Chapter 111 - Great Northern War (7)

Chapter 111 - Great Northern War (7)

Crockta looked at the sky from the pumpkin carriage. It was the end of the lunar cycle. The thin moon made him the most sensitive. Darkness distracted the enemy’s vision and hid his stature.

He just needed his greatsword.

He was currently floating above the tent of the great chieftain, Calmahart. But the area still hadn’t calmed down. Orcs were carrying food into Calmahart’s tent. They were carrying an enormous amount of meat. Calmahart’s overeating was good for Crockta. Digesting a lot of food required energy, so it inevitably made the brain sleepy. The body would become dull and dull bodies created gaps in battle.

"Not bad."

Once the orcs fell asleep, Crockta would descend from the carriage and hit Calmahart. The night was still young.

The next space time movement of this pumpkin was at midnight. He still had some time. Crockta touched the surface of the pumpkin carriage. It was really a pumpkin and a pegasus made of translucent light pulled it.

It was summoned by Jamero’s ‘Boundary Pumpkin.’ He used it and a pumpkin carriage suddenly appeared. It was a carriage that only appeared in Crockta’s eyes and allowed him to infiltrate wherever he wanted without a sound. If there wasn’t a restriction that only one person could use it, perhaps he would’ve been able to pull off a greater surprise attack.

Crockta carefully searched below.

It was a large army. It was the spectacular sight of many orcs camping together. If all those orcs appeared in the north, it would be impossible for the dark elves to handle them. Crockta reinforced how important this opportunity was. If he stabbed Calmahart in the heart here, maybe the war would be over. The origin of all this was Calmahart.

“One, two, three.”

He confirmed the number of guards around Calmahart’s tent. There weren’t many due to Calmahart’s  confidence. Warriors on patrol sometimes roamed, but overall, the defense was lax. They didn’t expect a surprise attack at all.

Of course, they were right. If it weren’t for this mysterious artifact, Crockta would’ve never reached here. It was a one person raid.

The moon went behind a cloud. There was perfect darkness on the plains. The pumpkin started to descend gradually, according to Crockta’s will. Gradually, the campsite of the orcs came closer.

He occasionally heard the steps of the orc soldiers walking around. Crockta quietly added his own footsteps to the sounds. There was an orc soldier with his back to Crockta.


Suddenly, the orc soldier looked around.



Blood spattered as the orc’s head turned around. Crockta caught the falling head and eliminated the sound of impact. Once again, blood poured on him.

Then silence.


Crockta walked forward. There were three guards around at the tent. Crockta moved behind them in the darkness.

“I’m tired,” an orc muttered while yawning.

He had a halberd tied to his back. He never noticed as Crockta secretly approached.

[The skill Infiltration (Common) has been acquired.]

[You seem to be getting used to sneaking around? Your Infiltration skill has upgraded.]

[Shadow Infiltration (Rare) has been acquired.]

He shut the message windows off. Then in the same manner, he cut the neck of the orc from behind.


The orc responded. He felt something and quickly twisted. However, he couldn’t avoid it and most of his neck was cut.


His throat was cut and he couldn’t shout properly. The orc looked up at Crockta with surprised eyes. Gradually, bubbles rose and the eyes became blurred. Crockta used his greatsword to completely separate the dangling head.

The orc’s eyes died. Now there was only one left. The remaining orc was completely asleep. Crockta didn’t bother using the greatsword. Instead, he reached out his hands to the orc’s neck and twisted.


The orc still seemed to be sleeping. There would’ve been no pain.

“Now it is starting.”

Crockta muttered in a small voice. He stood directly before Calmahart’s tent. Such a large tent was being used by only one person. It was as big as a building. The opponent wasn’t easy, but Crockta wasn’t an ordinary orc.

His greatsword was crying. Crockta smiled.

Then he took out a scroll and tore it.

[Wide Area Silence Scroll (Essence) has been consumed.]

He barely sensed it. It was like the invisible membrane enveloping the area. Now no sound would leak out.

Crockta opened the tent.


The interior was bright.

There was a fire blazing in the middle of the tent. One side contained fearsome weapons such as axes, hammers, and halberds, while the other side had a tactical map showing the current march of the orcs.

Crockta skimmed it. It wasn’t significantly different from what the dark elves had figured out. At the end, there was a huge mass lying on the bed.

Calmahart. He was lying beside a huge throne decorated with all types of bones. Just looking at him from a distance, Crockta could guess his size. Crockta felt sick and tired. That really was an orc. He seemed one head bigger than Crockta. There was an axe under the bed. It was a huge double edged axe that seemed to be his main weapon.

Crockta approached. Calmahart hadn’t noticed anything yet as his breathing was still the same. His face twisted as if he was doing something terrible in his dreams.

Crockta pulled out his greatsword. He hadn’t come here to fight or play around.

This was an assassination. The sword descended. It was at that moment.


Calmahart raised his arm. He was wearing a steel guard on his forearm. It blocked Crockta’s greatsword.

Calmahart’s eyes tinged red. He laughed.


Crockta stepped back. It had been just a hair away. How was he noticed?

“It is the first time that I’ve seen you. I would remember someone with tattoos." Calmahart got up.

His huge body looked down at Crockta. His head seemed to reach the top of the tent. He grabbed his double edged axe. It was a huge weapon that wasn’t inferior to Crockta’s Ogre Slayer.

Calmahart looked down at Crockta. His expression was interested. His arms were trembling because he wanted to wield the double edged axe right away. Crockta caught his breath calmly.

This had developed into a fight. He lifted Ogre Slayer. Anyway, he had been expecting this.

Crockta grinned.

Calmahart and Crockta, the two orcs stood facing each other. Then their worlds slowed. Extremely keen senses. A sudden exchange of attack and defense occurred in a short amount of time. Ogre Slayer and the axe hit each other.




The two looked at each other and laughed. And at the same time.

Strong. With that exchange, they were able to gauge the other person’s level.

Crockta plunged in. He aimed the sword at Calmahart’s lower body. At the same time, Calmahart’s axe lowered. Crockta twisted his body to avoid the axe and corrected the sword’s trajectory. The blade swung into Calmahart’s abdomen. Ogre Slayer bounced off.



Calmahart grinned. He was wearing steel armor on the inside.

"Shall we do it properly?”

He stretched his back. Then he approached Crockta. Crockta nodded.

"Yes, let’s do it right.”

At the same time, huge momentum burst out from their bodies. A storm raged into the tent. The two of them grinned at each other. Then they fought again. At a speed that wasn’t visible, they aimed their weapons at the other’s neck and heart.

Tremendously loud sounds like a thunderstorm occurred. Crockta became bruised while blood flowed from Calmahart’s body.


Once again, their weapons collided. The power struggle continued. Crockta kicked Calmahart’s legs.


Calmahart fell over, causing the tent to shake fiercely. Crockta jumped forward and aimed his greatsword downwards. Calmahart hit the greatsword with the axe and grabbed Crockta’s neck with the other hand.


There was a strong grip on his neck. Crockta struggled. Calmahart smiled and gave more strength to his hands. It was a tremendous force. Crockta grabbed the wrist and tried to pull it away, but it didn’t move.

Then Crockta bit the hand with a wicked expression.


Calmahart screamed and let go. One finger was tattered.


Crockta smiled and spat out the blood. “There isn’t much taste.”

Calmahart’s eyes turned red with anger as he laughed. “Kuhuhuhuk, kuhuhut!”

This guy was for real. He was someone who knew how to really fight.

Calmahart’s mouth rose. A warrior like himself, who knew what slaughter and fighting for their lives were. This guy knew.

“What is your name?” Calmahart asked.

Crockta placed the greatsword on his shoulder.


"I see. You...”

Calmahart remembered what happened earlier in the day.

A real orc. Calmahart laughed. A real warrior would appear and kill him. The name was Crockta. An orc who was stronger and larger than average orcs. His eyes were deep and sharp. He wore a red headband and steel belt at his waist. The big greatsword used as a weapon.

Strong. An orc who reached the same ‘stage’ as him.


That was all.

“You are a real orc...?”

Crockta laughed. He had also seen what happened during the day.

"What is a real orc, Calmahart?”

Calmahart raised his axe.

“Strong.” The axe contained a fearsome momentum. His muscles swelled up. The originally large body became even bigger. "Stronger than anyone else. That is an orc.”

He approached Crockta, who pulled out his greatsword.

"And I am the strongest,” declared Calmahart.

At the same time, the axe lowered.


Space was severed. Crockta’s eyes changed. It was an unusual attack. Crockta immediately moved to the side to avoid it.


The axe struck a part of the skull protruding from his belt. Crockta lost his balance in the aftermath and fell to one knee. He rolled to avoid the next strike from the axe.


The Demon’s Mouth was scratched. This was the first time.

He raised his head. The axe was coming in succession. Instead of stepping back, Crockta bowed his head and moved forward. The axe passed over Crockta’s head. The oversized Calmahart was bent down low and defenseless against Crockta’s incoming rush.

Crockta aimed his greatsword.


Blood emerged from Calmahart’s mouth. Crockta twisted his greatsword. But the handle didn’t move.


Calmahart’s abdominal muscles held on to the blade.

He couldn’t believe it. Crockta raised his head. Calmahart was smiling as he looked down at Crockta.

"I got you.”

Calmahart threw the axe away and grabbed Crockta’s neck with both hands. Crockta desperately pulled his greatsword but it didn’t budge. What a monstrous body.

Calmahart laughed. Crockta’s eyes became blurry as he looked up into Calmahart’s face.


Calmahart’s grip became stronger. His consciousness faded.

Then he saw something shimmering on Calmahart’s forehead.

His consciousness went to a distant place.

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