Chapter 67. Capturing Kwak-jung’s heart (pt. 3)

‘God dammit’…

Kwak-jung had no idea why his luck was so bad, right as he was about to get through the remaining guards and run away, he had to meet this monster.

‘Why! Why! Why do you have to do this to me, god!’

Kwak-jung despaired in his mind.

‘God dammit, this damned bastard! Why does he have to do this to me!’

And not only that, rage seeped outside from inside his belly. He was so angry that his eyes nearly popped out.

After all, Kang Chul-s in’s expression right now was no different to a child’s after playing a prank against someone else. It was as if Kwak-jung was Son Goku, trying to escape from the palm of Buddha.

“U-uh, the thing is…”

Kwak-jung was surprised, flustered, frustrated and afraid at the same time.


Although he was extremely angry right now, he couldn’t express it outwardly. Otherwise, he would be beaten into a pulp like he had been in Park Doo-sik’s office.

“Oh, the thing is…”

Kwak-jung made an innocent expression and scratched his head.

He thought that he had grasped the perfect timing, but he had just pushed his head inside a tiger’s mouth.

“U-uhh.. I was testing the guards to see their s-strength! Yes, that’s it. I was playing around to test how good they are! Uhh.. S-so, I will get back into my room now. Haha!”

Kwak-jung turned his back after pretending nothing had happened. He was begging Kang Chul-in to pretend that nothing had ever happened.

“Stop moving.”

But Kwak-jung’s footsteps stopped midway when a voice colder than the depths...

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