Chapter 19 - Danger from the Song Dynasty Painting

Chapter 19 - Danger from the Song Dynasty Painting

Being in control of Nie Weiting’s condition, it would require a month or two for Su Tao to completely recover, which he had left leeway on purpose to mediate with Yan Jing. The balance between them would break if he treated Nie Weiting so quickly. She was a fearful woman, and he wasn’t alone in the world, so he had to prevent Yan Jing from threatening those around him.

Yan Jing looked elegant as she ate, which left Su Tao surprised. He never thought that a woman could eat so charmingly as if dining was a piece of art to her. With a gorgeous view, Su Tao’s appetite had also grown and he swiftly swept the food on the table.

Yan Jing had noticed Su Tao’s bold eyes as he purposely ate while glancing at her chest. To be able to act so lecherous before her, it could be considered as a talent.

Yan Jing took a sip of water, then broke the silence, “I’ll arrange for my secretary to send you off after this meal. You are only required to come once a week to treat Nie Weiting.”

Su Tao wiped his mouth with a napkin before he spoke with difficulty, “I’m swamped with work!”

Yan Jing smiled, “I’ll pay you for your service, how much is your consultation fee?”

Things were easier to deal with if money was involved. Thus, he had extorted, “¥1,000 for each consultation.”

Yan Jing pondered briefly and offered, “I’ll pay you ¥2,000 for each session. How about it?”

Su Tao accepted without any hesitation, “Deal!”

He caused Nie Weiting's current state. In the end, he had become his doctor and was even receiving such high treatment fees. The logic behind it was a little messed up, but Su Tao did not feel that there’s anything wrong about it. 

After their meal, Su Tao was sent off by the chauffeur, while Yan Jing asked her secretary, “This is the second meeting, what do you think about him?”

The secretary supported her spectacles as she answered, “He’s more mature than he looks. Despite looking immature, he’s well-composed.”

Yan Jing sighed, “He had already predicted that we would bring him here to treat Nie Weiting. His mind isn’t at all inferior to his medical skills, which leaves me curious about his identity.”

The secretary smiled. “For my impression, I think that this is the first time that you gave someone such a high evaluation.”

Yan Jing responded, “Wang Guofeng, you’ve also seen him, right?”

The secretary blushed, “I have some impressions of him. The youngest talented physician of this century.”

Yan Jing sighed, “They’re two of the same kind. But compared to Wang Guofeng, I feel that Su Tao is even deeper and more unfathomable.”

The secretary was surprised by her superior’s evaluation before she answered, “But you only met him twice.”

Yan Jing refuted, “You doubt my vision?”

The secretary gently held her chest and smiled. “I dare not! So you’re preparing to cooperate with her and not bewitch him?”

Yan Jing sighed, “Who can tell what’s real or a sham. As of now, he is still valuable to me. Nie Weiting has been refusing to talk, and I feel that we can break through, starting from Su Tao, so he’s worthy of my short-term investment!”

“So we’re not going to demolish the Old Street?” Secretary was astonished.

Yan Jing’s gaze grew deep as she said, “The City Hall sent word that a foreign investor has taken a liking to that piece of land and wants to develop it into a cultural project for tourism. According to the City Hall’s intention, they wish for us to cooperate with that foreign investor to develop that piece of land. It doesn’t matter to me if the Old Street is demolished or not, that matter is for Nie Weiting to talk about.”

The Hongsheng Group had long gotten the paperwork for demolition. After they demolish it, they would open it out for auction to earn profits. But now, they had to save their troubles for the following segment, since the City Hall had introduced them a financial backer.

The secretary asked, “So you intend to develop the Old Street with that foreign investor?”

Yan Jing calmly responded, “I have thoroughly investigated that foreign investor, she is Hanzhou’s VIP. If she’s willing to invest, we’ll be able to obtain much support, and we can sit back and watch the money roll in! Furthermore, the foreign investor is also related to Su Tao; she is his patient.”

The secretary then asked in a soft voice, “So we’re not going to have any clash of interests with Su Tao?”

Yan Jing’s brows gently lifted as she answered, “Would I let him off so easily otherwise?”

It was already 4 p.m. when he returned to the Three Flavour Hall. The weather was warm. Grandpa Xu and Oldman Chen each held a palm-leaf fan while sitting before the doors playing chess. Su Tao had given Grandpa Xu a key so that he could access the pharmacy. He had his duties in the Jianghuai Hospital, and the Three Flavour Hall couldn’t be left closed for it. Thus, Grandpa Xu was glad to help distribute the pre-packed medicines that Su Tao had arranged. He just had to follow the symptoms written on the medicine packs.

The moment Su Tao placed his medical box on the counter, he heard Grandpa Xu yelling, “Miss Cai is here to look for Physician Su again? He just got back. Can’t you let him catch his breath, first?”

Oldman Chen interrupted unhappily, “They’re playing relationship, why do you want to interfere in it? Concentrate, or you will lose again.”

Cai Yan blushed before she threw a packet of snacks to them and said, “For you guys to eat, please spare me with your words!”

Grandpa Xu chuckled, “Your father is reputed as a miser, while you’re generous. You’ll be more successful than that father of yours.”

Su Tao raised his head and saw Cai Yan pacing into the pharmacy. She had her hair bundled up and she was wearing a laced navy-blue dress with peach stockings and white sandals; simple yet elegant.

Su Tao smiled as he initiated a conversation, “How is your father?”

Cai Yan nodded her head with a smile. “He was discharged at noon. I came here to thank you in my father’s stead. Furthermore, to express my gratitude, why don’t you have dinner at my place tonight?”

Su Tao hesitated, “Is that your intention or your father’s?”

Cai Yan smiled, “You’re not even afraid of hoodlums, yet you’re scared of my father?”

Su Tao bitterly smiled as he shrugged his shoulders. “I can use my fists to deal with hoodlums. As for your father, I can only suck it up.”

Suddenly, Grandpa Xu’s voice interrupted, “It’s natural for the Son-in-Law to be afraid of the Father-in-Law!”

Cai Yan’s ears turned red at his words as she replied in a shrewish manner, “So much food and yet, it can’t keep your mouth shut.”

She then turned to Su Tao and explained, “Relax, it’s my father that got me to invite you over. My father is soft on the inside, and he won’t make things difficult for you.”

Su Tao scratched his head and smiled, “Alright, I’ll have dinner in your house.”

Seeing that Su Tao had agreed, Cai Yan’s face flushed with joy. “Then, I’ll go back and prepare dinner, first.”

Seeing Cai Yan hopped happily as she left, Su Tao smiled. He knew about Cai Yan’s feelings, but it’s a pity that Su Tao had other matters gnawing in his mind.

Since he’s going over for dinner, then he couldn’t go empty-handed. Thus, Su Tao prepared a package for nourishment as he arrived in the Emerald Antique Brook. Despite Cai Zhongpu’s face still looking a little yellow, he recovered pretty well and his wound had nearly healed; he could already walk on his own without any help.

Seeing Su Tao coming with gifts, Cai Zhongpu smiled. “It’s just dinner, why bother bringing gifts?”

Su Tao smiled as he answered, “Uncle Cai, you just recovered from your illness, so I prepared some prescriptions to help with your nourishment. Take them once a day, and you’ll be in high spirits after a week.”

Cai Zhongpu sighed with a bitter smile. “I have to apologise to you. I didn’t have a good attitude before. Please do not keep grudges.”

Su Tao waved it off with a smile, “I can understand your thinking, but Cai Yan is already grown up with her own thoughts. So you shouldn’t have so much restriction for her.”

Cai Zhongpu sighed in stress as he explained, “There’s actually a reason behind it, but it’s a long story.”

At this moment, Cai Yan came and placed a dish on the table, so Cai Zhongpu changed the topic with a smile. “Wine?”

Su Tao smiled, “As a doctor, I suggest that you should avoid alcohol.”

Cai Zhongpu nodded his head. “I’ll heed the doctor’s advice, then. Let’s use tea in replacement for wine.”

Su Tao’s curiosity was piqued in regards to Cai Yan’s situation. Cai Zhongpu was more talkative than he had imagined. As someone that dealt with antiques, he had to travel around often. Thus, he started sharing his stories of antiques with Su Tao.

But Cai Zhongpu was surprised that Su Tao isn’t a stranger to antiques. Not only could Su Tao understand the antique’s terms, but he could also even contribute a few words regarding antiques.

Cai Zhongpu recalled Su Tao’s medical box and asked, “I have chatted with Old Su in the past. I heard that the ancestors of the Su Family are all medical practitioners. Is that medical box something passed down from the family?”

Su Tao smiled as he explained, “That medical box is something that I ordered. It’s just that I’ve been using it for a long time, so it looks rather worn.”

Cai Zhongpu smacked his lips. “The quality is extraordinary. You can even pass it off as something from the Song Dynasty.”

Seeing that they have resolved their misunderstanding, Su Tao started to mention Cai Zhongpu’s illness, “You suffered from the ptomaine poisoning. I suspect that someone was getting close to you on purpose and planned your poisoning. You have to analyse who the one behind your poisoning was.”

Cai Zhongpu’s eyes heavily flashed and he smiled. “It’s unavoidable for competitors in this profession. I have long given my life to fate.”

Su Tao could tell that Cai Zhongpu wasn’t willing to talk more about it, so he took a sip of tea and sighed.

Seeing that Su Tao had a well-composed character, Cai Zhongpu whispered, “I would like to ask something. Are you serious with Cai Yan?”

Su Tao immediately felt awkward and smiled. “For the time being, we’re just friends.”

Cai Zhongpu looked at Su Tao with a complicated gaze. “Then, take it that I’m begging you to keep your distance from her.”

Su Tao never thought that Cai Zhongpu would mention this and before he could ask more about it, a commotion rang out by the door.

Cai Zhongpu knitted his brows as he said, “I’ll go take a look at the situation outside.”

Disputes could be heard a few minutes later and Cai Zhongpu’s cry resounding along with things being smashed. Su Tao and Cai Yan walked out of the store and saw Cai Zhongpu holding onto his stomach with a foot on his face, “Bring the goods out or I’ll claim your life.”

Cai Zhongpu’s hoarse voice resounded, “I got it from Old Crow, why should I give it to you?”

“Pooh!” The man spatted as he knitted his brows. “Old Crow said that you stole his goods!”

Cai Zhongpu refuted with indignance as he argued, “Nonsense, I spent ¥6,000,000 on it, and I even have the receipt!”

The man sneered, “Receipts can be forged. That thing is worthed at least ¥50,000,000, so how can you buy it for just ¥6,000,000? I have paid a deposit of ¥3,000,000, and the goods went to you. Who will make up for my loss?”

At this moment, Cai Zhongpu figured out two possibilities. Either Old Crow conned him and sold the goods twice, or this man was extorting him on purpose, intending to scam the Song Dynasty’s painting from him.

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