Overlord of Blood and Iron

Overlord of Blood and Iron

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Dam Hwa Gong (담화공)
Marumaru & inyourgalaxy
Official Synopsis: Overlord Kang Chul-in. The man who lost only because he was too powerful. He will go back to the past in order to succeed in his conquest to total control of the Pangaea continent. Will he be able to defeat the nine other Overlords and finally become the sole owner of the Pangaea continent?
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355 Chapters
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License: ⓒ Hwagong / MSTORYHUB

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Leyy's Synopsis: This is a story on a man who was too powerful, and was betrayed. Kang Chul-In will now return to the past, fighting endless perils on achieving his dream; becoming the sole ruler of Pangaea.

Raws: 355 Chapters (Completed) 

(Little bit of Isekai mixed in)

85 Reviews
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4 years ago
I am going to go ahead and rate this as I was able to read farther into the story before it came to wuxiaworld. This is a great story, in my opinion, I will be short into the point as to why I think so. Also, this review may change after the story evolves farther than where I have read up to.

Plot: Though it has the overused dying and reviving in the past trope the rest of the plot and storyline, in general, is unique and enjoyable. Also, the trope is done in a different way that makes it a bit refreshing.

Characters: The main character is cool and very interesting to read. As far as side characters are concerned I can't say there are many unique and well fleshed out ones at this point in time. I say this not because they are written badly but because they as of yet do not have much importance to the story. Most are mentioned or show up here and there but not always part of the story. Though I will say the one guard that is good at tieing up people is a funny character to read about. I feel though that as the story progresses the characters will be further fleshed out and will be more enjoyable to read and they will become memorable.

Translation: At least on this site, the translation is pretty good, though the chapters I read on the other site could use a bit more proofreading though they are still pretty easy to read.

Villains: So far there are not many if any stupid bad guys with dumb reason to antagonize the mc. Though saying that in retrospect there are not many characters that can be targeted as bad guys. The main villain is there but he is not very relevant as of yet. Most likely for a while, he will be off in the shadows, known but not relevant.

Love interest: At the moment I am not sure if there will be a harem or not, the lords can have up to 7 wives. But I am not sure if he is interested in worrying about women atm. Though there are few interested in him. Thankfully he is not an idiot when it comes to this but as of now, he is just pushing it aside.

Worldbuilding: So far I would say it is pretty decent it's not the best but it does have a pretty good start so far. I would like to see even more in the future chapters but overall I am happy with what it has so far.

Overall the story is pretty great, I am not the best when it comes to reviews so hopefully, this one helps those interested in reading this story. If I had to give it a rating out of 5 stars. I would give it a solid 4.5 stars as of now. I really can't wait for this story to update on this site and to be able to read past what I have read elsewhere.

4 years ago
Not recommended
Pro: Fun to read. I consider novels like these junk food. its not good for you but you like it anyways.

Con: Horrifically racist and tone def. "Yellow Monkey Jap" like 3 chapters in.

"Oily-Arab" ch 144. This villain is literally the leader of IS. Its like if Fox News wrote Wuxia. He claims hes the reincarnation of God and forces his other dimension territory citizens to convert.

EVERY Antagonist is a racist stereotypical foil of other races.

I mean dont get me wrong MC is a POS and he knows it so hes not saying Koreans are angels but jeeze.

4 years ago
I've only read till chapter 94, in other nooks of internet, but I'd recommend it.

First, this novel is a bit more mature than others, which gives the current plethora a fresh air. EDIT (ch.174): well, i thought so at the start, but not really sheinen.

Second, it has a cold but charismatic MC who doesnt overestimates himself and values the strength of other factors, paired with a brutal nature and a sharp mind. These are only three traits I've seen so far, but the MC keeps steadily developing new ones.

Third and last, the plot is centred around the conquest of a new world in constant strife, arousing new situations endlessly.

To sum up: dark, cold and mysteriously fun.

EDIT(ch. 174) one negative point is the OPness the MC is developing since the beginning, which grows constantly and fast, turning all dangerous situations in a "walk in the park". There've been other tension points, such as threatening his family or riches, which at least puts a bit of hold on his OPness and shows a bit of originality.

The main dish of this novel is yet to come, and no important arcs have occurred so far, with the possible exception of his family's new member and pet arc.

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