Chapter 20 - University students aren’t as innocent

Chapter 20 - University students aren’t as innocent

Cai Zhongpu had just recovered from his illness. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so easily beaten onto the ground. When he tried to stand up, the man stepped on his waist, which made Cai Zhongpu feel his lower body turning numb.

The man was furious in his heart, so he vented all his anger for Old Crow onto Cai Zhongpu. Cai Yan screamed the moment she came out while Su Tao sighed, since it seemed that he had to make a move himself.

The man felt his foothold losing balance, so he subconsciously moved back and suffered a jab towards his abdomen, then knocked into the wall. He felt dizzy, and by the time he recovered, he saw Su Tao helping Cai Zhongpu up.

The man looked grave and coldly stared at Su Tao. He knew that Su Tao wasn’t a pushover, since he hadn’t even seen Su Tao’s movements earlier.

Su Tao looked at the man and faintly asked, “Compared to Old Crow, how are your martial abilities?”

The man’s face grew unsightly as he felt the pain from his abdomen, which suffered a jab, as he softly uttered, “He’s stronger than me!”

Su Tao analysed, “Uncle Cai is weaker than you while you’re weaker than Old Crow. Does it sound reasonable that Uncle Cai could steal from Old Crow?”

The man’s eyes flashed with helplessness as he sighed, “I also knew that Old Crow had lied to me. But I can’t find Old Crow right now, I shouldn’t be bearing the loss, right?”

Su Tao countered, “The item is with Uncle Cai, which he had bought legally, so it belongs to him. You gave your deposit to Old Crow, but you come looking for Uncle Cai for it; that’s robbing.”

The man’s eyes coldly flashed, but there’s nothing he could do. He could tell that although Su Tao had merely revealed a move, he knew that he couldn't beat Su Tao.

The man coldly glanced at Su Tao. “I am not your opponent, but I will not give up. I will now look for Old Crow, but if I still can’t find him, I will be back.”

After the man left, Su Tao examined Cai Zhongpu’s wounds. He only suffered superficial injuries which could be treated with ointments.

“Thank you, if not for you, the Emerald Antique Brook would be smashed.” Cai Zhongpu sighed.

Su Tao glanced at Cai Zhongpu with a complicated gaze and said, “Uncle Cai, you’re in big trouble now. You’ve touched something that you shouldn’t have.”

Cai Zhongpu’s eyes flickered with self-mockery and bitterly smiled. “A man dies for riches just as birds will for food. If there’s no risk, how can there be returns?”

Su Tao asked, “The ptomaine poison should come from that Old Crow, right?”

Cai Zhongpu nodded his head. “Old Crow had it all planned out. After I’m poisoned, my body would be weakened, and the second buyer would come knocking on my door for the item. After the buyer obtains the item, Old Crow would then gain another sum of money.”

Su Tao sighed, “Who is this Old Crow? Are you familiar with him?”

Cai Zhongpu shook his head. “A friend recommended him, and I have only made one transaction with him in the past. He has quite a lot of rare goods with him; they are all treasures from the country that were leaked out. So I was tempted by it.”

A hundred years ago, China was nearly destroyed after being invaded by the western armies. They seized the riches of China, which resulted in the loss of many antiques. So many antique collectors in the country were trying to get those antiques back, which resulted in Cai Zhongpu being tempted by it.

Su Tao nodded his head. “This Old Crow is not an ordinary person. Uncle Cai, I suggest you hide for some time, since there will still be people coming.”

Cai Zhongpu’s gaze flashed with traces of determination as he refused, “Why should I hide? There’s nothing I should be afraid of!”

In the beginning, Su Tao didn’t have much of a favourable opinion of Cai Zhongpu and felt that he was an unreasonable man. But after coming contact with him, Su Tao and Cai Zhongpu, Su Tao had a different opinion. Although this antique merchant was cunning and selfish, he was firm and unyielding deep in his bones.

When he came out of the Emerald Antique Brook, Cai Yan followed after and she apologised, “We initially wanted to treat you to dinner, we never expected for that to happen. I’m sorry about it.”

Su Tao flicked his finger on Cai Yan’s forehead and smiled. “Why are you so polite? A drop of water shall be returned with a spring. Just pay me back in the future when the opportunity arises.”

Cai Yan’s blushed. “Anyhow, you can dream on having me…sleep with you…”

Su Tao burst into laughter, since he never thought that Cai Yan would still remember his joke, before he changed the topic, “I initially thought that the Old Street was a quiet place for living. I never thought that there would be so many things happening. I believe that there might still be other problems arising in the future.”

Cai Yan looked at Su Tao’s charming face and her heart was in disorder, “Where have you been for the past ten years?”

Su Tao looked up at the starry sky as he replied, “I went to an unfamiliar and distant place. I’ll tell you about it when the time comes.”

Cai Yan had always felt that Su Tao was mysterious. Since he wasn’t willing to say, then she wouldn’t pursue it. She hooked her hair to the back of her ear with her finger and said, “Your medical skills are superb. The Three Flavour Hall will definitely flourish in your hand.”

Su Tao nodded his head and looked at the Emerald Antique Brook. “The Emerald Antique Brook is the same as well. Who knows, it might become China’s best antique store in the near future!”

Di Shiyuan’s was extremely efficient in his work. He had already sent people to the Three Flavour Hall to inspect the shop before arranging for the renovation.

As per Su Tao’s request, the foundation of the Three Flavour Hall remained the same, preserving its initial furnishings with only slight modifications and decorations.

The Three Flavour Hall was left to him by Su Guangsheng, which he had to preserve it as original as it could be.

After the discussion of the renovation plan was done, Di Shiyuan rung his phone and smiled, “I’m preparing to pick a few physicians for the Three Flavour Hall. I have sent you the list, have you taken a look at it?”

Di Shiyuan had his plans. He intended to have a few physicians from the TCM Department to follow Su Tao so that they could learn from him and increase Jianghuai Hospital’s strength.

Su Tao finally smiled as he refused, “I have seen the name list. All of them are physicians with some experience, so I’m afraid that I couldn’t command them!”

Di Shiyuan was stunned as he sighed, “I knew you have your plans. Speak, who do you want?”

Su Tao clearly explained his worries, “You want those physicians you arranged to learn from me. Truth be told, I have seen that bunch from the TCM Department. All of them aren’t good seeds. If they follow me, they won’t be willing to learn, and I wouldn’t be willing to teach. Wouldn’t it go against your initial intention?”

Di Shiyuan felt his scalp going numb, since his intentions were seen through by Su Tao. Since it had already been exposed, he laughed, “You’re right. Those people are already tainted, so it’s too hard to reform them.”

Su Tao suggested, “I intended to find several interns, best if they’ve just graduated from the TCM University; a blank piece of paper. After some teachings, they can follow my trail of thoughts as a medical practitioner, which leaves them for more room to improve.”

Di Shiyuan gently slapped on his thigh. “That’s easy. Jianghuai Hospital has a close cooperative relationship with Hanzhou’s branch of Huainan TCM University. Physician Tang is their Honorary Principal, so it’d be easy with his words.”

Su Tao smiled, “Then I’ll have to trouble you in this matter.”

Hanging up the phone, Di Shiyuan rubbed his chin as he muttered to himself, “That brat, Su Tao is playing a game of big chess…”

Di Shiyuan was a smart person. He could tell that Su Tao was merely using Jianghuai Hospital’s resources to strengthen his Three Flavour Hall. The reason why he refused those from the TCM Department was not only because they were no longer a blank piece of paper, they’re also of the Jianghuai Hospital.

So if Su Tao chose from students, it wouldn’t be the same. Su Tao would personally mentor all of them, and they wouldn’t have a close relationship with the Jianghuai Hospital.

Di Shiyuan understood that Su Tao wanted to nurture his own disciples. Those physicians in the TCM Department were all mentored by Tang Nanzheng, which was not what Su Tao wanted.

Di Shiyuan did not mind this and even supported Su Tao. That’s because if they wanted the TCM Department to improve, then it would need a reshuffle. When Tang Nanzheng was still around, his methods were no longer suitable for the current trend, so the TCM Department required a massive change with Su Tao joining them.

Di Shiyuan had personally witnessed Su Tao’s medical skills. His skills were more towards prompt treatment with swift effect compared to the traditional TCM that had more market compared to the traditional physicians.

Even if they would be from the Three Flavour Hall, Jianghuai Hospital would develop them into a branch and Di Shiyuan was confident that they could be joined into one entity.

After lining out his thoughts, Di Shiyuan called Tang Nanzheng.

When Tang Nanzheng heard the purpose, he smiled. “Su Tao is going to accept disciples? The university is currently lacking in practical professors. I’ll recommend him as a professor so that he can search for students. How about it?”

Di Shiyuan was briefly stunned as he smiled, “Let him teach? Now, that is interesting!”

Tang Nanzheng sighed, “TCM is declining, and the majority of the students switch the moment they graduated. They either gave up the medical field or they are left in the hospital’s TCM Pharmacy Department to be coolies. Su Tao’s age is similar to those students, so he might spark some fireworks if he goes to teach.”

Di Shiyuan rubbed his chin as he smacked his lips. “You had it tough.”

Finishing his call with Tang Nanzheng, Di Shiyuan called Su Tao again and Su Tao had straightforwardly accepted. University was a rather clean place without the contamination of society. Most of them had a pure motive, which could be nurtured into suitable saplings with some guidance.

Su Tao searched for the Jiangnan TCM University’s Hanzhou Branch and read up on it. Suddenly, he furrowed his brows. The first message left him stunned, “Campus belle of Jianghuai TCM University’s Hanzhou Branch is offering escort services. Phone: 138XXXXX. ¥300 an hour and ¥2,000 for overnight services, guaranteed sweet young thing……”

Su Tao sighed. It looked like university students weren’t as innocent as he had imagined!

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