is great.”

"I think you ate too much.”

“It’s okay. I’m okay.”

This time, Anor reached out for a chicken-stuffed-with-vegetables dish. Crockta, Tiyo, and Anor were already unable to eat anymore. Anor struggled and swallowed his grape juice.

"That reminds me, I saw them again.”

"Saw what dot?”

"The group of moneylenders. They were near the restaurant.”

The expressions of the three people changed at Anor’s words. Tiyo and Kenzo both looked suspicious. Meanwhile, Crockta grinned with interest.


"What are you saying dot?”

"I’ve found you a suitable opponent.” Crockta looked at Kenzo and said, "Kenzo."


"The next training is a real life experience.” Crockta pointed at Kenzo’s claymore. "With that Claymore, let them know the justice of Quantes.”


Kenzo’s eyes widened.

Those moneylenders, they were users. He had to fight a bunch of users for an NPC.

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