Chapter 103 - Spinoa (1)

Chapter 103 - Spinoa (1)

Crockta’s group said farewell to Jamero.

But Crockta had a hunch that they would meet again soon. That place would probably be the battlefield.

He discovered things about Jamero after spending camping together. At first glance, both his wisdom and magic power were at an amazing level. The tough remarks about the Great Clan made Crockta realize that Jamero was a man who didn’t avoid fights.

A scene where they would fight together was drawn. A huge battlefield where he received the support of a magician’s firepower. It would be huge.

In the past, Crockta hadn’t wanted to start Elder Lord. But now he had to go on for himself. If he didn’t fight then he would lose his principles. Nevertheless, the world was still unknown.

“Eh eh?”

Anor, who was riding the caruk behind Tiyo, suddenly turned his head. Tiyo asked what was wrong, but Anor just laughed and said it was nothing. But he had a strange expression on his face.


Crockta realized the reason why and nodded. After learning Introduction to Magic, Crockta could see more of the world than he could before. If his skill Heart and Soul Penetration gave him information for fighting, Introduction to Magic made him more sensitive to the flow of the world.


A faint aura of death was rising from the rocks under them. It was from those who already died. The black flow was scattered here and there. Someone famous might be buried there. It was unknown, but the rush of aura couldn’t be stopped. Time would dilute it.

As Anor was a born necromancer, he would be able to see more than Crockta. Crockta realized that Anor’s face occasionally turned dark because he was seeing something like this.



Crockta threw something. Anor’s hand stretched out and he caught it.

“Ah. Thank you very much.”

It was some jerky that they had received from Jamero.

"What, why aren’t you giving me any dot? I am the one steering the caruk while that guy is just riding comfortably!”

Crockta pretended not to know anything and chewed on the last piece of jerky.


Tiyo kicked the caruk, causing it to run faster. Anor was surprised and nearly dropped his jerky.


“What? Try swearing dot!

"Hu...I will endure it.”

"Pretending to be an adult...!”

Tiyo made the caruk run faster. They gradually moved away from Crockta. Crockta chewed on the jerky and stroked the head of the caruk carrying him.

“Can you go?”

The caruk seemed to nod and started running. They ran through the northern plains. The landscape passed.

Tiyo and Anor playfully arguing could be heard from far away. The sound of the wind touched his ears. He could hear the wings of the birds flying in the sky and the cries of insects on the ground.

After becoming a warrior, the landscape of the world that Crockta saw had changed. Once he received Introduction to Magic, he also saw something different. If he wanted to change the world, he had to change himself.

A smile flashed on his face.

[Status Window]

‘One who wants to become a hero’ Crockta, Orc Warrior.

Level: 71

Achievement Points: 642500

Assimilation: 88%


Peerless Mountain Seizing Strength (Pinnacle)

Regeneration Authority (Pinnacle)

Leyteno’s Heart Swordsmanship (Pinnacle)

Extreme Fighting Spirit (Pinnacle)

Heart and Soul Penetration (Pinnacle)

Tattoos of War, Honor, and Fighting Spirit (Pinnacle)

Army Crushing Roar of Madness (Pinnacle)

Creatures Butcher (Essence)

Gray God's Eyes (Outside the Ratings)

Introduction to Magic (Common)]

Among the list of spectacular skills that were Essence and Pinnacle ranked, one Common rank stood out alone like a sore thumb. But Crockta could feel that the Common ranked Introduction to Magic was affecting the rest of his abilities.

Crockta knew that Elder Lord wasn’t a game, but a real world. He was assisted by the gray woman through the system, but eventually, everything Crockta obtained was his own strength. Everything was connected to a small element. He wanted to learn more.

[You have discovered the knack of steering the caruk. The righteous warrior Crockta has learned Riding Technique (Common). Fighting!]

It felt like the system was trying to interject.

"We want to arrive in Spinoa today, Crockta dot!”

Tiyo shouted from far away. Crockta rode faster on the caruk after learning Riding Technique. He got closer to Tiyo and Anor. Tiyo screamed and sped up.



"Think about it dot!”


"As a native of Quantes, I protected the city! Now I am going to the largest dark elf city in the north dot!” Tiyo grinned. “The people in my hometown won’t be able to imagine this dot! Kuhahahahahat!”

Tiyo fired General towards the sky.

"It is thanks to Crockta dot!”

“You’re welcome.”

"I can’t be satisfied with the narrow world of Quantes anymore! Kiyooh!” Tiyo showed his tricks on top of the caruk. “Go dot!”

Tiyo shot General towards the sky again.

Peng! The magic bullet exploded.


Anor grabbed Tiyo, who fell with surprise. Tiyo and Anor groaned.


Tiyo frowned and hurriedly restored his posture. “W-What was that dot?”

Something flew and pierced Tiyo’s magic bullet. Was it an enemy?

Crockta and Tiyo reduced the speed of their caruks and slowly advanced. They climbed a high hill, revealing the vast landscape beyond it.


The mouths of Crockta’s group dropped open.

It was enormous. One of the pillars holding up the world. The world tree. It felt like a mountain. Spinoa’s landscape that was centered around the world tree looked like a toy. The leaves of the world tree cast shade on the whole city. Even the high walls of Spinoa seemed small compared to one of the branches of the world tree.

“That is the world tree...” Tiyo muttered.

Anor was thrilled. He felt something else because he was an elf, so his cheeks turned red and his shoulders shook. Crockta was also overwhelmed since he saw this scene for the first time. Just looking at it caused something to rise in this chest. The flow of the atmosphere around the world tree touched his skin.

“Look dot.”

Tiyo pointed to something on the walls. There was a spire.

"Someone shot at my General from there dot.”

“From that far away?”

"I don’t know the details but judging from Quantes, I think it is a very sophisticated magic device.”

Crockta viewed the spectacular sight of the world tree. It felt like a fairytale, with the continent war and cry of the chieftain seeming far away. 

The caruks cried out.

“Let’s go.”

Crockta opened his mouth and said. He regained his spirit. They descended the steep hill. The caruks slowly headed towards Spinoa.


“I will check your identities,” said the dark elf guard.

Crockta gave the credentials that he received from Radet. The guard took it and confirmed the authenticity. Crockta looked around Spinoa’s gates as he waited for permission. Nuridot and Nameragon were of no comparison.

It included the attitude of the guards. Unlike Nameragon’s defense captain who insulted Crockta, they treated him without any emotions. It was the same for the other people as well. The guards checked everybody that came, even the dark elves.

When he saw them, Crockta suddenly missed Orcrox. The orc guards who guarded Orcrox like stone statues! He told them his name and left for a long time. Now he was in Spinoa in the north.

"Crockta. It is nice to meet you.”

The guard returned. He returned the pass and politely asked for a handshake. Crockta shook hands instead of holding out his fist.

“Crockta. Stay alive.”

"I was waiting for you. Someone will soon come from the world tree. Can you wait a minute?”

"I understand.”

"This way."

It seemed like the world tree acted as the city hall. Crockta imagined the elves digging there to create a shelter. They would soon be able to enter Spinoa.


Tiyo felt admiration. Crockta also looked around for a while.

Some of the most developed cities that Crockta had ever seen on the continent were probably Quantes and Arnin, but now Spinoa was comparable to them. Dark-skinned dark elves stared at them.

"This is the dark elves’ capital.” Anor shrugged. “Nuridot is like a stable compared to this place.”


They stayed for a while at the guard’s office beyond the gate. They followed another guard.

"If you sit here, people from the world tree will come.”

The guard seemed a lot younger. He had an excited face. Crockta sat down. The guard stood beside Crockta. It was a reaction commonly seen towards celebrities. Tiyo and Anor shook their heads at the sight.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. It is an honor to meet you.”

"Don’t do that. It is embarrassing.”

He said that, but Crockta’s face was pleased. The guard looked at Tiyo, who looked away.


They had done a lot in the north, so they should be treated like this. Crockta stretched out and let Ogre Slayer peek through. The guard responded immediately.

"That is a huge weapon!"

Crockta grinned at the surprised voice. He shrugged and explained. "Yes. This is my friend and lover, my sword! Wow...”

"This is General!” Crockta stopped. The guard’s eyes shone as he kept talking. "I know about General that quickly dismissed the rebels. I heard there were splendid flashes of light and all the orcs were defeated!”


Crockta’s face stiffened, but he didn’t try to stop it.

“I respect you. Tiyo!”


Tiyo touched Crockta, who was standing beside him. "Get out of the way dot."


Crockta rose politely. Tiyo sat down in his spot. Crockta stood beside Anor who looked out the window humbly. He placed both hands in front of his belly and said to Anor, "Hum hum, Spinoa’s architectural style is wonderful. Hum.”


Anor patted his shoulder.

The guard was confused because he couldn’t understand the situation. As Tiyo started boasting about General, the guard realized his error and smiled awkwardly at Crockta.

“I say this dot! This General! Eh? Fire it once! The enemies are just so-so!”

After a while, a person from the world tree finally came. The uniform was different.

Spinoa’s residents were dressed in the dark elves’ usual plain clothes, while the dark elf who came to them was wearing clothing that seemed to come from Greek mythology, just like the residents of Arnin. His eyes were a bright purple.

He examined Crockta’s party.

"Crockta. Tiyo. Anor.” He looked at the correct party member every time he called a name. “It is nice to see you. Zelkian is waiting.”

Crockta’s expression changed.

The messenger from the world tree. On his forehead was a shining white mark in the shape of a branch.

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