Chapter 64. Finishing the battle

Without giving even a single bit of attention to the fallen Elizabeth, Kang Chul-in wiped the blood off his hands, before walking away.

A berserker without ‘Outrage’ was just a crazy idiot.

“I don’t look so good.”

Kang Chul-in muttered to himself.

If he had used a sword he wouldn’t look as violent and brutal as he did now, as he had just smacked everyone to death with his bare fists.

‘I need to have a weapon soon’.

Kang Chul-in figured that soon enough, he needed a weapon that was of at least the unique-rank.

He couldn’t beat up his enemies with his bare fists every time he used ‘Overdrive’. It wasn’t like he was a professional boxer.

‘It seems like I will have to go visit a dungeon or something.’

While thinking about his new weapon, Kang Chul-in realized that something was off and stopped walking.


Kang Chul-in was surprised.

‘Why is everyone staring at me?’

It was because of the pressure of a crowd staring at him.

By the time he had beaten up Elizabeth, the battle had ended and all the soldiers were staring at him, their mouths wide open.

It was obvious.

To the soldiers of Crete, Elizabeth was like the god of war.

And to the soldiers...

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