Chapter 66. Capturing Kwak-jung’s heart (pt. 2)


“Hey, do you know this guy?”

“Oi, who the hell are you?”

“Why? Do you have something you need?”

A 17 years old high schooler this year, Kwak Jung-mi smirked and smoked.

‘Both are heavy smokers… What a wonderful family.’

Because they looked so similar, Kang Chul-in was immediately able to recognize Kwak-jung’s younger sister.

‘As long as I get her, Kwak-jung is practically mine.’

It was an opportunity for him.

“Kwak Jung-mi.”

Kang Chul-in took another step towards her, who was still smoking.

“Yeah? What are you, big bro? How do you know my name?’

As the seemingly cold man spoke her name, she was surprised.

“Big bro, are you a policeman? Or someone collecting debt?”

“Neither.” Kang Chul-in shook his head.

“Your brother, Kwak-jung is looking for you.”


“That bastard… is looking for...

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