Chapter 48: Suspicion

“Hey, why did you close the door? I still have to enter to serve His Highness!” When the guard at the door saw the black-clothed man closing the door so tightly, he was puzzled and didn’t think too much about it. He raised his hand to open the door.

When the black-clothed man saw what was happening, he quickly obstructed the guard’s ‘sinful hand’ that was about the open the door and softly persuaded, “His Highness had specially instructed me to close the door tightly after I leave and not to let you enter.”

The guard was immediately displeased and defended himself, “Why can’t I enter? I won’t trouble His Highness anyway. I just want to enter and serve His Highness. Why can’t I do that?”

This black-clothed man obviously knew that the guard had a simpleton’s brain. He was in a hurry to enter not because he wanted to serve His Highness. He only wanted to ask His Highness about the report he just received. The Second Prince must have predicted this in advance and knew that if the guard were to enter, his head would definitely explode.

In the study room, Pei Qingfeng had already detected the commotion outside and in order to stop the guard from arguing and making things difficult for the black-clothed man, he simply spoke up, “Wait outside for now. After I think through this matter, I will naturally let you in.”

Hearing his own lord speaking up to forbid his entry, the guard calmed down. However there was an indignant look on his face.

It was evident that the black-clothed man had a good relationship with this guard. When he saw how wronged the guard felt, he felt spirited. He raised a brow and asked with a smile, “Do you know what His Highness is thinking about?”

The guard unwillingly nodded and replied, “I know. You just reported the information you obtained after looking into the matter for the past few days. His Highness is naturally trying to digest all this information.”

“Mhm. Do you know the target of the investigation?” That black-clothed man saw that the guard knew several things and he continued to guide him.

“Yes... It is regarding Divine Physician Bai.” The guard nodded unwillingly again.

“Let me ask you a question. Don’t you think that His Highness is very meticulous when it comes to Divine Physician Bai?”

The black-clothed man saw that the guard was nodding reluctantly.

“Isn’t that right? During recent years, His Highness has never been so caring about a young lady before, let alone allowing one to get near him. Right now, there is finally someone who can approach His Highness. Do you think we should disturb His Highness now?” The black-clothed man raised his brows and wanted to see what the guard would do.

The guard thought for a moment and it seemed like something clicked. He silently stood outside the door like a proper guard.

As for Pei Qingfeng, after he asked that guard to stand outside, he sunk into deep contemplation. As that black-clothed man had intentionally suppressed his voice, Pei Qingfeng wasn’t able to catch the conversation between the two of them. If he had heard it, he would definitely feel another headache coming as his subordinates were thinking of all these useless things.

Far away in the First Prince's residence, Bai Luochu was currently refining her plan to recruit members and suddenly sneezed. Did my immune system weaken because of my excessive cultivation? Should I wear additional layers of clothing or should I prescribe some cold medication for myself...

Pei Qingfeng had already memorized the information that his subordinate had brought back and he believed in his subordinates’ capability. They might look laid-back normally but when he needed information, they were really reliable. Hence, he didn’t think that the information his subordinate had brought back would be false.

As for the engagement between Pei Wuchen and the former general’s orphan, Pei Qingfeng had already heard rumors of it. He had even secretly investigated it himself. He knew a little about Bai Luochu and knew that she was born with innately crippled meridians because the general’s wife suffered some injury during her pregnancy phase.

Furthermore, Luo Chu’s character was innately pure and kind, similar to the great general. Putting aside her upright character, she was even more obstinate. She valued promises and was a warmhearted person. But because of her character and her weak body, she suffered from a lot of bullying. Finally, she was thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena.

When thinking about this, Pei Qingfeng couldn’t help but pause his thoughts. He muttered to himself, “Soul leaving the body? Wasn’t that amnesia? A drastic change in personality…” Right at this moment, Pei Qingfeng suddenly felt that there was something wrong.

He was unable to match up the previous Luo Chu and the current Luo Chu because of this. She might have lost her memory and didn’t remember her past, but it was impossible for her personality to change so much!

It could even be said that they were two completely different people!

The current Luo Chu was indifferent and she acted as though nothing concerned her. Every step she took and every action she made had an objective that went through proper considerations. She had plenty of twisted plans inside her tummy and let alone being upright, it would already be a good thing if she could guarantee that she didn’t include you in her schemes.

If there was something else to pick at, Pei Qingfeng would choose her unexplainable medical skills. Speaking of personality, they would be able to forcefully explain the change due to her encounter with life, death, and survival. It was possible for her personality to experience a drastic change. However, what about her medical skills?

The world renowned physicians were all highly respected and most of them were proud, aloof, and wouldn’t easily impart their knowledge to others. Apart from having an excellent family background, the physicians were very particular about their disciple’s talent towards medical knowledge.

Even if she had the talent and the makings of a medical genius, how could a lowly general’s clan have enough wealth to support her studies?

Moreover, her medical skills were even superior to the most famous physicians!

Putting aside the fact that she could clear up her own meridians, she was even able to ‘treat’ his crippled legs. She even had a thorough understanding of the poison in his body. Looking at the way she provided treatment to others recently, if there came a day where she possessed sufficient strength, she might truly be able to neutralize the poison in his body!

The moment she woke up, she possessed exceptional medical skills... Unbelievable!

As Pei Qingfeng was contemplating, he felt as though he had sunk into a quagmire.

Suddenly, his mind flashed with a thought but he quickly shook his head and denied the possibility.

The art of “reincarnation into another body”? This was simply too ridiculous. Such things shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Pei Qingfeng laughed inwardly and seriously thought he was bewitched. How else would he explain his random thoughts? Why was he unable to remain calm and indifferent like before?

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