Chapter 69. Young Businessman Kang Chul-In (pt. 2)

Gold was a form of currency that was accepted both on Earth and Pangaea.

And thanks to that, a system that used gold as a basis became the most popular trade between Earth and Pangaea.

After all, this was the most important things to the Lords of Pangaea.

To Lords, gold was like minerals and resources in a popular game called Starcraft.

They could buy units and items with gold, expand their territory, as well as pay their soldiers and workers with Gold. The importance of gold was obvious.

The Kang Chul-in of the past often sold expensive items, necklace, bracelets, rings and other types of magical accessories, earning his gold in this way.

But although the profits and gold he earnt were quite a lot, it wasn’t enough for him.

When Kang Chul-in himself had been dominating the battlefield with his powerful strength, the Overlords of the Gulveig Union had been changing Earth by selling items that could be used in everyday life.

Just like the smartphone that had come...

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