Chapter 106 - Great Northern War (2)

Chapter 106 - Great Northern War (2)

The enemies knocked endlessly against the walls.


"Caska, there’s no time to breathe a sigh of relief.”

"I know, I know.”

She drew back her bowstring once again. Her job was to continuously pull the bowstring and launch projectiles until the walls collapsed. As soon as she pierced the head of an enemy with an arrow, she would fire a new arrow, providing the walls the possibility of lasting a little longer.

Now the enemies were near. The walls shook violently.

A magician’s flames fell in the middle of the enemies. However, the magic of the orc shaman stopped it from causing damage. The fireball spread and became hundreds of small sparks, disappearing into the air.

Where was the enemy shaman? Caska’s eyes swept the battlefield. Among all the orcs in shabby armor, she discovered an orc wearing a robe.

"Snipe the shaman.”

"I will do it as well.”

Caska and her boss pointed their arrows at the same time. It felt like the eyes of the shaman were facing towards them.

She aimed at his yellow eyes. Caska and the shaman’s eyes met across the long distance. It felt like he already knew everything about her. Nausea arose in her empty stomach.

Caska’s fingertips let go of the bowstring. Two arrows flew side-by-side, slicing through the air  towards the enemy’s forehead and eyes. The shaman’s staff waved once. The arrows stopped in front of the shaman’s nose and turned around. The iron tip stared at them before following their own trajectory. Then they started to move along that path.


Caska threw herself flat down. The arrows were rushing back towards them.



There was a noise. Caska closed her eyes. Her right shoulder felt warm and she could smell blood. Her body was injured from throwing herself down so quickly.

This was a battlefield. Life and death were just fleeting moments.

She raised her body without looking back. Her supervisors had been changed many times, and the supervisor assigned to her today once again became a corpse at her feet.

"Died like a fool.”

She drew back her bowstring. The shaman couldn’t be seen. The arrow shook, with the tip of the arrow pointing down.

Orcs were climbing the walls. An orc was stepping on a ladder. The ladder was low and not really clinging to the wall, but they didn’t look back and kept climbing up the walls like ants. The moment that one of the orcs stepped on the ladder, another followed behind.

Caska’s arrow aimed at the head of the orc climbing up. She maintained eye contact with the orc while shooting.

It made her feel nauseous. The arrow headed downwards. The orc was pierced and fell. No, that was wrong. The orc behind him climbed up the ladder again without a change in expression.

Caska was fast. She loaded an arrow again. Then she fired. The orc died. The orc positioned behind him climbed the ladder again. Kill and kill again, the soldiers repeated the same task like they were toys. There was no such thing as repeated failures.

"Caska! Do you have any arrows left?” questioned her colleague.

Caska checked her quiver and found that there were only two arrows left. She loaded one of the arrows. “No.”

“Damn! What are you doing?”

Caska carefully aimed the arrow as she ignored the voice in her ears. Two arrows left.

She was looking for the shaman who killed her boss. She looked around the entire battlefield in order to kill him, but all the orcs looked the same. How did these hateful guys gather such numbers to become an army? It was hard a hard feat, even if the whole species were all warriors. If all orcs carried a weapon, weren’t they a cursed species?

"Filthy bastard.”

She found the shaman’s face. The shaman was currently holding the staff and mumbling something. He had an escort to guard his defenseless body, but there was enough space for her arrow to penetrate.

She aimed the arrow, emptied her mind, and felt the flow with her body. It was like creating the most beautiful pottery. Just like the mindset of a potter creating the beautiful curve, she calmly pulled the bowstring.

She pulled the arrow back as far as possible as she imagined it piercing the neck of the orc. It was liking choosing the dinner menu. The arrow left the bowstring. It converged on the target in the distance in an instant. The arrow pierced a neck.

Caska muttered, “How irritating.”

In the blink of an eye, the shaman’s eyes widened as he stopped the chant and pulled the body of a guard towards him. The arrow hit the orc soldier instead of the shaman. The end of the pierced arrow stopped right before the orc shaman’s nose.

She immediately pulled out a new arrow. There was still one left. The arrow flew towards the back of the shaman as if it were aimed at an escaping enemy. But the speed of the shaman rose sharply. He moved more promptly than she expected.

Her arrow caught his calf. The shaman collapsed to the ground. He crawled while looking behind. She threw away her empty quiver and pulled out a dagger hanging from her waist.

She grabbed the head of the dead supervisor.

“What are you doing, Caska?”

"Shut up.”

Blood splattered everywhere as the brain burst apart. She firmly cut it apart and took out the arrow that had pierced his head. It was hot. She placed the blood-stained arrow on her bowstring. The hot blood of the supervisor painted her cheek as she pulled the arrow back. She could taste blood in her mouth.

Caska let out a terrible laugh.


Her arrow split the air. Everything else was nonsense. She wanted to kill. This wretched bastard, she needed to get rid of him. But the shaman muttered something and a barrier formed around him, causing her arrow to bounce off of it. The barrier collapsed from the hit. The arrow lost power and fell to the floor.

The shaman sighed with relief. Within seconds, the other orc soldiers surrounded him and became a protective shield.

Now she had no more arrows left. Caska laughed again before kicking the railing of the wall.



"Shit!” She grabbed the clothing of a colleague. "I will kill him, so give me an arrow.”


"Why won’t you give me an arrow?” she loudly shouted.

The orcs were gradually climbing up the walls, but she had long since stopped paying attention. There was a supply station carrying arrows far away, but their turn was still far away.

"Don’t be a fool. Just use your knife.”

"I can’t use a knife!”

"I don't care.”

“Hah.” She angrily kicked the body at her feet.

“Stop.” A colleague restrained her.

Caska glared at the shaman with bloodshot eyes. He was being escorted to the rear by the soldiers.

This shaman had been bothering them since the early days of the siege. He was the de facto commander. The warriors were always at the front fighting, while the one judging and directing the situation was the goddamn shaman.

At that moment, she saw something. “What is that?”

From the north, a big greatsword was shining under the hot sun. There was an orc carrying it on his shoulders. His whole body was full of primitive tattoos.

"A guy from the Great Clan.”

"But the appearance...”

The sword looked more like a flagpole than a weapon. He encountered the orc shaman’s group. They shouted at him. The orc with the greatsword didn’t answer and just lifted the greatsword from his shoulder.

She felt a horrified chill at the sight of the orc handling such a heavy object with only one hand. She could sense it. He didn’t belong to any category she had seen before. A new species.

At that moment. The greatsword cleaved the space horizontally. The soldiers, including the shaman, were split in half and their bodies flew into the air. Blood and organs were scattered all over the ground.

It was caused by a single slash.


Her colleague’s mouth dropped open. Caska’s expression also froze. The orc stepped through the horror he created and approached the orcs attacking the walls.

Caska’s open mouth gradually changed into a smile.

Every time the orc swung his greatsword, more orcs would die. The orcs didn’t care about the rear and were clinging to the walls without any thought, as well as firing the siege weapons towards the gates.

The orc with the greatsword was strolling along behind them and taking down all the orcs. Blood flew in the air every time a life was taken. It was a blow that arrows couldn’t deal.

A feast of slaughter.

“Cool.” Caska’s shoulders trembled as she laughed. "Really cool, that orc...”


The gates broke with a sound. Orcs started to be sucked towards the gate at once. The dark elves blocked the enemies with the spears, but it was like preventing an incoming tide. At that moment,


A huge roar was heard. The dark elves and orcs turned towards the source of the sound. It was an overwhelming roar that made them forget this was a battlefield. At that moment, the ears of everyone in this place were shocked and tinnitus struck.

He said to the orcs. "Calmahart, he is a neophyte.”

The faces of the orcs changed at the insult to the great chieftain. To them, Calmahart was a divine being. He was the leader who would make them rulers of the north, or even the world. This was an insult to the great chieftain. In addition, it came from an orc standing in front of a large army alone.

The orc continued speaking.

"Calmahart is a sissy and he will die by my hands.” He raised his greatsword. Then he smiled. "Are there any complaints?”

The orcs turned around.

"This crazy guy!"

“What are you doing?”

The orcs raised their weapons. The orc siege surrounding the gate and walls loosened.

"There are lots of complaints. Then..." The orc with the greatsword raised his hand.

Then he beckoned.


The orcs lost patience at his provocation. The orcs turned around. Then they turned and started running towards the lone orc. Like a swarm of ants climbing a tree, they sprang towards him. He was about to be surrounded by numerous orcs.

It was a desperate sight.

At that time, the supply cart came and gave arrows to Caska who had been watching. Caska reflexively grabbed the arrows before hurriedly loading an arrow on the bow she had thrown to the ground.

“What are you doing?” Caska shouted. "Support that guy! Recover your minds!”

She no longer cared about who was the leader. They died and she lived. Now she was the boss of this place. The dark elves regained their minds and started shooting arrows.

The orc was on the verge of being surrounded.

She exclaimed, “Don’t let them kill him! Shoot like crazy!”

A rain of arrows enveloped the sky. A black light covered the earth. Orcs fell down like dominoes.

“It really isn’t a joke...” Caska smiled and she continuously fired.

The blood of her boss had dried on her face. The smiling bloody face contained the madness of the battlefield.

Her colleague asked her, “That orc, he isn’t dead?”

Right now, he couldn’t be seen at all. She didn’t know why an orc was fighting other orcs, or why he came alone.

"He won’t die,” Caska said with a smile. "If he doesn’t die and survives the battle...”

She could see the brilliant light of his sword moving between the orcs. Orcs went flying all over the place. Caska trembled as she saw the intense eyes of the orc among the fountains of blood.

She declared in a laughing tone. "I will give my first kiss to that orc.”

“Hey, hey.”

Her arrow flew through the air and pierced the head of an orc soldier. She placed another arrow on her bowstring and laughed as she said, "Seriously."

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