Chapter 62. Kang Chul-In VS Berserker

Elizabeth’s eyes almost popped out from anger after hearing Kang Chul-in’s taunting.


Her eyes almost shot fire from anger.

“Okay, I’ll fight you then.”

Elizabeth spoke, enraged.

Her appearance now was so frightening and fearsome, that the soldiers of the Dorado territory all instinctively backed off.

“Everyone, focus on fighting.”

But Kang Chul-in was still calm.

“Leave this place to me.”

And Kang Chul-in started walking to Elizabeth slowly.


Elizabeth launched the first strike.


Red ‘mana fire’ coated Elizabeth’s sword, the destroyer.


Their swords clashed, and made an incredible impact.


And the one that lost this exchange was Elizabeth.

In fact, she was pushed back so hard that she nearly let go of her sword.

They had only clashed their swords against each other, the impact made her hand where she held the sword rip apart.

“You’re… strong.”

She laughed crazily, while licking the blood spewing out of her mouth.

Her eyes showed her madness, and she was absolutely crazy with madness right now. But because of this, her rage in battle also rose.

‘So annoying.’

Looking at her, Kang Chul-in realized that she was quite the annoying and troublesome opponent.

Berserkers were always annoying to fight against.

These kinds of people weren’t afraid of everything,...

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