Chapter 85. Conquering the Absilon Territory (1)

The cat assassins that were sent by Gonzales were like ghosts. 

Tip toeing just like cats, they were unable to sneak into the Laputa territory without taking even 2 hours.

‘Their guard is very lax. As expected, these humans…’

Looking at the state of the guards in the Laputa territory, Nieu clicked her tongue in disapproval.

Although the defense wasn’t even that bad, to someone like Nieu, a very well trained assassin, the defense wasn’t very good.

<This way.>

And Nieu, who was walking in the Laputa territory as if she were at home saw a tent that was much bigger than others in size, and was decorated beautifully. It was clearly the Lord’s tent.

Jumping up lightly, Nieu got onto the top of the tent, and motioned for the rest of the group to follow.

Stepping lightly, stepping lightly.

The assassins were able to make no noise at all when they jumped onto the top of the heavy cloth that...

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