Chapter 68. Young Businessman Kang Chul-In (pt. 1)

‘T-the contract….’

Kwak-jung was startled.

After ripping the soul-contract in half, it vanished into thin air, burning itself with flames.

“I think you understand what this means.” Kang Chul-in spoke.

‘Trust, it’s trust. This man, he really wants me to work for him.’

Kwak-jung could understand what Kang Chul-in was trying to tell him.

 Of course, why wouldn’t he.

Who wouldn’t feel a powerful message stemming from Kang Chul-in after he had ripped the soul-binding contract? 

“I’ve done everything I could have. If you still don’t work under me… it seems like we don’t have fate together.”

Kang Chul-in wanted loyalty that came from true respect, instead of ‘duty and responsibility’ that came from the contract.

If what Kang Chul-in forced Kwak-jung to do some labor work from the soul-contract, then he would just be a slave; and it would just be someone with their servant.

But what Kang Chul-in wanted wasn’t something that the contract would cover, and wasn’t something that you could force on someone.

After all, Kang Chul-in’s goal was to conquer all of Pangaea. And would he drag along someone that he had forced as a tactician for him?

….There was no way that would happen.

Although Kwak-jung may work for him quite enthusiastically at first because he had found his little sister for him, as time went by, Kwak-jung probably wouldn’t use his full ability on attacking a single territory for Kang Chul-in, let alone conquering all of Pangaea.

Kang Chul-in didn’t want Kwak-jung to work under him using these shameless strategies.

The contract was just to send a message that Kang Chul-in truly valued and wanted Kwak-jung, and...

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