Chapter 130 - COME BACK (1)

Chapter 130 - COME BACK (1)

Crockta was troubled.

"A warrior... doesn’t forsake faith dot...!”

“Ahahat! Great chieftain! Chest thump!”

"A warrior doesn’t persecute the weak dot...!”

“Loyalty, loyalty! Thump thump!”

...Did they want to die?

"Prove your honor dot!”

"Kuock... now the true great chieftain is Crockta!”

"How wonderful dot. Bul-tar dot!”


Crockta looked at them. They giggled despite seeing his menacing eyes.

"Hey, look at Crockta’s eyes! Anor! The great chieftain is staring at me dot! Keep quiet dot!”

"Ah, we’ll be in trouble. We have to stay quiet.”

They had been teasing Crockta ever since they left Spinoa. Crockta closed his eyes and endured it.

That’s right. Those two were just a poor gnome and a dark elf who didn’t understand the beauty and sincerity of orcs.

"You don’t understand the hot hearts of me and my millions of orc brothers...”

The moment of surprise when Surka became the new great chieftain and recognized Crockta as his leader. It was a historic moment when the laws of the orcs were passed onto the north. The northern orcs had stared at him piously and struck their chests. History would remember it as a great day.

"A million. How serious.”

"I understand dot.”

"Later you can kill Calamhart ten times over.”

“It is possible dot. Anor is insightful.”

Crockta became sad. Didn’t they know that the word ‘millions’ was just used as an idiom? At that moment, in Crockta’s eyes, they really looked like they numbered over a million. The dark elves watching the scene were also very impressed.

It was only Tiyo and Anor who trembled and cringed in the crowd. Their tongues had twisted when he talked about the warrior’s laws, but they desperately endured it.

"Once again, I...”

"Okay, okay."

"Anyway, let’s go dot!”


They left Spinoa.

Many things had happened. They traversed the north, fighting the orcs under the great chieftain Calmahart. In the end, he killed the great chieftain and established the continent orcs’ laws in the north. Surka would follow the laws and lead the orcs well until the north and the continent united.

"It’s been a while since we’ve been there last dot!”

They were heading for the Black Forest. Like they had promised before leaving, they were going to revisit the hermit of the Black Forest, the black dragon Gushantimur. They would meet the creatures there and grow while competing with each other again, before asking about the whereabouts of Tiyo’s father.

Their schedule for the future would be decided there.

"It was fun dot. I’m glad I came to the north dot.”

Tiyo said while tapping the head of the caruk, who cried out. Crockta agreed.

He was told by Gordon to seek the truth at the Temple of the Fallen God. Then Crockta discovered the truth: Elder Lord wasn’t a simple game but another dimension. But this was still lacking.

Who was Gordon? There was also the ulterior motives of the gray woman, the god who told him the truth and the system that ran Elder Lord. He didn’t know if these questions could be answered, but Crockta would see it through to the end.

He had something to do. There was no new information yet, but someday he would find the answer if he kept wandering around Elder Lord. Furthermore, he didn’t like Choi Hansung’s actions on the continent so Crockta would have to face him once.

And more than anything else.

"Riding a caruk isn’t that good. Compared to my favorite ride.”

He changed his car recently. The ranker payout was indeed beyond imagination. He hadn’t informed Yiyu yet because he enjoyed driving around alone, but every person passing by would look at the expensive supercar.

Hooray for Elder Lord.

"Now, go!"

Crockta drove the caruk quickly. Tiyo followed. He was followed by Anor, who was still clumsy when it came to riding. They quickly entered the Black Forest.


An arrow flew as soon as they entered the Black Forest. This arrow was familiar. It was only one arrow but it had the power to deal tremendous havoc.

The famous goblin archer, Kiao! It was him.

And his adversary was Tiyo. Tiyo immediately fired General, a splendid energy pouring out from the muzzle and colliding with the arrow.

“Only this much dot!”

The two forces repeatedly moved towards each other. Then an explosion was caused. Crockta and Anor rolled around the ground as they were caught in the aftermath.

“What the hell is this?”

"I didn’t know it would be like this when an arrow and magic bullet hit each other.”

They hid behind the trees to escape the aftermath. The caruks shook. Crockta patted them to calm them down.


Tiyo released General’s full strength. Now General, that had become Vulcan, poured out countless bursts of energy. A fearsome power! In the end, both powers emitted a bright light as they collided in the air. General was a great artifact, but it was also impressive that Kiao could pack so much power in one arrow.

Tiyo shrugged. "Huhuhu! Kiao! Trying to stop me like this won’t work dot!”

The answer came from behind him. "Of course not kyak!”


The cold chill of an arrowhead touched the back of Tiyo’s neck.

"You used a lot of power but failed to catch my foot kyak! I am able to move freely while shooting arrows!”

That’s right. Tiyo had continued to shoot magic bullets from General. However, ironically, Kiao had relaxed after seeing the gnome’s demonstration. Tiyo wanted to overwhelm him with his power. Vulcan was great at continuous firing but Kiao’s strikes were even stronger.

While Tiyo stopped the storm caused by the arrow, Kiao moved freely and appeared behind Tiyo. Then he waited until Tiyo stopped. It was his defeat.


Tiyo thought he had become stronger but he had lost again.

Kiao grinned. “I heard the news kyak! Congratulations, but we weren’t just playing around kyak!”


The creatures in the Black Forest hadn’t neglected their training.

Crockta and Anor approached the agitated Tiyo. Crockta raised a hand to his shoulder.


Hot hands! Indeed, his brother and friend Crockta came to comfort him. Tiyo smiled and tried to answer that he was okay.

Crockta grinned and made a sound. "Pff.”

An obvious derision! Then he led the caruks past him into the Black Forest.


It was revenge for the teasing!

Tiyo shook as he looked at Anor. He always teased Crockta with Tiyo, so surely Anor would comfort him. Anor reached out with a sad expression. The moment that Tiyo was about to grasp his hand. Anor formed a fist and extended his index finger.

Then he waved it from side to side.

"Defeated. Defeated.”



Then Anor followed behind Crockta. Tiyo felt despair. Kiao, who defeated him, remained by his side.

"This is called cause and effect kyak! You should build up your heart!”

“Shut up dot!”

"Don’t be angry just because I gave you some advice kyak!”

"Next time I will win dot!”

"Don't play around kyak!”

"Dirty old bastard!”

The two of them fought even when walking into the Black Forest.

Gushantimur’s lair.


Gushantimur’s lair hadn’t changed. It was a beautiful castle where the creatures were practicing. The cold-faced man, Gushantimur welcomed them while holding a long sword.

“It has been a while.”

"I came back."

“It has been a while dot!”

Gushantimur nodded. He looked Crockta up and down. Then his eyes widened. It seemed like he had already grasped the changes in Crockta.

"Crockta. Amazing."

"It is thanks to you.”

Crockta was now in the Hero realm. A person like Gushantimur would be able to feel it. After reaching this state, he became more aware of Gushantimur’s power. He had a tremendous presence. As Crockta viewed him through the realm of a Hero who twisted causality, Gushantimur visibly seemed like a dragon.

However. He felt like the difference had narrowed.

"There is still a lot left to go.”

Crockta laughed and Gushantimur nodded. "That's right. Let’s deal with it after unpacking.”

Anor had been caught by the lich and skeletons. Anor tried to flee but he was caught tightly by the lich’s skeletons. There was still a long way to go before his phobia was cured.


They rested and unburdened their hearts.

The tool was the sword.

Crockta exchanged blows with Gushantimur. Crockta reached the Hero realm but he still wasn’t used to dealing with it. Every time the swords met, he would look at Ogre Slayer with a sad expression.

He didn’t get the same feeling as when he faced Calmahart.

"You will soon get the power, Crockta.” Gushantimur said. "The situation is different. The power to break causality is impossible with an ordinary will, so it is rather strange if you could use that power at will after just learning it.”

But then Gushantimur showed his power to Crockta. The black dragon Gushantimur of the Black Forest had already reached the Hero level.

"It has been a while since I reached this stage.” As soon as Crockta’s greatsword moved, Gushantimur’s long sword passed through it and pointed to Crockta’s neck. It was close to the power of magic.

Crockta surrendered. He had become the great chieftain of the north, but he couldn’t win against Gushantimur.

"What do I need to do to win against you?”

He couldn’t imagine a terrain beyond the Hero realm. Was such a thing possible?

Gushantimur smiled. "There is a legend that it is possible to reach a level higher than Hero.”

"I can’t imagine it.” Crockta shook his head and Gushantimur swung his long sword. Crockta reflexively raised Ogre Slayer. However, his long sword went to the opposite side and the tip pointed at Crockta’s face.


"No, I’m not just saying it.”

"What..." Crockta’s eyes widened at Gushantimur’s words. "Surely not...”

“That’s right. Among those who reached the Hero realm, a few managed to become a legend.”

[You have received information about the Legend rating for the first time. Achievement points have been gained.]

The message windows popped up.

[But it is ridiculous for you to reach the Legend rank when you have barely crossed the threshold of the Hero rank. Learn from the Hero ranked power!]

[I am cheering for you!]

Crockta felt a chill as he saw the message windows. It was a sign that the woman was constantly watching.

"What type of power is it?”

If Crockta hadn’t heard about the Hero rating from Gushantimur, he would’ve been defeated by Calmahart. He received a clue to the Hero rating from Gushantimur and was able to eventually achieve it.

Crockta watched him with expectant eyes.

But Gushantimur shook his head. "I haven’t reached that level so I don’t know.”

Crockta nodded.

"Huhu, then I will reach the Legend rank and tell you about it. It will be a way for me to repay my grace.” He smiled and posed. Gushantimur burst out laughing. It wasn’t a big laugh but his face brightened in front of Crockta.

"I will look forward to it.”

Tiyo was approaching in the distance. His body was tattered again from fighting with Kiao. Still, this time he managed to counterattack and strike Kiao.

"Ignorant gnome kyak...”

“Shut up dot.”

“Using a punch instead of a bow! A cowardly and violent gnome kyak!”

"Don't be stupid. If I have a bow then you wouldn’t even be my match dot.”

"A bow kyak! I’ll blow you away!"

“Try it dot!”

It was still hard to tell if the relationship between the two of them was good or not. Tiyo stood in front of Gushantimur.

“Gushantimur! I’ve done enough to tell me something important dot!”

Gushantimur nodded.

Tiyo asked. "Where did my father Hedor go?”

“The brave adventurer Hedor.”

Anor also approached. He was staggering under the arm of a skeleton. Crockta waited for Gushantimur’s answer as well. Their movements in the future would change depending on the answer.

But Gushantimur gave an unexpected reply.

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