Chapter 49: First Prince’s Thoughts

As Pei Qingfeng was still thinking about how Bai Luochu experienced such a drastic change in temperament as though she was a totally different person, Pei Rumo was also listening to the information that his secret guard brought back.

The report was roughly the same as the black clothed man in Pei Qingfeng’s residence. However, Pei Rumo’s secret guard added another sentence after his report, “Your Highness, when this subordinate was investigating Young Lady Luo Chu, I noticed that there was someone else investigating her identity as well. Also… it seemed like he was someone from the Second Prince’s side. Do you think…”

The secret guard didn’t continue and was waiting for Pei Rumo to give his orders. But Pei Rumo simply placed the chess piece down from his hand and spoke indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. It should just be Second Brother’s curiosity. As long as Third Brother doesn’t make a move to investigate, we don’t have to worry.”

“Then… Young Lady Luo Chu is definitely hiding some secret. Do we need to send someone to monitor her closely?” The secret guard was obviously a veteran at his job as he was thorough in his consideration and had made preparations for everything.

Pei Rumo stayed silent for a moment and carried on, “Just send one person to monitor her. As long as she isn’t doing anything to ruin the reputation of the First Prince’s residence, there is no need to stop her. Pay more attention to the people she comes into contact with. Also, provide protection for her in the dark.”

“After all, to Third Brother, she is a shifting cloud in the sky ready to smite him at any moment.”

When the secret guard heard Pei Rumo’s words, he immediately knew what he had to do. He asked to be excused and just as he was about to close the doors of the study room, he heard Pei Rumo asking, “Hold on. Did she make any abnormal movements these days?”

“Ever since Young Lady Luo Chu used the name of ‘Divine Physician Bai’ to bring up her reputation in the capital city, many of the aristocratic clans in the capital city would contest to curry favor with her. She would receive a visit notice or an invitation notice every few days. But it seems like she is worried someone might detect something wrong in the First Prince's residence, thus, she would generally return the notice with her own before paying them a visit.”

Apart from those, she would also visit and provide treatment to the Empress Dowager every seven days. If there is anything unusual… Young Lady Luo Chu and the Second Prince seems to be on rather good terms in private and would address each other as brothers. Do you think… we need to stop them?”

When the secret guard mentioned Bai Luochu and the Second Prince, he inevitably stammered a little as he was afraid that his lord might be angry. After all, his lord had bought Bai Luochu and provided her with preferential treatment. Yet she was getting really close with the Second Prince. Had it been anyone else, they would surely be unhappy.

Out of the guard’s expectations, Pei Rumo didn’t get angry. According to his analysis, the more capable Bai Luochu was, the louder it would be when he smashed his Third Brother’s dream. As for himself, he merely spent a little bit more money recently. Furthermore, this deal had exchanged him the favors from the Su Clan and the Empress Dowager herself. He wasn’t really making a loss here.

“I understand. You can go now. That’s right, remember to ask the medicine room to bring her spirit medicines and ingredients required for cultivation. If she makes any suspicious moves, there is no need to rush out to stop her. Report to me first and allow me to personally make the decision.” After finishing his instructions, he waved his hand, indicating for the secret guard to leave.

When the secret guard saw the indication, he immediately bowed and took his leave without delay. “Yes, this subordinate understands. Since that is the case, this subordinate will take his leave first. If Young Lady Luo Chu behaves abnormally, this subordinate will immediately inform Your Highness.”

Pei Rumo nodded before he started to fiddle with that ingenious chess piece. He seemed to be thinking about a way to solve the stalemate on the chessboard.

But it seemed like it was impossible to solve it today as Pei Rumo’s mind was filled with thoughts about Bai Luochu. The more chess moves were made, the more it looked like the myriad of confusing thoughts in Pei Rumo’s mind. Finally, Pei Rumo realized he wasn’t able to solve the chessboard as he made it even worse.

“Tsk.” Pei Rumo sneered and shook his head. It seemed like he was unable to divide his attention while playing chess. It seemed especially so when he thought about Bai Luochu.

After seeing that his board was messed up, Pei Rumo gave up and simply kept the chess set. He then took a stroll towards Bai Luochu’s room.

“Knock Knock Knock.” Bai Luochu was currently at the next step of her recruitment plan when she suddenly heard the loud knocks. She was shocked in her heart as she asked warily, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, open the door.” It seemed like Pei Rumo didn’t hear the wary tone in Bai Luochu’s voice as he replied casually.

Bai Luochu stared blankly and was silently cursing at the First Prince for appearing while she was in the middle of something. However, her face didn’t change as she responded, “Will First Prince please wait for a moment. I will tidy up the place and open the door for First Prince shortly.”

As soon as she spoke, Bai Luochu hid the list of participant names for the Phoenix King Valley’s selection and the tentative plan she had written down under her bedding. She didn’t want the First Prince to see it. After all, he was a prince and it was a basic courtesy not to search through a lady’s bed. It seemed like the bed was the safest place for her to keep her secret plans.

Pei Rumo wasn’t suspicious and simply thought that Bai Luochu was slovenly dressed inside her own room. Now that he suddenly visited, she had to tidy up a little.

After Bai Luochu made sure she had hidden her things properly, she opened the door.

Before Pei Rumo could even speak, Bai Luochu interrupted him, “I didn’t know that Your Highness is coming and failed to provide a proper welcome. I wish for Your Highness’ forgiveness. If Your Highness wishes to see me in the future, there is no need for someone of your status to come personally. You simply have to send someone to inform me and I will head over myself. I wonder what request the First Prince has for me today?”

Bai Luochu stood at the entrance and didn’t have any intention of allowing Pei Rumo to enter her room.

Pei Rumo immediately frowned and thought that this woman was getting bolder and bolder.

“Nothing much. I am just here to take a look.” Pei Rumo decided not to be calculative with her.

Bai Luochu smiled in response and cupped her hands. “First Prince must be having a hard time with your heavy workload. Since that is the case, I will not be escorting Your Highness out. I hope you will rest well. Later, I will provide a prescription for Your Highness to strengthen your body.”

Bai Luochu’s hidden meaning in her words was: “If there is nothing then hurry up and get lost! Don’t come and disturb me!”

Pei Rumo’s face instantly turned red as a pig’s liver and clasped his fist tightly as he said, “I am doing fine. There is no need for that!” After he replied, he didn’t wish to bother Bai Luochu anymore and immediately left.

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