Overlord of Blood and Iron

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Marumaru & inyourgalaxy
Dam Hwa Gong (담화공)
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Editor: Cupsize

Schedule: 1 Chapter/day 

Leyy's Synopsis: This is a story on a man who was too powerful, and was betrayed. Kang Chul-In will now return to the past, fighting endless perils on achieving his dream; becoming the sole ruler of Pangaea.

Raws: 355 Chapters (Completed) 

(Little bit of Isekai mixed in)


Official Synopsis: Overlord Kang Chul-in. The man who lost only because he was too powerful. He will go back to the past in order to succeed in his conquest to total control of the Pangaea continent. Will he be able to defeat the nine other Overlords and finally become the sole owner of the Pangaea continent?