Chapter 128 - Northern Law (1)

Chapter 128 - Northern Law (1)

Crockta got up from his spot.

He came back but there was no one around. Tiyo and Anor’s bed, where they should’ve been lying together, was empty. The sun seen through the window was already almost overhead.

It was daytime. This was Spinoa, where the bloody battle had occurred. The city of dark elves had collapsed. Only a few buildings remained, so the survivors slept in tents around the world tree. Then in the daytime, they started rebuilding the village under the blessing of the world tree.

Crockta went out and saw dark elves in the corridor. They were nursing injured soldiers. They jumped in surprise when they saw Crockta. There was a mix of admiration, awe, gratitude, and fear displayed in their eyes.

Crockta was their friend, but now he was the orc great chieftain. He had the power to break the north at any time.

Crockta greeted them first, "It is good to see you.”

“Crockta, you woke up.”

Only some people knew that Crockta was cursed by the stars, so they thought that he was just resting in bed. Crockta smiled. He still sported a wicked face, but it looked better when he smiled.

"Have you been well in the meantime?”



There was an ambiguous silence. Crockta nodded and passed by them. Then their voices were heard from behind, “Thank you very much, Northern Hero Crockta.”

"I will never forget the grace that saved Spinoa.”

Crockta stopped in his tracks. He had seen a lot of ruins. Those who lost everything and became refugees due to the wars. They had nowhere to go and despair filled their eyes. The same was true for Spinoa.

Nevertheless, they were thanking him. Was he really someone who deserved those words? The city was in ruins and he had only protected a fraction of it. He never knew what to say to this. But Crockta had learned a lot from Elder Lord.  Now he had something to say. Crockta raised his thumbs towards them and said, "I will ask for meat for dinner. Bul’tar!”

Crockta winked. The dark elves smiled at his words.

Crockta left the building with powerful steps and felt sober as he once again saw the devastated scenery of Spinoa. The sun drenched landscape made even the ruins seem beautiful. It wasn’t because of the simple form, but because of the appearance of those sweating to rebuild what they lost.

"They are enthusiastic.”

There weren’t only dark elves are the restoration sites. There were orcs. The northern orcs discovered Crockta and struck their chests as they said, “I greet the great chieftain!”

"Great chieftain!” They shouted.

However, Crockta shook his head. He said he didn’t need such formalities, but they didn’t listen.

“You’ve come, Great Chieftain.”

"You don’t need to call me that.”

"The great chieftain is the great chieftain.”

Surka approached.

He had a high rank in the Great Clan, along with Hammerchwi. Thanks to his advice, Crockta was able to force Calmahart into a one-on-one duel. He was a person who remembered his honor, even under the madness of ‘Tribulation.’

“We are in the process of dividing the work sites with the dark elves.”

“Good job. That’s good.”

The war ended dramatically as Crockta became the great chieftain. The red light surrounding the orcs had faded away. Many orcs were ashamed and confused by what they had done. As the great chieftain, Crockta ordered them to join the dark elves and restore the damage.

However, it wasn’t easy to get rid of the enmity between the two species. They were enemies. Even if they were under the influence of another being, it didn’t change the fact that the orcs had trampled on the families and cities of the dark elves.

So the dark elves and orcs were working separately from each other.

“Ohh! Crockta! You finally showed up dot!”

Tiyo’s voice was heard from the side and interrupted the awkward mood. Tiyo was helping the dark elves with the restoration work, while black dust covered his face.

"I thought you were trying to get out of work because you didn’t come back for a while.”

It was the same for Anor. Anor was helping up by raising some bones. Considering the hearts of those who just finished the war, it was the body of a monster, not a dark elf or orc. The skeleton ogre was grabbing and lifting rocks.

"Work, go to work Crockta!”

Surka’s eyes widened as Crockta walked forward.

"Why is great chieftain...?”

“Surka. I am Crockta, not the great chieftain!”

Surka nodded at Crockta’s words. "I understand.”

"I want to work.”

Crockta put the greatsword down beside him. Then he rolled up his sleeves. Right now, the buildings in Spinoa were being created with the branches of the world tree. The opportunity to build with divine wood from the world tree wasn’t common. Thanks to the emergency situation, the world tree was trying to rebuild Spinoa, even if it had to exhaust its power.

Crockta carried the thick branches of the world tree like they were nothing. Then he started moving towards a construction site.

"Truly the great chieftain!”

"Ohhhh! The great chieftain is working directly!”

“Follow the great chieftain!”

"From now on, don’t rest!”

The orcs cheered. For those who only experienced the harsh reign of Calmahart, it was the first time a great chieftain took the initiative to work first. Once Crockta started to work, the atmosphere among the orcs changed. The northern orcs followed the great chieftain.

As Crockta continued to work, he saw a familiar face.

Hammerchwi. He was hammering in a nail with his battle hammer. He swung his hammer with rapid movements before discovering Crockta.

"The great chieftain has come.”

“Hammerchwi. We meet again.”

At one time, they had different beliefs and exchanged weapons. Of course, the result was Crockta’s clean sweep. Hammerchwi might’ve foreseen this future then.

"How is work? Aren’t you tired at your age?”

"What are you talking about? I am the great Warrior Hammerchwi. This is still a long way to go before I get tired.”

"A lot of sweat is flowing.”

Hammerchwi was covered in sweat. He wiped at his forehead and neck. It was damp. He laughed and wiped it off with his shirt.

"Well, I think sweat is better than blood.”

That made sense. Hammerchwi smiled again. Crockta nodded. He tapped Hammerchwi’s shoulder and whisper as he passed by.

“As long as you are alive. Bul’tar.”

Hammerchwi replied to Crockta’s back.

“The great chieftain as well. Bul’tar!”

Crockta turned at his answer. But Hammerchwi just smiled and continued his hammering. The orc who crushed many enemies with his terrible hammer, the great warrior of the Great Clan called Hammerchwi.

But he seemed to look better with a work hammer than a combat hammer. The warriors following Hammerchwi listened to his instructions and were busy raising the building. If he was born on the continent, he might’ve been a great carpenter instead of a warrior.

Like Grant, he might’ve become a craftsman finding his aptitude after being a warrior. Or maybe he would be an orc who never picked up a weapon, a person who worked during the day and drank at night.



"Does Hammerchwi have children?”

“Yes. It isn’t just one or two.”

Crockta stared at him. Surka shrugged.

"He has 11. I heard one was born not too long ago.”

Crockta nodded. He felt somehow reassured. "I'm glad. Orcs should be thinking about the future."

The orcs in the north also weren’t undamaged. Countless soldiers had died. As the dark elves stabilized, the orcs should take care of themselves. He didn’t intend to be the great chieftain for long, but he couldn’t help thinking about this.

"Tomorrow, the agreement will be signed.”

Crockta had climbed to the position of great chieftain, ending the war between the dark elves and orcs. They were supposed to declare an end to the war, forget the conflicts and sign an agreement to maintain peace. The date was tomorrow. Of course, one of the subjects of the agreement was Zelkian, leader of the dark elves and agent of the world tree. The other was the great chieftain of the northern orcs, Crockta.



“Do you want to try fighting me once?”

Surka’s eyes widened. He noticed the look in Crockta’s eyes and nodded.

"I understand.”


The two of them stood in a deserted spot. In the background, there was the distant sound of orcs working as both of them raised their weapons. The greatsword, Ogre Slayer. A masterpiece of the Golden Anvil Clan.

However, it had sharpened in Crockta’s hands as it cut down many enemies. Unlike the blades that became dull after repeatedly being soaked in the blood and flesh of the enemies, Ogre Slayer was different as it evolved into a greatsword with a completely different atmosphere.

At the beginning, Ogre Slayer was a shining sword. Now it looked like a sword that had gone through all sorts of hardships. The masterpiece of the Golden Anvil Clan was completed in Crockta’s hands.

"A good sword. It can cause chaos.”

But Surka’s axe also wasn’t ordinary. It was ‘Blood Rain,’ the heirloom axe that he received from his father Shiktulla. It was a treasure that swept over numerous high-level enemies in the north. To Surka, it was the best symbol of a Steel Axe tribe member.

The two forces met. Their weapons struck each other. There was a loud sound as the greatsword and axe met. The eerie sound of two weapons clashing drifted along the wind. They moved around each other like they were wind magicians, skillfully penetrating through any gaps.

Surka was different from Calmahart, as he boasted brilliant axe techniques.

Crockta smiled. This fight had its own charm. Crockta’s speed increased. The realm of the Pinnacle. Crockta’s greatsword aimed at the enemy, like he had pulled on a line in the world. The axe passed by his cheek while the greatsword narrowly missed the neck. Blood flowed.

He grinned. Rather than exchanging a few words of respect, they could communicate more by fighting.

Warrior and warrior. They were fighting.

"What are you fighting for Surka?”

Crockta shouted as he pushed Surka with his shoulder. Surka grinned as he was suddenly off balance.

“To be great chieftain!”

Then he jumped and his axe descended towards Crockta.


An explosive sound was heard for the first time.

"Kill the great chieftain and become the great chieftain!”

Surka laughed. An orc of the north. Crockta didn’t hate this look. Orc warriors should be able to laugh while fighting for their lives.

"What about once you become the great chieftain?” Crockta deflected the axe and kicked Surka’s abdomen. Surka fell down and Ogre Slayer pursued him. He rolled across the ground to avoid it but in the end, Crockta’s greatsword pointed at his neck.

Crockta asked, "What do you want to do once you become the great chieftain?”

Surka struggled against Crockta’s foot on his chest before giving up. He looked up at Crockta and smiled.

“I will change the Great Clan.”


"To what it used to be!”

Crockta removed his foot and extended a hand. Surka grabbed Crockta’s hand and got up. He gazed at Crockta and added. "Then we will become like the orcs of the continent.”

The land of orc warriors who regarded honor as their lives. He couldn’t help feeling admiration after Crockta told him about the continent. Surka wanted to restore the traditions of the continent, just like the old northern orcs. He wanted to not feel ashamed as he fought, and to know that death wasn’t in vain. He wanted to restore that spirit.

Surka laughed and added. "But Crockta is the great chieftain, so I won’t need to become the great chieftain.”


Crockta laughed. Surka laughed. After finished the fight, Crockta asked something else.

“Surka. Are you the strongest here except for me?”

“There isn’t a proper ranking but probably. Apart from Calmahart, I’ve never been defeated by anyone.”

“How dependable.”

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