Chapter 80. Harvest, and preparation for war

There was once a male celebrity, that grew to extreme fame in the late 2000s, and later plummeted in terms of support and fame.

… This was because it was later revealed that he was actually bald.

A smile that could melt any woman’s heart, snow white teeth, as well as high, angular cheekbones. Not even the face that seemed as if crafted by the gods could stop his fall.

Although it could be different with another actor, actor Kim Deuk-Chul was the most popular male actor in the 20s, and this lead to a huge backfiring in his image, due to him ‘betraying’ all of his female fans when they found out he wore a wig.

“Hello, everyone. How have you been?”

Kim Deuk-Chul, who had taken off his wig, didn’t look amazing. It was even more so due to the fact that he hadn’t even completely shaved his hair, due to the fact that he felt that all of his ‘remaining’ hair was a waste. 

“The reason I… am here is… well, it is to apologize for everyone that had fallen for my stupid trick back when I was an actor, and was to embarassed to embrace the fact that I was, and am,...

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