Past Life Returner

Past Life Returner

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[Would you like to reverse the time?]
[All your abilities will be reset.]
[Please choose the date.]
“February 28th, 1985. To the day I was born.” 
Financial power, I will gather all the fortunes in this world.
Monopolies, I will monopolize all the dungeons in this world.
While this world still remains peaceful, I will do all this right now in this period.
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575 Chapters
Licensed From
Dream Books (Samyang C&C)


Status in Korean: Completed with 570

Editor: Sanguine

Original work © Na min-chae / Samyangcnc 

120 Reviews
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2 years ago
I overwhelmingly recommend this book. I am so glad Wuxiaworld got the license for this. I read up to chapter 133 on other websites and this is one of my favorite books of all time. It explains how the MC actually makes his money and builds his empire in a realistic way as he prepares for the apocalypse to come. I love the investing and business side more than the actual fighting so far and I find the plot to be great. The author does seem to nerf him or overpower some enemies in certain areas but they all make sense if you think about it logically.

2 years ago
Right I could get into this. There’s only 5 chapters so far and I already wanna buy more. It’s a little odd but not in a bad way. The author obviously placed great value on family and I like how the main character doesn’t really care all that much about messing with the time line. There’s no overly righteous tone either which is good in my opinion. I mean he’s gone back to save to world and all that but it feels like to me he’s doing more to stop the in fighting from coming about then actually saving the world. More like he’s just trying to give them a chance at winning by preparing all that he can before it all starts. It’s dosent seem like it’s about being the goody good guy and more about doing what needs to be done to prepare. Anyways give it a read and see what you think.

2 years ago
I have read up to the 29th chapter of the manhwa and loved it. I am not quite sure where that lines up with the novel version, but I can't wait for more.

Some might not like the depiction of financial / economics within the story saying that they are unrealistic. I am most definingly not a professional, but I do know that some people make a living of betting money on increases or decreases of company stock, stock options. Even if the story does not depict everything in the truest light. It is a story, not everything is going to be one hundred percent correct. Just give the story a chance, it was made for your enjoyment and you can always stop if you do not like it.

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