Chapter 129 - Northern Law (2)

Chapter 129 - Northern Law (2)

The agreement began.

Crockta and Zelkian stood on a platform. Crockta came as a savior to help the dark elves but he was now standing as a representative of the orcs. The future was unknown.

The world tree, looking down on Spinoa as always, laid a branch on Zelkian’s shoulder. It seemed to somehow be saying congratulations to Crockta. The world tree’s branch stooped down as Crockta nodded. It looked like a smile.

The dark elves and orcs were watching them. Their leaders had declared a mutual non-aggression pact, and everyone knew what it meant.

“The agreement is as followed.”

Surka and Jenadu handed slates over to their leaders. The agreement was engraved in stone so that it wouldn’t fade over time. The people of each species applauded both Crockta and Zelkian.

Orcs and dark elves were divided in the center. Crockta asked for restraint so that the orcs wouldn’t offend the dark elves by shouting out ‘great chieftain.’ The dark elves were the same. Zelkian informed them that the great chieftain and orcs were possessed by the demon named ‘Tribulation’, so their hearts eased a little bit.

Therefore, there were no concerns about a conflict taking place. Apart from the brief clapping, the area was still.

The agreement concluded that the war would end and that they wouldn’t invade each other’s territory in the future. If someone violated this pact, they would be punished according to the laws of the area.

For the time being, the orcs would help the dark elves rebuild. In addition, the dark elves’ leader and the orc great chieftain would periodically meet. While it was impossible for those killing each other the day before to suddenly become friends, it was possible if their goal was for this situation to not repeat.

Finally, Zelkian gently hugged Crockta. The agreement was over. It was a symbolic event for everyone to see, so it didn’t drag out for long. Now they had to work to rebuild the city.

At that moment. Crockta raised a hand and said, "All the orcs are gathered together.”

The orcs stopped. It was the great chieftain’s first call. The dark elves returned to their positions. In addition, Zelkian was watching from the side.

“I killed Calmahart. But since I was an enemy yesterday, not everyone is convinced that I am the great chieftain.” Crockta looked down at the orcs. Multiple eyes were staring at him. “So I am going to give you a chance.”

Crockta pulled out his greatsword and placed it on his shoulder.

"Whoever is good. If you have the will to become the great chieftain, come forward.”

A declaration that said he would accept any duel! The orcs started murmuring. As he said, Crockta was an outsider who abruptly appeared as their leader. However, he was the powerful warrior who had killed Calmahart. There would surely be a few warriors who wouldn’t let this pass.

"I will go first!”

It was the first time Crockta saw the face that came forward. However, he was dressed in the clothing of the Great Clan’s warriors.

"I am from the Eagle Blade Tribe, the Great Clan warrior Karhak!”

Crockta came down from the platform and responded, "I am the orc from the continent, Great Chieftain Crockta.”

No other words were needed as both simultaneously swung their weapons. Karhak was a strong warrior. His halberd strikes were hard to deal with. Even if the blade was avoided, he had the technique of turning it by changing his grip on the steel handle.

However, Crockta couldn’t be shaken by such techniques. He had gone through countless fights in the realm of the Pinnacle. His heart and soul were always staring at the enemy’s reality. Crockta avoided all of Karhak’s strikes. Ogre Slayer hit his abdomen.


Karhak flew through the air and landed in the middle of the group of orcs. He lost consciousness. The nearby orcs carried him to the infirmary. There were more challengers. They were the best warriors in the northern tribes and great warriors in the Great Clan.

All of them were defeated as quickly and badly as Karhak. They struck at Crockta in various ways, but the results were all the same.


Crockta declared after knocking down another contender. Crockta had grown further through all his battles with Calmahart. He embraced the power of the Hero rank.

[Status Window]

'Northern Conqueror’ Crockta, Orc Warrior.

Level: 117

Achievement Points: 1,924,800

Assimilation: 89%


Herculean Strength (Hero)

Revival (Hero)

Heart Sword (Hero)

Fighting Spirit (Hero)

Inside the Spirit (Hero)

Tattoo (Hero)

Roar (Hero)

Creatures Butcher (Pinnacle)

Grey God's Eyes (Outside the Ratings)

Art of Magic (Rare)]

When he reached the Hero rank, the splendid skill names suddenly calmed down. The explanation disappeared and only a short feature remained. Crockta liked this more. 

The next challenger appeared. It was a familiar face.

“It has been a while. Crockta.”


An orc who Crockta first met in the Kapur Clan when he came to the north. It was the young orc warrior Rakuta, who wanted to endure the villainous Kapur so he could defeat him and change the tribe. The fact that he was here meant one thing.


Rakuta grinned as he responded, "Perished by my hands.”

In the end, he was punished by his tribe’s warrior. Crockta smiled. He knew that Rakuta would one day kill Kapur. It was the will of the young warrior, Rakuta. It was just faster than Crockta expected.

"It was possible because I never forgot Crockta’s words.”

Before saying farewell, Rakuta had asked Crockta. How could he be strong? Crockta had only one answer. Indomitable will!

Crockta nodded. “Good. Then attack.”

Rakuta charged at him with a good momentum. But in the end, he became like the other contenders. He lay on the ground and admitted defeat. The gap in power was obvious.

No more challengers appeared. Now Crockta was fully recognized as the great chieftain. In this position, Crockta made a declaration.

"Now I believe no one will complain that I am the great chieftain.”

The orcs struck their chests. There was only one way to become the great chieftain. Be the best! Crockta proved his overwhelming power in this spot.

"I, Crockta, will make a declaration as the great chieftain.” All orc eyes turned to him. "I will step down from the position of the great chieftain.”

As Crockta finished speaking, the orcs stared at him with shock. He had just defeated all challengers and truly became the great chieftain. Now he was leaving. There were some cases with the great chieftain stepped down, but that was often when they couldn’t fight due to old age or injury. There were no cases when an overwhelming strong chieftain, like Crockta, stepped down on his own.

"I have to go back to the continent. Therefore, I...”

Crockta found Tiyo and Anor among the audience. They smiled and nodded. Crockta also smiled. He still had a lot of work to do.

"I will name Surka as my successor.”

Surka, who was standing on the podium, opened his eyes widely. It was a face that showed he never imagined it at all. Crockta held Surka’s shoulder and pushed him forward.

"If you have a complaint, go to Surka right now!”

The orcs were quiet.

Surka already proved his strength on the battlefield. He might’ve been obscured by the monster called Calmahart, but he was a true warrior who proved his courage in many battles as the best warrior of the Steel Axe Tribe.

In the past, Calmahart had barely beaten him to the position of great chieftain. It was only afterward that Calmahart, who was enhanced by Tribulation, became a ghastly monster with divine skills.

"What is with the sudden action, Great Chieftain?” Surka asked in a small voice. "Why did you bother beating any of them?”

That’s right. If he was going to step down anyway, why did he take on challengers and defeat them all? it wasn’t convincing that he would leave the moment he proved himself genuinely strong.

Crockta replied, "This is because the northern orcs are arrogant.”


"I wanted to break your idea that the Great Clan is the best. I am evaluating you as a warrior from Orcrox, not the great chieftain. You are weak.”

The orcs’ expressions distorted at Crockta’s words. It was an insult to them.

“If you invaded the continent, you would’ve all been wiped out. The world is far wider than you think, and there are as many strong people as there are stars.”

Calmahart was clearly strong. The power of Tribulation meant it would be hard for him to find an opponent on the continent. But the northern orcs couldn’t overwhelm the many strong players on the continent.

"You lack the strength and the will.”

Crockta thought it was ridiculous for them to attack the continent. It was the continent where orcs, humans, gnomes, elves, and dwarves joined their strengths to create civilizations. Those who barely survived in the desolate north couldn’t beat them.

“Keep this in mind.”

The orcs were quiet. The person saying this was none other than Crockta, the person who defeated Calmahart, who they thought was the strongest person alive. They couldn’t object to any of his words.

He placed the greatsword on his back. Crockta walked down to the bottom of the platform. The sound of his footsteps was heard clearly in the orcs’ silence. Just before he completely stepped down from the platform.

“Crockta.” It was Surka. "You are irresponsible."

Crockta’s eyebrows twitched at Surka’s words. Surka looked at him and explained, “As you say, we are weak. But isn’t it too irresponsible to just say that and then leave? What if, after I become the great chieftain, I destroy the treaty and start the war again?”


"Whether we are weak or not, the dark elves will be destroyed.”

Crockta narrowed his eyes. Surka continued speaking. "If you don’t like it, then teach us.”

“About what?”

“How can we become strong like you?!”

The orcs raised their heads. Surka pointed at them and said.

"Teach us so that if another Calmahart appears, we won’t be corrupted. If you can convince us, I am willing to be the great chieftain.”

Surka grinned. Crockta realized his intent. Then he started laughing. The eyes of countless orcs stared at him. They could see his tiny movements, his gait, even his chest moving up and down from his breathing. But Crockta wasn’t afraid of their gazes.

“It is the ancients laws that made me what I am.”

They could keep it, or they could break it. There was no absolute law in this world. But if they remembered this, when they were lost, they could raise their eyes and find the path again.

"I will let you know the seven honorable laws of the ancient orcs that the north has forgotten.”

Surka listened closely. Crockta told him there was such a thing, but he never actually heard the laws.

“Listen carefully.”

Crockta started to speak the laws of the warriors. From the ancient orcs to the warriors of Orcrox, from Lenox to Crockta, now the ancient laws were being relayed to the northern orcs.

Do not forsake faith, don’t persecute the weak, don’t attack those who abandoned their weapons. Don’t succumb to injustice or shame the gods, pay back any favors or vengeance and protect the powerless.

Prove their honor through these seven laws.

The orcs were quiet. In the past, all orcs knew this. Today, it was something that no one kept.

After the division between the north and the rest of the continent, the law of the strong spread in the north. The strongest orc took everything. The great chieftain was the law. It was why they gradually forgot their old values.

But after a long time, the ancient laws of the orcs returned to them.


Surka stomped his feet. Everyone looked at him.

"I am Surka, the great chieftain.”

He lifted Blood Rain. There was no orc in the north who didn’t know this weapon. It was the wicked axe that created a river of blood in Surka’s hands. Surka shouted. "I follow Great Chieftain Crockta!”

The orcs started murmuring. Surka continued speaking.

"I say this as Great Chieftain Surka! I might’ve inherited the status of great chieftain, but I will always follow the true great chieftain of the north. I will hold this position until Crockta comes back!”

Surka moved Blood Rain. "The laws he spoke are now the laws of the north! If there are any complaints, come to me now!”

Surka’s aura exploded. His energy spread out. A chill went down the spines of the orcs. They remembered. Before Calmahart, Surka had been the one closest to becoming the great chieftain. His axe got the name ‘Blood Rain’ because whenever he waved his axe, a shower of blood would fly into the air.

"Kill me first,” Surka declared.


None of them could open their mouths. Surka’s willpower spread over them. It lasted long enough for them to understand the meaning.

The orcs moved.


They slapped his chest. All orcs placed their hands on their chests as a salute to Surka. The movement started at the front and soon spread to all the orcs. A grand spectacle. Every orc placed their hand on their chest and stared at Surka. The northern orcs recognized Surka as the new great chieftain. Surka nodded before turning around.

"I look forward to it.”

He struck his chest as he looked at Crockta.

The Northern Conqueror Crockta, who rebuilt the north. And the one who followed the great chieftain, it was the birth of True Warchief Surka.

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