Chapter 133 - Mountain of Sabres, Forest of Swords (2)

Chapter 133 - Mountain of Sabres, Forest of Swords (2)

“Phew, it is nice and warm,” Crockta muttered.

It felt like all his fatigue from his adventure in the north dispersed as he immersed himself in the hot water. This was a public bathroom in the basement of their inn. Crockta glanced elsewhere. Anor was looking around with an awed expression, amazed at the hot water that appeared like magic. When faced with the level of civilization in Quantes, he didn’t stop asking questions like a curious little boy.

"I guess Tiyo’s still playing around.”

"It’s been a while so he will be unburdening his heart.”

Tiyo had yet to return. The members of the Quantes Gnomes Garrison welcomed his return and held a big celebration. Obviously, his stories about their adventures in the north would be greatly exaggerated.

Kenzo’s voice was suddenly heard from where his body was buried in the bathtub. "It is lacking compared to natural hot springs, but this type of bath is still good. Having such a facility in an inn, Quantes is great.”

"I guess you like hot springs.”

"Of course. Where I used to live, there was a famous hot spring and the hot sulfur water was like paradise itself. There are many good elements for the body.”

Considering the place where he used to live, the white star on his forehead, and the name Kenzo, Crockta guessed that he was Japanese. He looked at Crockta and said, "But when is training...?”

"I don’t want to sweat again after bathing, so we will start tomorrow.”

"I understand.”

Crockta decided after seeing Kenzo’s swordsmanship. The two wouldn’t have a great teacher and student relationship, but rather one where he would advise Kenzo on his skills while they stayed in Quantes.

Crockta was pleased by Kenzo’s decision. If this was any game, he could become stronger just by hunting. But Elder Lord was different. Many users appreciated the importance of meeting a good teacher because enlightenment and competence could make a big difference. Kenzo felt the desire not to miss out on this opportunity.

"We have been in here for a while. Get up soon.”


Crockta raised his body. The sound of someone humming was getting closer and Crockta wanted to leave the bath before it became noisy.

“Ohh! Everybody is here! Kahahat!”

Tiyo drunkenly staggered into the bathroom. The guests not from Crockta’s group glared at the appearance of a drunkard.

"Ah, I made a noise. I’m sorry dot. Kyahahaha!”

Tiyo twisted and fell down. Then he raised his head and smiled again. He wasn’t himself right now. Crockta exchanged glances with Anor. Someone had to take care of the drunkard. If they left him alone, he might die from placing his head under the water all night.

The two reached out at the same time.



Rock paper scissors! Crockta won. Anor sighed and trudged over to handle Tiyo while Crockta looked at him and laughed.

"Just like a nanny.”

Anor grabbed Tiyo. Anor was in the process of raising Tiyo up when the drunken gnome  suddenly jumped and plunged into the big bathtub. Water splashed everywhere. Anor grabbed his head and forced Tiyo to apologize to the guests around them.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This friend has no wisdom.”

“Sorry dot, uhihi.”

"No, what is with this attitude? Bow your head!”

There were no problems because it was Anor.

Crock and Kenzo walked out of the public bath together. Attention was focused on the fierce orc warrior Crockta and the slightly lacking, but still well-disciplined human warrior Kenzo. They stood tall and put on their clothes.

"Do you want to drink beer?”


After the bath, they headed up to the pub on the first floor of the inn. Several gnomes were gathered and drinking alcohol. Crockta and Kenzo sat down and ordered beer. The gnome employee brought them cold beer and dry snacks. It was a special order made to fit the size of an orc and human.

“You...” Crockta opened his mouth, making Kenzo stop as he was about to take a sip.

"Ah, yes.”

"Why do you want to become stronger?" Crockta asked with a deep expression in his eyes.

It was an important question. He wanted to teach someone but he didn’t want to do something wrong. That’s why he recalled the best teacher that he knew. Baek Hanho’s face surfaced but was quickly replaced by the great warrior Lenox. Harsh, severe, yet passionate. Because he was there, Crockta could become who he was now.

Crockta became Lenox and looked at Kenzo. Deep eyes that seemed like they could penetrate straight through him.


Kenzo gulped. 

There was common knowledge that every user in Elder Lord knew. NPCs considered this world to be real and everyone had their own philosophy. Users needed to breathe and consider this a real world; their mindset was expressed as the assimilation rate. If he answered with the flimsy mindset of a user, he might not be able to learn from this orc.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. He asked himself: 'Why do I want to become stronger?'

His previous memories passed by.


He was a common otaku. He wasn’t a hikikomori who always stayed in his room, but a friendly sales office worker caught up in the turmoil of society. He just had a secret hobby of anime appreciation and figurines collection. And the character he loved the most was…

Sword demon Matsui!

He was a character who had a bad personality, smoked cigarettes, and always had a dull expression on his face. His hobbies were Pachinko and Mahjong, and was a man who always drunkenly wandered the streets with matted hair.

However, at night, he became the city’s dark knight who wielded his magical claymore against the monsters who killed his former lover. He was always cynical and committed criminal acts casually, but at crucial moments, he became the anti-hero who helped the weak.

Kenzo went to a dojo that taught swordsmanship because of him. However, he couldn’t wield the sword like Matsui in reality. He plunged into the world of Elder Lord to be like Matsui. But he lacked the abilities to be a hero. The same was trying for gaining higher levels. The wall of the NPCs and creatures was high.

In Elder Lord, he was just an ordinary warrior with a sword.

Kenzo opened his mouth, "Become stronger...”

His current assimilation rate was over 60%. It was the highest it had ever been.

"I want to help people who have fallen into despair.”

It was the reason why he admired and wanted to be like Matsui. At one time, he had severe fright of human relationships. He was bullied on a daily basis at school. At that time, it was a friend who saved him.

A friend who learned karate. He knocked out the people tormenting Kenzo. Kenzo expressed his gratitude, but the friend just asked for a banana milk and handed him a book. It was Miyamoto Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings. Then he disappeared with the words to not be pathetic. It was more shocking because he was a person who normally didn’t speak a lot.

Kenzo read The Book of Five Rings all night. Then he started changing from that day. He tried to fix his passive attitude and to get along with the people in his surroundings. Therefore, he could take his place in society.

A single person’s hand was enough to save him. If one person hadn’t showed up, he would’ve continued to just sink. He wanted to be that one person to reach out his hand to people in despair.

“I see.” Crockta nodded. Kenzo’s serious heart was conveyed.

Kenzo replied firmly again, “That’s right.”

"People who have fallen into despair...” Crockta contemplated his words before faintly smiling. He beckoned, "Drink."

Crockta drank his beer in one gulp. Kenzo supported his neck and did the same. The large glass filled with beer was gone in a flash. Both of them downed the beer in one shot.



It was a universal sound after drinking. The two of them shook as they felt the aftermath of the beer.

"Then go to sleep early. My approach is tough so tomorrow will be a hard day.”

They were set to stay a week in Quantes. It was enough time for Tiyo to meet his family and friends, as well as prepare for the trip. Of course, Anor also needed to see the city. Meanwhile, Crockta would preach his enlightenment to this man.

The two of them headed up to their room.


Kenzo couldn’t sleep because his heart was pounding.

He needed to focus properly during this week with the orc. He had already taken some time off at his company. It was a strong desire to learn everything from this NPC, an orc who could instantly slay an ogre. Maybe he could obtain a hidden class or skill from this.

He moved his gaze. Crockta wasn’t sleeping yet.


He was sitting on the bed with his eyes closed. The faint moonlight leaking through the window showing his serenity.


At that moment, he felt the same energy as when the ogre was slain. A hazy atmosphere appeared around Crockta’s body. It was like he was separated from the world. His flesh became distant and he seemed to disappear from Kenzo’s perspective. There was an invisible aura moving through the air. It was calm and silent, but Kenzo’s muscles shook like he was on the battlefield.

It was a strange phenomenon. Kenzo kept lying down as he forgot the time. Some time passed.

Crockta opened his mouth. "When you reach this level, you can practice without even breaking a sweat.”


He was aware of the fact that Kenzo was watching.

"Keep in mind that in this world, the will of an individual can make a big difference.”

It was something Crockta had learned directly.

In reality, no matter how much he trained his will, he couldn’t jump a few meters or break a rock. Even if he practiced for a lifetime, he might be able to kill a wild animal with his bare hands. Limits existed.

But this was the world of Elder Lord. A person could grow infinitely if they trained and had a strong will. A place where the possibilities of individuals were expanded beyond infinity, that was Elder Lord. Crockta realized this from Hoyt, then he reached a higher ground due to Gushantimur.

Now it was possible to simulate a fight with a virtual enemy by raising his will and imagining it. The realm of a Hero beyond the Pinnacle. Crockta knew this very well, so he planned to help Kenzo experience the realm of the Pinnacle in this week.

Seeing was believing.

“Sleep. Tomorrow, you will regret not sleeping earlier.”

“Ah, I understand.”

Kenzo hurriedly closed his eyes. Maybe he would experience something life-changing tomorrow. Elder Lord was a symbol of this era. Even if he wasn’t a ranker, there were many users who earned a big profit through Elder Lord. It usually depended on how strong a person was and their level.

Through this opportunity, he could hopefully become a professional user who earned a living through Elder Lord. It was the dream of all Elder Lord users.

He couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s training. He didn’t worry much. No matter how harsh the training was, it wouldn’t kill him.


It actually happened.

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